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Nintendo Classic Mini NES $99 at COTD (Club Catch Required - Free Delivery on Orders over $50), Only 180 Units Available


For those who missed out - Sale starts Wed 25 Jan 2017 at 9am AEDT (with other deals) and are going live throughout the afternoon.
This is a bargain! (its rrp price is $99.95). It is very hard to buy one. So Good Luck. Limited units. Please note club catch required - free delivery on orders over $50
Also don't forget cashrewards

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  • And now they have a 10% site wide… so yup, the NES classic was a click bait.

    • Go to the tech section, 90% of the items are listed as "sold out".

      How convenient with the 10% site wide deal. XD
      Just watch, magically these items will be back in stock after midnight.

  • I think we all should have known better including myself. What a bunch of lowlifes. Almost all the items they listed in this "Big Brand Madness Sale" except the NES could have had for cheaper or for the same price elsewhere. They used the NES for clickbait and would have collected a goldmine of contact details from new sign-ups today. How can we all forget the way they started and evolved, one deal a day, and then many not-so deals a day and now rip off deals every day!

  • Used the app with my address and cc details saved and managed to get one :) absolutely stoked! I just hope it turns up..

    • +2

      Check your order history and see if it's actually there first haha

      • Yup it is :) and I've received the confirmation email. Fingers crossed!

  • Sat in app on the dot, sold out by the time it had appeared.
    Bugger you COTD. Can't believe I signed up to club crap for this.

  • Oh thought it was just me. 6pm nothing and then when I checked at 6:55pm sold out?

  • The moment this was posted , I was on the computer, All webpages off except the COTD website. I refreshed at 5:59 pm and righto at 6pm when it suddenly appeared. I had everything ready to go. It showed 180 units and when I processed the order, there were 5 units. Refreshed in about 5 seconds , All gone. Went to the orders section and showed up. I SHOUTED BAZINGA !!! CC was also charged. I hope it comes

  • Yep, sold out in under a minute. Must have been about 500 to 1,000 people waiting for it.

    I wouldn't bother again.

  • -2

    I saw it on the mobile app but wasn't quick enough :(

    It was definitely there, there would have been thousands of people at the same time waiting for it. It's an extremely popular product unfortunately, cant blame COTD or accuse them of false advertising.

    The hunt goes on….

    • +2

      I'll believe it when they can show me 180 units of NES classic and a list of buyers who bought them.

      They lied and used the NES classic as a click bait.

      Most likely scenario?
      They did not have 180 NES classics to sell and probably had 5-10 in stock.

      EB, JB and Target can barely get their hands on new stock.
      What makes you think GOTD could get 180 of them when the bigger retailers couldn't.

      180 was just a made up number to get people to sign up and to stick around for their so called "10% site wide sale".
      When you go to their tech sections 90% of the items are magically out of stock.

      By the way, if you have just signed up for the deal then expect your phone number, name, address and credit card details to be up on the market for auction.

      • Why am I getting negged for my comment? Is it my fault?

        Yeah like my CC details are just gonna be sold like that (my card is about to expire anyway so joke is on them even if this is remotely true).

        • LOL it isn't me who negged you. XD

  • +1

    Everyone who registered with COTD just for this, remember to cancel your accounts otherwise you'll be charged $69 for the membership.