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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional OEM Version $6.83 USD | ~ $8.89 AUD @ PSN Games


Cheaper than ever before, Its up to you if you wanna buy into the whole OEM key selling saga.

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    We have two versions available – retail version that comes directly from Microsoft with all features unlocked and the OEM version which is the version provided by large PC manufacturers on devices they sell. The OEM is limited – it permanently binds to one PC on first activation, it does not come with Microsofts free phone support and you can’t use it to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 – only fresh install. The retail version does not come with those 3 restrictions but other than this it’s exactly the same product

    OEM Version – $6.83
    Retail Version – $15.74

    • Do you know if you can use an OEM key to upgrade from 'Windows 10' to 'Windows 10 Pro' or do you still have to fresh install?

      • Don't know sorry

        • I'd put that Q to a MS retailer…MSY, maybe?

          PS Watched a colleague try order one of each,
          with odd results:

          PayPal said they'll be paying "[email protected]"
          but a (post-PayPal) screen said the xaction FAILED:

          from "https://checkout.pay.g2a.com/index/gateway..."

          and suggested she use another payment method.

          WHAT's UP?

          Oh, so far, No Product was Rec'd…?

        • Oh, almost forgot:

          In the Order box, she first switched On
          some sort of Optional "payment guarantee"
          scheme (30 days Free, then 1 Euro/mon)

          When I saw that, I sugg'd she turn it OFf
          (which she did).

          Could this cause issues, OP?

        • Even minutes later (ie, after PayPal's 2
          eMails, advising the 2 orders HAVE BEEN PAID
          for), She's NOT got any Keys(s).

          She's Not happy at me… (I told her of deal)

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          @IVI: You may not want to google about g2a and this type of stuff happening, you won't be happy.
          I'm out at the moment so I can't see the deal easily but, from what you're saying, if this a a G2A deal.. for keys that are on here weekly from 'insert random ebay seller here' for the same OEM codes.. then I really don't know how the hell it's on the frontpage.

          TL;DR G2A has got a worse reputation than Gina Rinehart and its on the decline even further lately.

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          Never used these sites before, but my 2c is that the keys may have to be actioned manually before being emailed to you (not all key retailers are fully automated).
          Some key sites only send out their keys 1-2 days later.
          Also, if you've legitimately paid through PayPal, you should be protected and can claim a dispute, although I'm not sure how it applies to 'digital downloads' such as keys.

        • You may be right… dunno… but I just got a call from my associate (cost: my good night's sleep interrupted :-/

          She just got a reply about her Never Rec'd Order… from her eMail (a reply to one of her Tickets, in which she gives the PayPay transaction they requested):

          "I'm sorry but we do not have access to payments as G2A is only operator with such.

          You have to contact their support to get order ids: https://www.g2a.com/supporthub

          When you have such access you can contact us to continue with your orders."

          I must agree with her: This is Nutty!


        • -1

          Oh! Another early AM phone call… She was about to raise PayPal issues, but happily noticed that G2A had - for reasons unexplained - Cancelled her orders.

          No product rec'd, but No Money Lost… ah, I ask, what is you (& my) TIME worth?

          I won't be sharing "deals" like this with others (She's a hard-working Single Mum, "running near empty" but time is as important as $$ to her.)

          This kind of "deal" has proven to be a Time-Waster… there oughta be such a Category, & an OzB BAN (or Warning List) for such "deals" &/or their vendors.

        • strange, I buy steam and Xbox One keys off G2A, never had a problem ….they send the keys to the screen after you do payment and you do the "type this to prove you're not a robot" thing,

      • worst case, you have do a reinstall

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        Yes you can, I've done this for my laptop which had windows 10 home, upgraded to windows 10 pro.

        This is what i did: change product key to windows 10 pro using microsoft default trial key: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

        Then after that activate the windows with the oem key you purchased.

        • Awesome, I have seen this method online, but not specifically with OEM keys.

          I didn't want to get stuck halfway, so thanks for confirming!

      • Do you know if you can use an OEM key to upgrade from 'Windows 10' to 'Windows 10 Pro' or do you still have to fresh install?

