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ALDImobile - 1 Year Prepaid Super Pack $249 (Unlimited Calls, SMS, MMS, 42GB Data) Starts 4/2


Was browsing the new Aldi catalogue this evening and saw this. Seems like a decent deal. Can't see it online yet. Updated to online link (thanks zzymurgy).

1 year "Super Pack". Unlimited standard calls, SMS, MMS, 42 GB data. Nothing in the conditions about the cost of extra data. On sale from Saturday February 4th.

Monthly sums: $20.75 per month. 3.5 GB per month - again nothing in the conditions about how the data works, I guess assume it's 42 GB up front until more info appears on-line. Aldi uses part of Telstra network and claims that covers 98.8% of Australian population.

The fine print

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      • Thanks, purchased two and you get the option of micro and nano in the pack!

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    Running out the door like hotcakes at our local ALDI. People buying 2 or 3 at a time!

    • Where do they put the packs in store at ALDI?

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        you need to ask for it at the checkout counter - they're keeping them out of sight there

        • Thanks, purchased one - was at the checkout as you said

  • Sound pretty decent deal. but anyone looked at the recent news deals from ovo? $9.95 for $200 included calls, 1G data and unlimited text. Prepay or postpay. At least don't have to fork out $249 upfront. And we all know what happened to kogan, Telstra may pull the plug on Aldi too.

    • There are points of differentiation though, for OVO:

      Optus network
      Have to buy at least $5 Extra to make international calls (but it's also not included in this Aldimobile product, but is for others)
      Have to buy at least $20 Roaming to use international roaming even if you just want to receive SMSes for free

      Anyway lots of choice out there.

  • Telstra got me hooked on Apple Music

    I probably stream a gig a day

  • Just on the general topic. If you don't use much phone calls and data I highly recommend going Amaysim PAYG and just buy the 10gb data pack for $100. Your usage is never wasted and it ends up being close to $9-$10 a month. You are also never billed unless you hit $10 of phone calls or every 3 months.

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    My local Aldi is out of stock already. Not sure if they will get any in… Pretty disappointing

  • Plenty available in Mandurah store still.

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    Went to 2 aldis today and was told it sold out in 20 minutes.. not really good enough for a product that should be more or less unlimited.

  • Anyone encountered any issues with activation? I'm trying to activate and it said I needed to verify my ID with a credit card payment, so I did that, and now the status of the order is back to 'flagged'. What do I do now?

    Edit: Never mind, it's back to 'pending' now.

    • Did u get it to work?

  • Was just told at the checkout that ALDI Chatswood had sold out by midday and that no more stock would be coming.

    • I was at the same Aldi around 11 this morning and they told me it sold out within an hour. Guess they were instructed to spin the old 'we had lots but you JUST missed out' record.

      • They certainly had enough Starter Packs lying on the checkout counter just in case a non-ALDImobile initiate still wanted to sign up for the standard product. Normally I find those Starter Packs are like hen's teeth! Well played ALDI, well played…

        • Meh, those starter packs are always there at Chatswood Aldi. Chatwood is deep Brodenprofessional territory.

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    I missed out too. Manager at Ballarat store said they only had 15 of them. He mentioned that they're going to check on Monday if they can get more stock. I'll check back but not holding my breath

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    Mods - why was my comment unpublished?

    I was not selling anything?

  • i went at 2 pm and there was plenty left lol

    the people working at aldi didnt even know of the product haha

    • hi, which store was this?

  • I wonder how many Aldi willing to sale for that Super plan or it only have in the advertisement. I went to many shopping center in Springval, Waverly, Dandenong, but there were no any sale or it was out of stock. Anyone know about that. I just need two for me and my wife.

    • When I went around 2pm to Cranbourne store they had stocks and bought two.
      It was not in display but when I asked from the cashier he pulled it from a drawer.

      They might have more.

  • Carindale
    Cannon Hill
    Mt Gravatt
    Garden City were all out of stock in Brisbane.

    • What time did you go to Carindale? I went around 10am on Saturday and they had 2 boxes of sim packs

      • They were out at 10:10hrs. The guy that started at 10am said that they were sold out when he started work so maybe u got the lucky last one.🤗 It's a great deal except for the fact that MMS video arent included at a cost of $1 per video

    • All of those stores I tried plus stones corner
      Mt Gravatt east and Salisbury. i went to carindale shop at 10:10hrs after I was referred there and they were all sold out at that time

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        Father in law managed to pick one up at Forest Lake this afternoon. There was one more left.

