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Petbarn 20-30% off Sitewide + Extra 30% off with Code (Online Only)


8.40PM: issues reported with code not working on certain items. Working fine on dog food though.

I received a 30% off code (PBCF30) which stacks with Petbarn's current 20-30% off sitewide sale which runs until 9AM March 2. Discount works out to be between 44-51% off. Free click and collect available nationwide otherwise flat $4.95 shipping to metro areas.

Managed to get some flea treatment from $133 down to $70.

Offers not valid on Vet Prescription Diets or Services or Technology items. Offers only valid for online orders at www.petbarn.com.au Offers expire on Thursday 2 March 2017 9:00AM AEST. Retail sale and quantities only. While stocks last. Illustrations, photos & packaging are only a representation of the products advertised. Regular and sale prices, offers and selection on www.petbarn.com.au may vary from those of Petbarn stores and of Petbarn local advertisements. Prices and offers are subject to change. Online orders can only be dispatched to valid street addresses in Australia, currently Petbarn is unable to deliver to PO boxes or Parcel Lockers.

PBCF30 code runs until Sunday 5th March 11.59PM

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  • +5

    Thanks got 20KG of black hawk for $68 pickup. Probably not the very best it has ever been but I'm almost out and it's a nice discount compared to the current cheapest.

    • Hey I keep hearing about Black Hawk. Is this currently the best dog food around? Why is it so popular? I'm going to give the lamb and rice one a go.

      • +1

        It's far from the best.

        It's better than the really crappy brands that use wheat as a filler, but there are far better alternatives.

        Depends on how much you want to spend, I feed my dog Ivory Coat which is one of the premium foods.

        It's much more expensive, but because it has a high protein level and quality ingredients my dog doesn't eat as much and it's not as expensive as it initially seems.

        But Black Hawk is miles better than supermarket brands.

        • I'm curious as I was looking at trying Ivory coat. It does have a higher protein content than Blackhawk (32% vs 25% when comparing the chicken variety) but then if I look at the serving size recommendations for both Ivory Coat recommends about 20% more per serve. (Maybe because of the reduced fat content?)

          Which means for my dog I'd be looking at 62 cents a day for blackhawk vs $1.47 a day with Ivory Coat… (based on current pet circle pricing)

          Do you find the serving size suggestions are accurate for Ivory coat?

          Anyway don't take that the wrong way. Ivory coat does get great reviews and there is no question it is a better quality food. If my dog was showing any signs of health issues I'd move her off blackhawk but 3.5 years of blackhawk and she is fit, health and extremely active.

        • +1


          The serving sizes for my dog aren't close to accurate, he eats less than the recommended minimum.

          It really depends on the dog and their activity levels, the suggestions are just a guide and vary.

          A 13KG bag of Ivory Coat lasts my dog about 1.5-2 months (he's 28KG and 15 months and still very active), so it's only a few dollars a day if that.

          And nothing wrong with Black Hawk, it's good you are feeding your dog a reasonable quality food instead of the awful supermarket ones.

        • +2

          It's far from the best

          While true, it's much better than everything you can buy from a supermarket (which is usually rubbish) and better than most foods you can buy from many vets.

          Blackhawk seems to be the best value for the quality. Better foods seem to start 30-50% more and keep going up.

          But with every dog, they might not like it or might get gas or other health problems so if you're going to try any different dog food, blend in with the old food, starting with a little bit then increasing the ratio for a week until you stop the old food.

          I always point people to www.petfoodreviews.com.au for what seems to be good analysis of ingredients of various foods.

      • +2

        I'd say it's a good mid to high range dog food that is well priced especially when on special.

        I've fed it to my dog since she was a puppy and have never had issues.

        There are better (and more expensive) options but it reviews well and I can vouch for it.

  • +1

    Thanks. Been waiting a while for this! Stocked up on cat food again!

  • Holy moly

    • +2

      Nope, it stacks.

    • +1

      further 30% off

  • Nice deal thanks so much OP.

  • +4

    Like before, be quick with codes that stack. The error is usually resolved quickly.

  • +2

    always get excited but these offers never work for fish food :(

  • +2

    When logged in I get message "Coupon code PBCF30 is not valid"

    • +1

      Me too says not valid as well!

      • +2

        Worked using express checkout via PayPal

        • Thanks let me try again

        • Where do you enter in the coupon code when paying via Paypal? I cannot find where.

        • @danielh:
          View Cart. Promo Code goes on the left.

