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10% off Apple Mac Computers @ JB Hi-Fi


EDIT: I was able to price-match OW's 5% price beat at JB HiFi The Galeries in Sydney for the Macbook Pro 13" 8GB/256GB Space Grey for $1879 . Proof of purchase.

Similar to this previous deal.

Excludes Apple built to order, iPads and Factory Scoop. Prices displayed inclusive of discount.

^You might be able to use Officeworks' Lowest Price Guarantee and beat JB HiFi's price by 5% as noted by starbearer provided that there's enough stock at their warehouse.
^Also try your luck with getting JB HiFi to price-match OW's price-beat and use your gift cards as noted by ghostdog73.

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  • +1

    i noticed this. very tempted on this lappy

    anyone have any opinions about this? looks like the main negatives are about the screen

    • New and updated processors are coming early to mid 2017.

      Plus they're experiencing some battery life issues that Apple are still working through.

      Personal opinion would be to buy the last generation one for a discount or wait for the new ones in a few months.

      DYOR though but that's what I'm doing. (Waiting for the new ones that it)

      • Macs get 16 - 18 hours battery life according to Consumer Reports tests

        • Real world test though, at least on my end (with the base touchbar model), they don't even reach that

        • @altechi: Well, it is independent testing. Individuals will get different results. The upshot is it trumps the majority of laptops for battery life

        • There are complaints from some users that the battery life isn't as good as advertised. Others are happy with the battery life. The consumer reports review (which does not accept pay for play) initially found terrible battery life, but found a bug in the developer settings of Safari they were using for the web viewing test. On fixing the bug the battery life was better.

          I have also seen scuttlebutt the battery in the MBP is not the one originally intended ('incredible grounbreaking innovation' natch) which had to be replaced with a more standard battery at the last minute. Apple rumour sites can be sooo entertaining.

          I don't know why yoyomablue was being begged for their comments. They werent fanboyish, and were just relating some info. I gave a positive just to offset them.

    • Not sure how future-proof a GTX 1050 would be. A 1060 would have been nice but there's no way that would cost below $2000.

    • I've been looking at one myself. If you don't need the 'sleekness' of a XPS, this is great value. Especially with all the HD space + SSD.

      Because it is 'gaming' - they've got some decent cooling, where as XPS laptop seem to have cooling issues.

      The processor being a 'hq' processor is awesome! It's a proper i7 none of this 'watered down' 'u' series i7 BS.

      The GTX 1050Ti 4gb video card - I think because this is a 1920x1080 display, this is quite future proof and great. If you are planning on running a 4k screen any time soon with hard core gaming planned, probably worth shelling out more for an alienware that has the 1060 (they pop up for low $2k quite often). But for most users, the 1050ti will be MORE Than enough!!

      Overall though, for that price - pretty amazing value.

      Metabox have a similar PC without windows asking for $1500 - so that's also worth considering!

      Good luck!

    • +2

      Dont know why they are all talking about macs on your post… any way that is an awesome laptop for the price, it also has a 1050ti card not just the 1050.

      link to dell http://www.dell.com/au/p/inspiron-15-7567-laptop/pd?oc=z5112...

      A friend got that laptop yesterday after i found it and she confirmed it is running a 1050ti 4 gb card.

      Have a good day.

      • Oh, I thought it was the regular 1050 card.

      • Ahh ill have to double check this. I have a family member who works at jbs. He told me it was 1050. Ill have double check when i get it from him. Thanks for your input

      • Because he's in a bargain post about a sale on Mac laptops, and it looks like his first post is talking about buying a Mac laptop. I actually had to go back and check again after reading your post and realised that "lappy" was actually a link to a completely different laptop.

        • My bad. I was looking at jbhifi 15% off laptops when this popped i thought it was all notebooks in general.

    • +1

      I bought one and got one of the first batch and I have to say that I'm extremely happy with my 15" MBP with touch bar one. Screen is awesome, battery is fine I think. I watched movie & charge my iPhone on the 9 hrs flight and I still had about 20% battery when landed.

  • The Apple MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar 512GB (Space Grey) is listed as having an original price of $4247. When I price it on Apple it's $3919.

