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Sandwich Bags 100 Pack Coles Brand $1.80 (Save $1.80) @ Coles Picton NSW


Boxes of Coles branded sandwich bags located near the deli.
I think these are on clearance due to change in packaging so they might be at other stores, there was approx 50 boxes at Picton NSW.

They don't normally go on sale so I grabbed a few pricehipster

Shelf price tag was $2.70 but scanned at $1.80

Edit: thanks @stratbargin check your local for 30m Coles cling wrap $0.55

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  • Same price at Fairfield NSW

  • That's a decent price for 100.

  • Many magicians will be happy with this price! Muggles wont understand why, but magicians will.

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      I dont understand

      • You're a Muggle then I guess… (okay I'll hint, it's a consumable for a common routine).

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    I'm impressed when own brands go on sale. The "everyday" price ain't so impressive when it never changes.

  • Woolworths homebrand 150 pack sandwich bags, 98 cents. Everyday price!

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      Although those are not the zip lock variety.

      • Oh Ok, sorry - not comparing apples with apples :)

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      Those are very thin cheap plastic without zip lock. Would not recommend :(

  • Quite possibly nationwide depending on stock. Picked up 2 in Subiaco (WA)


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    Perfect, toast will be kept fresher after the Sunbeam grill :)

  • I'd say they are reducing the packsize which is requiring them to get rid of all the inventory on this size only to introduce a new packsize (most likely to be smaller, but same price)

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    My store also had coles brand 30M cling wrap for 55 cents next to the $1.80 sandwich bags.

    • Excellent. Another one to look out for.

    • Our store had a ton right underneath but still old price tag. Thanks. Looks like I am making another trip.

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