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LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms Monitor - $299 + Free Delivery (Normally $595) @ MSY Online


LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms HDMI VESA Dynamic Action Sync Srgb99% $299 (online delivery only).

Start 1PM to 6pm Tuesday 17/01/17. Limit 1 per customer. Available for online delivery only (make sure you choose your state correctly for the cheapest postage, roughly $10 for delivery now free shipping).

Mod 630pm: Store rep has offered new MSYFTW code which includes free shipping, see comment.

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    • What's the appeal of freesync?
      I don't have it and haven't noticed any tearing problems in the games I play.

      • The biggest benefit of freesync is it allows games to dip into low fps while still maintaining smooth motion. Means you can hold onto your existing graphics card for longer before having to upgrade.

  • Ive got this monitor. I picked it up during the 'Black Friday' sales end of last year for similar price. Although its not 1440p the quality it produces is quite nice. Previously I had a 31.5" Samsung monitor which I thought was rubbish in comparison. Personally value for money you cant go wrong.

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    FTW = (profanity) The World ?!?

  • Would there be any way to use this as a tv with a chrome-cast linked up so I could watch movies?

  • Will this work properly with OS X/Boot camp? Mainly thinking of using it for home-office work.

  • damn i bought the 25inch one on kogan for $200.

  • Does anyone know if Blizzard games supports 21:9?

    • short answer is no.

      • What about the long answer? :P

        As far as I know at least WOW works in 21:9

        • was too lazy haha.

          d3 works in 21:9 only in windowed mode (probably an oversight)
          wow supports 21:9 in 2560x1080 and HoTS supports 21:9 in 3440x1440 and 2560x1080.
          starcraft 2 doesn't support 21:9
          hearthstone doesn't support it
          overwatch dded 21:9 support but it actually crops your screen vertically (less field of view than 16:9)

          i don't know about any old gen blizzard games like d2/sc1 etc.

        • Yeah WoW does. But they pulled UW support from Diablo 3 and Overwatch uses crappy vertical field scaling for 21:9 resolutions.

        • @Xastros: D2 only works upto 800x640 without mods I think lol

          And you have a lot of Bliz games! (thumbs up)

        • @plague69: Haha I have played an obscene amount of blizzard games including those old gen ones. However I had my first child last year and no longer play any of them. Took me 6 months just to play through the single player campaign of LoTV and I haven't bought any of the DLC. Also didn't bother touching multiplayer for LoTV. Game has become too micro focused which I don't prefer.

          No I am crawling through the witcher 3 as I need a game I can pause/save and leave at any time. Should last me the next 3 years.

          Moral of the story don't have kids.

        • long answer is noooooooo :P

        • @Xastros: :'D Congratulations! It's okay. By the time they release D4, you can play again~!

      • Overwatch supports 21.9
        overwatch has a FOV slider

        • unless they've changed it very recently, the last I checked (only a month or two ago) the FOV was cropped vertically in OW. so instead of getting a larger horizontal FOV you get a reduced vertical FOV instead. not my definition of 21:9 "support"

      • I have kids and haven't been able to enjoy any games in the past years :-(
        But was hoping that LotV works in UW.

    • You can run games in windowed mode

  • Bloody hell, bought a 27" 1920x1080 the other week. Might give it to my dad and buy a different one.

    Which is superior between the posted 34" @ 2560x1080, or a 32" @ 2560x1440, such as the one below?

    Mainly productivity with a bit of gaming. No movies - got a 32" tv hooked up for that.
    I'd really like some advice! Thanks guys.

    • Which is superior between the posted 34" @ 2560x1080, or a 32" @ 2560x1440

      Personal opinion only:

      21:9 you use as if you had a multi-monitor setup.
      16:9 you use as a single monitor. One application at a time regardless of size.

      If your productivity applications are text documents you can fit three full pages side by side. Working on the middle one - one on each side for reference. Super useful.

      For visual art you're likely better off with the extra pixels.

      • Thanks for the advice. I've currently got a 24" 16:10 monitor to the side, but it's a little hard to see next to my 27", prob due to the smaller pixel density. A 34" 21:9 should hopefully replace the two!

  • How would this run games with a GTX 1060 3Gb? Cheers.

    • Depends on the games you are trying to run. Generally 2560 x [email protected] should be ok for your GTX 1060 other than maybe the most demanding titles (BF 1 / Witcher 3 / Crysis 3 for example). Even then 50+ should be ok.

    • I have a gtx970 which is slightly inferior than a 1060. I have an older 34" LG overclocked to 72Hz and my card has no problems keeping the frames up that high on those settings. Enjoy it!

  • thanks, got to return 25inch LG Ultra wide for this

    • You might want to wait until after you get a shipping confirmation.

      I have a feeling these will sell out.

  • Does this have audio output/ speaker?

