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Nintendo Switch: Zelda: BOTW $79, 1-2-Switch $59, Joy-Con Controllers $99, Joy-Con Charging Grip $34 in-Store @ Target


Target Australia has confirmed several Nintendo Switch game and accessory prices with Stevivor, with all items offered at a cheaper price as compared to other Australian-based retailers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: $79 AUD (RRP $89.95 AUD)
1-2-Switch: $59 AUD (RRP $69.95 AUD)
Joy-Con pair (2 controllers): $99 AUD (RRP $119.95 AUD)
Joy-Con charging grip: $34 AUD (RRP $39.95 AUD)
Pro Controller: $89 AUD (RRP $99.95 AUD)
AC adapter: $34 AUD (RRP $39.95 AUD)

Items are currently unavailable online, but several readers have contacted Stevivor after noticing placeholder cards, complete with pricing, in stores.

Nintendo Switch: Target Australia comes out swinging, offering games and accessories at a reduced price

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +1

    Awesome. Pricematch here I come!!

  • +9

    Switch for $469.. a bit pricey I think..

    • +7

      Wait for the Switch XL.

      • +7

        I have fat fingers, so I'll wait for the XXL

      • +21

        Wait for the New New Switch XL DSi Xtreme Premium Slim Lite Advanced (requires new AC charger. Sold seperately for $89.95.)

        • 3DSi


        • won't be that long before new gen Nintendo console is released.

      • you mean the new nintendo switch U XL

    • +29

      Is it really?? Most people wouldn't blink an eye dropping double that on an iPad….

      • +12

        it doesn't have a picture of an apple with a piece missing though… "you pay double for that kind of action cotton"

      • -17

        Serious post? You can do a lot of things with the Ipad. Not just restricted download Nintendo games.

        The Switch is expensive.

        • +18

          yes .. yes it is and so are iPads.. :)

        • +9

          What are you comparing the switch with to justify its expensive? I'm interested as too why everyone thinks it's expensive.

          I would love it to be cheaper for sure but this device will get more use than my PS4 which I paid $550 for at launch due to its mobilty.

        • +4

          @britta: me? i think all consoles are too expensive at launch :) not just switch.. actually its less than i thought it'd be …

          i'll need to read up a bit more on it but i guess most people are treating is as a 3ds replacement so it needs to be 3ds pricing to be considered "cheap"

        • @scud70: I don't think many would consider this to be a 3DS replacement but 250 would be crazy cheap, I would prob buy two :p

        • @britta: it's what i thought nintendo will ahve issues with.. how to they pitch it? if its mobile then people will want it mobile pricing.. if its a console then they want it at p4/xbone pricing (which you can get for under 400 now)

        • @britta:

          PS4 + PS Vita ended up being at approx AUD 700. Rarely use my PS4 anymore, but the PS Vita gets a fair bit of use, especially while traveling. So not really very expensive for what is essentially 1x console + 1x handheld. Could never get into the 3ds (wife has the newest one with a whole bunch of games), prefer the sharpness of the PS Vita screen (the joystick is absolutely horrendous on the 3ds).

          Also, comparison to ipad makes no sense. FWIW, I love my ipad air 2. Never liked the looks and "feel" of android tablets (absolutely love android phones though).

          AU$469 is about 80 bucks more than the corresponding US price. While a significant delta, it is the questionable Australia tax at play. :)

        • +2


          I wouldn't call the switch expensive, it's comparatively one of the cheaper launch prices for a console and one of the more expensive launch prices for a portable, which is exactly where you would expect a hybrid console/portable to sit.

          The 3DS is purely portable and weak in comparison. A more accurate comparison would be the PS Vita, which was $349-Wifi/$449-3G at launch, and didn't double as a full console via dock. The dock and Joycon's, not to mention Nintendo first party titles will probably push quite a few console sales at RRP.

          I don't personally have an issue paying RRP for the console to get it on launch day as I have been waiting for Zelda BoTW for years and have a 2 and half hour commute to/from work each day so suits me pretty well.

