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PS4 1TB Pro + Dishonored 2 + Fallout 4 + Skyrim Special Edition $559 @ Big W


PS4 1TB Pro Bundle $559

Bundle includes:

PS4 1TB Pro Console + Dishonored 2 + Fallout 4 + Skyrim Special Edition

Available in store and online from 12th Jan 2017

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    If only I didn't have all of those games already, they don't have much resale value either.

    • Really? I would have thought Dis 2 being relatively new would have had a somewhat decent resale/trade value.

      Although, I rarely do trade-in stuff so I wouldn't really know the rates.

      • Not really, bought the limited edition version brand new from EB a week or two ago for 36. It even came with the original definitive version. Surprising to see it cheap so fast.

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          Probably cause its a single player only game.

  • actually a pretty sick deal, they are still RRP on their own at EB

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      You said it. @ EB

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    Only if I can use the 20% ebay code on this deal. I'll wait for other ebay sellers - 20% code in a few weeks time.

    • What stores are coming up in a few weeks? Just so I can also plan some more purchases.

      • Just wait for EB and GM to add this bundle on their ebay sites. The 20% code should be available in Feb or March.

        • your good at waiting for deals that never happen aren't you buddy haha

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          Hey princess, behave yourself.

  • I just bought a PS4 Pro from Big W yesterday for $549!!! ($521.55 with Cashrewards 5% off)

    Haven't opened the box yet. Is it worth it to return the console tomorrow and try to get the bundle deal? Does their return policy allow this?

    Is it likely the bundle won't be it's own box (hence I have to risk stock levels) or rather will it just be the normal console box (what I already have) + 3 games? If it's the former, could I just get a refund for my console, and then just immediately buy the console back + $10 + 3 included games?

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      A true ozbargainer would already know the answer! :P

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      Keep this unopened wait till you can get the new deal then return the old one.

      • Think I'll give that a shot! Thanks

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        Managed to do just that in the morning. Thanks for the advice!

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    Hi guys, do you reckon other retailers will push out their own deals (maybe better) as well once this one goes up?

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      I am wondering the same and not pulling the trigger on this one. I hope its worth it.

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    Finally a PS4 Pro deal… !!!

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      Finally a PS4 Pro bundle… !!!


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    There's about 400 hours of games in this bundle :D

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      Most of those hours at from skyrim!

      • +1

        I reckon including the DLC I'm about 130 hours into Fallout 4, and still not finished!

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          I'm about 150 and I haven't finished the main quest yet, it's those pesky sidequests!

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    Good deal folks. I got mine on preorder in launch day for $549 but no games.

    Also ps4 pro is out of stock in most places so I wouldn't hesitate.

    Great console and games run and look much better. Make sure u get ff xv looks incredible on the pro

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      Ssshhh, I'm pretending this isn't true

    • Is it worth it if you don't have a hdr TV?

      • Do you mean UHD TV?

        • Yeah one that has hdr 10

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        As long as u have 4K yes it's totally worth it for the high res alone. HDR is added bonus but not a deal breaker

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          Incredibly untrue. 1080p users get a heap of benefits.

          PS4 Pro Features (4K TV not required)
          - Even if a game merely patches in a 4K mode, it will be downsampled to 1080p on a 1080p set which is generally a huge boost to IQ
          - Some games (such as Rise of the Tomb Raider) are providing a choice over visual modes. The player can choose between a focus on resolution, frame rate, or other graphical enhancements.
          - Improved Wifi (5ghz) from OG PS4 and same as the Slim. Source: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1275204
          - Quieter system than OG PS4
          - Extra USB port (in the back)
          - PSVR gaming is visually enhanced. Here is a thread with specific VR game enhancements: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1310047
          - 1080p/60fps remote play
          - Has an optical audio port (unlike the PS4 Slim)
          - Better quality video clips through Share button (1080p @ 30fps)
          - Ability to stream at 1080p with 60fps
          - Faster SSD / SSHD game loading through new SATA III port
          - 1 GB of new standard RAM is added to the system. The net result is approx. 512 MB of GDDR5 RAM freed up for games. The rest of the added RAM is for other purposes (OS, 4K). Source: http://www.polygon.com/2016/10/21/13...ra-ram-memory/
          - Improved DS4 controller included (Slim too), with a more accessible light bar and lower latency when connected by cable (doesn't force Bluetooth)

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          Here are some games that run at native 4K:

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          This is mostly true, most are upscaled or dynamic. Not sure why people are negging the post, a bunch of games are running worse on the Ps4 Pro compared with the original. System is having issues running on certain Ultra HD 4k tvs also.