        I've used a windows 7 pro key to upgrade a windows 10 install to Pro. I'm pretty sure it was an OEM key.

    • Can retail be installed on multiple cpus?

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        Can retail be installed on multiple cpus?

        I assume you mean "computers" rather than motherboards that have 2 or more CPU (Processors)…

        a) You can install it on as many machines as you like.

        b) It will verify on only ONE of the machines at any one time.

        c) If you "de-commission" the first PC, then you can verify on another PC.

        d) Windows 10 uses online verification of your licence against a checksum of your PC parts. So even if the machines were identical, it will only verify on one machine at a time.

        • what happens if i swap my gpus or change my drives or ram…doesnt that change the PC parts…if that voids my license then thats stupid

        • @furythree: It usually binds to the motherboard

        • @furythree:

          what happens if i swap my gpus or change my drives or ram

          If you put better ones in, it improves your computer. If you downgrade the parts, then that will worsen it.

          doesnt that change the PC parts…

          Well that's the whole idea, isn't it?

          …if that voids my license then thats stupid

          Yes it is, which is why it doesn't.

          And if you buy a retail licence, you can even change the entire machine and not void your licence.

        • @furythree:

          It might declare that it thinks it has been put on another computer and you will have to do a validation process or call for pin to reactivate. But being Retail you are legitimately allowed to move computers, so long as it is only enabled on one at a time.
          OEM is not supposed to move, but in my experience the phonecall will let anything through as long as you promise you only upgraded/repaired parts and it is still the original computer.

          If these suspect keys get cancelled as fraudulent then thats a different matter.
          Though even then they can have a policy of legitimising the key so long as you can reveal who ripped you off. Claiming you thought $8 was a legit seller may not fly though, never know.

        • the phonecall will let anything through as long as you promise you only upgraded/repaired parts and it is still the original computer.

          This is highly dependent on what the OEM key's origin is. For example, if you try to re-use a Vocus Communications OEM license (A big networking company in Australia). You'll need to verify that you are indeed, them.

        • and you can only have one machine on the network at a time ….can become risky as eventually it will ask you to contact Microsoft and explain why it's on multiple machines.

        • I swapped mother board and kept SSD drivewith win 10 on it due to Mboard intermittent failure …. rang Microsoft they gave me a new key for activation and all fixed.

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      seriously why are these scam/dodgy sites allowed to be advertised here as a bargain. What next? we have posts of guys selling stereo's at only $10 each off the back of his truck outside the pub, honest though we bought them from the manufacturer and they are 110% legit.

    • Worst case scenario you lose $9 and have to pay for a real key. It's a risk I was willing to take (when I bought my key last year for $17 - which is still working).

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        So stealing is now a bargain?

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          Paying $9 to steal isn't a bargain, isn't the whole point of stealing that it is free?

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          So stealing is now a bargain?

          JV has watched too many rental movies and fallen for the BS that copying is the same as carjacking….. Or in this case paying for a key is the same as stealing car keys.

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          If this were Grand Theft Auto JV edition, copying software would instantly get you a 4 star wanted level and cops start chasing you down and waste you with armoured cars and helicopters.

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          Don't know why jv is getting down voted… the entire ozbargain community has turned to aids lately.

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          Thats because some of us aren't dumb enough to fall for a phishing scam.

          The keys probably come from illegal sources and what do you think they will do with your personal and credit card details?

          If they are selling these keys for $8.89 then Microsoft must be selling them for $2 a key….. NOT!!

        • @Maverick-au: that add was stolen. It was only ever lisenced to be used at 1 film festival. They successfully sued the movie companys.

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          Just because you're not the one who directly did the stealing doesn't mean that the guy you're buying it from didn't steal it.

          It's the same as buying a stolen uni book worth $189 from a shady character for $9

          The book is physically identical to the legitimately purchased copy because they physically came from the same place. The value is not measured on how much it cost to physically print the book, rather it is based on it's content. You can print an unlimited quantity of books also.

          The person who stole it may have broken some locks and doors to gain access to the book warehouse where it was stored, and the owner will have to recoup that cost.

