This was posted 4 years 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms Monitor - $299 + Free Delivery (Normally $595) @ MSY Online


LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms HDMI VESA Dynamic Action Sync Srgb99% $299 (online delivery only).

Start 1PM to 6pm Tuesday 17/01/17. Limit 1 per customer. Available for online delivery only (make sure you choose your state correctly for the cheapest postage, roughly $10 for delivery now free shipping).

Mod 630pm: Store rep has offered new MSYFTW code which includes free shipping, see comment.

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  • Down, down, websites are down.

    It's not just you, Msy is down for everyone.

  • Dodgy website design! Please fire your IT guy!

  • Lads, can't really blame MSY, as there are other factors to consider. Yes, limited stock is something, but they did have 100+ units, so it was a quick grab.

    On top of that, there is server load and dropped packets, which is out of their control anyway, there is limited bandwidth.

    What happened, happened, and those who got the deal, good on ya, and those who missed out will have more money in their wallets for the next great deal.

    • They did have adequate stock.

      HOWEVER you can't honestly say with a straight face say "server load and dropped packets is not their problem". Server issues where 100% their fault.

      • Ok, well ramping up their server to handle the load at the time of the deal was something they could have done, if they had the hardware, but this isn't a common occurrence, this much traffic in such a small amount of time, and its not a normal load they would have tested the hardware for. If they used an elastic amazon instance, perhaps they could have handled it better, but there'd still be some amount of lag for sure, and some people at the tail end might have still experienced time outs.

        And they were still dealing with 3rd party payment gateways

        • ''And they were still dealing with 3rd party payment gateways''
          I bet any bank wouldn't go down due to MSY traffic spikes haha

          Things happen, but it should be best effort. From what I see, it was oversight. I saw them building this site in person back on version 1. All in ASP to work with their systems. I suggested PHP at first instance, they rejected at the time haha. There is a issue here, just saying. Doesn't bother me either way though.

        • All good, just thinking there are other factors here, but then again, if you know the background architecture, then you are in a better position to comment. I do think they could have done things to handle the load better, but at the same time, this isn't an everyday occurrence on their website, spikes happen and they can't always cater for it, though they could have planned it better

  • I was in the toilet for 5 mins and the deal is gone. Isn't there some OB rules about low stock level is not considered a deal? I don't usually neg anything but u give me no choice.

  • Now I understand why they used "MSYFTW" AS THE CODE

  • Beyond annoyed after waiting two hours for the whole thing to crash which is understandable and then it to be out of stock and voucher disabled for the 20 minutes of the site not working and me constantly refreshing and trying other browsers.
    Beyond annoyed.

  • That was insane, but luckily managed to get one. had 3 browsers and firefox scored the goal.

  • Just one more to complain about while we are all on a roll here, Update your Clearance Prices lists the ones available are still from the 4th January!

  • There goes 20 minutes of my life I can never get back.

  • Incoming negs

  • Link no longer working, they removed the item on the page.

  • I managed to order one after my continuous paypal payment attempts finally went through at 1:14pm. Thanks OP! :)

  • Didn't get one, but upvote this deal.

    Thanks MSY.

  • Wish I had more negs to give.

  • within 20 minutes they all sold out, how much did they have in stock?

  • Why are people negging this deal?

  • So in this case the FTW stood for **** the world.

  • Yesterday it didn't even mention Melbourne time, so basically I was 25 minutes too late. What a load of crap, website didn't even load first time I tried either.

    Huge fail on MSY's part, I don't even understand why these business's run sales and barely have enough stock to fill the needs of customers. Just backfires on them and leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths.

    Congrats to whoever got on tho, if many did at all. :)

    • So what timezone did you assume?

    • Did you even bother to read the comments or check their Facebook post? It said Melbourne time. Besides, what time do you expect them to use? You can't expect every little basic thing to get spoon-fed to you, do a little research yourself.

      The rep also said yesterday they had about 100 units so it was obviously going to sell fast.

      • I only saw 2 Facebook ads, no mention of timezone on them and still isn't if you look at the photo uploads.

        I also don't spend hours reading everyones comments on here, some of us have JOBS. I saw the deal, that is all.

        It wasn't mentioned in the INFORMATION STATED UP TOP? The ad ABOVE doesn't state TIMEZONE or AMOUNT OF UNITS available.



        LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms HDMI VESA Dynamic Action Sync Srgb99% $299 (online delivery only).

