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Asus EEE PC Ultraportable Netbook! [4G] $208.95 Delivered


Asus EEE PC Ultraportable Netbook! [4G]
RRP$399. Catch Exclusive Price Smash!

Asus EEE PC Ultraportable Netbook! [4G]
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Asus EEE PC Ultraportable Netbook!

RRP$399. Catch Exclusive Price Smash!

4GB, 512MB RAM, WiFi, 7" LCD, Linux, Webcam

Light, Compact, Portable Computing at Catch Prices!

The EEE PC. A revolutionary product that has caused a massive stir in the computing world – with millions and millions sold worldwide. A truly ultraportable laptop with everything on board for work, study and play. Today on Catch we turn “Affordable” into “No Brainer”. An original Asus EEE PC, with Linux pre-loaded for just $199!

  • Available only in white
  • Incredibly compact 7 inch size, weighing under a kilo! Take it everywhere you go.
  • Hardware Specs:
    o 802.11g Wireless – Automatically detects and connects you to the net at hotspots!
    o 4GB SSD (Solid State Drive). More reliable, and shock resistant than ordinary HD’s.
    o Microphone and stereo Speakers
    o Intel CPU Inside
    o Expansion options courtesy of USB, VGA output and SD/MCC card bay.
  • Linux Operating System Pre-Loaded
  • Support for wide range of digital media, be it videos or music – enjoy your media on the go!

Power-efficient design provides longer operating time when on the go.

With a rapid start-up time, the Eee PC is always ready to get into action.

first post up here so not sure how it will look…thought it was a good deal

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  • i thought this was available for a while now..

  • Rather spend a bit more and get a better one. This thing is old

  • i dunno man just thought ill throw it up here for ppl who might want 1

  • brings back memories had one of these in late 2007
    screen resolution was too low for a lot of the functionality so you could not see al the info on pop up boxes

    • yeah….1024x800 is just manageable on a 10.1", 800 x 480 would be near impossible.

      The battery life of 2.8 hours (according to ASUS)seems to be very short for a solid state machine. I notice they haven't made mention of this on the COTD site.

      • I had a 6 hour battery (real usage) on mine from a third party manufacturer on eBay. The real life of the standard was barely two hours.

        While the extra capacity was great, the battery itself was physically huge. It was so big that it would easily tip over the netbook. Looked quite comical. All this while standard three cell netbooks with better CPUs were easily achieving 4 hours, and 8 with extra capacity batteries.

  • I wrote some instructions here on how to get the most out of your eeepc.

    • yep, I think I remember it:

      Step 1 - sell it and put the proceeds towards a proper laptop

      • it can be used for some good, i use mine on a daily basis as a vnc "remote" to my big rig.

        you get what you pay for

  • kind of old hat now, 7" just doesn't cut it

  • 10" starts from $90 more.

  • Whats the model number? I don't see it listed anywhere. And 7" is very old these days. For not much more you can get the far more useable 10" with hard drive and decent ram.

  • who wants this crap for $200? Even $100 I don't want to buy. This is the first generation netbook with Celeron CPU, 512MB Ram is terrible. There was plenty of deal previously for a proper netbook.

  • 701SD model most likey, its the original netbook released back in 2007. Many stores had it at the $200 price point since late 2008, but as its so old few places still sell it.

    Better off spending $300 for a 10" model that's actually usable

  • So many fully-fledged netbooks are now under $300, so a machine like this would have to be closer to $100 - $120, perhaps $150, to draw any market consideration.

    Having said that, it is a revolutionary (and magical?) product, and may have cultural and historical value as the original netbook.

    Buy it with your self-managed superfund, and sell it on eBay-equivalent when you're 65+.

  • Old celeron CPU, no Windows OS (Linux is good but ads no value), limited ram, limited screen size, limited battery life, limited storage, and overall limited appeal.
    There was an Eee 1001P for $60 more from these guys 2 or 3 weeks ago that thrashed this for a bargain.
    If that were posted again I'd be all over it.

    This price is about average value in my opinion, no bargain.

  • Lets give the TS a break. This is his/her first deal..

    • Hey - I think the deal is well worth posting, and still value for money for some people. But technology has moved on so much in 1 or 2 (or is it 3?) years, that this offer is far less special than previously. Mainly, in my humble opinion, the mini screen just makes this almost unusable, or at least unusable without compromise.

      But, as has previously been mentioned, it all depends on what you want to do with it, which will vary wildly between individuals.

  • Ok, here is some honest feedback. I bought one when they were on sale last time for my sister. She uses it often, but if i were to buy one again, i would have spent the extra $100 and got a 10"+, the 7 is way to small.

    Also not to mention its way underpowered, and the 4gb drive is basically useless (mine came with xp), and it wouldn't be a SSD it would just be flash memory like on a usb so its slow too. And battery life sucks…

    With all that said, if you want a super portable machine (for as cheap as possible) its worth it. Just find a nice fast linux distro and your away. Its got a monitor output so you could use it as a standalone machine if you have a monitor/keyboard ect. So its not totally useless!

    • I have one too, the 4gb drive is slower than a usb flash memory, I'm sure of this. Expect to have to spend another >$50 for an external usb disk to make it useable. It's not bad when booting from the external disk but to set up an external disk for booting you'll need an external cd drive as well so there goes more $

      It's small & light and good for travelling, I spent 3 months travelling with it.

  • I had this model, purchased from catchoftheday.com.au. It uses a Celeron CPU with no L2 cache and has only 512Mb of ram. The 4Gb SSD is almost filled by a basic installation of Windows XP.

    Most of all, this thing is slow. Very slow. Clicking on icons in Windows sometimes produced a lag of 3 or 4 seconds with no applications running. I ended up selling mine on eBay and purchasing a basic 1.6Ghz Atom based netbook. It's a world of difference in terms of performance.

    COTD should be flogging these off for $99 inc postage.

    • 1: Don't put windows on it. As poster above said, put a nice fast linux distro on it. It's not going to be powerful enough to do anything other than basic web browsing and email anyway, so why bother with windows?

      2: You're right about the price though. If this was $99 I'd grab one. At $199 it's a joke.

  • Just few days back they had no named 7" netbook (similar spec) with inbuild modem (GPRS i think) but with 1 year free broadband for same price. With 10" better spec netbooks at 100$ more, 7" is not much appaling.

  • Yes, old junk, should be less than $99

  • Not a bargain. They have been $199 for over a year!

  • I've actually got one of these on my desk at the moment. I got it for free - a friend didn't need it anymore.
    I put ubuntu netbook edition on it and it works well.
    You can upgrade the RAM to 2GB using 200 pin DIMMS (I had a couple spare from a notebook upgrade) and I bought a 16Gb SD card to increase the Hard Drive space for less than $40.
    Its good for web browsing, email and as an ebook reader, writing documents or watching movies on the train (I have an ebook reader and an ipad, but why bring 2 or 3 things when I can just bring 1 to work each day).
    I've started playing around with python and the google app engine on it. I've got BlueJ on there too.
    I also have it connected to a monitor at work with a keyboard and mouse. So I don't have issues with the screen size.

    For what it is - a small portable computer, its good and fast enough, but I wouldn't use it for a main computer.
    Admittedly, I probably would not have bought it if I didn't get it for free.