          Expensive was the PS3 on launch! And don't even get me started on my PC costs over the years

        • +1

          vita is a powerhouse, persona 4 golden was the only outstanding game for me. the resolution of the 3ds sucks but you can't deny the quality of the games

        • +2

          @boredofficeworker: yeah PS3 was $999?

        • @wtfnodeal:
          Yeah, it was harsh at the time! $999 for a console. That being said, I had just bought a 46" 1080 TV and most Bluray players were retailing for $500-1000!, I considered that as part of the cost when buying it.

          It ending up being the best blu-ray player given the time I bought it due to the years of support via firmware updates and how much I used PS3 Media Server once that was developed.

          Also, I also sold my 60GB model on eBay to someone who wanted backwards compatibility around 4 years later and bought myself a slim model (plus made like $150 profit), so it wasn't all bad.

        • @britta:

          What are you comparing the switch with to justify its expensive?

          PS4 Slim. XB1 S. 3DS (launch price). Vita (launch price).

          Add a decent sized MicroSD card, and you're looking at a very expensive device.

          I would love it to be cheaper for sure but this device will get more use than my PS4 which I paid $550 for at launch due to its mobilty.

          For me it will get less use, because I'm not taking that thing with me. It will stay plugged into the dock.

      • -17

        Yeah you may have noticed it's absolutly terrible when Apple charges high prices but then Nintendo can do the same thing and they bget congratulated for it.

        Amazing how fanbois work isn't it!

        • +10

          Just because someone has an opinion doesn't make them a fanboy….

        • +3

          @britta:of course it does if its not the same as his/hers ..loll

        • +3

          You're comparing a 720p screen that plays games with 2.5-6 hours battery life , against a tablet computer with around 10 hours battery life, that has a robust app ecosystem and premium feel. You can do a lot of things on the iPad you can't do on a Switch, or wouldn't want to. I'm sure it comes with a built in browser. I'm sure it won't be very good. And it has an online matchmaking, lobbying, and chat system that requires a second device. I don't know who came up with that idea. And it costs money now.

        • @britta: It depends on the opinion.

        • -1

          @lostn: FYI

          "And it has an online matchmaking, lobbying, and chat system that requires a second device"

          It has been confirmed this can also be done on the switch

        • @lostn: I think part of the attraction of the Switch is that, as a hybrid console, it does not really have a direct comparable product.

          I feel it is therefore not entirely fair to compare it to PS4/XB1/smartphones/tablets/3DS. It offers a different proposition to what those devices bring and the Switch's design is entirely focused on providing that proposition within the limitations of today's technology.

          Anyone who is satisfied with tablet/smartphone games being sufficient for their on the go gaming and have no desire for better gaming experiences will likely not see the value.

          Anyone who requires their new console to be at the "forefront" of the graphics spectrum and games only at home, will also likely not be all that interested with the system.

          But outside of that there are a whole bunch of people who may find the Switch compelling….provided they have regular quality game releases.

        • @britta:

          It has been confirmed this can also be done on the switch

          When was that confirmed? Could you post a link to the article?

        • @Weshy:

          I think part of the attraction of the Switch is that, as a hybrid console, it does not really have a direct comparable product.

          Nintendo calls it a home console first and foremost.

          I consider it a handheld. Being able to connect it to a TV does not make it a console. That would make the PSP with a component cable a console also. Or a Vita with a PS TV. If Sony made a Vita 2, and bundle the PS TV with it, that would be your Switch.

          What makes it a console is its guts. If it's running low wattage mobile components, it's designed as a portable. A real console has fans in it, heat sinks, a power supply, and a much higher power draw.

          I feel it is therefore not entirely fair to compare it to PS4/XB1/smartphones/tablets/3DS.

          If you're using it for the same purposes as those devices, i.e. to play games on it, then it is totally fair to compare them. I'm looking for a console, and I want good horsepower for the dollars I'm putting in. I'm not getting it here. Their design choice is not my problem.