    • +1

      Not sure which country's Apple website you are on but the Australian store lists the same model by JB HiFi at $4249.

      • +1

        Nevermind, I had custom built the 2.6Ghz with a 512Gb HD.

  • Isn't an iPad a computor?

    • +2

      Yeah but it's not a Mac

    • +1

      Only to the tax man

  • Can probably pair this with 5% gift cards

    • What gift card are these? Student edge?

      • Eftpos card.

      • Entertainment book offers 5% discount on JB Hifi gift cards

        • Wish i had known this. I jumped the gun. :P

    • +14

      This kind of comment just adds nothing to the discussion and helps nobody. If you don't like Macs, stop coming into these threads.

        • +6

          You're not commenting on the deal, you're commenting on the product and the people that use them. You didn't say a damn single thing about the deal.

  • +3

    I wish you didn't have to go BTO to get 16GB in a 13” MBP.

  • +4

    Use Officeworks price-beat to get a further 5% off.

    I got this one for $1879.29.


    Wasn't available in store stock, however they were happy to give a click-and-collect 2 days later for the price-beaten amount. You can probably do the same for others as well.

    • i'm travelling next week.

      will i be able to use the OW price-beat and then get the 10% from the airport as well?

      • Yes, GST back is possible, over $1K your name needs to be on the receipt.

    • +4

      I despise Apple & their ludicrous pricing, but today they got my money for the same model. I managed to get JB to match the OW price-beat of $1879.29 & then used gift cards (7℅ off) from Blatchys Blues to bring it down to $1747.74.

      • Didn't know that was possible! Is that store specific? How many levels of price beat can be done?

      • +1

        Good work! That's 21% off retail!

      • @ghostdog73: If you don't mind me asking, which JB HiFi store is it? Just wanted to check my luck too as the Officeworks near me don't have any stock at all to use their price-beat.

      • How quick do those gift cards come through? Is it instant, could it be done in store?

      • Last weekend in tried to get jb to match the office works price beat against the good guys which had 10% off. They wouldn't have any of it but would match the good guys 10%. I would think you got lucky or it could be the fact the 10% is storewide.

      • Great achievement there! I tried a few JB stores to see if they would match OW's price beat but none were interested. I also tried Apple Store but they could only match 10% for the outgoing models and 'wouldn't believe' JB is doing 10% throughout the range. Showed the guy the website and he was happy to let me buy from JB instead (in other words he was willing to lose a sale). This is definitely going into the feedback.

        OW has since responded with no online stock and would only match provided you can locate whatever's left in store (for the MBP13 non-TB base model).

        • +1

          Sorry peeps for the late reply. I have a friend that works at JB, so I showed them the current OW price ($2047) & their 'price-beat' guarantee. They went & checked with their manager & he gave the ok. Obviously it will depend on the store & salesperson/manager you encounter, but it doesn't hurt to ask as shown by Vaedant.

          Copy of my receipt http://imgur.com/LKy5CBp if it helps anyone.

    • +1

      I've tried my luck with Officeworks and as at 9am yesterday, the only places that had at least 2 in-stock in NSW were at Five Dock, Punchbowl, Dee Why and Newcastle.

      Luckily enough, I was able to price-match the price of OW after the 5% price beat at The Galeries (Sydney). I've just told the guy that I am looking to buy a Macbook Pro (13", 256GB, Space Grey, non-TB). He talked to his manager and said that they don't normally do it but will do so in that instance. They had to send me to World Square though to pick it up as one of the sales person sold the last Space Grey just seconds before he was about to get it.

      This was as at about 2pm yesterday (29/01). The Galeries had 2 more in stock of the silver ones. I also tried JB HiFi in Broadway but the guy said they don't price-match Officeworks in that instance as they don't have any in stock. Broadway only had about 3 (1 Space Grey, 2 Silver) of the MBPr (13", 256GB, non-TB).

      Here's my proof of purchase.

  • What's the best way to get discount on the ones that are custom built?

    • +1

      I don't believe you can. Best bet is to look at apple refurbished if you want custom build, but then these are only on previous generation models. You might be able to get education pricing for custom builds if you qualify.

