This was posted 4 years 11 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sony Alpha A6000 for $594.15 @ JB Hi-Fi (Plus $150 EFTPOS Card Via Redemption)


JB have 15% off "big brand" cameras this weekend, which overlaps with Sony's cashback deal:

Unlike (I think) when it was this price over Christmas, they also have 10% off lenses bought in the same transaction. I picked up the 16-50mm for it for $162:

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    Good find OP, been looking for a good price for this camera. Gonna go pick it up today

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    wow they're still selling this model? i picked mine up for 648 delivered exactly 2 years ago (+/- a few days).

    great camera, very capable. autofocus could be a bit better (ie more accurate and faster) but for a model this old it's pretty good.

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      There is now the 6300($1200 RRP) and the 6500($2000 RRP) models that are out.

      The way I understand it - these 3 models are meant to co-exist.

      A6000 - $699 RRP (24 Mpixel APS-C Sensor)
      A6300- $1200 RRP (improved sensor, microphone input + many other stuff)
      A6500 - $2000 RRP (inbuilt stabilisation + many other stuff)

      So what Sony has done is created new models with those with new features for those who want it.

      I personally think they should be called the A6300 - should be Sony a7000. And the 6500 - should be the sony a8000… or something completely different because it's not really a 'replacement' of the previous generation.

      The a6000 will probably still last for a few more years because they're able to make them for very cheap and for a lot of people this is an amazing camera at this price.

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        Just like 700D, 750D, 760D.

    • View finder is not that responsive and its quality is very average. Other than that, it is an amazing camera. Still using it.

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        Not when your looking at it in the list to the right

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      Are you confusing Dick Smith for JB Hifi there champ?

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        Haha, yes, I thought it was Dick Smith.

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          lol, but u wrote JB hi Fi in your response. One of those Fridays after a Public holiday :)

  • What can one purchase with this $150 eftpos card? Just camera accessories (or other products) from JB Hi-Fi only, or with anything that an eftpos card can buy? Is it cash-able?

    Edit: Got it from T&Cs page:

    The eftpos gift card is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

    The eftpos gift card can be used anywhere eftpos is accepted. The eftpos gift card cannot be used to withdraw cash. Some merchants may choose not to accept the eftpos gift card.

    The eftpos gift card cannot be redeemed for cash, reloaded, returned for a refund, have their balances consolidated to a new gift card, or be replaced or extended after expiry (whether this means after the activation period expiry or 12 month expiry after activation) or have their value replaced after expiry and are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit cards or securities.

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      Sony's EFTPOS card is like a debit card, you can pay anything by swiping it through the machine, but not available for withdrawing cash.

  • Is this body only?

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    Given that the list price is $899 and after the cash back and eftpos card this is less than $300 this is a steal. The OP should update the title and detail to show the final price as its not getting enough credit. Amazing!

    • I understand the $150 eftpos card, but the 15% JB discount isn't on yet, is it? OP mentioned the 15% off on the weekend in the description, but since it isn't on now I don't think he can mention the final price to be less than $300 in the title at this moment though.

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        I actually just rang one of the JB Hi Fi and they said the $594.15 price is after the 15% discount. the guy said the price went down from $799 to $699, then another 15% off brings it down to $594.15

        I am hoping they can do further 15% off from $594.15 though! :(

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      The cashback is the eftpos card, the final price I think is $444.15. It was this price just before christmas

      • Yep, net price of $444.15 looks right to me (as the OP suggested).
        Plus you need to get a lens as well, which puts this back over $600. Still a good price for the A6000, but out of my price range.

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      what cash back? $594 include the 15% off

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        When you click on the deal link, scroll down and have a look at the red square box underneath the camera.

        And here is a link to the cashback T&Cs:

        • He said "after the cash back and eftpos card". it is only eftpos card, no cash back.

        • @aldoduco: You're right. I even followed him with the wrong wording. It's eftpos card.

        • Thats a good price as well taken free shipping from Sony for members. 6 Dollars extra, which you can think of shipping charges.

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      Most people won't redeem the EFTPOS card. They'll be saying "Oh yes I will!" right now but they won't do it. ;)

      • You must do it within 14 days of date of purchase.
        And you'd be silly not to given the price of lenses

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    Best professional stills camera people can get for that price.