          Same as stolen software keys, where the cost to make a key is negligible but it costs the rightful owners in chargebacks from stolen credit cards.

          It could have been a lost sale for some who wanted that quality of book and were willing to pay full price, and for others they might not have bought it anyway. At least those who wouldn't have bought it would have been stuck with a shitty photocopy of it for their efforts.

          But you guys can just wash your hands from responsibility because you weren't the one to actually break in?

          Meanwhile the thief profits handsomely from selling all these stolen copies cheap and encourages more theft, which ends up hurting the legitimate users more when they put in more aggressive anti-piracy measures which affect everyone.

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          Thats because some of us aren't dumb enough to fall for a phishing scam.

          Sorry uh, where is the phishing scam you are talking about? I'm not quite certain you know what phishing is.

          The keys probably come from illegal sources and what do you think they will do with your personal and credit card details?

          Pure speculation, OEM keys come from an extremely wide range of people/places.. and most card processing systems websites use are all submitted to a trusted and known third party that deals with the sales of thousands of different websites.

          If they are selling these keys for $8.89 then Microsoft must be selling them for $2 a key….. NOT!!

          I don't even….

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          @The Land of Smeg: These keys aren't stolen, they are provided by Microsoft to their OEM partners. The partners are then incorrectly selling them to their customers. It's more akin to buying a multipack that says 'Not to be sold separately', and then selling them separately anyway. No theft has actually taken place, a breach of contract between the distributor and the seller has occurred.

      • No, worst case scenario you could be done for receiving stolen goods.

        • How many bytes is that?

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          no proof that they're stolen. It's the same as buying cheap goods on eBay, not my job to determine who their supplier is.

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          @lolmao: buying stolen goods is for cowards that are too scared to steal. You shouldn't do either and definitely not turn a blind eye.

        • +1

          @Rick Sanchez: I wouldn't buy goods if I knew they were stolen

        • @lolmao: But would you download a car?

        • +1

          @dfaktz: already tried

        • +1

          @lolmao: that's fine then, just referring to the difference between trusting a store to be doing the right thing VS turning a blind eye :)

      • Mine too.

      • Worst case scenario is that you give someone $9 for something that later turns out to be worthless, and then have to buy the license you could have just purchased in the first place saving yourself the $9?
        (Yes, I admit that a real license is a lot more than $9 but if you're going to have to buy several dodgy licenses and they're going to get locked out maybe just buying a real license is the better way).

        This is like saying that vpn.sh is a good deal at $3 a year because even though it is basically useless at least it only cost $3. The problem is both cases is that it creates incentives for people to sell things they know will not work for a long period of time (or at all, potentially) because the cost is sufficiently low that people will not chase up refunds. That is called a con.

        • Any cheap deals on tinfoil hats?

        • @pegaxs: No but if I see a bargain on Principles of Economics I'll drop you a message.

    • I wonder if its any different buying a Chuwi tablet with windows 10 on it from geekbuying…?

      • +1

        Yeah it's different, it comes with a tablet.

      • there is a windows 10 deal they did with tablet manufactrers …..screen 10" or less, and it's 32 bit windows 10 and its almost free ……Microsoft taking on the android tablet market.

        I never saw a 64 bit version of windows 10 with the TV boxes or tablets.

    • +3

      Well that's pretty messed up. Just pirate it in that case, at least you're not using someone's stolen details you paid the thief for!

      • Pirating is a lot of trouble now. MS have successfully disincentivised pirating so it's now easier to pay a small amount for a grey market key.

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    Ah the weekly here's a cheap licence key that may or may not work or stop working in the future post!

    Think of this just like iPhone/iPod cables, why spend money every couple of weeks/months on cheap and nasty cables, spend a bit more on quality cables that last (in this case, buy a genuine key that won't stop working)

    • +1

      I have never had an OEM key bought from a seller like this stop working

        • +33

          4 computers in my house and all are running OEM/Reseller/"whatever you're sooking about" keys. I have one windows 7, two on 8.1 and one on 10. All of them have been going for years with no problems, no letters from MS and none of them have ever stopped working. And what this has to do with cheap shitty iPhone cables is beyond me. Windows 10 is Windows 10. Doesn’t matter what license you have, it's still Windows 10. A $2 cable is $2 for a reason, because it's made from garbage material and shitty manufacturing. Now, if you could get a "Genuine" iPhone cable for $2, you are basically saying that you wouldn’t buy it because it hurts Apples bottom line and it's against their T&C's… Shitty iPhone cable =/= Windows 10.