  • +5

    Indeed worth considering this deal folks. Best thing I ever did was to move over to Apple/Mac. Had mine for near 10 years now - NO issues.

    I felt like a traitor, but when I think of the PC's that I'd had before had and how slow and stupid they got only after a few months there's just NO comparison. I fully accept that the more technical types might be able to keep their PC's running fast but I'm not interested or so inclined to have this kind of expertise. Haven't had to purchase ANY anti virus or other crap either. Once I heard that with a Mac had Word/Power Point and Excel (and much more) I was sold. I can safely say it was the best decision I've ever made. Cost more for initial outlay but has WELL paid itself off… again, NO virus protection/repairs etc needed. As has already been exemplified here with this deal I fully expect to get hammered by hellbent PC owners and you know what… lololololololol.

    False economy to get a PC IMO. With the exception wherein the user clearly needs PC based equipment - and I fully accept that. As for me, I'm laughing… the thing is still lightning fast despite having used up more than half of the machines memory with only an i5 processor. I'm willing to bet the thing will still be flying in five+ years. I shouldn't gloat but… Yabba-Dabba-Dooooo!!!!!

    • All this is true. However, recent price increases has made me seriously consider a switch to the dark side after twenty five years of macs. Even Microsoft can lift its game eventually.

      • You have to factor in resale values. Mac resale percentage is way higher than PC.

      • Fully accept your comment.


    • +1

      Glad your happy but don't fall for the trap that "macs don't get viruses", they are also subject to malware - particularly browser hijacks. You might be okay if you're not doing dodgy stuff on the web but plenty of people do so don't sprout the "no viruses" myth to everyone as gospel.

      Also, you say you've had an i5 based Mac for 10 years, care to review that comment 'cos I call BS on that. I've worked on plenty of slow PCs but I've also seen plenty of slow as crap macs, anything over 5 years is unusable and also isn't running the latest version of MacOS.

      I'd just like to see facts posted rather than emotional buy-in to the Apple brand, particularly if you are trying to sway uninformed people with this deal (which is a perfectly fine deal BTW).

      • +1

        I accept your comment that Macs may get viruses but few and far between… consider the ratio, the difference PC vs. Mac is H-U-G-E any way you cut it.
        Also having a somewhat macabre interest in the weirder side of the net I've looked at 100's of sites relative to what you have inferred/suggested with no problems, and again this is over a ten year span!!! I have no idea why you 'call BS' on my statements regarding my iMac.

        What facts would you like me to add? I'm certainly happy to be more specific… nothing to hide here. No affiliation with the OP or Apple Mac… nada, nothing.
        I can tell you my iMac gets about 5+ hours use per day AND my kids use it as well with their two separate user accounts.

        As to your comment 'Emotional buy in'This was a VERY well thought out & better choice that took me around three months of serious consideration to make.
        Believe me anyone who knows me is FULLY aware that I am a stickler for logic and common sense and am too easily annoyed by those without such traits.
        For me buying a PC just because it was a PC would have been false economy. Time has made this crystal clear. My Mac has paid for itself about five times over IMO.

        In short - PC's are great computers, just in my experience they ended up taking second place. If you prefer PC's its all good, not a problem.

  • +1

    does this apply to imacs as well?

    • +1

      It does apply to iMacs as well as listed here.

    • +1

      I would only buy an iMac right now if I was desperate. New models are well overdue, the Kabylake CPUs for them are now available, and Apple usually has an event in March, usually iPad related but it is an opportunity to update iMacs too.

      • But is it unfair to imagine a VERY wide gap in cost per category of model grouping?

  • For the comment on malware, I use "Malwarebytes" and never had a problem with my Mac with either Malware or viruses. I also use CleamMyMac which keeps hidden and junk files tidy or out.

    Resale value comments should never be overlooked. My Mac is still running like new after 5 years and I can still get 50% residual value on resale. This would never be the case with a PC. Cost of ownership is therefore far lower than PC and without the headaches of Windows.

    • Glad that someone else realises this

  • I had luck with OW price matching JB Hi-Fi over the phone this morning. No dramas whatsoever and eta is tomorrow delievered free to me. Only downside is I couldn't pick Silver and had to go with Space Grey as Silver was not an option on OW system.

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