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LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms Monitor - $299 + Free Delivery (Normally $595) @ MSY Online


LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms HDMI VESA Dynamic Action Sync Srgb99% $299 (online delivery only).

Start 1PM to 6pm Tuesday 17/01/17. Limit 1 per customer. Available for online delivery only (make sure you choose your state correctly for the cheapest postage, roughly $10 for delivery now free shipping).

Mod 630pm: Store rep has offered new MSYFTW code which includes free shipping, see comment.

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    • Given your name, you would think you already half a dozen stocked away to see out the apocalypse.

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        Hahaha they will be useless in an apocalypse. No more battlefield for us Unless it's a real life one.

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    Guys, make sure you order the monitor from below links :

    Do not order from the URL in OP post.

    Thank you

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      Any info on if some of the other gaming models would be on sale?

  • Anyone seen any decent reviews on this? Not seeing much other than a couple of youtube unboxing and Amazon reviews.
    Trying to justify a 34inch at 1080p for gaming :) Price is hard to go by!

  • Can I purchase this and pick up from the North Melbourne store tomorrow avro?

    • No, you need to place an online delivery order and wait for the shipment.

      • So no store pick up:(

  • Can we buy these at a store, or online only?

    • For online delivery online. Stores won't be able to sell at this price

  • +9

    Please do the 34" 1440p next :)

    • Yes please!

      I want to buy it once and buy it right. Have my eyes on the 34" 1440P model mainly for photo and video processing….

      1080P just doesn't quite cut it despite the amazing price….

  • Will I have any issues running games like dota 2/csgo on this with a Nvidia GTX 560?
    Currently have a 24" 1080p monitor.

  • Would the screen resolution work well on a mid 2014 MacBook Pro?

  • Omg free delivery

  • ahhgg, decisions! This or Acer VX24AH (23.8", IPS 1440p) for $364 delivered. I am used to gaming on 15.6" laptop screens, so anything is an upgrade haha. Future system will smash out 1440p easy, but all dat screen space…. Maybe just wait for a deal on a bigger 1440p.

    Oh, hung861988, should there be a surprise LG 1440p deal tomorrow, will legit stencil your username onto the system hahaha. but doubt cause appears out of stock :(

  • How does this run with BF4?

  • Would like to know if there's stereo 3.5mm output or RCA.

    Sold if it has it I will just hook up to z333

    • There is, it's on the LG site and in the manual (also on the site)

  • I'm getting 'This voucher is not yet valid.'. Tried both the URL in the original post and the comment left by the Store Rep.
    URL difference seems to be 'viconline' and 'fyshwick'
    Please help - want to order before it sells out!

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      Start 1PM to 6pm Tuesday 17/01/17

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        I am an absolute moron. Was rushing to make sure it didn't sell out. Thank you!

  • I'm tempted but not sure it will be a huge upgrade over 22" 1680x1050 and 24" 1080p dual monitors. Might be a bit less cluttered and more aesthetic though.

    • +1

      i'd do it

    • The screen switching would be worth it alone, I saw a video showing it setup with 2 pc's and it was running 8 screens, 4 for each! for real world use being able to flick from 1 to 4 screen or run PIP would be brilliant.

      I desperately want to buy one for the above reason but its to much to a size drop as I am running a 40" 1080p.

  • Don't be suckered into the look of the bezels on the stock images of the monitor. I have similarly built 27MP65HQ which look like no bezel in the photos but have a good 11mm no picture area on the top and sides.

    • Hi all, would this work out of the box with a 2014 MacBook Air, or would I need an upgraded adaptor? Have read some places on line that say some adaptors only go up to 1920*1080… Any clues what would be needed?

  • The link the store rep gave is under "vic online". Do I change it to SA Online for delivery to SA or just use the Vic online link and at checkout enter SA address?

    • +1

      if you can change to SA online and place the order, it will save us time to process your order quicker. Otherwise, just checkout as normal and enter your SA address, it should be fine as well :)

  • The specs say that this is HDMI 1.4, but as far as I know version 1.4 only supports to a maximum of 1920 by 1080.
    Will the monitor get the full 2560 x 1080 if I use my laptop with this? I'll most likely port a mini display to hdmi

  • Nice coupon code for a monitor - MSY-FTW . Just wondering does FTW stand for "For The Win" or "F* The World" ?

    • floppy tally wacker

      • Done with it. Open your mouth please.

  • all ready to purchase, as soon as it hit 1pm.

    Hahahaha dont tell my boss

  • I have 27" 1920x1080 and have always bitched about how terrible text looks. It is a few years old, but will this monitor suffer the same fate with the pixel density? No gaming really but a bit of multimedia.

    • Curious about this too. I'm wanting to be able to watch movies smoothly and to do a bit of 3D modelling/ Photoshop stuff on it. Would this monitor be great at that?

      • found this from LG rep from Reddit

        "From what I've read about the 34um57, which is the same as the 34um58 but was made in 2015, is that 1080p at 34" is not the greatest combination.
        "Just my opinion, but the pixel density is a little too low for this monitor. I wouldn't go over 29" if you plan to go Ultrawide at "1080p"."
        It's doable, but there is a chance of it bothering you if you mind that sort of thing. Just something to keep in mind. If you're looking to save money by not going 1440p then of course you can only get what your budget can buy you."

      • I too need a monitor for 3d modelling.. the extra width would be handy for toolbars/reading documents but the resolution may be a little too low.. I've decided to hold out

    • This would have similar pixel density as a 27" 16:9. Is it that bad? Considering this to upgrade my 23.5" 1080p lol.

