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Circulon Contempo Stainless Steel 21.5/29cm Skillet Pack - $44.95 (RRP $199.95) with FREE Shipping @Cookware Brands


Complete your kitchen with this versatile twin pack. Sear, toss, fry or whisk - this twin pack is everything you need.

The modern contemporary style that is a hallmark of our Contempo range is now combined with the polish of stainless steel. This Contempo skillet twin pack features our unique combination of unique elevated circles to reduce surface abrasion coupled with PFOA-free Total™ 3-layer non-stick, making it a great choice for healthy cooking and easy clean-up. The durable construction and great heat distribution will give you perfect cooking results every time - and it is metal utensil safe. The combination of Circulon's delivers extraordinary food release and exceptional durability. The comfortable silicone and stainless steel handle is double riveted for extra strength and oven safe to 200°C. Plus, a fold-out ring allows for convenient hanging.

Twin pack set includes:
21.5cm Skillet
29cm Skillet

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  • Great deal, especially with the free shipping, to bad I have enough pans :P

    • +1

      Too many pans? No such thing! : )

      • okay okay, :) who do you guys use for shipping?

        Never mind :)
        AUS post!

  • Done (x2)

  • Are these heavy/thick? Or like the flimsy ones?

    Edit: NVM, will see when they arrive :)
    (review imply thick base)

  • Although RRP on cookware is absolute nonsense, these look like good value for $44. I'll also be interested on whether it's a heavy base or a lightwieght model.

  • Thanks, bought one pack. Probably can't go wrong at this price.

  • +1

    how come it has "No" for warranty on the Features page? I thought I read somewhere that Circulon has lifetime warranty on their pans/woks?

    • Hi blahoz,

      this product does in fact have a Lifetime Warranty. We have an error with our warranty data for some of our products that we're in the process of rectifying.

      Thanks for your understanding.



      • Uh can you please confirm that? Even the circulon page linked previously says No warranty.

  • Good deal for a decent brand

  • I brought one - 29cm Skillet 3 years ago, i remembered I paid a lot more then this price from Myer. However, the non-stick surface does not last , I used it about 3 times a week, less then one year of cooking, all my food stucked on the “non-stick” surface. Based on my own experience, I will Never buy Circulon brand again.

    • None of those non-sticks can be used on high heat. Not Circulon, not Analon, not Scanpan. It causes them to stick and build up a black layer. As such, they are a bit limited in use and won't last forever. But at $45 for two, it's acceptable I think.

    • +5

      Where did you bring it?

      • +5

        Silly question - they already said they brunged it from Myer!

    • We recently bought a SilverStone ceramic CXi pan which can be safely used to 350C . No problems so far and my wife likes to cook at nuclear temperatures.

  • +5

    Do I need it? No
    Did I buy it? Yes

  • Hi Cookware Brands, just wondering if you can offer a deal on the saucepans? I have been coveting a titanium set but thinking that anodised would be fine as long as i look after them (ie don't over heat). Cheers!

    • Hi madamethrifty,

      we can't answer that right now - a number of factors.

      Best to sign up to our newsletter (and OzBargain) to follow all the great deals.



  • why i saw it selling for $139.99 plus 9.95 shipping?

    sorry I forget the code

  • The free shipping is a nice touch. Bought one, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Reviews not too flash in the pan

    • Should've said they've been panned.

  • Ordered, thanks OP

  • Great deal, I've been looking at these for a while, thank you OP

  • Ozbargained? Out of stock while checking out a minute ago….

    • Just added some additional stock. Get in quick Pandas. We're almost out.

      • Thanks just ordered
        Any deals on grill pans?

      • Mum's bday present sorted. Cheers

      • Out of stock again.

        • Literally your about 5mins to late

        • @Laura11: I thought was 1min too late.

        • assuming the person above you had already placed a order then posted his bargain buy!! Better luck next time

        • @Laura11: Lol thanks was in paypal page already.

  • Apologies to those that may have missed out. That's the last of the stock. Please stay tuned for more great cookware deals in coming days.

    • I responded to another of your posts but would really appreciate a response since you have posed quite a few times since.