          Anyone who is satisfied with tablet/smartphone games being sufficient for their on the go gaming and have no desire for better gaming experiences will likely not see the value.

          I'm not satisfied with tablet/phone gaming. I buy Tablets for mobile computing only. I don't play games on phone either. What I want is a home console. As a hybrid what they are offering me is the worst of both worlds. It's too weak for a console, but too expensive for a handheld. If you asked me if I'd rather play games on the Switch or iPad, I'd pick Switch. But if you offered me either a Switch or an iPad for free, or hell, for $469 I would take the iPad any day.

          If I buy this thing, I can expect to never see GTA, CoD, AC, Mass Effect, BF, Deus Ex, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, or any big AAA 3rd party titles on it. But I'd be paying more for this thing than a PS4 or XB1 costs. You'd have to really love Nintendo games to buy one, because after the first year, that's more or less all you're going to get. I like some of their games, but not all.

          Anyone who requires their new console to be at the "forefront" of the graphics spectrum and games only at home, will also likely not be all that interested with the system.

          It doesn't have to be at the 'forefront' of graphics. I did not expect PS4 quality graphics when I bought my 3DS. But I also only paid $200 for my 3DS. Same with Vita. I did not expect PC (GTX1080) quality graphics when I bought my PS4 for $400. Your expectations ought to be in line with the price you're paying.

          When I'm paying $470 for something, I expect more. If they charged $250-300, I'd be happy with what I'm getting. For the Switch at $470, it either needs to be on par with XB1/PS4 as a console, or it needs to be on par with an iPad Mini as a portable device (in terms of screen, functionality, app store, and battery life). I'm getting neither, so unless you happen to want both things and are willing to compromise on both ends in order to get it, you're not getting your money's worth. It's not the best of both worlds but the worst of both worlds that I'm seeing.

          The thing comes with a 32GB internal storage which makes it not viable as a digital only device, or for downloading lots of DLC. Games like Quantum Break already take 70GB alone, and plenty of other games breach the 60GB mark. A 256GB MicroSD will cost you over $200. That's going to be a very expensive device for only 1/2 of what the cheapest PS4/XB1 model comes with these days. And those 500GB drives are already deemed too small by a lot of people.

          But outside of that there are a whole bunch of people who may find the Switch compelling….provided they have regular quality game releases.

          That's the big caveat. If they get good 3rd party support, they'll be ok. If they don't, it will be sparse releases from Nintendo like with Wii U. What we're seeing from 3rd parties so far have been pretty non-commital. EA's only game is FIFA, and it was based on 7th gen FIFA, not current gen. Bethesda is giving us Skyrim, a 2011 game, and it's not even the enhanced version. Yeah, ports of last gen titles. That's probably the most it can handle.

        • +1


          Whatever Nintendo calls it, you are obviously smart enough to see that it is not simply a home console, or a portable.

          Comparing what the Switch does when docked to a Vita with a component cable? You know that is not the same.

          I do not agree with your views on what makes a console. You have stated that you want horsepower for the $$$. Okay fair enough. I want the best gaming experience I can get for the $$$. Gaming experience goes beyond graphics and requires consideration of a number of things.

          I do not agree the Switch brings the worst of both worlds.

          If the Switch is successful and ultimately brings the 3DS and Wii/Wii U first and third party libraries together as most expect (leave aside what Nintendo currently say re 3ds, which logic and history suggests does not make sense), it will have a significant library of quality games not available on other gaming machines.

          As for the 3rd party games you have mentioned, if the Switch is successful, it is likely that at least some of those games and then Switch exclusives will come. 3rd parties go wherever they see money. If the Switch is successful, hopefully they put the effort into the games they make for it. If it is not, yes it is unlikely any of those games will be on it. Regardless, it is very unlikely that all of those will ever be on the Switch.