          And you wouldn’t run the risk of $9??? lets do the maths… Win 10 Pro = $299 retail. $299 / $9 = 33.2…. At this rate, Microsoft could find you and ban you once a month and it would still be cheaper than Netflix. It would take about 3 years of them banning you on a monthly basis for you to get past your break even point. I bet you spent more on coffee in a day at the office and subsequent commutes. You spent more at Maccas in one sitting. You bought a round of beers for the boys that cost more.

          Hell, you could buy one of these AND a box of genuine iPhone cables for less than a retail Win 10 Pro full license key…

          Not worth the risk… Here, have another downvote, negative Nancy.

        • @pegaxs:

          I was using the analogy of cables as in "you get what you pay for"

        • +1

          @bricabrac89: Then it is a really poor analogy. The quality of cables usually deteriorates in direct comparison to its price point.

          Windows 10 is still Windows 10. If you pay full retail, if you get student pricing, if you get OEM pricing or if you get el-cheapo Reddit specials, it's still Windows 10. The length of time your copy may be valid for has absolutely no correlation with the quality of the product.

          Your analogy, if the same as Win 10 is; a genuine Apple iPhone cable is $80. But over on Reddit, I can get the same genuine cable, in the same box made by the same manufacture for $2. But that isnt fair on Apple, and if Apple find out I'm using their genuine cable for $2 and not $80, they just might disable it. "Might". And even if they do, it was $2. Just go and buy another 38 of them. you’ll still be in front.

          Ok, these deals are shady at best (hence no upvote from me). Who knows where they get the keys from. Excess/unsold keys. Card skimming/scamming. Outright lieing to MS. (That last one I have no sympathy for.) The fact is that MS dont really care. There isnt a lot of confirmed cases that MS is shutting these keys down "en-masse". I honestly dont think MS gives a shit, because they get access to all of your personal details. They just want you using their OS.

      • How do we know 1 of the sellers isn't bogus…? Maybe this one?

    • +4

      They are genuine, just the fact of how they are sold is the grey area. After all Microsoft can go on the internet just like you, find those deals and go after those companies. Until that happens I'm not worried. Even if key was working just for a year, you'd still be ahead, just buy another and wait for the MS Win 11. If you use a new key every year for 4 years before new OS comes out you still paid a lot less.

      Sure we may argue it is illegal, and that very well may be the case. In that case report them and if nothing happens you got your answer.

      • +1

        Won't be a windows 11,Windows 10 is it they'll just keep updating it.

        • +6

          Until they decide not to, and release Windows 11 instead.

        • +1

          @Fybre: No, they'll call it 12. They skip number now - because everyone knows that every second version of windows is a train wreck.

        • -1

          @macrocephalic: hahahahaha good point. Perhaps they should just skip all versions if that is the case!

        • @macrocephalic: Ah right, and Windows ME had no numbers.. that's why it must have been a train wreck.

        • @dfaktz: ME and Vista, but that doesn't explain 8.

        • Microsoft have release cycles , not annualy like android but every few years, and then there is a deprecation date, Windows 10 will be the same …. there will be an end date eventually, but looking at Win XP, win 7 ….. they do keep OS's alive for a long time (except Win 8).

    • +9

      I bought one of these 2 years ago and it's still working fine,

      So if your argument is "you get what you pay for" then I say to you my good sir, I am satisfied with me purchase :)

      • -3

        how are they any different from $5 keys on ebay.
        i would say it is not stealing. microsoft supplies free keys to OEM devices under certain screen sizes. microsofts windows 10 is loaded with Ads, it even adds ads when you install directx or other microsoft products.
        if these guys are selling old sticker keys, how is it different from selling a second hand product like preowned game disk?

        people talk about low moral fibre when using such keys.. doesnt microsoft want everyone to upgrade to windows 10?