        • @Steptoe:Bugga. Already bought stuff but I'll buy some more Frontline Plus and see if I can apply the code again. My problem is that once I try to pay via PayPal, I cannot see where I can enter in a code as it takes you to the PayPal site.

          Is this 'View Cart' within the PayPal app coz once you enter it the only option you have is to pay up.

  • Thx been waiting for stuff like shampoo etc

  • Funny majority of the cat food we need is out of stock. Ehhhh still good find!

  • Odd. A $60 order had $2 taken off it with this code. Nothing from exclusion list in my order either.

  • +1

    Coupon code "PBCF30" is not valid.

    cant seem to add it :(

  • Thanks.

  • +1

    Current at 8.01 guest cart will take both PBCF30 and PBCF25

    Worked on my account and I had used the code previously

    • +1

      Mine will only let me apply one or the other

      • Use pbcf30 for 30%

        I meant that both codes working seperate

        These codes were promo codes from a month or two back
        Some accounts would allow 25 some would allow 30

        • Got it, sorry

  • I can confirmed it works still. Just completed a purchase

  • Doesn't work on heart worms

    • Worked for me, ordered:
      premium dog food, flea treatment, heart worm, treats… $300 or so and got $90 off.

      Shame I ordered some treats a couple of days ago.

  • Thank you. Stocked up on 3 bags of dog food - saving $170. Hope they honour it and hope to pick it up tomorrow.

    • What type?

      • Advance. Full price is usually $122 for 13kg but can get it for $99 most of the time. Got it for $64.31 with this deal. Found it was the best for my dog as the other foods did not fill him up and he just ends up whinging for hours until meal time.

  • Not working for me… Do I have to be logged in?

  • The code doesn't work for both flea and worming treatments. Definitely works and applies the discount to food

    • +1

      Most worming treatments are a ripoff too. The best I've found is Fidos Closasole all-wormer on ebay for a pack of 100 delivered at $45

      Best before 05/2018 so I split it 3 ways with work colleagues.

      About to do the same with heartworm tablets. All-wormers don't treat heartworm, I don't know why they aren't combined but there might be reasons.

      • They are combined in Exelpet which you get from Coles. That sounds dodgy but it's exactly the same active ingredients as are used in the RSPCA range (https://www.rspcaanimalhealthproducts.org.au/faq/) but they are sold in two separate products. As it says on that page Praziquantel, Oxantel and Pyrantel Embonate are the same active ingredients in leading intestinal wormers such as Canex and Popantel, and Ivermectin is the same active ingredient in leading heartworm preventatives such as Heartgard and Nuheart. Guardian Complete Worming Chews has the same ingredients, and Iverhart Max and QuadriGuard also (without the Oxantel which is for whipworm).

        As for why the Ivermectin treatements are usually sold separately form the Praziquantel, Oxantel and Pyrantel Embonate treatments I can't say. I think because the allwormers only strictly require 3-monthly treatment and the heartworm monthly?

        • The 1/3 month cycle sounds likely. I often hope reasons like this are logical instead of commercial :)

  • +1

    Can't seem to get 25 or 30 codes to work with fish food or API master test kit.

    • Don't log in. Doesn't work on everything.

    • +2

      Why is that worth a neg then? Just report it if you think it has expired.

    • -1

      neg away
      couldn't care less
      whatever makes you sleep at night :)
      Internet Warriors

  • +1

    Code still working for me. Thanks OP just saved a heap!!! 4 bags of Royal Canin for $66 each

    • I just did the same, Royal Canin Maxi Junior for our Rottweiler Pup :)

  • Code still working for me.

  • I just tested on a guest account and the code is still working on dry dog food (at least until checkout)

  • Code is still working.

    Just bought 3 bags of Advance 15KG for $205 delivered.
    The cheapest it has ever been for us.

    Thanks OP

  • still works, 8kg of Indoor Cat Food for under $70, awesome thanks. That's a record low for me!

  • Yep, worked on dry dog food but not dog beds or leads.

  • Doesn't work on collars

  • Just worked for me on Black Hawk dry, greenies and a Halti.

    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered some worming tablets for my cat, which I was about to order anyway.

  • Thanks. Just got 3 x 30kg cat litter for $34.44. At Woolworths 3 x 24kg costs $57.00.

  • +1

    Doesn't work on Frontline Plus Green for Cats Flea Treatment 6 Pack but DOES for 3 Pack.

    It ends up cheaper to buy the 3 Pack x 2 with the discount vs the 6 pack without.

    • Thanks for the tip …. no wonder it wasn't working for me. You're tip worked perfectly for Interceptor and Frontline Plus

  • Works on Pro Plan dry cat food. Just stocked up for the next 6 months. Thanks!