          Your issue with only 32gb of built in storage for the Switch is fair - it should have had more. Your comparison to what is included in a PS4/XB1 is not. The Switch or similar device will obviously not be able to include a traditional HDD in its design given what it is trying to do.

          The Switch provides a unique proposition that the other devices do not provide. There has never been another device that lets you play the quality of games the Switch will let you on the go, and then let you play those same games back at home on your TV at an enhanced resolution.

          I'm not saying it is for everyone and it clearly does not appear to be at all attractive to you. I think the Switch is certainly not cheap, but I can also see the value it could provide.

          I see it as a very impressive piece of technology that has its shortcomings in part because of Nintendo and in part due to technological constraints. And we haven't even ventured into the control tech, which I suspect you'll be outright dismissive of (hopefully that is me just being unnecessarily judgmental).

        • @lostn: I heard it on an IGN vid but im struggling to find it……..maybe I was dreaming :-/

        • @lostn:

          Actually what you have stated has been spread around by a lot by people who don't understand, along with many other uninformed posts.

          If you were to run a game like Zelda Breath of the Wild for example, on a tablet, you will find that it wouldn't even last 2 hours. Specifically, for example, try playing the (relatively basic) Mortal Kombat on the iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and you will find that your battery barely lasts an hour. Try playing Overwatch on your surface tablet at any decent graphics setting and you will find it gives you about 1.5 to 2 hours.

          You have failed to take into account the graphics processor running at full tilt when calculating your 10 hour vs 2.5 hour times.

        • @lostn: Although it seems like a problem, it will probably turn out to be a benefit. Most people already have their phones with them anyway, and will mean they can lobby / modify chat on a second screen. No confirmation on whether this will actually be good but my bet is that Sony and MS will copy this idea if it works.

          In regards to Britta's comment, about being able to do it on the Switch as well, I don't think it was confirmed but I do actually recall seeing it mentioned somewhere too, but not sure.

          Regarding your battery life comments - read everyones comments, your comparison of 10 hours is incorrect, it's not maxing out graphics/cpu for more than an hour or two on an tablet.

    • -1

      $550+ if you add a game, and another $50 more if you need the ethernet adapter.

      • I can't imagine many people at all "need" the adapter. It may be desirable, but surely most people have a wifi network these days. If cost is an issue I'm sure it can be dropped. Additional controllers may be a kicker but.

      • I get under 7 ms ping times in games with a decent wireless router - it's fine without a lan adaptor sheesh. But if you do need it, big deal, it's still cheaper than any competing console's 'Launch Price', And I coupdn't play them as a portable. Even if they aren't 'full-size', at least you get two controllers for bassic 2 player straight out of the box too. And wait.. what?? You mean you have to pay for games too?? What is this world coming to where Nintendo wants money for games. *rolls eyes.

  • +11

    1-2 switch could be $20 and it would be too expensive

    • +15

      Should be included like Wii Sports was

    • +6

      Yeah I got to play it yesterday, it's an interesting idea that should 100% be free in the box, like Wii Sports.

    • +5

      Don't want to milk a cow?

    • Nah theres alot of cool ideas in there, like 23+ games, will be fun to go back to alot, alot of open world games and japanime games arent really worth it, they are copy and paste for the most part, only certain companies change them up. Hopefully Zelda does. These guys try new crazy ideas, plus it still uses the screen and can be taken anywhere.

      With Jrpgs going to mobile and Nintendo releasing them for free like most, i can see some of these rpg genres going to mobile instead, nintendo bringing unique gameplay tech back to gaming.

  • +14

    As much as I'm still peeved about the price, since Wii U and Switch both launched for 300 in US and we got Wii U for 350, but somehow the Switch is 120 more, I'm still gonna be a little bitch and buy this. Was wondering how long it would take for Target's prices to get out too.

    I'm gonna go order it later today, and if you want the prices to last, then don't be an (profanity) and price match, go to Target and show them it's appreciated, unless you want them to go K-Mart and drop out of games entirely.