          The system has been known to also have major overheating issues with certain systems, causing failures and

          games not to work and basically crashing systems…

          The resolution technique is called checkboarding, not true 4k for the most part.

        • -1


          Yes I know, i cannot be bothered replying to people who link PR and other articles that refer to PR/Sony Advertising. However, i will respond now as i realise people are actually blindly believeing and buying this "pro".

          Do they not understand that it is not a good thing that the "Pro" can barely run last gen remasters/indie arcade games/olderAAA games at upscaled 4k using checkerboard renedering AND at mostly 30fps?

          A gtx 960 can run the Ezio lineup of AC games at 4k at around 40 or more fps…and that is a last gen lower end gpu. The native 4K titles are either old games or less intensive titles. Everything else is negligible. I cant believe that a "sata 3 port" is a talking point…basic computers have had these for years, and now console players are getting excited? Oh and an added 1GB of ram, super impressive…Oh and you can choose your graphics settings now can you? Only took 2 decades. Now you can finally decide if you want 60fps with low textures or 30 with higher textures…on one game slow clap

          Let them neg the post though, If people are stupid enough not to watch independent analysis and prefer follow advertisin, then go ahead. Negging my post wont change the fact that the ps4 "PRO" is known as an upscaled 4k machine, not native 4k. Not even 1080p at 60fps yet? When PCs have been running 1080p for a decade or more now??

          What a "bargain"….

        • @BNN:
          because people spent 550 buks on ps4 pro and realise that it's not that big of a deal and they probably don't even have 4k TV's and now they're mad someone's pointing out the truth

        • @Ahbal:
          speaking truth but being hated lol
          see how people will continue to list things that will result in minuscule differences in actual gameplay.

        • @underwaterwater:

          I know right? I'm not hating on the console. I've been playing PlayStation since the PS1, Xbox since the release of Halo C.E and PC since 2000. I've grown up playing all 3, from my beloved ratchet and clank trilogy on PS2, to Halo and Forza on Xbox, to PC exclusive mmo's and modded games. I was pointing out nothing but facts, yet people got so angry and negged my posts to "hide" them. Fine by me, enjoy your checkerboard 4K/upscaled 4K at 30fpsfor $550, when a true 4K PC can be had for similar, if not a slight bit more.

          I am still laughing at that SATA 3 port part though. Hilarious.

    • I got mine launch day for $480 with dishonored 2.

      Was lucky enough to score the ultimate kids cards thanks to my local coles girls getting sick of the syndicates buying up entire cases of them, saved me $550 worth of them.

      Then jbhifi ran a deal to get the games with it, and then on top of that the jbhifi manager had worked security with me a few times so gave me family price for helping him out a few times.

      Not a brag post just saying jump on this deal because the lengths I had to go to to even get it (had to order it in, way ahead of time and was just lucky my local coles helped me out and had a mate help me out at jb's).

      On gumtree lately i've seen a total of 3 of these come up for sale in adelaide and each time the person wanted above RRP and it sold which is really sad :(

      Also on those on the fence about this / thinking its only good for 4k.

      Have mainly been using mine in 1080, gf keeps stealing the main tv so end up running this on the smaller one at 1080p, playing games I was playing on ps4 vanilla, a lot of them that have been patched are running extremely smooth on 1080p, especially if you are switching between things as well.

      Skyrim is one of the biggest ones you'l notice with it, its still been badly coded, my mates had some issues with his on x1s, same issues on ps4 vanilla as well with some frame rate issues, prepatch it was stuttering a bit in some places, post patch its only doing a lot better in 4k, but 1080p frame rate is extremely good with no issues where as the vanilla seems to be struggling in the same spots, but hey atleast it's not like it was on ps3.

      • +2

        Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

        • Wow people are either downvoting me for getting a good deal or for not feeling the pro for 4k.

          Anyone who's negging due to me using the ultimate kids cards for the discounted rate, girls at my local coles got sick of a well known group of predatory buyers coming in and hiding the cards all over the shop before they went on special so they put all the cards behind the counter.

