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Nintendo Classic Mini $99 Nintendo Classic, Mini Controller $19 @ Target Free Shipping on Console


Nintendo classic Mini Controller $19

One per customer

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is a miniture version of the original classic NES which brings old memories back to life! Whether its rediscovering an old favourite or experiencing the joy of NES for the first time, the fantastic collection of NES classics included with each and every system should have something for all players. Including 30 pre-installed games, each title is sure to bring back fond memories and produce plenty of new ones. Players can even enjoy playing many of these games together by attaching a second Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Controller (Sold Separately). A Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro for the Wii console can also be used (Not included). Players need not worry about losing any hard-earned progress either as each game has multiple suspend points allowing them to start where they left off at a later time, no passwords needed. Relive past glories, defeat the boss that you could never beat, or simply enjoy the classic titles of yesteryear anew.

Includes HDMI cable, a USB cable for powering the system, and one Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Controller.
Note that an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging. We recommend purchasing item Powerwave AC Adapter - 3DS (Sold Separately).

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  • can it be hacked?

    • +1


      apparently it can though ive never done it on mine.

      • +3

        It's easy to hack and put 700 games on it but when you have that many games finding them in interface isn't great. Raspberry pi would be better if you were thinking of buying just to do it.

        • 700?????

          It was reported that you can put roughly 60 in total on the device once hacked.

          that jumped up fast.

        • +1


          Yes version 2 came out and now can put every game made on it

        • @Velathial: the new version can unpack zip files so apparently the whole library can fit in the nes's 300mb disk.

        • @Velathial: some people have done 900 depends on how you do the game artwork and such.

        • @lowndes8: Some games aren't compatible if the nesclassic doesn't have the right mapper, but people are releasing patches for some games. which is also why a raspberrypi would be better unless you already had a nesclassic lying around.

    • -7

      Just buy a RaspberryPi.

      If you can figure out how to hack the Mini NES, you get figure out how to set up Recallbox/RetroPie.

      This is a toy for children.

    • Loaded 660 on mine. works great.

  • +25

    here come the "this is RRP not a bargain" posts

    • +6

      I came here to read them. Will come back later

      • -1

        This is not a bargain. This is RRP. Trev likes bargains, not RRP. I support Trev by negging this deal.

        • +2

          RRP is $99.95

        • +4

          @gazza88: Less than 1% off is a bargain now? Damn, OzBargains standards are dropping!

        • +1

          @Orpheus: I didnt say it was a bargain. Just saying that it isnt RRP.
          People seem to think 0.25% off is a bargain going off all the +ve votes for the cashrewards WISH egift card deals
          I dont see any -ve votes for that deal

        • @Orpheus: have you seen the 0.25% increase deals for cashrewards?

        • @gazza88: Link to the popular 0.25% deals?

        • @trev likes bargains: I saw the 2% off ones that got negs. Which 0.25% ones have lots of positive votes?

        • @Orpheus: I believe they refer to the 5.25% vs 5% Wish cards here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290061

          293 Positive votes

        • @Orpheus:
          Tiggrrrrr beat me to it

        • -2

          @Tiggrrrrr: Nope. That's 5.25% that can be used on many things at different prices ($50+ over $1000). This is 95 cents youre saving on a single product. Not even remotely in the same league. Announcements like these should be moved to the forums and kept away from cluttering up the real bargains. Theres already enough spam as it is.

        • +1

          @Orpheus: Except it's 'everyday RRP' of the gift cards is 5%.

          So that extra 0.25% off is an entire $2.50! Oh wow, such a bargain. But hey, gives another free advertising kick for CR, and we can't say anything negative about them on this site.

        • @Orpheus: I wasn't advocating. You asked for a link.

    • +3

      Should all limited edition/low stock products listed at RRP be posted as bargains? I could probably fill up the front page of Ozbargain with a bunch of PS4 and XBOne collectors editions if you like? :p

      • +1

        This is a high demand item. If you don't realise that, then so help you.

        • Why is it that a very old-tech console like this sells out in a flash, but they manage to stock enough of the latest Playstation or Xbox when the new ones are released.

        • @young_dazza: Nintendo artificially reduce the supply. They did it with amiibo and they will do it with the switch too.

    • +3

      And why shouldn't they? I don't see a bargain here?

      • +3

        it's called satire. don't take it so serious

      • -4

        And why shouldn't they? I don't see a bargain here?

        RRP is $99.95 so your downvote is invalid.

        • ………..Fair call

    • +2

      They kind of have a point.

      What's more annoying is the "DUR JUST USE A RASPBERRY PI" posts, which wilfully ignore any semblance of understanding of why anyone would buy one of these in the first place.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Stoked about getting an extra controller!

  • "We're sorry, product isn't available in the amount you ordered" when ordering one. RIP

    • one per customer.
      i tried to add two controller to my cart and found this out lol

      • I was only adding one, I tried in safari and it worked for some reason as opposed to chrome

  • Look like it's now sold out

    • +2

      I guess the people complaining about it being RRP bought them lol

  • -5

    RRP no deal. this should be a forum post.