    I just did a big ass rant to someone on PSNProfiles about the lack of competition in our current game store market, and it's definitely not gonna get better if you take your money to EB instead of giving it to the guys who are selling games as cheap as they can.

    I only price match when I can't find a copy anywhere else generally.

    • -15

      Yep Nintendo sure are going to stop ripping people off when they keep paying up.

      • +2

        Nintendo is stupid, they thought dropping the cheaper Wii U and keeping the premium one at 450 odd bucks years after it already failed was a good idea.

        If I want a Switch, I may as well pay 470 for it now, rather than 470 for it 3 years from now.

    • -1

      I can get JB vouchers for 7% off so the true ozbargainer in me will always shop their and pricematch. Soz

      • -4

        Tough crowd LOL

        Don't hate the player,hate the game ;)

      • -1

        Its amusing I'm getting negged for practicing the very nature of this site.

        • think they want you to share how to get them at 7% off ;)

        • @Rick Sanchez:

          Possibly Blatchys Blues
          Although they have 9% off EB Games eGift Cards. So it would be cheaper to price match there.

        • +1

          @Rick Sanchez: My wife gets access to them via her work (suncorp). I'm guessing other big companies might have something similar??

        • +1

          7% is a lot. I agree with OP but I also agree with 7%.

    • +11

      Try checking out the exchange rate now compared to then….

      • 2013 was not a good exchange rate for us. This was just after Abbott took over. The dollar took a nose dive after that.

        I believe it's better now than it was then. Slightly.

        Lately it's been going up after Trump took over the US. The Americans are returning the favor.

        • +2

          It was $1.03 in March 2013…. 93c in November, so give or take 15c more than now.

          Exchange rate was great in 2013.

        • @scuderiarmani: Yeah well it dropped to the 80s after that and the price did not go up. WTH?

        • @lostn:

          Well that'd be more defence for Nintendo… mind you that'd coincide with cheaper costs to produce…

          Australian's can't complain on pricing of late, you can't walk into a Target on a launch day and pick up a game for $30 off reguarly, everyone there sells for the fixed $59.99 (inc Amazon) plus tax, so say $65ish, convert that to Australian prices and they are being shafted.

        • @scuderiarmani:

          The point is, pricing isn't entirely correlated with currency conversion, otherwise the prices would fluctuate constantly.

    • +5

      I don't find it much of a rip-off tbqh.

      The AUD was a bit weaker at announcement time, but even now:

      300 USD ~ 391 AUD. Add 39 for GST and it's already 430 AUD.

      Keep in mind the US price is always without taxes included.

      • -3

        The actual price of the Switch is a rip off. Not the conversion. It's not worth that money when it can't be compared to a full on tablet for functions, weak as a home console when used as one (which it is marketed as), and too expensive for a handheld (even though I think it's an awesome handheld) compared to Nintendo's previous handheld prices. The dock is a piece of cheap plastic hub and nothing else. I'm going to be waiting til the end of this year hoping for a better deal that comes with a pack in at least.

        • +6

          Comparing Nvidia Shield K1 (previous generation of Nvidia X1 SoC + screen) and Nvidia Shield TV (X1 SoC) the prices don't seem that out of place.

    • +1

      Duke, the RRP of the Wii U was $430 in Australia and $300 in the US for identical Premium Consoles. Compare like for like.

      Nintendo isn't screwing us at all. Americans also pay around 10% tax ontop too.

    • The price for 'almost everything' is so much higher n Aus regardless of manufacturer, it's definetely annoying - BUT Actually the exchange rate when Wii U was out was much better.. $300 US plus GST is already over $400, so yes we get ripped off for sure, but it's not as much as we think (or it is but largely due to exchange rate changes since the Wii U was originally priced.

  • Thanks, the price match alone is saving me $16.

    • Who did you price match with.

      • Will be price matching EB. Got a decent deal with the +30% trade in value when pre-ordering a switch +15% for being a level 3 member.