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    Can anyone recommend a sub-$300 lens for this camera that isn't the stock lens?

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      Depends what you want to photograph. The sigma 30mm F2.8 is a very nice allrounder. - $199

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        The Sigma 60mm is excellent as well

        • I bought a Sony 50mmf1.8 for $242 at HN but also the sigma's are value like the 19mm art lens which can be had $180

    • This is one of the reasons for me sticking with my DSLR setup - I like my cheap 17-50mm 2.8 zoom lens and can't really get the same thing on the Sony system with my budget :(

      • You can with fuji X system though, some great lenses there

        • That's not what's on sale now though :P

          Haha but thanks - I'll have a look :)

      • you can buy adapter and use those lenses with this camera

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      The stock 16-50mm lens not expensive and is very good as a kit lens. Cheap primes like Sigma ART (APSC) 19mm/30mm/60mm f2.8 are super compact and excellent in image quality.

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      For me the Sigma Art 19mm (equivalent to about 28.5mm on a full frame) is an excellent lens for the money. The 30mm is good (45mm equivalent) as it gives a view similar to what you see but I'm a fan of the wider angle. I also have the Sony 50mm f1.8 which is fast, has stabilisation, and is excellent for portraits. If you do mainly street/travel/landscape/holiday stuff then I'd go the 19mm. If you do mainly portraits then the 50mm (75mm equivalent) is my vote.

    • Sony 50mm f1.8 can be had on eBay/gumtree, maybe even on sale for sub $250

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the 15% off it will come down to around $505 + we get the $150 eftpos card?

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      nope, 15% already included.

      • Ahh righto, cheers for the clarification :)

      • Are you sure the 15% discount is already included? OP says that 15% discount is over the weekend, and there is no mention of it on the site now (apart from the cashback).

        • lol, the banner on the homepage says "15% off cameras"

        • @sinishta: Yeah, I have just been looking at it on JB's site. I was hoping that it was gonna be cheaper tomorrow. lol

          Well, maybe some other time. :)

          PS: I have no idea where the folks who're claiming the camera will be under $300, (they're taking into account the cashback, plus extra 15% off on the current discount price) got that price from.

        • @AussieDaddy:
          I think that was just carleast, and it was because they subtracted "$150 fastback", and then "$150 EFTPOS card", without realising it was the same thing so you can only subtract the $150 once.

  • is $594.15 inclusive discount now?

  • Is this overkill if I just want to take pictures every now and again and don't want to bother with changing the setting? I'm a total pleb when it comes to cameras.

    Or would a gopro be better for more versatile use? or a point and shoot?

    • yes it's overkill for that description

      plus this deal does not come with a lens so you can't photos until you add a lens

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      just use your mobile phone.

    • An iPhone 7+/Galaxy S7 Edge camera can do some amazing things these days. I would probably stick to a good smart phone.

      A good smart phone has a lot of 'auto' settings that make the photos look great.

      These camera's are made with the intention of you knowing how to edit the photos and on top of that, know how to select the appropriate lens for the given situation.

      In the day time, you'll be amazed at what modern day smart phones can achieve.

      In the evening/dark low light scenarios, this camera will be much better, but you have to know how to use it (otherwise your phone will be probably better for you).

      Have a look at this and see what people can do from a smart phone:

      At the end of the day, photography is a bit like cooking. You can have all the best pots/pans but it won't make any difference if you don't know how to put it all together.

      • The huge sensor on the sony will destroy anything a smartphone can do in low light.

        • In low light if you don't know what you're doing, Shooting in auto, you can easily end up with a photo with a very long shutter speed, and then without a tripod, you'll have a blurry photo.

          I'd rather have a grainy(high ISO) photo than a blurry photo that I can't do anything with.

    • You can use this in point & shoot mode, but for every now and then use a good mobile phone like the Galaxy S7, iPhone or Sony may be just as good for your purposes. If you want a little more power then something like is a good camera for holidays etc - takes good video, very powerful zoom. If you want to do action shots where you might be going under water etc, then yes a go pro or a 'tough' camera (eg Lumix FT5, Olympus TG range, Nikon AW130, etc) is the thing to consider.

