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1 Year Headspace Subscription for $4.65 USD/Month (~$6 AUD/Month)


For those couldn't jump onto Headspace freebie (or couldn't bring themselves to use up the license of someone else in need) Headspace just emailed me with an offer for a subscription with 5 months free. Might be a targeted offer for people who have done the trial but haven't signed up.

Note that this is billed annually.

Edit: PennyPacker has pointed out below that it might be only for those in their final 30 days of subscription. I dunno how strict that is since I have only ever done the trial and that was a few months ago. YMMV

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  • This only valid if you're in the final 30 days of a subscription.


    An error has occurred during payment.

    You are on an active subscription at present with >more than 30 days left. You can only renew or >change this in the final 30 days.

  • Thanks OP! Seems it works for those whose subscriptions have expired too. Mine lapsed a few months ago and I'd just been weighing up whether or not to pay for another 12 months. Looks like I'll only need to pay for 5 now!

  • Thanks! worked for me.. never had a subscription

  • +2

    What do you get with the subs?

    • It unlocks the entire library of guided mindfulness/meditation sessions, whereas the freebie only has the first 10 in the "take 10" series

  • Please be aware this is not the same as the Headspace in Australia

    • Sorry what do you mean? Can I use the app?

      • Headspace in Australia is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation. It isn't associated with the app.

        You can still use the app.

        FWIW I've been using the Take 10 program (free, 10 minute meditation for 10 days) and I feel better for it. Just have to keep the routine going - meditating is not as easy as you think!