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Decor Microwave Egg Poacher Half Price ($7.50) at Coles


Posting from my mobile so hope this turns out ok!

This is on special at Woolies as well but I went to a few stores and there was no stock.

Decided to go to Coles to get one full price anyway and they also have them half price (along with many other items in the Decor microwave range)

Unavailable online but there were plenty at my local Coles (Casey, Vic) this morning.

Hope this helps someone else who's having trouble finding one at Woolworths. :)

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  • Awesome! Good find…looks like they are price matching Woolworths it appears.

  • Thanks my local ww didn't have them so checked 3 stores when I was out of town yesterday and no luck either. Will go to Coles later today and hopefully they will have them.

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    Eggcellent deal! (sorry)

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      Don't apologise. This cracked me up

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    I bought one of these a month or so ago and its now at a charity shop … I had hoped it would make pouching eggs easier than boiling water with some vinegar, swirl the boiling water with a spoon dropping the egg in and waiting four minutes. To my dismay this product was just as time consuming - boil water, put boiled water in the botton section, filling to line (thats hard to see with steam coming up in your face), spray each "cup" with oil, drop egg(s) in each section, then cover each egg with some more boiling water, and then microwave for a couple of minutes. I found the whole thing too fidly and annoying. I long for my mums old aluminium frypad with egg poacher components which which I suspect is now landfill, might have given me brain damage (or was that aging or perhaps other substances?) but those poached eggs were always perfect …
    Still this seems a good bargain for something I don't need which has never before stopped me from buying other "bargains" based solely on visiting this site :)

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      Yep, the good old frypan with poacher attachments. My grandparents had one.

      And for the small price of $39.95 you can get one at Harris Scarfe. It's currently 50% off, usually $79.95 and they have free shipping.

      EDIT: Just bit the bullet and bought one! I long for a good poached egg at home. Cannot master the water and vinegar method.

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        Dang it, there's a Harris Scarfe just around the corner from where I work … must resist …

      • I bought one of these in a different brand from Target and the compartments were too small for any size egg I tried. My mum had one too.

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      Just a query - did they taste like plastic in this product? I commonly find these items once microwaved taste of plastic.

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        No. It's worth the effort and persistence. A bit of trial and error to master the technique and timing for your microwave. I like runny yolks.

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          A colleague of mine attests the same, said that once you get the hang of it, it's easy and works very well. Good for those weekend mornings when you CBF battling for a car space & a seat at your favourite breakfast joint.

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        Only used it once but it was more watery than plastic tasting. Still other comments suggest I should have persisted, then again I did follow the instructions and it seemed to me to be more effort than the saucepan (6 steps vs. 2). Plus you have 7 items of plastic to wash rather than 1 saucepan. Having said all that, I would only do 2 at a time with the saucepan and this thing does 4 …

    • Notice in Aldi catalogue- they will have a frypan style poacher $14.99 on Wed 15/2.
      No idea on quality or results produced from Aldi one.
      Has it been one of their products previously?
      Anyone got or tried one?

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    Try this method. Use a cappuccino cup. Fill 1/3 water. Put in one, two or three eggs. Cover with glad wrap to make a nice seal. Put in microwave for 60 secs on High. Swirl cup. Put in microwave for 60 to 90 secs on Medium. Done, you now have microwaved poached eggs. Trial and error to get the eggs to your liking.

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      Try this method.

      Don't tell me what to do.

      Use a cappuccino cup.

      You're a monster

      Fill 1/3 water.

      Why would I do that ?

      Put in one, two or three eggs.

      Three eggs in one cappuccino cup? How big is this cup!

      Cover with glad wrap to make a nice seal.

      Glad Wrap is a brand name, you have been brainwashed.

      Put in microwave for 60 secs on High.

      Oh yes..

      Swirl cup.

      I've always loved a good swirl

      Put in microwave for 60 to 90 secs on Medium.


      Done, you now have microwaved poached eggs.

      Wait… what? Is that it? Genius!

      Trial and error to get the eggs to your liking.

      Hokey dokes.

      • For clarity, the Eggs ARE the size of your brain! Hokey dokes

        • That big?! What are they, ostrich eggs!?

  • I have one of these… they are actually quite good and easy to use and get right after a few goes. Easier to ckean than trying to poach in a pot of water. Anyone know if the bacon fryer is also on sale?

    • The bacon fryer was on sale at ww the other day. I went to my local Coles and there were 6 egg poachers on the shelf so grabbed myself one. Will give it a go in the morning.

    • Bacon fryer was also on sale at my local Coles, along with most of the other Decor storage stuff.

  • Thanks for posting, I went to a couple of different Woolworths stores and they were out of stock, but Coles had plenty! :)

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