  • I've been thinking of buying a 16:9 4K monitor, but this is much more within my price range. How would something like this compare to 28-or-so inch 4K monitors in the same price range as the original price of this?

  • Wondering if i'll be disappointing going from 23.5"(24") @ 1920x1080 to this? Been looking for a larger screen for some time, hoping to use for games movies and general productivity, not willing to sacrifice it's use as a general productivity screen though, seems like the DPI difference isn't super significant?

  • damn, i bought the 29" for 299 the other month. But, i believe that that with the resolution, 29" is the happy medium

  • How would this pair with a GTX970 and i5-6600?

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering if this would be ideal for music production? Def no gaming.

    I currently have a 24", would I be able to run something like this and the 24" on the side?

    Could I watch movies on it as-well? Or is it better to have 2 24" set up by each others side.

    Why would a 1440p be better? Sorry Im so far behind in tech these days! Just trying to organise a new studio set up! I'm confused with all these different screens, like even 28" Samsung monitors LCD 4k that cost $399? Can anyone explain quicker.


    • Yes.

      But in all seriousness, Google and YouTube are your friends. There was even someone who posted a few posts before you who linked to a video with someone with a dual setup display. Not completely knowing your setup, I would be buying this and see how it works alongside your current 24" setup.

      • Yeah I saw the comparison monitors next to each other after I posted.

        The screen size looks awesome! I just get confused as soon as I start looking at all monitors, but in-fact I will only use this for MUSIC and INTERNET. I have a work Ultra book, and a separate TV(I need a new one).

        I'm going to guess in this price range, there isn't much that compares so value for money is great!

  • Hey Rep!

    Any chance for good deals on 24" / 27" 144hz monitors?

  • Do you need to get a VESA mount kit to mount this monitor up? I got a free kit from LG for my other 34 ultra wide curved a few years back. Was thinking of getting a dual vesa monitor mount stand to have both up on the same base.

  • Hi Rep, how many days will it take to ship to Toowoomba? I am leaving and hope to take this with me.


      We'll ship the stocks from our local warehouses via AUS Post. So, if you live within the metro area, it should take about 5 working days to get it deliverd once we post the order out.

  • Any more stock?

  • Any chance of a future deal for the 29UM68? The 29" ultrawide 1080p with freesync? Thanks rep!

  • I really need to find a way before midday tomorrow to convince myself not to buy this.

  • site says out of stock, cant add to cart

  • Can we order it before 9 am tomorrow? Got to work after 9 and wont finish till 3 :/

  • Hello all, I have one LG 4K LED TV (, which I currently use as my monitor when I work from home. Would this LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P improve my experience. I'm not in to Gaming, my plan is to use the monitor for work, Coding on multiple UI tools, Working on word docs, Excel Spreadsheets and notepads etc. I'm bit confused whether I should go for a monitor instead of the current 4K TV, thanks in advance guys!

    • don't.
      your TV has a way higher pixel density than this monitor.
      I had the 29" model,and i found that the resolution was not high enough to do 3 windows side by side.
      with your TV, you could easily do 4 windows, one in each corner..

  • Cant wait to order this!!!! YIPPPEEEE

  • I have 2 x Dell 24inch 16:10 monitors and I use those mostly for system admin and coding work. Would I be better off with one of these ultrawide than my current dual setup? I don't play games by the way.

  • How is power consumption on this?

  • Question is, will the MSY website be able to handle all the traffic?

  • How is this for Lightroom and photoshop use.

    • I'd welcome comment on this sort of application too if anyone has first hand photographic experience with it :)

    • not good´╝üpixel density is too low! there is a reason its so cheap (even the rrp is not that high for a 34 inch.)

  • Would this work well with the surface pro 4?

  • Is there handling cost on top of shipping cost?

  • Any comments on how good this might be for watching movies?

  • Has posted above wouldn't a better buy be a x1440 monitor?

    I'm going to use the monitor for just general surfing on OzBargin and porn.

    Any additional pros and cons of buying would be helpful.

    • Yeah that's the dilemma I'm having. More pixels is awesome, and I love the vertical real estate of my 24" 16:10.
      I've worked it out in this way, by assuming I'll use two windows side-by-side a fair bit:

      The 32" gives me 32.6cm horizontal realestate per window.
      The 34" gives me 40.9cm horizontal realestate per window.
      However, the 32" gives an extra 5.8cm vertical height.

      I've looked at two comparable screens at Harvey Norman which makes me lean towards 32" - it's enormous!
      But for working with multiple windows, the 34" does seem superior, and the 32" might require you to look UP somewhat.

      In the end, the 32" is around $450 delivered, compared to $299 so I'm voting with my wallet in this case.

  • is this 1pm AEST or AEDT?

    thanks for such a great deal! hope i get one!

    cheers rep

  • Yes this deal is out of stock before its even started lol.