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Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo $16 Pickup from Harvey Norman


More than 50% off. Too bad if you bought it for $19 from JB last week, as it's now $16 from Harvey Norman (or lower if you can find someone to price match).


Combining a compact comfortable keyboard and a simple, precise mouse, the Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo bring efficient and uncluttered interaction to your computer.

Key Features

  • The compact keyboard design cuts out excess to be 36 percent smaller than standard keyboards, while still containing all the standard keys.
  • Whisper quiet keys cause keystrokes to barely make a noise, so you can concentrate on what you are listening to – rather than the keyboard.
  • Don’t worry about having to change batteries all the time – the keyboards battery life last 24 months while the mouse will run for 5.
  • 2.4GHz wireless provides up to 10m of interference free access, allowing you to access media from the comfort of your couch.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +1

    Awesome, been looking out for a wireless keyboard and mouse to go with my steam link. Will be grabbing this after work. Hopefully it'll still be on the shelves.

    • Me too!! - Here's hoping!

  • Damn not bluetooth; still good for <$20 though

  • Awesome!
    Thanks Scotty.

    Scotty, you should put jazoom on your payroll before someone else does :)
    Two of my most visited sites are OzBargain and Price Hipster.

    • +5

      I run my own price checker…

  • -2

    Too bad I bought 4 from JB last week. :(

    • -1

      price guarantee on your credit card if you have it?

      • +3

        for $3 difference?

      • not sure though, I've used business debit card, don't think can claim back

        • Come on man. You are thinking to get $3 diff. even you bought from credit card. It is more hassle than savings. I think there is a amount limit on lower side you can even ask them to do that.

        • @Gaggy:

          Yeah, I remember reading something about 28 Degrees requiring a minimum of $75 difference before the price guarantee can be honoured.

        • @cleverbook: NP :). You confused me when advised 31mop that you used a debit card.

        • @Gaggy:

          OMG!!! HAHAHAHA!

          I so agree, but u know… Ozbargaibers love saving cents!

    • +1

      Return them all?


  • +3

    Is this MK220? right?

  • Dimensions
    Keyboard: 38 x 11.4 x 2.1 cm
    Mouse: 10.8 x 6.1 x 3.8 cm

    Roughly how long do the batteries last on this?

    • I'd like to say forever.

      I have a Logitech Mk250 that is still running on original battery since 2010 for the keyboard and used every other day. The mouse battery I've had to change yearly but that's not an issue if you have eneloops, which, being an ozbargainer you should have anyway.

    • +1

      Don’t worry about having to change batteries all the time – the keyboards battery life last 24 months while the mouse will run for 5.

  • Does this model have a unifying USB?

    • yes

    • +1

      The one i bought from JBHifi comes out with this usb receiver, i dont think its the unifying one

      • Does that mean you get two of them, one for KB and one for mouse?

        • No, you get one that works for both devices, but it's just not the swish nano-unifying job.

  • +3

    Great for the htpc !

  • Thanks, just bought one, and it's MK220.

  • Thanks OP, was looking for one of these for the kids - timing cant get any better!

  • Receiver is not unifying though, i got the $30 kb instead just to get the unifying receiver which cost 15USD standalone

    • $10 Aussie on eBay delivered.

    • +2

      What does unifying mean in this context?

      • +3

        Logitech unifying receiver means
        one receiver for many devices

        • +15

          One receiver to rule them all, one receiver to find them, One receiver to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

        • @malouphix: Jesus Christ!

        • +2

          I once emailed their tech support trying to find a replacement receiver for an older device.
          They sent me 4 unifying receivers for free, too bad the device I had was so old that it doesn't support the unifying receiver. So I am now stuck with one mouse without a receiver, and 4 receivers with no devices that support it.

        • @tomlikesbeetroot:

          Which device is this?

        • @Braintrain1000:

          Nah, Sauron.

          Jesus was much more relaxed in his style of relations :P

        • @Braintrain1000:
          Malouphix's comment was not a riddle, was it?

        • @CVonC:

          I needed a new receiver for an old wireless mouse, I was moving a desktop computer and forgot to remove the receiver, got it snagged on something and it snapped.

          I emailed support as I couldn't find anywhere to buy a replacement receiver, and they sent me 4 of these unifying receivers, https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Unifying-receiver-mouse-keyb... unfortunately they are not compatible with the mouse.

    • Wow.. I have heaps of those from a range of logitech mice and keyboards. Was going to throw them away since I didn't need more than one.

  • Got one, Thank you :)

  • Just grabbed one.Thanks OP !

  • Decent keyboard and mouse. The batteries lasts forever on this even with frequent use.

    The keys are very small though and takes period of adjustment.
    When I first started using I kept hitting wrong keys, especially difficult when trying to use the arrow keys.

  • it's a crap quality keyboard. avoid if you can.

  • +1

    These do not come with unifying receiver. Do they?
    PS, from logitech support, it is not compatible with the unifying receiver.

  • Thanks OP just picked one up from Preston HN, they still have a few in stock.

  • None available Gordon and North Ryde NSW

    • Purchased from Balgowlah HN store earlier on today. Still listed as In Stock on web site. There were 4 + 1 open box on the shelf when I purchased mine.

  • The two images on HN's product page are different. If you look at the enter key one is a two row key the other is like a smaller shift key.

    Which one is it?

  • No android support

  • Wiley ParkNot available
    HN @ DM AuburnNot available

    MascotNot available AuburnNot available HN @ DM AlexandriaNot available CaringbahNot available BroadwayNot available Moore ParkNot available


  • Hopefully it will better than the one I got from Harvey Norman in early 2016. The letters started fading within a month and it was so light and compact that it would shift around on my desktop sometimes when typing, was annoying. I am currently using a $6 keyboard from The Reject Shop as the layout best matched my outgoing keyboard at the time and it's wonderful, a bit heavier and has a more traditional layout.

    If the "simple" mouse is really light, you could probably open it up and tape some 20 cent coins inside to make it heavier and more precise (and exercise your wrist as you sit). I had to do this with my current mouse as I do graphics work and need precision.

    • I'd prefer it without the letters so no one else can use it xD

  • yep still available in Whyalla SA

  • Thanks OP. Available at Campbelltown NSW. Still at least half a dozen there. Just bought one.

  • I can't get in store. Is $7.95 delivery still worth it?

  • Got mine today works well thankyou only just got a 10 metre cable to connect pc to tv

  • Still in some regional Vic stores. Thanks OP

  • Note that these work on Sony Android TVs

  • Thanks OP

    Local HN in Bundall had no stock so went to JB. Was marked $35 but I checked and it was $19. The model up was down to $35 from $49. Larger keyboard and comes with a small receiver but still not unifying compatible. Got 3 of these. MK270r

  • QV Melbourne sold out :<

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