expired Coles Mobile Prepaid $20/Month (28 Days) - 2GB Data (7GB After 1st Recharge), Unlimited National Calls & SMS


Pretty sweet deal. Nice to see the cost of mobile data coming down again.

Terms and conditions ruin it. 5GB is added with first recharge and then nothing after.

Bonus 5GB ends 7/2/17.

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    7GB is first recharge, following is only 2GB
    Post up all the T&C's for the deal

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    Lol what a bullsh! Gimmick, hate does one month deals.


      Well they won't want to start complaining about the amounts of people joining and leaving within the month then.

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    Optus network.

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    Also 28 day expiry as opposed to 30 days.

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    Ho hum. $5/week.

    Kogan does unlimited calls + 3GB/month for $4/week if you prepay a year.


    Vodafone, not optus, but they are much improved.

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      Are you talking about $209.93 365 days, 3GB? Because that's $17.26 per month

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        17.26 per month, times 12 months in a year, divided by 52 weeks in a year = $4 approx per week.


        But as Manic pointed out, it's Vodafone so YMMV

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          Why do we make simple maths overly complicated only to get it wrong? It doesn't help starting with bargainparker incorrect calculation

          The average month costs 209.93 ÷ 12 = $17.49

          But we are comparing it to a 28 day plan

          ($209.93 ÷ 365) x 28days = $16.10

          Sure you got to the same approx amount but it hurt my head you didn't start with the $209.93 annual amount

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          Sorry got mixed weeks and months.

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          I just did Kogan $210/52 = $4 . Couldn't be simpler. For Coles $20/4 = $5/week. Why make any cents?

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          I have absolutely no problems with your maths. Just how some people worked it out when trying to use specific amounts (which were actually incorrect). I myself round things up and down to always take cents out the equation so I can calculate in my head quickly

          As with the others is it quite clear they can add. They just fudged a figure along the way which is very easy to do. I'm probably just being a maths Nazi as my English is terrible. Sorry all it's late and I'm probably a bit cranky. Time to count some sheep


          @manic: I like to work in months rather than weeks. This is because I pay all my bills monthly.

          So when I see Coles price is $20 per 28 days ($5 per week) figure I want to know what it is per month.

          Back when I was renting a house, the estate agent calculated this figure by multiplying the weekly property rental by 52 and then dividing it by 12 to get the monthly payment amount.

          If we do the same for the Coles deal, at $5 per week, is actually $21.66 per month.

          As an aside, 52 x 7 = 364. Does that mean I was getting a day of rent free each year?


          @4agte: Sorry about that chief. I'll buy you an aspirin.

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          Complicated… not at all. 209.93 = 365 days is 0.5751506849315068 a day :)



          Thanks but wait until the 100pk Panamax goes on special again for 69c. That's 0.69c each or even less if you sell them on to MATTDAMON's drug dealer


      Also available on Kogan - $125.93/ 365 days with 1GB data per 30 days/unlimited calls/ unlimited text (offer ending 31 Jan 17), will auto renew annually at full rate. No data roll over.

      Coles works out to $260.71/365 days with 2 GB per 28 days (7GB first month) and you need to recharge on the very 28th day to optimize this rate. No data roll over.


        You don't need to have auto-renew on. Quite a bargain that one if 1GB is enough.
        Especially if you have a dual-SIM phone, and can add a data SIM if needed, e.g. on holiday.


      Nice. Any idea what is the minimum data consumption Kogan charges? 1KB or 1MB?

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    Should be illegal to call 28 days a month…

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    FFS. They need to stop this 28 day crap. OP Should amend title to say monthly cost is $21.67

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    Does anyone know what network it's on?

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    Yomojo deal is so much better that this one.
    $20 per month (30 days !) - unlimited calls & text + 2GB data
    Pay 1 month get 2 months FREE. After 3 months will cost $20 per 30 days. No lock in contract.
    So, one year will cost about $200 oppose to $260 for Coles Mobile.

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      While I see your point, I still believe this is a bargain for some users. A lot of people on OzB jump month to month between starter kits to take advantage of bonus data in their 1st month. Eg. some people may use all the 2gb well before the months end.

      It is good to see Yomojo is prepaid and not postpaid. I have been caught out on excess data with month to month plans before

      hang on when they say an extra 5gb with the first recharge does that mean on the 2nd month after spending $40 all up? If that is the case it certainly makes it less appealing


      Yomojo 2 months free promotion ended late October


      One thing though, do these resellers get the same reception with towers/bands etc as do having actual Optus? Even though it is "Coles" it is actually just re-branded Optus (not re-sold Optus - ie. Vaya, LC, etc are). Even when you call the Coles Mobile support you are actually calling Optus's call centers.


    OvO have a 19 3gb deal

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    7GB on the first recharge, this confuses me. does this mean after 28 days? or is activation a "recharge"?
    how do yo "recharge" something without the initial charge up?

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    Totally rejected Coles and, this very am, got two 12 month prepaid plans from kogan… First one for me because I hardly use my phone. $125.93/52 = $2.42 p/w. (Convenient + no fuss). Second one is for my son because he is the goddamn bermuda triangle of data usage! $279.93/52 = $5.38 p/w. (Unlimited C&T + 8GB p/m). Not too bad, plus I don't have to worry about a goddamn thing for one whole year… Unless Kogan mobile goes pear shaped in which case I'm in the shit!! Any OzB superheroes out there, PLEEEEASE don't roast me!

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      "Second one is for my son because he is the goddamn bermuda triangle of data usage!"

      My kids are exactly the same, I turn OFF data on all their apps and they still manage to drain a monthly plan in a day.
      My son's favourite one is 'butt dialing', numerous times he has drained an account by dialing the same number numerous times within an hour and claims no knowledge.


        Hahahaaaa! "Butt Dialling' sounds excellent!

        I am continually amazed at the fact my boy will be the only one using data and when he hears "WTF happened here?" he can, as cool as you like, say "it wasn't me!" Hahaha!

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      My kids went from using 3 to using 8 in no time.
      They're now using 8 in 2 weeks and i have to remove the sim, wifi or nothing. prepaid or bust.


    Can I swap my woollies starter kits for this,
    They've stopped me being able to activate any more


    Hey all, I'm new to this, so sorry if my question is retarded. I purchased an Optus sim card 28 days ago, recharged it, and it's about to expire today. If I purchase The Coles Mobile Prepaid, will I get another sim card or can I use the Optus one ? And will i keep the same phone number, or would I have to get a new one ? Thanks for your responses !


    This is our this deal works, you buy a $2 Coles Prepaid sim then purchase a recharge of $20 (which constitute as your 1st recharge) and you get unlimited talk and txt and 7GB data, all to use within 28 days. You can also recharge $40 instead of the $20 as your 1st recharge and you get unlimited talk and txt and 12GB of data and also 250 int'l minutes (Countries include: China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK and USA), all to use within 28 days.


    Similar to most other deals around $20. No big deal really.

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