    • its good but lenses are expensive. I have a galaxy s6 but my omd em10 takes better photos, and having a zoom lens allows you to get great close ups.

  • Cheers.

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    Sony store have these on special too.

    You can get it at the Sony Kiosk stores. I got one at the Parramatta Kiosk a couple weeks ago for $576.

    Great compact camera. You can't go wrong for the price and bonus gift card.

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    should mention this is body only

    • +1

      It does says Camera. All DSLRs and mirrorless are body only unless specified with a lens of particular size.

  • This or the DJI drone standard?

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      How about a single Bridgestone care tyre instead?

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    just got one from George st Parramatta store for $509. Thanks OP

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      How did you get it foor $509?

      • 15% discount applied on the listed price. offcourse on top of that you will get sony cashback i.e $150 eftpos card once you make a claim. cheers

        • Has anyone else got it at $509?

        • @99altezza: Na I think he just scored a dumb salesperson,
          but probably worth a try if they don't know their job

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    Nice little camera. Bought it from HN just before Christmas for $673
    However only $261.82 out of pocket after 2xAMEX CB, Sony Redemption and TRS.
    Paired it with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 and it's a great street shooter

    • which Sigma 30/1.4,any link? Thanks,
      Edit: I've found it.

  • Is the weekend 15% discount in store only or online as well?

  • What's a good budget lens for beginners? Mainly for holiday, portraits and scenery.

    • +3

      The SELP1650 (aka Kit Lens) is probably the cheapest option that would suit your criteria. You can get it for $199 at JB HiFi. In addition to the Kit Lens you can also get the SEL55210 for Telephoto (around $250).

      They might not be the best lenses (in terms of IQ), and if you plan on getting serious with photography you will most likely outgrow them pretty quickly.

      However, if you don't plan on getting serious, then those two lenses will be all you'll ever need (maybe a fast prime or two down the road, when you've worked out what focal lengths you shoot at most, for special occasions), their size and weight makes them great travel lenses, and with a little bit of adjustment to the camera settings as you go along, you can produce some amazing photos.

      Just my opinion, hope it helps =)

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      Get a fast prime. You won't outgrow it

  • Sitting at the normal price of $594 AUD on DWI..

    • +1

      But what about the eftpos card, or the warranty? Bricks & Mortar all the way!

      • I have done 5 warranty returns to DWI over the past 10 years and never had a problem, unlike most grey import/exporters they have office in Sydney you ship the goods to instead of overseas. Eftpos card is probably valid for DWI purchases as well as you can enter DWI in the stores section for the $150 card.

  • Excellent deal!

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    Amazing body for the price. I've had mine for a year or so. Only downside for me is the absence of a mic in and the relatively low resolution EVF. My older Nex-6 had an EVF with 2.3MP, the a6000 has 0.8MP.

    That said, at this price point it should bother you.

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    Potentially cheaper at Sony store. $599 with cash rewards (2.4% = $14.38) and you get the gift card with automatic application.

    • JB Parramatta applied the 15% discount without any fuss, It came down to $509. I have shared this information during the day as well.

  • Been looking at getting a compact DSLR for awhile now, after borrowing a relative's for a holiday.
    Can anyone recommend a good lens to pair this with?

    • SELP 1650 is a pretty good lens, or SEL1855.

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    I still would go with Olympus as there are more lenses available, and you get in body image stabilisation. Slightly more expensive at $764 before $150 cashback, but that's worth it to me.

    • I just picked up the olympus, also think it's a better deal. Also 764 is with the kit 14-42 as well.

      • That's true. And the 14-42ez is a very nice lens in itself, and I think they sell for about $300. Pick up the 40-150 for $199 and you have a great setup.

  • The JB online price has already reflected the 15% discount. Some lucky people managed to get another 15% discount out of this confusion.

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    Ah cameras … i wish I knew what the hell I was talking about.

  • Just got an email confirmation that my $150 eftpos card cashback has been approved and their sending it out

    • How long did it take for them to send you the approval email?

      • About 3-4 weeks but I rang them to make sure everything went through about a week ago

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