    • +1

      No dramas then… I can spend the difference in key prices on more Eneloops and genuine iPhone cables.

      I ain't paying full price to upgrade my Home to Pro just so I can schedule my updates so they update when I want them to update and not in the middle of a gaming session.

      I am sure if I get a years use out of them I am still way ahead.

  • Can the OEM version be used to upgrade an existing 10 Home installation in situ?

    I suspect so but have never tried it.

    • To upgrade is a separate key so you might be up for a reinstall or repair .

      • I guess you could do a full reset and enter the key as it re-installs - until that point 10 Home and Pro are identical (same ISO for both)?

    • There is a way - simply GOOGLE. You have to convert using the "Generic PRO Key".

      That will chuck it back to un-verified again.

      Then you re-verify using your "new" Pro Licence.

  • Is there such thing as a cheap office key?

    • No Microsoft is pushing office 365 so when you buy a windows 10 PC or install windows 10 it's a free trial then pay Microsoft …

      I'm looking for a legit office 2016 key.

      • Can buy from volume licence sellers for about $30

      • +3

        I can't see the point of keeping on paying for specific Office versions when Office 365 is just better.

        You can get 12 months of free Office 365 Personal (which converts to 9 months of Office 365 Home) with a cheap tablet these days. Or $80 a year at OfficeWorks when it's on sale. That'll give you like five install each for five people, 5TB of OneDrive storage, an hour of international phone time a month and I'm sure I'm forgetting whatnot.

        If that won't convince you, spend just ten minutes of tracking Office XP and Office 2003 and Office 2007 installs for any random small business even past 2010 and you'll be converted.

    • +6

      HUP is your only way if ellegible. Do a search

    • +2

      My wife gets offered them through work, think we paid around $10-20.

    • I tried buying a cheap office key once, it didn't work, but I was able to get money back as store credit.
      The key came as a photo of a physical Licence sticker so I'm surprised it didn't work.

      Ended up just buying office from MSY.

      • Depends on how many other people also activated that key

    • As spackbace said, if your employer / uni is in the Microsoft HUP program you can get Office 2016 Pro Plus or Office for Mac for $15 each (download only)

      You just need to use your work / uni email address

  • +1

    Bought one from reddit about 3 years ago and its still working

    I think the reddit group might be better because the sellers say if the key stops working they will send you a new one.
    Not all offer this guarantee but some do.

  • +11

    great, another one of these sites that buys keys and accounts off MPGH and Hackforums and sells them to consumers for a profit.

    these keys are taken from MSDN accounts that are generated through MS's BizSpark program.
    They're ''''legit'''' but it's in a moral (and possibly legal) grey area

    • +7

      don't disagree, but its also morally wrong what MS charges for a 'retail' version as well!

      $300 for Windows 10 Pro…. ouch

      • holy crap, I upgraded from Win7 Ult though, so that was to be expected.
        I've seen Windows licences as low as $3 USD for Win10 Home and $4.50 USD for Win10 Pro on some of these sites. There's also insanely cheap Office keys, etc.
        I won't link (don't want to get banned !) but if you search, you will find.

    • +11

      Even though I'm a Ub3r Member on HackForums, I very much agree.

      These shouldn't even be touched, at all.

      In my opinion Digital Software keys on OzBargain should be banned - They never are legit.

      • +3

        Exactly - I've explained how it's sketchy and generally silly on another forum and I don't recommend it unless you're on a serious budget.

  • Would I be able to buy a key now and use it later in the year?

  • This could be a great deal - I've seen some Dell XPS 13 without an OS going cheaply on ebay.

    • +2

      Careful … these Dell XPS are sometimes bought from Graysonline (refurbished, seconds or faulty) and sold for a profit.

      • +1

        OMG!! Not a "profit"!!! How dare they. Oh well, better than turning a prophet, I guess…

        • +1

          Yep … sorry … wrong site … thought I am on ozbargain. Feel free to buy from ebay. Thought it's nice to tell where you can get them cheaper.

  • +7

    You can still upgrade for free here:

    I used this the other day and had no problems - although the install was ultra slow

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