  • +1

    showing not valid

    • Try another product or different bundle of the same item you want.

  • thanks op- ordered a few things. i made a second order whilst still logged in and the code didnt apply (said it was not valid). after logging out i tried to re apply and it worked, so if anyone is having problems give that a try

    • You may also need to clear out cookies from your browser's cache. Code usage will often be stored in one of these, which is how web sites know when you've already redeemed it.

  • Thanks OP, the code worked, ordered two 6kgs science diet mature cat food for $50 each delivered.

  • Thanks OP

  • Cheers worked for Oz Pet Litter. So annoying that PB don't stock Oxbow :/

  • Click and collect is not available nationwide. Only in certain stores. There seems no logic to it, for example in Was they do it in Hobart, Burnie and Devonport, but not Launceston (the second biggest place). If Petbarn is a franchise maybe each franchise owner decides if they want to offer the service.

  • For someone that had it work, can you please see if it works with seachem matrix filter media?
    I've tried different accounts, guest accounts, incognito and different browsers

    Thank you

    • What are you trying it on?

      • 'Seachem matrix' filter media
        FYI it did work with dog food :/

  • Thx OP, Code worked for me, Wellness core dog food. 6 bags for $452. $75 per bag, thats 50% off normal price, Best deal ever. Big savings ;)

    • I also get the Wellness, I moved from the 'Core' to 'Complete Health Grain Free', can't see much of a difference in ingredients, but its cheaper and more to a bag.

      • +1

        They (Pet barn staff) said, the difference is the quality of the ingredients, like Core is using "boneless turkey meat", others use "Turkey" that can be any part of the turkey. The fact is, there is no way we can tell if thats the truth or not… and god knows dogs can taste the difference… lol

  • Hmm, I just logged back onto my account and my order isn't showing in the "My Orders" area, is anyone else's!? I've already got the order email and there is a pending charge on my CC.

    • Mine is showing OK as "processing".

      • Is yours a click and collect or delivery order Baldussimo?

    • Same for me here. Received email confirmation but nothing in the My Orders section. I have the points earned for the order though. Weird

  • If anyone's not sure if the code has stopped working or it's just their specific item

    Add black hawk 20kg here

    Then add the code to the cart
    Discount on this dog food is
    Pbcf30 ($29.28)
    Will test if the code is working

    If this amount doesn't increase when your item is added it's not valid for this double stack code

  • This was extremely helpful, thanks heaps.

  • Finally a decent petbarn offer, actually worked out cheaperthan other stores cheers op!

  • +1

    Coupon code "PBCF30" is not valid.

    dammit was to late to the oz bargain pet party

  • Awesome worked, got 2 bags of Coprice for $44 bucks. Bargain!

  • FYI filter media for aquarium seachem matrix and aquaone noodles and substrate it isn't working
    Dog food is but wasn't much extra discount

  • $54 dollars shipping for two bags to a regional area… Oh well

    • +5

      Yeah but your home only cost $80k so you've got that going for you which is nice

  • +1

    How often does a deal like this come around? Or how often to Pet Barn (or other pet stores) do larger % off sales like this? We're getting a dog in the next couple of months but I'm not sure exactly when, and it's to early to stock up now not knowing 100% what dog we're getting.

    On a related note, where is the cheapest place to buy pet supplies? Is there a retailer that is generally cheaper than other pet stores?

    • The codes aren't really supposed to stack and I think they'll eventually catch onto this. There's certainly no harm in buying say a 20kg bag of Blackhawk puppy which might end up being all you need depending on the dog. Pet Circle is usually the cheapest generally but it's always good to check around.

  • +1

    Great work OP!
    Just ordered Sentinel Spectrum for my pup via PayPal express for approx half it's retail price. THANKS!

  • just order 4 packs of cat litter and 2 packs of treat
    the code works for me (paid by credit card, with login account).
    Thanks OP!

    btw, what's happening to Petbarn? the promo is so frequent… like how DickSmith was in 2015….

  • Thanks OP !!!!

  • Just ordered some Pro Plan, code still works! Thanks OP!

  • thank you ordered 40kg of dog food

  • Is it just me? It doesnt seem to work with any of the fish stuff.

    The one time it might be worth it buying fish stuff from petbarn and it doesn't apply

    • Can't get any filter media to work

    • I suspect that this isn't working on the items already marked at 30% off
      Dog bowls, shampoo leads etc
      Cats drinkwell fountain collars etc
      Rabbit food
      All marked 30% none apply

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