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$2 1L Coconut Water Tipco + Delivery (Free with $80+ Spend) @ Harris Farm (NSW)


We buy only when they are on special. Normally 1L costs $4-6 in Woolies.

This brand tastes good. Some brand tastes horrible likely from immature young coconuts.

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Harris Farm Markets

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  • yes some brands do taste horrible, theres some from the asian shops i recall i think it was some asian brand and it was quite salty, and it was consistently salty which is odd

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      Are you sure you were drinking coconut water?

      • sago water?! lol.

        • Something else mate.. the makers would have fun in the process;)

        • @D6C1: Most likely misread label or it was cross contaminated in the fridge. I know my brother loves the sugary water that has little pieces of coconut in the frozen section of the Asian shop. Sometimes stuff that was in there before sticks to the packaging though :(.

    • ummm…asian ones are the best. Look for UFC Coconut Water or Chaokoh (both from Thailand), beats anything from Coles/Woolies

      • FOCO roasted coconut water is good! Aldis 1L equivalent is good too.

      • The overwhelming majority of coconut water is made in Thailand, even the big CCA owned brands like Zico are all made there (it tastes garbage), and Colesworth charge $6/litre, outrageous, the local fruitshop sells Tipco brand 12x1L for $3/litre, and it's much better, sweeter but no added sugar.

    • The ones from Thailand tastes slightly better than the one from Philippines and Vietnam. That's what I prefer when choosing coconut juice. Tipco and Ayam taste good. Some people prefer brands.

    • The nutritional profile for coconut water has about 4% salt water. This is natural and normal. What you find is some are sweetened and it drown out the salt, so when you taste some pure coconut waters they seem salty. I think it varies based on how young or old the coconut is too.

      There is one from Costco that is only about 3% sugar and you can definitely taste more salt. This Tipco for eg has 5% sugar.

    • Try Nirvanna coconut juice. They the best tasting out of all the coconut juices I have tried. I seen the small bottle selling at Shell before, the larger bottle I only seen in the Asian groceries. They go for $5 for 750ml so not cheap but they taste darn good.

  • Is this all harris farms?

  • Thumbs up for this brand. Best quality coconut juice compare to the ones I've treated. Of course nothing better than fresh juice from the coconut.i would be loading up on this price.

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    I dont like the taste on this one. Still prefer H2coco taste wise for non fresh coconut water

  • Anyone know where I can get this in Perth

  • Any Melbournians want to split an order of 40 bottles? I just want 20 :P

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      Edit - Whoops it turns out they don't ship out of NSW.

      • Shame it doesn't ship to Melbourne! Update description pls OP

    • I would have gone half with you

  • These are on sale 2x for $5 at my local Asian grocery in Adelaide. They taste good to me! No sugar too.

    • I'm pretty sure sugar is around 5 grams per 100ml, Did you mean no added sugar?

      • Yes that's what i meant, no added sugar. 100% coconut water.

    • Hey Wontone. Which store? Id like to get some.. Harris Farm don't deliver to us in SA

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        It's called AMK Groceries at 140 Grand Junction Rd, Rosewater. Walk in turn left and opposite the front counter there are boxes and loose ones on top. Or there are loose cold ones at the back in the fridge. While you're there, large Sriracha chilli bottles are only $4.95. My two main items i make the effort to bulk buy there!

        • Thank you. Very heloful… Appreciated

  • One of the best tasting coconut waters out there. There's some really good coconut water out there, but this one seems to have a natural sweetness to it that's sweeter than a lot of the rest.

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    Hmmmm, thanks op, was wondering how I might get horrendous diarrhoea.

  • whats expiry period if you dont open them?

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      expiry on the ones I just bought was December 2017

  • This brand tastes good. Some brand tastes horrible likely from immature young coconuts.

    Mmm, in my experience, any bottled coconut water tastes nothing like the real thing. Always inferior.
    I'm going to give this brand a shot based on your feedback. Thinking that I'll just buy 1 carton at Woolies and if it's any good, order in bulk from this post.

  • Just spoke to a rep, most have an expiry date of 23 nov 2017. Guess I'll go ahead with 40 cartons.

    • don't forget to click +1 if you think it is a good deal.

  • It's the old mature coconuts that doesn't taste good, or less sweet. Young and immature coconuts tastes great or sweet. That's for my tastebud.

    • old and mature coconut water is a laxative too… avoid it

  • Now $100 for free shipping.. ;(

  • This one is sweet, and doesnt have a weird processed taste to it. similar to cocobella.

  • Bought 8 from Harris farm manly, plenty left - last day. Taste very much approved

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    Yes, this one IS sweet - it's 45g of sugar in a litre (or 50g if looking at per 100ml, but I think that figure is rounded).

    It's 32.5g of sugar per litre in H2Coco, which is no added sugar.

    Not saying this one has added sugar - it doesn't indicate that in the ingredients - but it's heavier on the sugar content.

  • My two cents - having lived in tropical places for long, I am a big fan of fresh coconut water. I have tried at least 5 different brands here. Most of them don't even taste like coconut. At best some brands taste like extremely stale coconut water. If I had to compare, even those homebrand pulpy orange juices taste much close to actual orange (though only 10% match) than these coconut waters do to the actual/ fresh coconut water.

  • The best coconut water brand of all…ALL!!!!
    Having raised in SEA, I know how fresh young coconut water taste like. If you have not been to Thailand for a real coconut water, trust me this is the best coconut water you can get in packaging.

    I have seen Colonial Fresh Food in Chadstone SC (Melb) Asian section selling $1.99 for 1L and $0.99 for 500ml. But they're always out of stock.

  • There is a reason why they keep the Asian brands in the white plastic cans frozen, its because they arnt sealed tightly. They can foul up pretty quickly at fridge temp IE 4c as a result have a strange reek odour.

    I just go for any metal can sealed ones from thialand on rare occasions.

  • So, it shows up as $3.99 each for me..?

    And I can't seem to add this to the cart. NSW here.

    • Same to me. Sydney.

      • You guys have come late to party. Deal is expired

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