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TP-Link Archer D7 ADSL2+ Modem Router $119.20 Delivered @ Sydneytec eBay

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  • Is it good? I have belkin n600 connected to my 10 year old modem for tpg naked adsl, need to replace my modem

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      It's a good all-rounder.
      You may not notice any difference in ADSL modem performance (but then again with current firmware it may be more reliable than a 10-year modem with no more firmware updates).
      If you have wireless AC devices, you may notice an improvement in Wifi coverage and speed compared to your current wireless N Belkin (due to dual-band wireless — 2.4GHz 450Mbps and 5GHz 1300Mbps).

      • Is this the cheapest AC Router?
        I'm quite keen on the Nighthawk R7000.
        All time cheapest of the R7000 is $157.25 (special ended 9/2014 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/161235 )
        Anywhere selling it for anywhere near this now? (Now $244 - 20%)

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          The days of R7000 and AC66's going for $150-160 are long gone. If you're after a router alone (i.e. you want to install DD-WRT, openWRT, tomato or gargoyle) then I'd get the C7, but I haven't seen a C7 for less than $120 for a long while. Otherwise this price for the D7 is about as good as it gets, and you don't need to faf around with a modem. It's not the cheapest AC router or modem, but the router only brethren (C7) is value purchase for the hardware it contains. As you can't roll your own firmware, any purchaser of a D7 needs to be aware that they are stuck with TP Link firmware for the life of the device. TP Link’s firmware is ok, but it’s no Asus WRT.
          If you're not rolling your own firmware Netgear's firmware makes the R7000 a pretty poor choice (in terms of price). The two recent vulnerabilities demonstrate that people are trying to actively penetrate these devices (and/or Netgear are terrible at security their firmware, depends on your bias).

        • @serrin:
          I'm a newb to dd-wrt. I'm looking for a router that is compatible with dd-wrt. Are you saying this model can't use dd-wrt? I can't find it on the dd-wrt database. What model (affordable/mid range and best) would you recommend? Another newb question: What modems are people using/recommending to use with a separate modem and router setup for dd-wrt? Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks

          The c7 looks like a bit of a pain when installing dd-wrt based on the site info:

          "Dd-wrt does not support the 5ghz card on the archer c7v1.1. After installing dd-wrt you must turn off the router and remove the 5ghz card or the router will brick."

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          @paulransom81: From this point on when I say modem I mean modem/router combo device as most modern modems have routing capabilities even the cheapest ones (albeit poorly).
          The D7 is not supported by dd-wrt (or openwrt/tomato/gargoyle etc) and will likely never be. No modem is supported by dd-wrt (this includes the D7000, DSL-AC66U). Only pure routers are supported (C7, R7000, RT-AC66U). This means you need a modem running in bridged mode (or run the router as an access point/extender).
          To answer your second question the C7v2 is bang for the buck, “cheap value” purchase for rolling dd-wrt. The C7v1 was a terrible device and is out of production. Unless you're buying second hand (or NOS - new old stock) you're getting a v2. It's easy to install dd-wrt on it (took me ~10min to setup mine, but it's the 3rd dd-wrt device I've done, don’t use factory-to-ddwrtUS.bin or factory-to-ddwrtIL.bin firmware, just factory-to-ddwrt.bin) Normally the modem version of a router is more expensive than the pure router version (D7000 > R7000, DSL-AC66U > RT-AC66U etc) but not the C7 and D7. I bought a C7 for $134 with the $20 off >$100 eBay voucher recently but with the current catch20 voucher you're looking at $140 which is crazy talk ($10 off what I would call a bargain and $20 more than the modem version! Outrageous!) The C5v2 isn't supported by dd-wrt and the C5v1 is out of production (it's basically a priced down C7v2, which could be turned into a C7v2 with a crossflash and thus TP-Link took it off the market and replaced the chipset, thus making the C5v2, which is ironically a similar chipset to the C7v1).
          Any modem is fine, Broadcom chipset if you live far away from the exchange, literally any modem is fine if you live close. If you're going to go out and buy a new one, the TP-Link w8960 is one of the cheapest Broadcom chipset modems and can be had for $40-50 the last time I checked? (and if you don't mind the Chinese government spying on you - joking, joking, I have several TP-Link devices, that are flashed with dd-wrt or air gapped…), I'm using a Billion 7800N that Nuskope gave me (because it was free) and I have a Billion 7404VPNX that has lost its wifi abilities (not that pre-final n-spec is that great anyway) at my parent's place.
          The 'best' device for dd-wrt is probably a Netgear one because Kong only builds for Netgear devices and his builds are more stable than brainslayers (just sayin'). I've yet to see one Kong build that bricks a device (though some have rendered wifi inoperable etc). Beware that dd-wrt is perpetually in beta and there hasn't been a stable build since 2014, thus the risk of bricking. I would never install a firmware that is less than a week old, it can take this much time before enough people report it and a build gets mothballed. I've not yet needed to SSH into a router yet, touch wood. Which Netgear device, well the R7000 is the cheapest, basically anything above this is pretty much overkill. If you need a second ac radio then the R8000 is a good option etc, so buy whatever Netgear router meets your use need situation (or get a R7000 for the luxury best cheap dd-wrt device, though at almost twice the price of the C7, I’d get two C7’s and link them with a powerline adaptor, hands down this setup will give you better wifi than any single device on the market).

        • @serrin: Wow. Thank you for this detailed information. I've been out of the tech loop for many years and have been using a dlink modem/router combo that unfortunately isn't dd-wrt compatible. Really appreciate this info. Maybe before I die I'll have the chance to access decent Internet but I have a feeling I'll be stuck with snail pace ADSL2 for the majority. NBN won't be rolling into town anytime soon and no gurantees with that anyway.

  • Looks like a reasonable deal. Picked one up in December for $118 delivered.

  • reviews for NBN?

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    Just keep in mind, this cannot be used with a FTTN (Fibre to the Node) NBN connection.

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    Here is my NBN roll out plan looks like

    The rollout of the nbn™ network is planned in this area
    Planned availability: Jul-Dec 2018*.


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    Thanks for posting OP. Bought one.

  • I've got this and fttp nbn, wouldn't recommend unless you know what you're doing. I could just be a dummy tho but honestly have scoured the net trying to get a connection but it just won't work. I used it previously for adsl2 tho, it worked a charm.

    • You may find that the reason you can't get a connection is that your RSP (ISP in old speak) relies on VLAN tagging.
      This permits the data stream to flow via your router.
      If your router doesn't have (or hasn't been setup for) VLAN tagging, then you won't get it to work.

  • FYI.


    Thank you for placing your order with us. We are contacting you in regards to your order. Please be advised that the item you have ordered is temporarily out of stock.

    We apologise for the inconvenience but we have already contacted our supplier. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the product should be 14/02/17.

  • This is an excellent router.
    I bought one before I got FTTN NBN and it was the best router I've ever used.

    It's now sitting in the cupboard.

    If you want to buy it off me, make me an offer.

    • Hey mate, how much you looking to sell it for?

  • couldnt wait
    got officeworks to match msy

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    Thanks 1bug! :)

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