        Start 1PM to 6pm Tuesday 17/01/17. Limit 1 per customer. Available for online delivery only (make sure you choose your state correctly for the cheapest postage, roughly $10 for delivery now free shipping).

        Mod 630pm: Store rep has offered new MSYFTW code which includes free shipping, see comment.


        If this was a typical OZ AD, you'd be negging OP for not being clear on deal.

        Writing COMMENTS, when there is pages & pages on comments is hardly UPDATING. People don't sit here reading through pages of comments.

        If you're going to have a go at me, at least be certain and clear that you're correct.

        • firstly, for deal like this, do you usually see # of units available speicified, unless it is some super exclusive deal, like less than 10 units?

          secondly, yeah, you often see the timezone stated. when it is not, do you think it reasonable to just assume it to be your state, not one of the more populous states, hope for the best and don't check the accuracy of your assumption, then complain when your assumption turns out to be wrong?

          my only complaint is that their website couldn't cope, and it was luck of the draw getting one, rather than based on 1st come 1st served. i expect more from someone who claims they can be trusted, with the 20+yrs of experience in the industry (i.e. IT, of which web server management is closely related).

  • +2 votes

    lucky this sold out, or i would have been parting with my money!

  • Very limited stock, and website unable to handle the traffic… very poor.

  • I imagine if MSY (or any shop) got in a thousand of this model and priced them even at $350, they'd sell out quickly.

  • Msywtf

  • Love the optimism by MSY to give a 5 hour time frame!

  • If they only had 100 units, should have just made it a lottery.

  • QLD didn't even get a go….. not 1PM yet here. Was I meant to assume ADST?

    • I got on here in QLD at 11.55am to account for the time difference, started the process and managed to get one for my son. It crashed every step of the way but I eventually got one at about 12:20 our time…

  • somebody please recommend a second monitor to go with this monitor, budget is around $250 (27inch)

    • Can't reccomend, although all these monitors are 20% off with COMMIT20

    • I bought an LG 27" 16:9 a couple weeks ago from Harvey Norman, think MSY had the same one for $189 recently.
      It should be about the same height etc. Will find out soon I guess! :)

      • $189 was the 25inch ultra wide model which is too small.

        • Lol no the other $189 one (LG 27" 1080p 27MP48HQ-P):

        • @tazmaniak: I got this one but it doesn't use full size of screen. I'm not sure it's only me or not. There's a little black boundary around the screen.

        • @solpiry:
          Yeah mine has a 5mm boundary along the outside - I hadn't noticed til you mentioned it.
          I'm using hdmi, I don't have VGA to test if that's different. The screen is big and cheap enough that it doesn't bother me.
          Colour, etc is great.
          Interesting though.

        • @tazmaniak:
          I tried both hdmi and vga but all same. This monitor picture on MSY website shows full screen but jb-hi picture shows there is boundary. Generally it's okay but when you try to relocate the program windows, it's quite annoying..

        • So far i have narrowed down to

          Philips BDM3201FD 31.5" $299 @mwave (pickup same suburb)


          29" LG 29UM58-P UltraWide Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor $330 delivered @ computer alliance

          what would you select if it was your monitor?

        • @OhMaJuck:
          Personally I'll choose LG if I have to pick one from two. You might see the pixel on the Philips monitor. Too big for me for full HD. But it's personal…

  • Didn't get one but glad to see there's only 8 entitled (profanity) negging the deal so far.

  • Having the time space set from 1PM to 6PM really got my hopes up. I think next time put in the description how much stock is available.

  • Still in my Cart, but cant pay for it

  • Looks like today was my lucky day! Sorry to those who missed out…
    Free shipping didn't get applied but hopefully that can be sorted out.

    Thanks MSY!

  • Thanks for the deal..
    But I wasted 40minutes trying to buy this but did not get it(from 1pm to 1:40pm).
    And now it's out of stock… make me extremely disappointed and angry..

  • Could we buy in store today then claim price protection?

  • +16 votes

    I seriously don't understand all the people complaining. How long have you used OzBargain for? This is a monitor that was clearly at an absolute bargain price that had been advertised AT LEAST on Facebook, but I'm assuming elsewhere as well. There are almost 10,000 clicks in this deal alone! I felt the pain as much as you guys, but this is literally exactly what I expect on a deal such as this. I remember sitting at work for 45 minutes fighting a website trying to score a $10 Razer mouse. 150 units is more than appropriate stock level in my opinion. Move on.

    • Totally agree with above. Plenty of deals over the past with limited stocks sell out quickly and websites crash due to the overload.

      Bargain price for those lucky enough to get one.