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Xiaomi Mi Max 6.44" (16GB/2GB) AU $226.66 @ plugplayers on eBay


I have been eyeing Xiaomi Mi Max for awhile since I missed this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/285026 and found this listing.

Specs: http://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_max-8057.php

Seems to be a reputable seller but note:

This seller is currently away until 04 Feb, 2017. If you make a purchase, there may be a delay in processing your order.

Original $20 off $100 Spend CDARK Deal Post

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  • Wouldn't it be better to buy this for 162 rather than this 206.66?


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      The Mi Max has a bog standard Snapdragon CPU, already has an official LineageOS/AOSP ROM available, and comes from the much more reputable manufacturer.

      • -1

        imo pptv much better buy. can be had for ~$125.

        • Where dude?

        • mediatek = less AOSP based custom roms.

    • Software support would be an issue

  • +5

    Are you sure it's 32gb?

    Ad says:
    Xiaomi Mi Max 6.44 inch 4G Smartphone Android6.0 Fingerprint Sensor 16GB ROM AAU

    And spec:
    RAM + ROM: 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM

  • This appears to be the normal aliexpress established seller price.

    e.g. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-Xiaomi-Max-4G-LTE-M... (with a decent ~$18 DHL quick shipping option available too)

    • +1

      True but PayPal wins hands down over AliPay.

      • why?

        • See my old comments dude. Consistently and totally screwed their mediation process when buying expensive products.

        • @spy: point me to one (or two) pls. you have over 1600 comments

  • Does anyone have the same issue with this phone on Optus network as me? I often get no network coverage at all, I mean the antenna icon with a red cross. No 4G, 3G or 2G… what is going on?

    • Your issue is Optus.

      • I know that it is missing B28, but no coverage at all?

        • Been with Optus for the last four months or so and no issues so far. Actually get better reception than my Note 3.

        • +1

          @mr-anderson: The phone works great in the city where I work, but is really bad in the suburb… Not sure if Telstra network will make a diff…

        • Maybe try a cheap prepaid sim that uses the Telstra network and see how you go. I was overseas recently and also had good reception with all the networks there. I wonder if maybe there's a lack of Optus towers in your area in the suburb?

        • @mr-anderson: It's Epping in Sydney, anyone using the same phone around this area can share their experience? cheers, guys…

    • I have zero problems with my Note 3 (basically the same phone with a slightly smaller screen/frame) on Virgin (Optus).

    • No issues here in Melbourne on optus with mi max 32gb

    • Must be lack of Optus towers around my area from the look of it. Bad luck…

  • I been using a mi max for a about 6 months, love it, was with optus(amaysim) in Perth, bad coverage, with Telstra (aldi) now, really good coverage

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