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Universal Nutrition Real Gains 10.6lb Bag (4.8kg) - $80 + $6.50 Shipping (Vitamin King)


Very cheap price for a 10.6Lb bag of a good mass gainer, all four flavours available at time of posting. Most other shops have this for 120 or more.

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Vitamin King

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      Come at me bro

      • You mad brahs?

    • aware

  • Are there any alternatives to this or is this the best mass gainer?

    • No such thing as the 'best mass gainer'…but this has an excellent profile. This and Mutant Mass are my two personal favourites - but Real Gains has a much better taste, and a cleaner profile for a clean bulk

  • I am 6'2" and 63kg, will this help me add on a few kilos of muscle?

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      No. A solid diet and proper training will help you add a few kilos of muscle. This will just provide a convenient form of calories and ingredients. There is no magic supplement.

    • I'd go for more pure protein such as this ( http://www.completehealth.com.au/Products/100^_Whey_Gold_Standard__4.5kg_Double_Rich_Chocolate.aspx)but no protein powder will do anything if you don't hit the weights. Also if you're diet is already high in protein it may be redundant

      • At his height he definitely needs a mass gainer and to EAT REAL FOODS! No point in a clean protein powder, that's better for gradual clean/dry gains or cutting/recomping. It won't be redundant as the calories are in essence what you need.

        But yes, Optimum is a good protein if you think you can make your own weight gainer shakes - 2 scoops of this, 500ml full cream milk, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, cup of oats and a banana, and you have 800+ calories ready to go…not the most convenient thing though. If you want a pure protein go for Xtreme Formulations or Optimum Nutrition or Gaspari for beginners

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      I'm 12 and what is this?

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        It's a supplement to help adults with their diet if they don't get enought protein, good fats, etc. Don't waste your time thinking about this stuff or a gym at your age. Enjoy your youth while you can, play sport and eat the real good food your mum serves up while you have that luxury. You definitely don't need to waste time/money on this or anything like it.

        • …rubbish. Start training at 13 and go hard. Negged

      • negged on recharge

  • wow 20 servings only per 4.8kg sack? dunno if thats normal cuz ive never taken a mass gainer. 20 servings given you take it post-workout will only last me around 5 weeks

    • You don't have to use a whole serving at once, and yes this is normal. The serving size is larger in grams and this is why it has more calories…

      You shouldn't do by serving size by these products but rather the ratio's of macronutrients…

  • 155g? that's a hell of a lot of powder per serve… i'd steer clear of this one, personally…

    • Because of a large serving size? It's a mass gainer, not a protein

  • Love this thread.

    • ITT: People give advice on things they have no idea about

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