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20% off Selected Retailers (Sony, Futu, Grays, Amcal, Jeanswest, Harvey Norman, PC Byte + More) @ eBay


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To search all stores, use the 'search the sale' search box after clicking 'go to deal' and scrolling down. By default it shows items in Australia only, you can remove this search restriction.

Included stores:

  • sportscraft
  • jag_online
  • saba_online
  • fresh-cosmetics
  • hardtofind_australia
  • styletread2014
  • jeanswest_australia
  • princesspollyau
  • amcalonline
  • cincottachemist
  • sunglasshutau
  • zanui
  • vision360global
  • iceonlineau
  • shoeboxshoes_au
  • boutiquecellar
  • crackawines
  • graysonline-australia
  • the_nile
  • winemarket
  • sonyaustralia
  • mastore_sales
  • dell_australia
  • futu_online
  • ausluck
  • sydneytec
  • kitchen_warehouse
  • harveynormanonline
  • shoesofpreyofficial
  • shavershopau
  • catchofthedayau
  • gooddrop_au
  • winecomau
  • southcoastmusic_online
  • discrepancy-records-au
  • wowmusicstore
  • pc.byte
  • shoppingsquare
  • sheridanboutique
  • houseonline
  • thankyougroup
  • futuregear
  • petersofkensington
  • beginning_boutique

Terms and conditions

The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 13 February 2017. The total discount is capped at $1000 per transaction. Limit 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.

Don't forget cashback: Cashrewards (1.30%) or PricePal (1.25%)

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  • +44

    Nice find! I took the day off work.

    • +57

      Geez I didn't know it has come to the stage where people are taking a day of sickie just to shop in one of these eBay's 20% off sale :p

      • A naughty Geordie!

      • +7

        He didn't say it'll be a sickie, could be using annual leave.

        • +23

          That's even worse!

    • +45

      Pfft, amateur - just browse eBay at work

      • but what about if work only has a crappy computer at the canteen?!?!?

      • +3

        I drive a truck.. thanks for the suggestion!

  • Let there be spending :)

  • +26

    "20% UP Selected Retailers @ eBay"

    • +4

      From some comments from people on the 'inside', these discounts are split 50/50 between the retailer and ebay.

      So I guess a price rise is needed for ones with little 'fat' in the price!

      • +2

        yes, that is why sometimes the retailer has the same item listed on their own web site because they don't have to pay Ebay commissions …it's not cheap to sell via Ebay, but it goes make it easy for buyers.. I'm sure there will be people complaining that it's cheaper on the companies non ebay web site, and it should be that price less 20% on Ebay.

        • Oh for sure… up to 10% fee for selling on ebay, plus upto 3% on paypal fees, depending on your volume etc.

          Ebay can kick back 10% without blinking an eyelid, as basically it is their fee being returned. No huge loss to them, unlike the retailer who has to still pay 10% to ebay on the full price before discount, and then cough up another 10% discount on the full price.

          Buy from the cheapest place is what I always say!

    • The opposite of off is on, missed opportunity at a good pun.

  • +8

    In b4 price hikes

    • +21

      inb4 people surprised about price hikes ;)

      • +1

        inb4 I buy things I don't really need with money I don't have

      • +1

        either price hikes or they take down anything worth buying.. Can never win with this mob.

      • +10

        Inb4 more eBay stores reported to ACCC and more fines issued ;)

        Sorry Kogan

        I urge everyone to monitor prices of products they're interested in and report any misconduct to ACCC - they will act upon it; it is illegal.

        • -1

          Thats a year ago, and that was their promotion. This is an ebay promotion, so you save 20% off the listings price, not their "regular" price. Its all in the wording.

          So as for wording

          they will act upon it; it is illegal.


          they will act upon it; IF it is illegal.

        • +1


          It was the same kind of eBay/store joint promotion. :)

          It is misleading, it is illegal and offenders have and will be fined for such misconduct.

    • As per Steve's comment further down, check the prices and price history before pulling the trigger! Especially these "store specific" codes!

      • +4

        My comment was tongue-in-cheek. As long as the price is the cheapest out there after discount, I don't care what the price was before.

        • +1

          yeah I worded my comment badly. It was just the usual general PSA that could've gone anywhere in this deal thread lol

  • +3

    Shame The Good Guys isn't one of the stores in the list.

    • +7

      No big loss.. spare us sifting through all their out of stock products and finding all the rest of their overpriced junk

    • Probably because they were bought out by jb hi fi?

