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10% off All Airfares @ Etihad Airways (Economy & Business)


Here's a code that takes 10% off ALL economy & business fares. Enjoy :)

  • Code: AUPROMO
  • Discount: 10% off all Economy & Business
  • Routes: Australia to any Etihad destination
  • Purchase Dates: 7th March - 31st March
  • Travel Dates: 7th March - 30th May

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  • Have you ever been overseas, Tightarse?

  • Hey TA were you able to get the AMEX deal to work? I was keen to see if any of these promos could be stacked with it, but I couldn't get the AMEX deal to show up on any flights.

    • Tried everything, but can't find a coupon slot in the AmEx offer. Be great if they did stack!

      • I was able to get the promo code box to show with a small trick, but it didn't stack.

        • Both offers modify the fare code, so I don't think the discount can be stacked.

  • Any discount for BA ?

  • Travel Dates: 7th March - 30th May

    I wanna travel in November….

    • I travelled in November and booked in November. Flight to Europe was ~$1250 with Emirates. Don't get sucked in to the book months in advance nonsense. Just keep an eye on things.

      I wouldn't leave it late if you're a big party though, don't want to risk anything like that.

      • yeah i know, i traveled in Nov 2 years ago and booked 2 weeks before was under 1K for flights.

        • That;s really good. What airline and what continent? (Assuming Europe).

        • @no not me:
          SYD to AMS

      • is that return tho?

        • Yeah, sure was. Trust me, you can get absolutely excellent flights 3-4 weeks before take off. Better if you have a bit of flexibility. I find that departing before November 24-25 is ideal. Possibly because the university and school exams/graduations begin to wrap up around then and they ramp prices up for students that travel.

        • @no not me
          That will work in November, but I wouldn't do that for the July school holidays as an example.

  • -1

    Doesn't work?

    • Sure does. Make sure you're within the travel dates in the description.

      • Yep. Realised soon after.

        Even after the 10% its still cheaper to book via other services and still fly with Etihad.

        Cheers for the deal anyway.

  • +2

    After booking Etihad flights last month I found Flight Centre price match cheaper than the Etihad website. I price match the cheapest quote with Etihad I found on Skyscanner (Auntbetty.com) and saved over 15% compared to Etihad website, Flight Centre only needed a screenshot of the flight details and they had no issue with matching the price on the spot. I booked with Flight Centre for some extra piece of mind, rather than a random website.

    Example at random using the promo code - Sydney to Manchester 7 April to 21 April with Etihad
    * Etihad website with promo code - $2,129
    * Auntbetty (from Skyscanner) - $2,065 Then price match by Flight Centre

    Hope it helps somebody

    • +4

      Disadvantage of booking with flight cnetre is that you cannot change or manage your booking.
      You want to choose your seats, you have to submit the request via flight centre, and they will forward your request. Keyword REQUEST.

      • +1

        I'm not sure that's right. Pretty sure my wife chose her seats online with a price match Flight Centre ticket. This was with Thai though.

      • I can modify my booking on the Etihad website including pick seat, meal option etc. I can't change the flight or upgrade online but I can call Etihad to change (well it is given me the option)

    • you do know there are extra fees with flight centre?

  • I cannot believe how expensive Etihad is, in the first place. To fly from Melbourne to Manchester is extortionate. I will have to look elsewhere.

    I hope that this benefits someone though :)

    • Yes their MAN flights are expensive, however other routes can be found for reasonable prices. If you can skip landing in the UK you can save a lot due to the UK taxes added to flights

      • Try a multicity flying out of CDG or similar. In my experience flying into LHR and out of CDG is one of the cheapest.

  • Just tried and guess it doesn't apply for multi-destination flights. Worth a try. Thanks

  • I should let all ozbargainers know.

    When you are served drinks on Etihad they will only fill a cup for you.

    They will never leave the mini bottle or can of beer or wine you have.

    They will use the remnants for the next client.


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