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      Booval and Redbank plains are the only shops showing stocks in Brissie at close of business yesterday. Hope that helps

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    There is 2 left on display at Aldi Liverpool Plaza

  • Went to Birkenhead and North Strathfield stores, nothing left, anyone knows if there are stocks in nearby stores in NSW?

    • Just left Auburn with one for myself and they said they had a whole box of them.

    • Bondi Junction was sold out by noon on the 4th. Was told Edgecliff had stock. Jumped on the train (one stop) and sure enough they had several left. They're under the counter at checkout 1, not advertised anywhere. Good luck!

  • Out of stock at Aldi Prahran*.

  • Sold out at Aldi Box Hill South (Melbourne) and the cashier doesn't think they will be getting additional stock.

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    I spent quite a while deliberating about deal, asking family members if they wanted one too etc, went to Aldi Sunday and was told there's no stock in Melbourne. I think this will only make people dislike Aldi rather the opposite. Waste of time, much like the Officeworks discontinued deals where there only a couple in Australia. And it's not like they physically ran out of product - and you would think that they would like to lock as many people into Aldimobile as possible.

    • I spent quite a while deliberating about deal … went to Aldi Sunday …

      There's your problem. It went on sale Saturday and many stores were cleaned out within an hour to go by reports.

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        So then you're agreeing with me? I don't think anyone would have thought that they would have sold out in twenty minutes, and each store had only 15 vouchers, and that I had to be there at 8.30 am on a Saturday.

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          All Aldi cares about is that they are sold. Perhaps they were too timid in predicting the demand. Maybe they didn't reckon with the power of OzBargain. It's not as if they were out to make you or anybody in particular frustrated.

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          This episode has taught me that if I do really want something from Aldi you do have to be at the shop at 8am and deal with everyone else doing the same thing as now I have wasted a whole lot of time driving all over looking for what I wanted when I was awake at 5am the morning they were on sale. There is still hope however. You can ring the Aldi help line first thing this morning and they are able to tell you if there are any stores around your area that have any left in stock. The lady that I spoke to on the weekend said it is hard to predict which stores will be sold out etc. She said sometimes if there is a new store in your area they may be worth a look but at this stage I'm just going to let my phone do the work and ring this morn.

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          Monbulk store only had 12 units. I got there at 8.31 am, 1 minute after opening and I was the thirteenth person in line.
          Why did I get there 1 minute late? Because whilst walking to the store I stepped in some dog poo and I had to clean it up.
          Still 12 units sold out in 1 minute??

  • Aldi Berwick (Eden Rise Village) has one in display cabinet.

  • Has anyone had any success finding any? The few stores I've tried have been sold out …

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    Seems like no stock left after 9:10AM 04/02.


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    Over 500 likes.. I wonder how many got it..

  • still doesn't beat my Optus deal

    • How much do you pay and what do you get?

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        I ended up joining the Optus plan after failing to get one of these mystical aldi mobile SIM cards.

        $40 sim only plan with 10gb data (tho I now see they're offering extra 2gb for 12 months to total of 12gb), unlimited calls and 300 mins international calls to selected countries. Have Optus broadband at home so got $20 bundle credit (tho it is credited to the broadband bill) so essentially works out to be $20/month for the mobile plan.

        Only thing is it wasn't on Telstra network but ah well..

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    Called customer service. Sold out in ALL states apparently.

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    Completely ridiculous promotion from aldi. How can you sell out of sim plans in 1 day!?
    Promo says limited time, not limited stock.
    Hate going to aldi stores…even more now!

    • It's the Uniqlo of groceries.

  • According to their website (https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans/1yearsuperpack/)

    "For existing ALDImobile customers, you can recharge online with the 1 Year Super Pack for a limited time until 5pm (AEST) 3rd March 2017. You'll need to log in to your account online or via the app and select to recharge, you'll find it listed under our Value Pack recharge options. "

    Does this mean that I can purchase a $5 sim now, activate it and then recharge on the super pack?

  • Anyone know where I could pick one up today in melbourne? I've been to a couple stores but they are out of stock. Or even Better if someone had a a spare.

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    Overrated, mostly 3G and choppy poor signals. It is what it's worth, cheap.

    • I have to agree. Reception was better for me on the Optus network :-(

      E.g. in small train tunnels Optus still had reception whereas Aldi/Telstra just blanks out.

  • If anyone has a spare voucher, PM me! :)

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