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[PC] Fallout 4 + Season Pass $23 @ EB Games


Got an email from EB games for their manager special. Most notable thing I saw was Fallout 4 with the season pass which means all DLC and the Fallout history book for $23.

PS4 and Xbox one is the same price however you don't get the season pass (book only).

Other notable games on offer were Doom for $19 and Dishonoured 2 for $36

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  • Yeah it's already been posted, don't think it's in stock for PC any more (the season pass, not the game) either going from comments I've read around the net. (Never looked as I'm PS4 Pro Master Race)

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      It hasn't been posted, only mentioned in the comments of another deal (for just a CD key for the base game).

      • Ahem. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/286239

        I'm a bit disappointed since I've already purchased when that deal was on. Shafted out of a bonus book!

        • More expensive and less inclusions though, not really the same deal.
          You wouldn't want people to miss out on a better deal would you?

        • @theguyrules: How is it more expensive? The $26.50 includes the $3.50 shipping, they were both $23.

        • @moneybaby: My bad, didn't realize it included postage.
          The value remains the same though, wayyyyyyyyy better in this deal.

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        I think he meant this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/288828 from EB Games. Not that CDKey deal.

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          Different deal.

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          Yep that one, looks like they have it back in stock then

        • @theguyrules: How is that deal different from this one? My link also shows Fallout 4 $23 for PS4/XB1/PC and if you look down the comments someone says the PC version does include Season Pass too.

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          @edfoo: No need to get defensive - if it's not in the title it can be posted as a deal.

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          @theguyrules: true, but it's the same deal

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          @Where's_That_Cake: not really. A comment in a seperate deal != the same deal.

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          @theguyrules: I'm not arguing that it shouldn't be posted but it has been posted in that last thread, it isn't a different deal, it's just been highlighted in it's own post.

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          @theguyrules: It's not just the comment in my link, the poster of that deal also said "Fallout 4 $23 PC / PS4 / XB1". It is exactly the same as this deal, why can't you see it?

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    This totally deserved a post of its own as with the book and DLC (admittedly sub-par in comparison to previous iterations), this is still pretty much a deal for those already with the base game. I decided to pass, and instead purchased the Dishonored 2 Limited Edition (which comes with a free copy of Dishonored Definitive Edition) for $36…

    • Wasn't the free Dishonoured Definitive Edition a pre order bonus?

      • It may have been, but it is definitely included as part of the Limited Edition.

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          I might have to pull the trigger if that's the case

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          Awesome thank you for the informmation, picking this up a great bargain for $36! :D

        • @BugsBunnyAUS: Apparently the Fallout 4 history book was a pre-order exclusive to EB games too, but it was included with this deal.

        • @Alzori: Not played any of the Fallout games, I think starting with the 4th wouldn't be the best idea…though I don't know much about the lineage etc. Thanks though.

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          @BugsBunnyAUS: start with 3 I'd say. Great game, but New Vegas is much better and would make playing 3 later kinda disappointing. Can't comment on 4 since I've only just started :)

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    You should put 'PC' in the title after season pass maybe.

  • Ay it came back. It was sold out when the deal launched.

  • Nice….

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    Does the season pass include all DLC? Only asking cos I got burned by borderlands 2

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      It does include all DLC

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    I wouldn't put much value into the bundled "History of Fallout".
    Yet, the Season Pass is a greatly advised for Fallout 4 (and it tends to be expensive).

    However, this deal only applies to the [PC] version of the game.
    The PS4 and XB1 have the history book, but lack the much sought after Season Pass.

  • Fallout 4 is cheap everywhere. season pass is the one quite expensive

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      I mean, the cheapest I've seen for Fallout 4 PC is ~$17 for just a Steam key.
      $23 for a physical copy, season pass and an art book is immensely better value.

      • Well the physical copy is really just a Steam key too but the book might be okay and can't beat the price for the game + season pass

  • Cheers tried to get it last time they had this deal but where all gone by the time I got home, Not today, I go and pick them all up tomorrow.

  • Can anyone confirm if Fallout 4 comes with both the Season Pass and the History of Fallout Book? Some people said its one or the other.

    • Both

      • Cool, been waiting for the game + season pass for under $30. Really thought the last Steam sale was going to have it - but this way I get a bonus History Book. You beauty!

        Thanks Letrico.

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    Im old school in gsming but what is it ment by season pass?

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      All the DLC (eg. add-ons like more story missions, new weapons, etc)

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        Is it time limited so there is an expiration date?

        • No

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          @cqbman: well it looks like eb can take some of my money.

  • Will this include a steam key?

    • Yep the Cd only has the steam installer on disc if I recall correctly

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        Excellent - I don't own a disc drive

      • How big is the download all up (game + all DLC), do you know? Gonna probably go through my whole quota downloading the bloody thing :/

        • Couldn't tell you, sorry.

        • Just a guess but I would think around the 30Gig mark.

        • Downloading the whole thing myself currently, it's a 30.5Gb download that takes up about 35Gb once installed.

          The physical disk copy does save a bit of the downloading though; I was reading through some forum threads from launch and I think it shaves off maybe 5Gb. (I didn't bother because my DVD drive is busted)

    • Most likely. Physical PC games these days are rarely stand-alone. Some even just include the Steam installer on the disk and you have to download the entire bloody thing anyway. Which sucks for large games that are 40GB or 60GB.

  • Would this be the cheapest way to get all the DLC ? I already have Fall out 4 the base game ?

