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QANTAS: Los Angeles ret Melb $899, Bris $908, Sydney $912, Adel $934, Perth $1024. USA SUMMER @ IWTF


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Melbourne to Los Angeles Flights $899 Return. Direct Flights
Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 20/Mar $899 View Flight
Dep. 17/May Ret. 05/Jun $899 View Flight
Dep. 28/May Ret. 09/Jun $899 View Flight
Dep. 04/Jun Ret. 23/Jun $899 View Flight
Dep. 09/Aug Ret. 23/Aug $899 View Flight

Brisbane to Los Angeles Flights $908 Return.. Direct Flights
Dep. 16/Mar Ret. 01/Apr $908 View Flight
Dep. 30/Apr Ret. 28/May $908 View Flight
Dep. 08/May Ret. 23/May $908 View Flight
Dep. 10/Jun Ret. 19/Jun $908 View Flight
Dep. 18/Jul Ret. 08/Aug $908 View Flight

Sydney to Los Angeles Flights $913 Return.. Direct Flights
Dep. 13/Feb Ret. 04/Mar $913 View Flight
Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 22/Mar $913 View Flight
Dep. 24/May Ret. 09/Jun $913 View Flight
Dep. 02/Jun Ret. 18/Jun $913 View Flight
Dep. 18/Aug Ret. 28/Aug $913 View Flight

Adelaide to Los Angeles Flights $934 Return.
Dep. 15/Mar Ret. 29/Mar $934 View Flight
Dep. 26/Feb Ret. 11/Mar $936 View Flight
Dep. 05/May Ret. 15/May $934 View Flight
Dep. 16/Mar Ret. 01/Apr $936 View Flight
Dep. 05/May Ret. 21/May $939 View Flight

Perth to Los Angeles Flights $1024 Return.
Dep. 15/Jul Ret. 16/Aug $1024 View Flight
Dep. 28/Jul Ret. 10/Aug $1024 View Flight
Dep. 22/Jul Ret. 05/Aug $1027 View Flight
Dep. 21/Oct Ret. 10/Nov $1027 View Flight
Dep. 31/Oct Ret. 28/Nov $1027 View Flight
Dep. 19/May Ret. 10/Jun $1029 View Flight
Dep. 19/May Ret. 11/Jun $1029 View Flight

Launceston to Los Angeles Flights $1076 Return.
Dep. 25/Jul Ret. 16/Aug $1076 View Flight

Canberra to Los Angeles Flights $1081 Return.
Dep. 27/Feb Ret. 08/Mar $1081 View Flight
Dep. 12/Jun Ret. 21/Jun $1091 View Flight
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 04/Apr $1096 View Flight
Dep. 05/May Ret. 13/May $1096 View Flight

Darwin to Los Angeles Flights $1081 Return.
Dep. 06/Feb Ret. 15/Mar $1081 View Flight
Dep. 12/May Ret. 28/May $1085 View Flight

Flights to Los Angeles - All Other Departure Cities.

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  • +5

    Awesome deal! Unless you have dual citizenship to one of the 7.

    • +8

      Agree. Please mark as a targeted offer. Non-Muslims only

  • -2

    Oh no, My mum is an Iraqi, and my dad is a Syrian. I am holding dual Iraq & Yamen passport.

  • +22

    Ozbargain pro tip - You only need a one way ticket. Free return trip when Trump deports you

    • +3

      do you still get to buy duty free and claim TRS?

      If so totally worth it

      • +2

        Probably! Don't forget to get with your immigration officer on if you can get Frequent Flyer and Status Credits points on your trip back from getting deported. /s

    • Serious question…

      When a country deports you who pays for the tickets? Especially if you have insufficient funds.

      A reference would be great.

    • +4

      Post a deal to Vietnam then and let us see if we can surprise you.

  • +6

    I got a suntan this Summer.
    Not worth the risk of being sent back by Customs.

  • +1

    Air New Zealand as well! $911, SYD-AKL-LAX

    • +1

      And Virgin, too. Guy in the last thread said they were the best for SYD to LAX.

      Having a choice of decent, not-horrible airlines like this is pretty rare at this price point.

      We ended up booking three weeks end of May when this deal last showed up a few days ago, on QANTAS (though we paid a few extra dollars to book directly through QANTAS website, since the IWTF agents all had ratings of 2 stars or less on productreview.com.au - or weren't even on there).

  • Yeh thanks, but no thanks. that place has gone to poo.

  • +1

    Yup… no more visa waiver program, so nope, no more travels to the USA thanks…

    My wife is American and has all her family over there, but still doesn't want to go back for the next 4 years.

    • +2
    • +1

      I am reposting my comment from another USA flight deal:

      The news about the Executive Order has been interpreted incorrectly.
      Trump was referring to the Visa Interview Waiver Program, which is different to the Visa Waiver Program. The text in section 9a of the draft executive order reads:

      “The Secretary of State shall immediately suspend the Visa Interview Waiver Program and ensure compliance with section 222 of the INA, which requires that all individuals seeking a nonimmigrant visa, undergo an in-person interview, subject to specific statutory exceptions.”

      The program in question is one where certain individuals applying for a visa renewal do not need to appear in person for interview at a US consulate/embassy. This change is being made in order to bring consistency to the visa application process.

      This change does not affect the Visa Waiver Program, of which ESTA is a component.

      Majority of the media is jumping the gun and not reading it right, and everyone is just recycling that information. We are safe at the moment!

  • +2

    Without being political, I suspect the Trump administration is harming it's own tourism industry with actions like we've seen. The mood of travellers is that the states is closing ranks to outsiders and I guess its affecting the 'welcoming' image of travellers to there.

    This may mean cheaper flights and etc to the states, if tourism levels drop due to more travel changes and policies, trying to encourage volumes.

  • +3

    Have a feeling there'll be a lot of cheap flights to the US this year with this policy change..

  • To get to Cuba would Sydney to LAX return and LAX to Havana return (with Alaska airlines) be the cheapest and possibly shortest route?

  • how is virgin vs qantas?

  • Ever do any cheap flights to/from South Korea?

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