Flights to Vancouver from $807 Return. Calgary $902, Edmonton $907, Montreal $964 @ IWTF


Air Canada and Air China are having a sale on flights to many locations in Canada from Sydney and Melbourne. Lots of travel dates. All flights fly Australia to China on Air China and then China to Canada on Air Canada.

Sydney to Vancouver Flights $807 Return.

  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 16/Mar $807
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $807
  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 23/Mar $807
  • Dep. 16/Apr Ret. 03/May $807
  • Dep. 23/Apr Ret. 30/Aug $807

Melbourne to Vancouver Flights $891 Return.

  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 21/Mar $891
  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 23/Mar $904
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 16/Mar $910
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $910
  • Dep. 03/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $910

Sydney to Edmonton Flights $907 Return.

  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $907
  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 24/Mar $907
  • Dep. 15/Mar Ret. 31/Mar $907
  • Dep. 22/Mar Ret. 06/Apr $924
  • Dep. 22/Mar Ret. 07/Apr $924

Melbourne to Edmonton Flights $951 Return.

  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $951
  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 23/Mar $951
  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 24/Mar $951
  • Dep. 15/Mar Ret. 31/Mar $951
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 16/Mar $985

Sydney to Montreal - Elliott Trudeau Flights $963 Return.

  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 17/Mar $963
  • Dep. 15/Mar Ret. 31/Mar $963
  • Dep. 22/Mar Ret. 07/Apr $963
  • Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 16/Mar $997
  • Dep. 15/Mar Ret. 30/Mar $997

Sydney to Calgary Flights $902 Return.

  • Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 23/Mar $902



    Has any one done the air china flights what are they like .. thanks


      Have not, but generally I'd prefer to pay an extra $100-$300 to go on a better airline (generally you can get deals with other better airlines for around that much more, they will also generally be lower overall journey time)

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        Have not, but generally I'd prefer to pay an extra $100-$300 to go on a better airline

        If you haven't flown with them, how can you say you'd prefer a better airline? Lol


      I have flown air china to London. Not lots of legroom compared to others, choice of western or eastern meals. Decent entertainment options. I would fly with them again as their prices were a few $hundread cheaper.

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      Flew with them many times, not the best not the worst..
      Some planes are new and some planes are old, likewise with plane interior, food is ordinary (I am not a fan of airplane food in general). Customer service is the same, depending on who you get. It's what you'd expect from an average airline.
      Bottom line is, I'd fly with them again if the price is right and the flight times work out.

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    Never flown but reviews are average. Airport and terminal below average (especially on hygiene) based on some Startrax reviews…


      Virtually all Skytrax reviews are negative…

      Economy is broadly economy. Most major differences between full service carriers are imagined - I guess it largely depends how impressionable you are.


    Just a note that, which has the cheapest Sydney to Vancouver flights, is not an Australian business.

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    cheap, but the 30+ hours for Sydney/Vancouver when Air Canada and Qantas do direct in 14 makes it a hard sell. Can normally get a 20 hour flight with a stopover in Korea for about $1100. Depends how you value your time!

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    Yeah wait for cheap direct flights. We flew Bris to NY via Vancouver Air Canada direct $1050 in dec peak


    Air China never again!
    Wouldn't fly them for free


      Can you elaborate?


        Air China… grr flew once (in 2011) and that was once too much… never again!
        Flight out of SYD was 3-4hrs late, missed connection to Munich in Beijing, forced halt of ~36 hours!!!

        By the time the flight landed in Beijing it was some weird time (2am or something) and no local stuff except baggage services & the cleaner.

        they put us in half finished hotels and compulsory sharing of rooms for accommodation! luckily i was travelling with a friend.
        A German guy who was heading back from ended up sharing with some random person.
        free food at the hotel was not to my taste at all.

        Did get free visas so could head out into the city to do some sightseeing so that was a positive.

        EDIT: should add, went back to the airport and had to line up for a couple of hours to get a seat. people kept pushing in as so many people were in the same boat from other flights/connections


    Shame toronto isnt included it could be a cheap way to get to chicago.also dates dont work that`s when we are in Japan.


    Watch some locusts gobble up some houses, nom nom nom.

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    I noticed on ozbargain, a Chinese airline deal is like a full moon, which would definitely bring out all sorts of weirdos, animals and monsters. For those who are still willing to hear a different opinion, Hainan Airlines, the fourth biggest airline in China is rated 5 star by Skytrax, and is No 3 safest airline in the world according to Germany's Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre.


    34 hours to Vancouver. Yikes. That's a loooong trip.
    I've flown Air China. If you have more time than money, they're OK. The planes are very old and run down, broken seats, broken toilet, less legroom, fewer and smaller meals but if you're young and fit but broke it's fine


    34 hours on the plane is a nice long trip.

    I was just on an Air China recently. My last few flights with them were nice. From my last experience, I would rate them as some where in the above average area, but not the best. They are definitely getting better each year. Major jump from 52 to 37 in 2016. Air Asia is ranked 23. However I would certainly rate them much better than Air Asia for international. They are just behind Korean Air and much better of course than Jetstar or Air AsiaX

    Their business class is also ok too. But there are other airlines which have better business class. If you are expecting them to beat Singapore Airlines in business class it is a different world. Different price too. Certainly, you do not have your own cabin.

    If you can afford it, go direct or via LA. If you can get a stop over in China to take a break then think about them.


    I've flown several China airlines and some others popular with the locals. The experience was marred by much strange behaviour of the passengers, airlines themselves were ok, what you'd expect for cheap fares.
    Hopefully this behaviour has improved as the government has been warning their citizens to behave when abroad, they get constant reminders on their mobile phones!!!


    Looking for a deal from Perth to Vancouver departure before June 20, return middle of July. Hopefully it comes up in February like it has the last couple years!!