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Certa 2000W Steam Clean Kit - $25 Delivered @ Kogan


Cant vouch for quality, but $25 for steam cleaner delivered.

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    How much is it normally?

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      Site says:
      Was $96
      You Save $71 (74%)

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    • Was $141 a couple of weeks ago according to pricehipster! Then dropped to $96 as website says.

  • Just bought one . Thanks OP

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      Same here. Valentines Day sorted.

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        sounds like your significant other is in for a steamy day/night

      • mr romantic…

        • It's the thought that counts mate :P

        • @montorola: the thought of getting the mrs a cleaning product for valentines day will probably result in a future of having a lot of time to think while tindering..

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          What if your wife is the Filipino maid?

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    Bought 1 with extended warranty 5 years $31 total thanks OP.

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    also bought one - should be handy for the wood floors in my townhouse.

  • also bought one with 5 years extended warranty for $31.

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    Effectively $15 after the referral credit.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Anyone used this before and could shed some light on the quality?

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      I bought one from Kogan a couple of years ago. It was TERRIBLE. I had a few of the parts replaced under warranty because they didn't click together properly. Steam leaked out of the trigger handle and burnt my hand.
      Also, when in use, once it runs out of water, you have to let it completely cool down before you can refill the reservoir.
      I could not get rid of it quickly enough.

  • Just bought one too - Nice one!

    Was about to buy one for $150 through Myer.

    Hopefully the quality is there, for $25 you can't go wrong!

  • got one, thanks op

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    Insanely cheap if it works, thanks OP, pulled the trigger
    User Manual here

    Power supply rating: AC 220-240V~ 50Hz
    Tank capacity: 1.5L
    Rated power: 2000W nominal
    Steam pressure: 4.5bar
    Steam availability: Max. 35minutes/tank
    Heating time: Approx 8 minutes
    Injected steam capacity: 44g/min
    Overall dimensions: 430 x 250 x 260mm
    Net weight: 3.45kg (without accessories)

    Surely will be okay for $25

    Independent reviews online are impossible to find - hopefully someone has better sleuth skills than me.

  • Not too bad (considering it is only $25 for the clearance).

  • Cheers OP :)

  • bought one with 5 years warranty , at $31 each , can't go wrong

    Note : Referral based sign-ups are not permitted for existing user accounts.

  • Cheers OP, was looking for one to clean the wooden floors in our apartment. this fits the bill (and price) :)

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      I thought wooden floors and floorboards not meant to be cleaned by steam mop..?? You may want to check that

      • Cheers for the tip, will definitely investigate before we use :) We got plenty of tiled surfaces too thankfully haha

  • Thanks OP!

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    Just bought one too lol

  • Can't fault the price, but the review is terrible - http://www.productreview.com.au/p/certa-2000w-steam-cleaner-...

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      Theres 2 reviews in there lol, 1 5 star and 1 1 star… You cant really judge anything with that many reviews lol

      And if you see the reviews on the Kogan website, the majority of them are positive too

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        Some of those reviews are gold.
        "Very sturdy, but, I haven't used it yet. It has been raining." 5 stars
        "haven't yet tried it" 2 1/2 stars

        Thanks, very helpful.

        • "price looks good considering to buy it or not" 3 stars

    • verdict is still 50/50.

    • A number of the Kogan reviews look very sock puppet like….

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    Just got 1…. $21 including 5 years warranty and $10 referral :-)

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    Get excited about cleaning everyone!

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      I'm choosy about who I clean.

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • Great price - and so long as it doesn't kill or burn me, can't complain! Random referral applied, making it an even better deal! $15!!!

  • how does one get a $10 referral? anyone care to send one through? Never knew I could want a steam cleaner this much!

    • You can simply click on the OP's referral link at the top or the random.

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    Op you have my referral

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    Used OP's referral and purchased /w 5 years warranty. Thanks for posting :)

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    Cool, thanks OP. Can't go wrong for that price.

  • Been looking for one. Hopefully it's even half effective. $25 is a bargain. Sold.

  • I have the Pullman Steam Works version and its great on the tiles and shower.

  • Could this be repurposed as a steamer for your clothes?

  • Can you use these to steam clothes instead of ironing? edit maolin beat me to it.

  • Got one,great price with that referral $15,thanks OP

    • Get the 5 yrs warranty , it's worth it

      • Is it really though?

        For $25 for something most people will use a handful of times and then put in storage.. And lose the receipt as well. Then when they get it back out of storage and it doesnt work they wont be bothered to get it fixed/refunded for that much lol.. Well at least that was my reason not to get the warranty :p

        • receipt should be online

          worse case scenario, they will refund you $25 or send you the newer model

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    Sold out

    • Dang!

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    Sold out.

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    Out of stock

  • Ordered one with referral code - total $21, extended care and delivered! Can't fault that! Thank OP

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    Already OzBargained? Can't checkout, as it's telling me it's out of stock.

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    Sold out. Signed in and added to cart, then before I could checkout it disappeared =(

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    Wow, had it in my basket and had entered my paypal info and it didn't let me buy it - must've missed out by seconds.

    • +1


    • same

    • da same… :( Quickly OZb'd. All the best who ever secured one, Happy Steaming!

  • Sold out, that was quick!

  • Damn, sold out as I went to hit go.

  • OzBargained!

    Managed to get a few of my underlings at work to buy one with my referral code, effectively making it free several times over!

    Great find OP!

  • ffs was in my cart went to pay and it failed

  • Thanks OP - ordered one before using your referral code

  • had it in my cart… :(

  • +4

    still available on ebay - kogan - $25.50 - can't buy warranty obviously.

    CAU10 - for 10% off - missed the code! :(

    • Tried the code but didn't work

    • Does anyone know if the code works? $30 min spend according to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/281934

    • CAU10 doesn't work since minimum spend is $30

    • Minimum spend of $30 for CAU10

      • If you buy 2 its fine - stocking fillers!

    • Thanks for the heads-up, grabbed one from ebay!

  • Bugger.

    Edit: Actually, I was able to order one off ebay, thanks blehgg.

  • Ozbargained the Kogan one :( I would actually spend to get the extended warranty.

    Got one off eBay.

  • Im suprised that it lasted as long as it did tbh - must have had a bit of stock

  • Just ordered one from eBay. Thanks OP

  • -1

    Would rather a quality Karcher steamer…..not sure i'd go cheap quality for something spitting out 100C+ steam everywhere.

  • +3
  • Just picked up one on eBay. Disappointed that I couldn't get extended warranty, but for the price if it lasts a year I will be happy.

  • by mistake, I bought two from eBay. If someone in Sydney wants the other one please PM before I request canceling my order.


    • with CAU10 i hope…

      • sorry not :(
        two separate orders

        • ozBargainers unite to shake their heads… cancel both! re-order! lol :)

    • I can take it if you still have it.

      • I was just about to cancel it, but if you are in Sydney you can have it :)

        • What postcode are we here talking about ? That will give me an idea….can you PM me please

  • Got one for my wife as a joke birthday present.

    • -1

      Well valentines day is coming up too…

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