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Dewalt Bluetooth Radio Adapter $15.92 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


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  • Anyone who bought last time can you please post a mini review?

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      It's worth every penny, I have two, so I can switch it when battery runs out

    • I bought one last time. It works as described, sound is not as clear as a cabled connection, but it gets the job done.

      In so far as battery life, we only use it 2-3 hrs a day and haven't had the opportunity to give it a good workout.

    • I'm bought 3 /*because ozbargain/ and I'm happy with it. Plugged into my tv that has decent speaker system connected and I can output music from my phone using 3.5 headphone input and connected to tv's usb for power.
      I wouldn't say the bluetooth signal is any better or worse than a regular bluetooth device though.

      • Do you notice any difference in audio quality? Is there any increase or decrease in output volume?

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          Sounds really good to me, I'm no audiophile though.

    • Its crap. Cant use it while charging unlike my other one which means if you want to use it in a car with AUX but not bluetooth it really doesn't work for that.

      The manual is enoumous as well, not sure why.

      • A user reported above that it works (assumed with Bluetooth) whie being charged. Are you definitely positive that it does not work with AUX while charging?

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    RRP $149.90 lol really?

  • $38 to 40 U.S Dollars Amazon & Home Depot

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    Message when tring to enter code

    Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.

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      Starts tomorrow as mentioned in OP

  • Do they sell brand new or are these refurbished unit?

    • Item condition:Brand New

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    Can you use this to connect your phone to play music through your car? I honestly have no idea

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      If your car stereo has an aux input, sure.

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        If your car stereo has bluetooth.

        If you car has an aux input, you just need a male-male cord.

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          If you want your phone to be cord free, these adapters are great. I have one (different brand though) and will never go back to a male-male cord. I can't speak for the quality of this brand but the one I have was a cheap no-name unit and works great, I attached a USB battery power pack to keep it charged and tucked away out of sight

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          @running on empty: Agreed. I have a Blackberry Music Gateway, plugged into the AUX in my centre console. Works like a charm. Weirdly my car has Bluetooth, but only the phone audio part of the stack not AD2P.

          Pair this up with a cigarette lighter USB charger and you've got yourself a nice little solution!

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          Unless you have an iPhone 7

    • In your car, you want a wired unit, not one with a battery. And they are cheaper.

      • I'm curious. Are you able to offer some suggestions. I agree having a battery makes little sense in a car. You want it to switch off when you walk out of the car, and switch on when you start the car.

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    This is the lowest quality staff I bought, I cannot believe I bought one last year and they put the ad here again!

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      If you're buying staff it might be slavery

  • When is analog getting turned off?

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      Are you conflating this with DAB+ radio? This will take any Bluetooth audio and play it through any amp with an "aux" input that is a 3.5 mm kack, or your standard phono inputs using an adapter. The source can be anything that broadcasts Bluetooth, such as your phone or laptop.
      There are no plans in Australia to turn of Analogue radio broadcast. Norway have just announced that they will cut of analogue FM,, to the displeasure and annoyance of 66% of the country, and pleasing around 17%. That latter figure will provide a little entertainment to those with knowledge of the shape of the Stanford-Binet and other normalised scales, matching as it does the apparent support for outlying political movements.

      Your radio is safe for now. Digital is still really a solution looking for a problem, tho I do now have one.

      • Analogue hiss via headphones is reason enough to go digital. I can listen to music acceptably, but as soon as a radio presenter is talking, my ears fatigue incredibly quickly. I can't listen to analogue at work, and I work in the CBD, near the top the building, on top of pretty much the only hill in the area.

        DAB+, even at low bitrate, is honestly much better for me. I can't wait until it's the norm, as I presume "HD" (higher bitrate) quality will soon follow.

  • Normally these are about $20 from Bunnings

    • Sauce?

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      • i have 2 from bunnings and they were $20 each

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        Always with a Bunnings sausage in bread

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    I bought one of these the last time it was on special.. So far it works well. Compared to a $10 ebay version it feels more solid/sturdy.

    1 ) I don't think this has a microphone so it might not be usable as a speakerphone in the car (haven't tried to be honest)

    2 ) It ramps up the volume when you start playing music over 2-3 seconds rather than outputting at normal volume.

    3 ) Sometimes I have to manually reconnect to it rather than it connecting straight away - maybe I'm impatient and it just needs a bit of time to kick in.