          The limited the cards to 4 per person to be fair on everyone after one of the people from this group accused them of taking food out of their mouth as they were going to buy up phones and resell them for profit.

          Girls at coles know me and knew i'd been saving up for a pro and offered me enough cards to get one, no malice in it.

          As for the not using it for 4k, it's pretty upscaled to 4k but i'd rather have the framerate / extra detail in 1080p atm, it's deffinately not wasting the pro several games when patched run the game in 1080p with higher detail.

  • +10

    Why is this deal still up if it's Dishonored?


    • +1

      to avoid a Fallout with customers looking out for a PS4 pro bundle

  • Great deal - i paid that much at jb hifi for the console alone a week ago :(

  • +2

    $531 - if you buy 5% off e-gift cards @ cashrewards

    $447.2 - if you had 10 Amex's during the dan murphy's promotion!

  • so i sold my ps4 bought at launch because i went overseas for a year…now im back and wondering whether i should get this or wait for scorpio or the new ps4 which is coming out…im a bit out of date can anyone say if its worth the wait?

    i do have a gaming PC with a GTX 970 so i can use that in the meantime!

    • +3

      Scorpio is rumored to be at least 6Tflops in performance. An insider who posts on neogaf also hinted at it even surpassing those expections so we likely will have a console that can run 4K 30fps without the tricks the pro uses. I will probably get both though cause I am a game whore.

    • +1

      It depends whether you want a PS4 right now, or an Xbox One later.

      If there's an exclusive you're dying to play, just buy whatever console you want for that.

    • +1

      There is no new ps4 coming out the ps4 pro is it for the next 2 years atleast.

      Scorpio is coming out end 2017 and indeed it will be a lot more powerful than ps4 pro which is why a lot of people criticised Sony for not going all the way with the pro, it's a missed opportunity that might hurt Sony in long run.

      Nonetheless the ps4 pro is great and well worth it.

    • +3

      It's all about the games library and PS have better studios working for them. Scorpio would be better for graphics but will not have those most sought after games like TLOU

  • +1

    Just the games im after and a ps4 pro to boot.

  • That's bloody amazing… kicking myself now since I bought mine (PS4 non pro) early last year

  • I'm super salty.

    This is a great deal.

  • Is this TV good-enuff for ps4 pro ? thanks guys.

    • +1

      Read here.

      For the best experience you want a TV that supports 4K and HDR with a low input lag. 54ms would be noticeable in twitch-based shooters like Call of Duty but you would probably not notice it elsewhere. If you disable HDR by using Game Mode that comes down to 38ms. This means this TV would be a totally fine match for a PS4 Pro.

      For a comparison the current lowest on the market I'm aware of is Samsung's KS800 with a tiny 21ms of input lag.

      • Generally anything below 45ms is considered "good for gaming"

  • +1

    So this will be available online from midnight? I seriously doubt there will be store stock anywhere?

    • +1

      12.01 am, oos online, ozbaragained!

  • +1

    I don't work for Big W but i have it on good authority there will be only a couple hundred units, prepare for disappointment or get in quick.

    • Yep that is what I am worried about.. don't want to stock up on wish cards and then not able to actually get one.

    • cant other retailers price match it?
      id probably prefer it as getting eb games to match it, i could boost my eb customer points

      • Good luck getting EB to price match anything, let alone a special that will probably sell out online and not be available in store. You might be able to get JB to do it if you are lucky.

        • i thought they would match anything. id just keep trying other stores, jbs would be the next one

  • +1

    Will it become more clear as to how you buy this after midnight? As in, will it be available on the Big W website? or will there be a "Buy" button appearing on this page? wtf so confused

    • +1

      I can't see this offer on the Big W website at present, or is that only going to appear tonight? help lol

  • If the bundle was with dishonoured 2,skyrim and FFXV then would have made the deal better.

    Westfield giftcards with AMEX plus JB hifi giftcard 10% off beats it during Xmas

  • +2

    It's live on the BigW site now!
    Price is $549 for the bundle instead of the aforementioned price of $559!


    • Is that for the bundle though?

      Edit: Apparently yes

  • Bought! Thanks OP!