      You claim there is a lifetime warranty and your webpage is in error.

      Yet the circulon page for this product states no warranty https://www.circulon.com.au/cookware/contempo-stainless-stee...

      Can you please confirm there is a lifetime warranty as you have stated.

      • +2

        Why do you even care for the warranty
        For that price just throw it away if it becomes uncookable

        • lifetime warranty is a vague term …..it's not your lifetime , it's what the manufacturer deems is typically the useable life of the product….so lifetime on a pan like this. might be based on using 3 times per week so might be 2 years in fine print …… went through this saga when i've tried to claim non stick pan that was never overheated or scratched after 3 years ….. my tefal has fine print of 12 months warranty at the end of all the marketing hype, you can only read that after you remove the wrapping as it's underneath.

          the warranty is more assurance against faulty material or workmanship not how often it's used hence exclusions for commercial use.

          my demeyere pan says 25 year warranty but it isn't a non stick pan.

      • Hi Vhalus,

        I can confirm that. Cookware Brands is brought to you by Meyer Cookware Australia, the sole authorised distributor of RACO, Essteele, Circulon and Anolon cookware in Australia.

  • hi, do you provide tax invoice?

  • out of stock -(

  • Just got an email that supposedly I left items in my basket, but I did buy them. Email address is donorreply… REP, can you verify order #100006850 went through? I had a confirmation…

    • +1

      Hi Make it so,

      yes we can verify that order number. Just ignore the cart abandonment email. Sometimes it fires off accidentally.



  • +1

    Any deals on like stainless pans / pots?

  • oh no.. out of stock! :(

  • If it was cast iron, I would be interested, they can keep their Stainless Steel pans.

    • i think the ideadal, of this set is that it is stainless, and if you scratch through the non indies, stick food won't reach with the stainless underneath unlike aluminium non stick pans.

  • Op when will you be restocking?

    • Hi DEvok,

      we'r likely to get in more in the next 2-3 weeks.



      • At this price again?

        • Most likely but we're unable to promote the same deal on OzBargain due to its policies (someone please correct us if we're wrong!).

  • I wish had email notification so would be easier when it is restocked!

    • I'd be keen on a set for the same price also

  • Hi rep, I made an order but no longer require it. Are you able to cancel it if I provide you my order #?

    • I just missed out - happy to take the cancelled order from CWB or off your hands twodollah if CWB can't cancel!

    • Hi twodollah,

      we should be able to cancel if you can provide order #.



      • Can I have their set?

  • Any chance of this coupon being re-run?

    • HI Bens 49,

      it's our understanding that OzBargain does not provide 'sellers' to re-run promotions. Happy to be corrected.



  • Has anyone received and used their pans yet?

    I'm usually a big fan of Circulon and have some other pans and they're amazing, but these can't cook an egg without having it stick.

    Any chance these are fake, or has the quality just dropped?

    • Hi Pigey,

      I can assure you that these are not fake as we represent the Australian arm of Meyer Cookware the manufacturer of Circulon. Can I suggest that if you're having any performance issues with the product can you please contact our Customer Care team using the customer enquiry form - https://www.cookwarebrands.com.au/contact.

      Cheers CWB

      • Any chance for a free shipping code? Really want to get one at this price. Thanks.

    • Even the crappiest non-stick pan will be non-stick for the first couple of times so I'm not sure how you're cooking your eggs. As for longevity, a lot of the 'reputable' brands (i.e inflated RRPs) are very hit and miss these days. I don't bother with them any more - I bought a whole bunch of Aldi (heavy base) ones a few years back and they typically last me around 10months+ with daily use and I'd happily put it in the bin when done. Cost $15 for a large skillet.

  • +1

    For those that missed out on this deal a few weeks back. We're just letting you know that we're almost out of our latest shipment of stock. And it this stage there is not another shipment planned.

    We currently (sale ends tomorrow) have it listed on our website for $44.95 (excl. shipping) however if you purchase our latest deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/297062 - you can obtain free shipping with that purchase.

    Only 15 units left!

    Happy shopping.

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