    If you are planning on using this in a car, note that the manual suggests not having it charging if the temperature is over 40C — so I charge it during morning commute to work when it is not too hot and then have it run off the battery on the way home when the inside of the car is warmer.

  • Yep another past deal buyer - I found the unit excellent.

    1. Confirmed that it has no mic

    Regarding charging it, I simply leave it plugged in all the time. I found that it does auto connect easily and doesn't take too long. Sound quality is good and I found the range and utility is as good as my Logitech BT receivers. Overall a great deal and a solid unit!

    • Hang on, the range surely HAS to be beat Logitech Bluetooth ones!? The specs say it is up to 100ft (30 metres) and up to 10 storeys high.

    • The next logical question is if on a call does the Mic on your phone work while the sound outputs through the Bluetooth?

      • I don't think the audio input and output can be split like that. I listen to music via an amp that has bluetooth, and with incoming and outgoing calls my phone (Android) automatically diverts to native mode (handset/speaker). Bluetooth connection still remains and music automatically continues when the call ends.

        • It can when you use the headphone jack, but admittedly that's a circuit based method rather than anything to do with Bluetooth. Still, it shouldn't be that hard to implement so someone may have done it

  • Question, will this allow me to play my iPod classic using a Bluetooth speaker?

  • Bought one last time for my Logitech Z623.
    Basically turn the speaker into Bluetooth enable. Works well. I like the feature that it turn itself off if it sit idle for a lit while, save battery and save me from having to switch it off every time I don't use it.

  • Like the stuff they sell seems quite random. Is it just left over stock from warehouse?

  • I paid $8 for a EDR 4.0 one off eBay just this morning but perhaps I should have waited for a brand name item like this. Reviews aren't bad:

  • Bought one of these last time. Works great for me. Use it for my DAB makita radio. Sound is good, auto connects most of the time, battery life is ok. Might get another like a previous poster suggested to always have one charged :)

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    Can this be plugged into TV and then connect to Sony Wireless headset via bluetooth?

  • Will this work as a basic hands free kit? I currently just use my phone speaker but my old car is loud and can hardly hear people speak.

    • It does not have a mic though. May not be suitable for true hands-free usage.

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        Yeah I thought of that but in my case people can hear me talk but I can't hear them because my car is an old squeaky ute with multiple rattles and engine noise haha.

  • RRP $149?! Seriously?!

    Priced for the demographics obviously. :D

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    61 sold in last 24 hours

    So many sold on the 8th. Coupon is active from 9th.

    • Jumped from about 800 to 1000 between 9:00 and 9:10 this morning (qld time)

  • How do you use the coupon? Only for PayPal?

  • Is anyone able to select their amex card as mode of payment? Not all of my cards are showing up…

    • Couldn't. Had to enter another Visa/MC, something about Grays not liking/accepting Amex

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        Can pay with Amex if you pay directly (without PayPal, code wont work though)

  • Hi,

    Be very cautious when considering this 'deal'. The item is NOT an adapter. It is a receiver (for bluetooth) only.


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      No s***, Sherlock

  • I don't understand, It says $19.90 on my end.

    When I try and apply the voucher, I get this: "We removed any vouchers you already applied. You can try using them on a future purchase."

    Anyone, any advice ?

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      Works for me but I'm not buying another.

      Item (1) AU $19.90
      Postage Free
      Vouchers -AU $3.98
      Order total AU $15.92

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        worked after my 10'th try.

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          The force is strong with this one

  • Wasn't gonna get one, but thought might be handy to go wireless on planes, then realised that you aren't supposed to use any wireless technologies in flight, so not gonna get one.

    For those wanting to use it as hands free in cars, it's not gonna work due to lack of mic, I doubt if it even supports hands free or headset profile.

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      I am sure bluetooth is fine on plane.

      "You can also continue to use short-range Bluetooth accessories, like wireless keyboards"

      • Interesting, I assumed Bluetooth is not allowed due to flight mode disables it. Just realised that both WiFi and Bluetooth can be re-enabled after switching to flight mode.

        Also had a quick look on CASA and found this page:, it specifically says mobile phone function is not permitted, which kind of implies Bluetooth is okay, would be better if there's a clearer definition on use of Bluetooth technology in flight.

        • Phone is not fine

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