        • Nice, is there anyway to price match online?

        • @Sturmeh: Unfortunately not, unless you are picking it up from the store you select online. If you are getting it delivered you can't. You have to physically show a staff member the catalog/receipt in order to prove it is a certain price.

        • @ruddiger7: damn, I might cancel online and go into a store then.

  • +1

    Nice! Love a bit of retail competition!

  • +2

    I'm still laughing at Nintendo President Kimshima saying switch will sell as many as the Wii, 100 million.

    • +16

      what would you like the president of a publicly listed company with big investors to say?… lolll

      • +11

        "We are going to bomb SOOOO badly"

      • +1

        Maybe something different than the failhard Wii U projections :p Back when the Wii was launched, the iphone was new, ipod touch had just been lanched and tablets hadn't even launched. It's ridiculous to use history as a guide when a billion smart devices have been sold in the meantime.

    • yeah seems a stretch -but he has to talk it up right. I'd say if you add the DS and Wii U sales number you'd have a more realistic sales figure to aim at … so 30ish million?

    • +2

      that was mistranslated. He specified "could" and not "would".

  • Where's the cheapest to get the console itself? Looking to pick up on Sat 4th March, but can preorder.

    • There was one place doing 10 or 15 off the retail price but I cannot remember the name right now. Apparently EB just hit their second wave on the weekend so you may have to see another seller instead like Gamesmen or someone.

    • All 469 right now as far as I can see

    • +1

      Word is costco will have it for $450, but hold out for a couple more weeks to see if target or BigW will have any specials

  • -3

    Gone are the days where you only spent one-off on console and play "homebrews"

    • Hey let's wait and see. This console isn't out, could happen quickly.

    • +2

      What console had homebrew support before release?

  • EB must be crying

  • I'm a Nintendo fan but really not interested in buying the switch at launch.

    Meh give me zelda on Wii U until switch becomes cheaper, not paying more than $250 for it

    • No need to rush out. There will be plenty of stock and price drops/sales. Also the software line up will improve over time.
      Nintendo will also have their usual limited edition style crap and probably bundle in games.
      I personally did order the Limited Edition Zelda though. I'll get the console sometime later down the track.

      • +8

        Price drops……Have you met Nintendo?

        First party Nintendo product is well known for holding its value to a long long time, far too long for my liking

        • -1

          Price drops in the sense of sales, eBay promos etc.

        • @cyrax83: True. eBay 20% is prob your best bet

        • +2

          Nintendo sounds like the Toyota of video gaming world, they hold a premium even after being out for awhile

    • -1

      I'm going to do the same.

      I'll get Zelda on Wii U, which imo is the superior version because of dual screen support.

      And then there will be nothing worth playing until xmas (Mario). That will be the time I look for one, and hopefully there will be sales around then.

  • +1

    Assuming someone bought each of these with the new console & one could argue many people will see the new/want to get each, that's $863. I really want to play the new Zelda & play the new mario kart with friends etc, but I cant justify that cost up front. Definitely waiting a few months to see how the community accepts it and hoping for some bundle deals making it more affordable. Also I need more clarification on how the digital marketplace works, still little information. If they digitally remastered a bunch of the best N64 games and made them available for purchase, it would make pulling the money gun trigger much easier.

    • Lol $863, not sure where that came from. Nobody needs to rush out straight away to get something, but thats a major stretch lol. You dont need all of that to enjoy it lol… The thing has like 2 controllers in the box.

      Digitally remastered n64 games? I doubt people are really going to go crazy solely for that, thats a bit out there. Maybe for nostalgia i guess. If you're not interested, you dont need to get it, its all good.

      • +1

        "Nobody needs to rush out straight away to get something"

        Particularly when Zelda is only single player. If that's the one launch title you care for then there's no huge need to buy additional controllers straight away.

  • Can anyone confirm if the 'Joycon charging grip' is included in the switch bundle or is this some sort of upgraded grip?

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