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      Well lets put it like this:

      Buy it, use the season pass, you also get the "History of fallout" bonus.

      You could then, sell the sealed game (without using the code of course) and sell it for like $15 after the sale ends to a friend or something. Essentially, if you do this and it works out, $8 for season pass and history of fallout book.

  • EDIT - wrong thread

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      Spoke to "a nerd", but buys computer games from EB and complains about bonus items not received for said computer game.

      Pot/kettle? :)

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    EB have some serious issues with listing the bonus.
    Last night it stated Season Pass & Book…
    This morning Both bonuses gone so they would not honor it…
    This afternoon website comes back and says Bonus season pass and Book….
    Tonight it lists Book only as a Bonus

    • indeed

    • Maybe it's to flip us off! :P Or they're having trouble with their network system……..or they don't have any more season pass to giveaway along with this…..or maybe it was a mistake to also have the season pass along with the book, as the Season pass cost more than the base game itself if you were to buy separately and from that they think "Oh shit, we're losing from this, I better update the sight to remove the free bonus season pass"!

    • +3

      Yep the bonus right now only shows the book not the season pass.

      I ordered yesterday, and my order states I have both bonus items (fortunately). Delivery is expected on the 30th. If I have any problems I'll update here, but I hope I get all the expected items.

      • Alright update time:

        Delivery was 2 days late (I live in NSW, out of stock everywhere here-lucky i used an online order).
        Season pass, game, and book were all in the pack. So if anyone else, like me, did an online order, you should be all good.

  • Already got the game.
    Can I get just the season pass?

  • +3

    I can't see any season pass with this…

    • +1

      Same, looks like it's just the game for the time being? I'd bite with the Season Pass included.

    • I just went to my local and asked. One guy didn't know. The other said, "Yes, the Season Pass comes with it this week.". So, score.

      • Thanks for confirming this! I'll do the same.

      • I'll go there and buy then.

  • -1

    I managed to get all 3 items from C&C last night after trying 3 stores, looks like stocks have now run out.

  • does dishonored 2 have any dlc and is it included in the limited edition?

    • +1

      Yes, and no.

  • already got the game, can i get the game and book and then take the game back with 7 days/

    • You can't return PC games as they all require unique serial codes for the games to work. Most stores even include the clause on the top of the receipt that reads "Games with DLC or online codes are non refundable".

      Also, it's not worth keeping the book as it's written like an advertisement (especially for the Fallout 4 entry).

  • Just bought D2 Limited edition for PC yesterday from EB. It comes with the Imperial Assassins Pack

  • Awesome, thanks. Went to my local at Garden City and as expected all gone but I asked him to check if any stores nearby that had a PC copy with the Season Pass (don't care about the book) and he found one, was nice enough to call and reserve it for me (they only had two copies left). I have this on X-Box One, just wanted the PC version due to the mod limit so if you're after a copy, call a store directly to try your luck.

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    Ah the link doesn't show that it includes season pass

  • Just picked up this deal from morayfield qld.

    Had 2 more books on the counter after my purchase a couple hours ago from time of this post.

    Caboolture has no copies of fallout 4 pc left.

  • +1

    Picked up a copy from West Lakes SA today, looked like there was a few more left.

  • Great deal, thanks. Picked up 2 from Erina NSW, there was many left.

  • OP can you put a picture up of the original email please?

    I went to EB and bought this, the guy behind the counter couldn't believe the deal and asked me to show him the email, I was lucky enough that the customer waiting behind me already had the email on his phone and showed it to the EB guy. He was a bit amazed that EB would sell the bundle so cheaply, but went and checked and said 'oh yeah, there it is, the season pass is in the box'. I said I didn't want the deal if it didn't include the season pass and he showed me a 'Fallout 4 Season Pass' which was in their drawer with the game disc.

    So when I opened the box at home, the 'Season Pass' appears to be just a promotional flyer that opens out to promote a bunch of different games (Doom, Dishonored 2, Elder Scrolls online) and has no codes for Season Pass at all.

    The game registration code is on the 'Vault Dweller's Survival Guide' and I'm pretty sure that's just for the base game. I don't want to use it to find out for sure and then have to try take it back.

    Can anyone confirm they have a purchased a Fallout 4 with Season Pass included?

    • +1

      So when I opened the box at home, the 'Season Pass' appears to be just a promotional flyer that opens out to promote a bunch of different games (Doom, Dishonored 2, Elder Scrolls online) and has no codes for Season Pass at all.

      lol you got jibbed! I thought that too when I opened my case; but luckily I opened it in front of the EB staff member just to be sure….and it turned out it was just a pamphlet…lol - showed the girl the picture on my phone and she was like "Oh really?! Hmm, well that's not what it says on my computer - it says you only get the book only….strange that it shows you get both but on my system it shows you only get the book…ok well I suppose I'll fix that and will give ya the Season Pass with it too free of charge!"

      Here's a photo I took with on my phone the day I found out about it

      • +1

        Thanks Zachary, your photo and advise was very helpful. Rang up the local EB and they were apologetic and quite happy to provide me with the Season Pass game card when I went back with the receipt. They said the first EB guy I bought from didn't understand the deal that is running.

  • Just went to EB games this morning and enquired about this deal. They brought out the book and I mentioned the season pass. One of them checked the email on his phone and saw that it included the pass too. He scanned the game and then when he scanned the pass it came up as $0.

  • I purchased it last week from EB Games Chadstone. They didn't have the DLC or book in stock but delivered it to me today.

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