    • +7

      get over it.. I finally got one because people were kind enough to put it as a bargain

      • +5

        people were kind enough to put it as a bargain

        except that it's not a bargain, it's the normal price… no saving = no bargain

        • -1

          But if he sells it, profit, ozprofit.com.au

    • -2

      RRP no deal.b this should be a forum post.

      RRP is $99.95 and this includes free delivery and it's in stock.

      Your negative vote is invalid.

  • +14

    Not a bargain. This isn't OzRRP.com.au. This product in stock announcement belongs in the forums.

    • -6

      Sometimes an RRP can also be a bargain

        • Recommended Retail Price
        • Bargain

        Pick one.

      • +5

        Sometimes an RRP can also be a bargain

        no saving = no bargain.

        • -2

          Well this is a bargain then, saving of $0.95 according to nintendos RRP

        • +3


          Well this is a bargain then

          No it's not…

          We can't seem to find that item.
          Sorry! Try one of the following options to locate the product you’re after:

      • Possibly, but in this case all retailers have sold at this price give or take $0.95 (~1% of the price).

    • why is the link different? i just copy pasted the link from Targets website.

  • +1

    Don't suppose there are any coupons / extra savings?

    • That would be a bargain :p

    • +4

      What you think this is, ozbargain?

  • +4

    Hello darkness my old friend

  • Has anyone been able to actually purchase this???
    I keep getting this error when i get to paypal

    Error: class org.springframework.transaction.UnexpectedRollbackException – Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only

    • Same here, used credit card and it worked.

  • +10

    EB have stock, Target have stock. Not a bargain.

    • +2

      Did you manage to get one?

      • +4

        Got one at EB yesterday.

        • Online?

        • +3

          @silverrat23: in store, may have got lucky but it didn't seem like a big deal. Seems they have online stock also https://ebgames.com.au/wiiu-217390-Nintendo-Classic-Mini-NES…

        • @omgitzrick: Ooooh, I might head down to my local later today. Did they have the controllers alone?

        • +3

          @silverrat23: Didn't ask, if I get into town today I'll have a look :) I live in the sticks so it's possible they just happened to have one lying around from earlier stock. I just walked in, saw it and bought it.

        • +1

          Given EB Games has stock I'm hard pressed to call this a bargain. Sure it's cheaper but by less than 1%. If this was a $5 item then 95c is significant, but I think you're stretching to call this a saving when dealing with $100 items.

        • @Smigit: You can not use Coles&Myer Gift card at EB Games.

        • @Turd: Are we really going to start listing every stocked item from Coles and Myer because you can buy them cheaper with a discount gift card?

        • +1

          @omgitzrick: I would if I got money for it ;)

  • +7

    RRP is $99.95 as stated on Nintendo's website

    The prices at EB Games and Target are still cheaper than RRP.


  • +1

    target has crashed .. cannot pay for it. gets error when trying to pay. im paying by credit card and paypal. oh well .. got one from eb. i was also after the controller.

  • +7

    can anyone report if they've bought one of these and played it for more than 5 hours in total?

  • Same with me. Paypal transaction didnt go through. When I tried going back to checkout it just says check email for order confirmation.

  • target website crashing when trying to pay.
    paypal no worky

    • i get all the way to the paypal site no problem.

      try a different browser maybe?

  • +1

    Only manage to get one controller. But had to pay $5 fee for pickup.

    • +2

      $5 fee for the bonus of physically collecting it from a store… what a joke Target

      • +1

        Yeah I know! You have to add a $10 item to get it free. Shoulda just did that, then refund it. Oh well

        • I did pickup and didn't have that $5 fee.

        • +1

          @04Stefan07: Says free if order is over $29. Did you get a console as well?

        • @Turd: Nup, just the controller and cable.

    • The trick was to add another item to your cart to get it to the $29 for store click and collect. Then when you pick it up, just return / refund the other item.

  • +1

    Thanks, got the controller.

  • Looks like target is now out of stock for the console

    • Yeah I get "Error occurred while adding to Cart" when I try to add it to the shopping cart.

  • Came up with an error using Target, but i still got an email confirmation. Crossing fingers :)

  • +1

    GONEEEEEEE All Sold out!

  • Out of Stock? Or just website issues?

    These things sell better than the Switch will

  • Got two controllers and a mini

    Unfortunately each controller seperate order with $5 shipping

    • Add a extension cable and save $5, refund extension cable at store and WIN

      • +1

        Eh, can't do it now though the order is complete. Called them up said no bueno can't add

        • Yeah they're pretty unhelpful when you call the online order support

      • you might wanna hang onto that extension cable ;)

  • +1

    Fired up an emulator, only played 1 level so not to bummed I missed this, again :-)

  • -5

    Not a RRP despite peoples claim it is because of supply. However, we now have 3 separate deals in as many days with available stock

  • +1

    It's the song that doesn't end..It keeps on going on my friend…

  • +1

    Amazed that I could get one online with EB just moments ago.

  • +2

    For those that just want a functional second controller the old Wii Classic Controllers use the same port and are compatible.

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