      • My monitor in question is the BenQ GL2750HM. I bought it for cheap off a friend and have it as my primary next to a few years old 24" LG IPS, which blows it out of the water for colour and text. I've been looking to upgrade the primary for some time as I've moved beyond gaming and mostly use my desktop for general browsing and youtube. I've definitely gotten used to the average quality of text (just not sharp edges, looks grey rather than black) but this is the exact reason I'm interested in this deal.

        After doing some digging, both mine and this have a 81 pixels per inch. I would love to see this panel in person first, as I expect it to be a much newer technology, but on this information alone I'm going to save the $300.

        • Yeah same considering this mainly so that I can plug my PC and PS4 to the same display instead of unplugging the other when I need to switch. But 93ppi to 81ppi I think I'm going to feel it though. But I not willing to spend 800+$ for 21:9 1440p so yeah….

  • I don't know if my Asus PB278Q would a sidegrade with wider resolution or an upgrade in both with the display.

    $300 seems like an affordable price too considering I paid $650+ for the PB278Q in 2013

  • I do believe I'm slowly getting talked out of this deal.

    I have 2 21.5in monitors at home for dual monitor goodness. They are running at 102ppi according to some calcs.

    This monitor coming in at 81ppi is going to be quite noticeable I'm guessing.

    Only thing I can think of is that if I sit further from the monitor, I wouldn't notice this?

    • I am in the same boat. Just checked what I use at work and have 3 x 24inch Monitors, 2 are 1680 x 1050 and one is 1920 x 1080.
      Between the two resolutions I can not really see the difference and sit less than half a meter from them.
      Trying out some 4k videos (Set it to 4k in youtube) and it looks fine. Not seeing individual pixels and nor have I noticed them.
      Would still like a 1440p monitor but for the price of this one…

      • Yeah at work I have 2 24s and my 15inch laptop, and since the laptop is the primary and windows is windows, all 3 screens are at 1920x1080.

        I can definitely see that the 15inch screen on the laptop is way crisper and clearer than the monitors, which seem a little washed out, but that is expected with going from a 15inch ppi to a 24inch ppi at 1920x1080, but as you said, at this price…

  • Im going to give it a miss too. I think my next monitor would have to be QHD or 4k. Will put up with the old dual mismatched monitors for a bit longer..

    • I actually had ALOT of trouble reading the text on 2560x1440 when upgrading from a 1440x900 monitor.
      It required me to change the PC dpi but by doing so, some apps started acting up sometimes and can't access menus.
      As in if I right click an app in the quick launch of Windows 10, nothing would show up unless I use normal dpi.
      Game fonts were also ridiculously small and unadjustable, I can't read the speech bubbles in FFXIV at all unless I get up real close, it was like reading a bible arm lengths away. Fonts in league of legend is also small and ubadjustable, I can only make the chat box bigger but not the font so I ended up playing the game 1080p full screen on a 1440p monitor…

      So higher resolution is good and all but software development simply has not caught up, unsupported or scales terribly. 4k is reasonable for a 55" TV so I think 4k on a 27inch would be overkill.

      So I'm hoping by buying this, the smaller resolution vertically would make it bigger and the same size resolution horizontally but 7inch wider would rectify this.

  • Is it on yet?

    • +1

      starts at 1pm

    • +1

      about 26mins left

      • 15mins to go.

        • 10mins to go

        • 10mins, getting hyped. Hope they have enough stocks for all of us haha

  • Is it the code which becomes active at 1pm or the link for the monitor?
    ie; can it be in my basket ready for checkout with the code at 1pm?

    • better not risk it :)

    • +2

      Yes, just add it to the cart, wait till 1pm and check out with the coupon —> $299 shipped

      • Well i'd like to order one, but site is down. Is there a number i can call to order one?

  • 1PM in which time zone?

    • +1

      the one in 2 minutes :)

    • Melbourne time

    • Daylight savings. 1 minute from now.

  • And the site getting ozbargained begins.

  • +1

    site down…

  • crashed site

    • Yep just before 12!

  • +3

    MSY website is ozbargained.

  • May day, May day, Site down!!!


  • +1

    server down

  • I got through and shipping was not free. I refreshed and the site was down again.

  • crash….

    • Yay made it through the crash and got one! Thanks MSY

  • This is the problem with really-good, once-in-a-year deals. If shops had more frequent, almost as good deals, it would work better.
    My checkout page went from "voucher not yet valid" to "voucher is disabled". Ah well.

  • aaaand ozbargained..

  • Its back on!

  • website crashed…

  • i went to paypal and click pay,,, then crashed

    • Same!

      But just kept refreshing and it went through!

      Paypal receipt, and confirmation email.

      WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!

      • scored one yes, chrome not working use other browerser

  • Website donw again….

  • We broke it.

  • Shipping is $47 to Tas :/

    • Ordered one. $347.20.

      Was it only free shipping to mainland addresses, Rep?

  • Site down!!

  • +1

    Well this sucks.

  • MSY = Might Serve You

  • 20 years in IT…Ozbargained…

  • Staaaahp. Let me finish my order!

  • Overload!

  • Price not adjusting?

  • +1


  • Allright , if everyone could just stop clicking the link and let us queque one by one that would be better ;)

  • Cool,ordered mine. Thanks

  • Russian spies !!!

  • Mine seemed to go through drama free, received email with order received awaiting conformation.

    Product was $293.13 + $5.86 handling fee for total $289.99. To a Melbourne address.

    • Paypal?

      • Credit card

        • My Paypal payment went through, thank god.. I had to spam it hahaha, I don't think I got charged more than once though :)

    • Phew and here I was considering to wait thinking they had to take the site down to activate the code.

      Hopefully the warehouse were on standby and ready to ship them all out by the end of the day!

  • Damn, should have paid through direct deposit and got it for $293.13 :(

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