    My PS4 HD was full. Was going to spend a couple of hundred on a new HD anyway, so sell the old unit, and get an upgrade! Sweet :)

  • Thanks OP! Just bought it.
    Now we can play the gift from my friend - FFXV :)

    • howd you buy it? i dont think its up on the site yet

      • +1

        It's up for $549. The description says:

        PlayStation 4 Pro is a high-spec console that delivers the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience with spectacular graphics and unrivalled power. Bundle includes Dishonored 2, Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 games.

        • nice, i did a search and didnt come up with anything.

          Edit: ahh it was all in the description.

  • Will buy when white.

  • +1

    Will any other stores be competing Big W's bundle price? Or with better bundle?

  • Im no Rockefella but $10 hardly seems like a saving or have I misread the offer.

    • +1

      It includes 3 games rather than just the console..

  • Back to $559!

    • Saw it back since morning

  • Thanks OP, bought one in store at Big W Merrylands so I could use the e-gift cards. They had 3 left apparently - thankfully quiet too as putting in all those cards takes time!

    • Just a FYI you know you could have bought online and used the e-gift cards. That's what I did as I didn't want to risk no stock at my local BigW.

      • Strange, I was reading the terms and conditions and it said they weren't available for use online - based on everydaygiftcards.com.au though (maybe we're different?) Also, can people tell me if the PS4 Pro box they received was sealed? Mine wasn't exactly sealed (no tape or evidence of seal removal) and although everything inside looks fine, I just want to see what people got in theirs.

        • Yeah not sure… I had assumed you meant getting the cashrewards gift card deal (which gives you 5% off).. but the website is the same website.

          I ordered mine last night, took a couple of hours to come thru (which was stressful!), but worked fine… I checked the FAQ beforehand (https://everydaygiftcards.com.au/gift-cards/learn-more/parti...) and it specifically states "These Gift Cards are also redeemable at BIG W online (excludes BIG W Photo)" which is why I went ahead with it.

          And when mine turns up next week I can let you know… possible it was opened to add the extra bndled games inside the one box or were the games separate (as i don't think it is an official bundle as such from Sony)

        • @sarakoth: Games were totally separate - they ring it up all separately and comes out to like $786 or something and then it gets discounted back to $559

          Must have read it wrong maybe - the one good thing is at least I have it already I guess. But will keep that it mind for next time! ta

        • +1

          @ranma: Interesting it is all on the receipt.. would be fantastic if you can then take the games back at full price.. even for store credit.. fallout 4 is on PSN for $25 but $89 at BigW…

        • @sarakoth:
          Did this with an original PS4 bundle that came with stuff. Receipt showed all seperate so returned the games and got the money back.

  • I've already got skyrim and fallout, do you think there's any way you could return them for something different or does another store take sealed games and give u decent credit? Reckon e.b would only give about $30 for those

    • +3

      I called up EB their trade values are $23 for Skyrim, $23 for Dishonoured 2, and $11 for Fallout 4.

      • Oh that's not too bad, thanks

  • I want one of these but no luck in local stores or price matching anywhere.
    My concern is the delivery and how well or poorly it will be treated in transport.

    Does anyone have any experience with home delivery from BigW of relatively sensitive electronic items?

  • Contacted a few Targets and none of them 'do price match'.

  • Just bought one! They still had a few at Arndale SA

  • Got em in my local store but didnt pull the trigger…
    Will have to sell off the three games and my current 500GB PS4, how much you guys think it'll fetch?

    • When i was younger i used to expect top dollar for my used stuff.As i got older i reaslised it just wasnt gonna happen.
      Sold my 500Gb PS4, 1 controller 2 games on Gumtree for $260. Got snapped up in mins but even then people wanted to haggle the price.
      Brand new is $299, no games but had 3 months Stan.

  • Thanks OP ! Purchased.

    Can I ask experts 2 questions ?

    1. Need another controller, anyone suggest where to buy one cheapest please ? Want a genuine one.
    2. Anyone suggest awesome games for a 7 year old ? He loves Star wars, he loved the latest Lego Star Wars game was a big hit ! Loves space and RPG type games, but need games suitable for a 7 year old :)

    Thank you !!!

    • I can only answer the first question.
      You will find the controller for $79 at Target. I know its not CHEAP but they usually have the cheapest prices. Big W have the same list atm but i have never seen a genuine PS4 Controller cheaper than $68. Places like Mightyape have it for $75 but you can get FLYBUY points at Target (ie is if you care about it)

    • Minecraft…

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