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Google Play Music 90 Days Free for New Subscribers (includes YouTube Red)


Put millions of songs at your fingertips, on-demand and ad-free with a 90 days Google Play Music subscription for existing and new Google Music Play members.

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  • How do you get it??

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      Click the link then hit play

    • Fixed link, Here

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        Doesn't seem to be working for me as an existing user.

        • OK, must be new subscribers only.

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          Not for me either, as an existing Family subscriber

      • The code that you entered is invalid.. targeted?

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    only for new subscribers

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    "The special offer is only availability to NEW users" is the message I receive.

    Edit: title updated

  • Doesn't work for my exisiting account.

    • New subscribers only.

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    Man I cancelled my existing subscription thinking I could get this.

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      Man I cancelled my existing subscription thinking I could get this.

      Man I quit my job thinking I could get this.

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      Man I quit living thinking I could get this.

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      Well that was silly now, wasn't it?

  • I'm an existing subscriber with Play Music and I was able to get the free 90 day trial. Definitely the same account. I completed it in the first few minutes of the deal being uploaded, so it may have bugged out.

  • My year-long subscription expired today and I successfully applied the 90 day trial to my exisiting account.

    • how did you do that?

      • I bought 12 months of subsciption during last year's Valentines Day sale.

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          I was so disappointed they didn't run that sale again this Valentines :(

        • @melmac77: Same, they just ran out and I managed to use this. I knew I should have bought more than a few,

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    Holy coincidences batman, my google play subscription ran out quite literally today. I clicked this expecting it not to work as I thought I was still signed up. Time extended…

  • thanks OP

  • Just yesterday I signed up for a Spotify 30 day free trial. Now I've got this. Thanks OP

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    This includes Youtube Red like the previous 4 months free? Mine is about to expire :)

    • Yep, all Google Play subscriptions include YouTube Red for the foreseeable future.
      I should note that you saying yours is about to expire to make sure you know this is only for new customers.

  • Any idea when this deal will expire? My current google play lasts until April

  • Can confirm it works for returning customers. Last time I had google music was about 14 months ago and I was able to redeem this offer. You might need to have a one year gap from any previous offers??

  • My subscription literally expired 2 days ago, managed to get this just now. Billing starts May 16 though so need to remember to cancel before that.

    • You can cancel now and the trial will still continue.

  • Worked for me

  • Telling me for new users only. :(

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    I have tried previous codes which didnt work due to me already having used the trial up.

    Recently I was in the states and switched my Google Play account over to USA. I looked at doing the free trial above, but it came up with an even better offer of a free 4 month trial and then $9.99USD per month after.

    My theory is that if perhaps you keep switching countries, ie Aus to US to UK to Sweden to France etc. you may be able to get free Google Play Music continuously.

    • How do you switch your account to a different country? I can't see that in the settings.

      • payments.google.com then settings

        • Didn't work for me… meh it's okay, my four month free trial from Black Friday expires in April :P

  • Worked for me, i'd never subbed before but had taken up a free trial.

    Thanks OP!!!

  • Just tried this moment and it worked for me despite having used free trial previously.

  • My sub ran out earlier in feb and I was able to claim the free 90 days. Sweet as!

  • didn't work for me. message popped up stating for new users only :(

  • Spotify vs Google Play Music ?

  • Not working for me. New users only

  • This is working for me today but it wasn't working back in Feb. I am a previous Google Play Music subscriber, the very last subscription was a free 2 month subscription that ended end of May.

  • Worked for me as returning subscriber! Thanks :)

  • Worked for me as returning subscriber! Thanks :)