    • +7

      Who did you annoy to get all those neg votes!

      • +20

        I'd say it's because he wants somebody else to go and do his legwork instead of finding the good deal himself and sharing it with everyone else.

      • Who did you annoy to get all those neg votes!

        Everyone, with the sheer laziness of it.

        Read: Ozbargain Wiki page

    • +4

      No barber chairs but try these buddy.

      Don't thank me. Was either do this or go to bed with my wife

    • Why don't you pick up your mouse, do some 'day walking' and find a nice chair?

  • thanks for sharing

  • +3

    sonyaustralia don't sell the MDR-1000X. :(

    the_nile have them listed at $785-$790 before 20% discount!


  • So Dell's not in it afterall or…..?

    • Check the list about half way down pretty sure it says dell australia there

  • +17

    No Dick Smith or Masters, what gives?

    • +12

      And no Pumpkin Patch either! Seriously!

      • +14

        Cheap Ansett flights though!

        • +7

          Was hoping for some Brashs Vouchers

        • +2

          @Steptoe: They have those at Waltons

        • +2

          @Steptoe: I got a couple of brashes vouchers in my latest Tandy catalog

        • +4

          @Tuba: I tried Chandlers first, but they wouldn't accept BankCard

        • +4


          I had my eye on something from allphones too :(

        • +2

          Chandlers staff really weird as they were all standing behind their products when I entered the store and they stayed like that the entire time

        • -5

          @coxjon: Allphones went into receivership/admin the other day.

        • @Tuba:
          Sure you don't mean Coles/Fosseys? Or maybe Gowings?

        • @Possumbly: lol. Shudda read the whole thing but there's so much shyte on this deal you gotta draw the line somewhere.

        • WOW, I feel old… wait no, teh oldz…

        • @Steptoe:

          Grace Brothers do. Take your business elsewhere.

  • +5

    Nothing that i really want to buy anymore..

    • +8

      Thanks for letting us know, I was only just wondering if you were all good for stuff.

  • +3

    Good to see petersofkensington

    • +3


      Lol I keep reading it as


  • Where's dell???

    • +64

      Rolling in the deep.

    • +4


      • +3



        • +2

          Try tinder. :p

        • +6

          13/F/Quantico,Virginia … wanna cyber?

        • -4

          @Diji1: That isnt funny or PC.

        • @Name: maybe once there's a bargain on premium.

        • @zealmax:

          Which 20% off PC do you recommend?

      • Username checks out

      • Is it me you're looking for?

      • Hellooooooooooooooo, Frank Walker from National Tiles.

    • They're on the ebay page now.

  • hopefully I can get a partiality decent iPhone deal..

    • when kogan do a 20% of ebay, that will be the cheap IPhone deal….. last time they were selling the IPhone 7 Plus for about $999.

  • I wouldn't recommend browsing princesspollyau at work..

    • why not

    • You made me just have a look. It is just women's fashion, what's wrong with that?

      • Yeah nvm, didn't think photos of the back of models in lingerie was a common occurrence on eBay. Defiantly not something you would see printed in a catalog anyway.

  • Perfect timing

  • +1

    Nooo! Why you let me down, Good Guys? I need a new tele!

  • Omg, i'm gona buy so much stuff. No regrets…

    • 400 upvotes, nothing but inflated pre-sale prices

  • No phone sellers :(

    • +1

      Shopping Square, but their prices are quite high.

      • Especially when compared to their own web store!

    • Ausluck sell iphone

      • -2

        Yup "only" $1669" for a 7 plus 256 ($100 over retail) and $79 delivery (free elsewhere). Good "luck" with that!

        • +1

          256GB iphone 7 plus Ausluck price $1335.20 after 20% ebay discount
          Australian & New Zealand buyers 100% Shipping Free

        • @ausluck: RRP $1569 less 20% legitimate discount is $1255 by my count.

        • +1

          If that is the case, then your full price is higher than RRP….dodgy much? RRP of $1569 minus 20% is $1255.20?

        • @BargainKen:
          Ops, you beat me to it…

    • Shopping Square have the Google Pixel 128GB at $1,349.00 before discount. Seems like it could be a good deal?

      • +1

        Er … no?

      • It's would become $150 cheaper than the official price with the 20% off code, so yeah I would say it's a good deal.

  • Any of those retailers sell mobile phones? Currently looking a Moto Z Play or similar dual sim phone.

    • +2

      Well, you could try…. SEARCHING EBAY.

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