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JACKLY Brand 32 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Precision Screw Driver Tool Kit US $3.17/AU $4.23 Delivered @ DD4.com


32 in 1 precision tool kit.

This set of tools are designed for repairing mobile phones, hard drives and other electronic products.
They are essential tools for family use. If you happen to need one of these, you can go check it.

I've bought a few of these to repair phones, laptops, electrical equipment, etc. haven't broken/bent a bit yet. have one in the office, one in the shed, one in the house and have bought them for family members.

Material: PP & TPR & CR-V steel
Extension bar: H4x60mm.
Tweezer: 115mm
Size: 15.5cm x 10.3cm x 3cm.
Color: Black&Orange
Screwdriver bit model:
Torx Screw Driver: T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20
Hex Screw Driver: H1.3, H1.5, H2.0, H2.5, H3.0, H4.0
Cross Screw Driver: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5
Straight Screw Driver: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5
Trianglely Screw Driver: 2.0
Y Screw Driver: Y2.0
Star Screw Driver: 0.8
U Screw Driver: U2.6

Package Includes
32 in 1 Multi-purpose Precision Screwdriver Set

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  • +8 votes

    These things have come to the rescue for many occasions for me, the best ~$4 I ever spent.

  • +1 vote

    Superb value.


    I've had a similar cheap Chinese screwdriver set that looks the same, and the bits were so soft it ended up rubbing off and ruining the screws.

    • +4 votes

      I have this set and I assure you the quality is good.

      • I have one too, from dd4, and the quality isn't that great. But then again for the money one can't complain too much, just be careful and keep in mind that the bits are soft and will bend easily.

    • That's what I'm worried about as well. I have a couple of the "cylinder" style sets and both are pretty rubbish, bits and general usability.
      (Edit: pretty much that 31-in-1 shown below it)
      Interested if there's more feedback that this set is decent compared to those.

    • not sure why you're getting downvoted its a good warning! Cheap driver bits are often not made of hardened and can bend out of shape if the screw is particularly tight. They're great value, but just have to be careful if you come accross a really stubborn screw.

      • +2 votes

        Exactly. As cheap as these are, they might end up causing more damage than helping at all.

        Make sure you carefully twist slowly. If the screw is super tight, don't use it anymore as you'll just risk grinding down the actual screw, while it remains in place (which makes it even harder to unscrew when you use a better screwdriver, as there's nothing for it to grip on to now).

    • +1 vote

      But i know you're just trying to be helpful, so have a plus-vote. I never meant to imply these are ideal for tradies, but they are excellent for hobbyists etc.

  • These are great quality for the price- got one on singles day 2 years ago and still working.

    Only issue is that they are a pain in the arse to open unless you know the way.

    Last time the deal was posted I made a video showing how to do so - you push up and it sort of pops off:

    You shouldn't need to pry anything or feel like you're breaking something.

  • Getting Payment gateway errors when selecting PayPal. Anyone successful with PayPal?

  • For that price it better be made in the USA

  • +8 votes

    Here's a great deal on the 15pc JACKLY set for those who don't want to break the budget http://www.dd4.com/goods/JACKLY-JK342-15-in-1-Portable-Profe... $1.62

  • +4 votes

    The metal in these is really soft. If you try and get any screw out thats being difficult, you may just bend the bit out of shape.

    BUT - apart from that, they are great, have two sets already, and for less than $5 delivered, well worth it.

  • ye don't waste ur money, I know its cheap but they metal loses its structure after a forceful twist and renders that screw useless.

    • Any alternative could you suggest, please? Thanks

      • I got a craftright(?) set at Bunnings for under $10 that has lasted years. Not sure if they still sell the same set but it was definitely worth the few extra dollars, had gone through 4 or 5 sets like this previously.

      • Im not sure buddy, As hambuger stated, I might also look for a 'craftright' set or something of that sort. All the best though, hope you achieve screw driver nirvana.

  • I don't know about the quality of these screw drivers. However I purchased this kit http://www.dd4.com/goods/Precision-45-In-1-Electron-Torx-Min...

    I wasn't expecting much but the they have been amazing. No problems with distortion or wearing of the bits even on the toughest screws.

    • yep i have that one as well. heaps good and they're magnetic as well.


        I also have that set. Jakely and jackmy are apparently the same company

    • Yep I have had a set of the 45-in-1 for a few years from a previous deal. They have been indispensable. I'm not the careful and delicate type but am yet to damage any of the bits. I'm buying another 3 sets so I can have a set everywhere!

  • I see some difference of opinion on quality.

    'm guessing they're fine for a hobbyist but for anything more like regular trade work the quality wouldn't be that good?

  • I tried to purchase these and received an error to say payment could not be processed. Now looking at the order it says it has been cancelled.

    • Getting the same, payment gateway failure since I started trying at 8 this morning :(

    • Just tried to order another set and payment via PayPal worked. Status of the new order now says pending for shipping.

  • Paypal payment appears to be back working again.

  • I tried about 10min, payment was successful but order still pending payment.
    First time i heard of this website, is it legit?

    • +1 vote

      every order I've made with them (about 10) has arrived.

  • Ordered then paid. Order cancelled?
    The payment still went through but the order was cancelled…

  • Everything seems working ok at my end

    Dear customer,
    Thank you for shopping on DD4! The payment of your order 170******* is successful.

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    $3.17 USD 1 $3.17 USD
    Subtotal $3.17 USD
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    From amount $4.41 AUD
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    Exchange rate: 1 Australian dollars = 0.720007 US dollars

    Invoice ID:

    • you might want to disable paypal conversion as it gets you pretty bad rates. way better to use credit card that has no international fees.

  • Order placed.

  • Bought and voted one. Thanks.

  • thanks,, bought mine


    What is the quality like of the bits? I've gone through a couple of 'precision' screwdriver sets, and the quality of the bits, especially the smallest of the sizes, seems quite bad. I've been considering dropping some dough on an iFixIt Pro Tech toolkit, instead of buying cheap sets constantly.


      never had a problem with them. use them pretty regularly (weekly) for laptop and TV repairs i.e. small but tight screws.

  • Any way of buying without creating an account?

  • Doesn't Dr Who have one of these? Oh wait, that's a sonic screwdriver.

  • Thanks,bought one. Hopefully quality is ok.

  • A must have basic tools for PC-MasterRace

  • Thanks purchased 2 sets.

  • +2 votes

    ordered. thanks OP

  • Also recommend this. Just used mine yesterday - who would have thought you need both phillips head AND triwing to swap out the battery from a 2009 Macbook..


      used mine tonight to swap out the optical drive with a SSD and replace the battery from a 2011 macbpook pro .

  • Is the 5-pointed "Star" tip the same as Pentalobe for MacBook Pros and iPhones?

  • anyone else getting Order Failed?

  • how long dos shipping take ?

  • got my set took some time , so these are only relly useful for electronics and things

  • Still waiting on my 5 kits, has been in the country since the 8th, probably lost….