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KFC 30 Nuggets + 2 Large Chips + 4 Dipping Sauces for $15.95 National Order Via Express App


Exactly as title says, order via the express app and get 30 nuggets, 2 large chips and 4 dipping sauces.
Order > colonels table > nugget party pack.

KFC Xpress app is now available in QLD (as of 14/3, thanks oscinator1988), however still excludes NT.


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  • +2

    New to me thanks a change from the 9 pieces deal

    • I can't afford the change. The $/KJ is too high

  • Nice

    • +9

      username checks out

      • wheresthechicken would check out

  • +9

    Has been on for ages

    • +14

      Thanks for letting us know.

    • +1

      New to QLD

  • +6

    Was this never posted? Has been available for months now

  • qld?

  • +23

    Holy baby jesus. I juat gained weight by clicking this deal.

    • +5

      Nobody would notice

      • +6

        It sgetting hars to typewit a gresy scren

  • +4

    Hopefully a mod can make the deal not expire off the site.

    My local has become Xpress since last time I checked which is good

    Chips are swappable too. I.e Shaker Salad, Large Coleslaw or Potato &Gravy, Large drink

    Fun fact if you bring the total above $20 your free chips abd drink for feedback both become Large chips & 1.25L drink

    • +11

      Your comment is making me fatter.

    • Sometimes $19.95 is enough. Sometimes they will still give u small chips if u spend over $20 and u need to remind them.

      • ah you are correct! $19.95 it is. Damn I bought some extra crap just to break the $20 barrier when it reached $19.95. I feel stupid now… and fat, very very fat.

  • +3

    good deal but will pass as i'm on a diet, i'd like to give my support to those trying to lose body fat, you should not give in to these deals and actually turn down free food that if you shouldn't be eating it!

    • +9

      but its freee

      • And finger licking good.

  • Are the nuggets at kfc any good? I like maccas

  • I was getting ready to complain that my nearest KFC express is 20kms away, but I checked and they've actually expanded quite a bit in Perth.

    • Yea was quite surprised. I was sitting in the drive thru at Innaloo on Saturday and was trying to decide what to order bu then I realised that I could actually order from the app. Win. Scored a free zinger with the buy 1 get 1 free offer in the app. The staff need training though as the had no idea what to d and had to call a manager.

  • +2

    Even though I love cheese, but the red rooster one is not nice. KFC is better at nuggets imo than McNuggets though it's been 3 years since I had mc nuggets!

    • red rooster nuggets feel like they're mush compared to KFC ones

  • We should do an eating challenge with this, $5 buy in, must have a vid, winner takes all!

    Im out, i couldnt eat all of that!

    • It'd be easy. 30 little nuggets and some chips.

      • I dont think I could eat 2 large chips.

  • +1

    Dupe of this deal:

    It never actually expired. I've been getting it every week or so the last few months.

    • +1

      Xpress is now in QLD/WA

  • Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.
    Ain't no party like a chicken nugget party.

    • not quite infinite, infinite
      not quite, infinite.

  • Lot's of good deals on the app, had 2 zinger burgers for lunch today buy one get one free @ $5.95.

  • +3


    I live in Brisbane. I just successfully ordered at the Springwood store, through the app (no Xpress, but able to pick up)

    • Yes just tried it now - before it wouldn't work, but now it's picking up lots of Qld stores. Inala near me doesn't work, but Springfield and Indooroopilly work (which is excellent!)

      • +2

        All QLD Stores came today!

        • not quite, there's still a lot of 'grey' map icons in the app. All the stores still say Xpress coming soon, with some able to order (red icon) but I'd say a good 60% of them are still grey and unable to order from.

        • @ptfff:

          Which region are you looking at, Brisbane?

        • @oscinator1988:gold coast and brisbane

        • @ptfff: Oh Right, I thought north brisbane was the last area to be activated, looks like they still need to activate Gold Coast Stores, will probably come next monday. They activate about 20 stores at a time per week just so they can fix it issues.

        • @ptfff: Gold Coast stores now online

  • Nothing KFC does is express… our local KFC is awful… takes forever…

  • Only four dipping sauces is pretty stingy for 30 nuggets!

  • +1

    I despise you. Thanks OP for a great deal ๐Ÿ‘

  • +1

    thanks OP. just had one. nuggets are not as big as mackers though.

    • Mackers?

      Is that the posh way of saying Maccas?

  • As someone who can only just now use express (Brisbane).

    How do you redeem the survey chips/drink in conjunction with the app?

    • +1

      You have to hand in the receipt when you pick up the order if you pre pay, or if you pay at the counter then you can just do it as per normal.

  • Got this twice in the last month to share, it's a great deal. always ask for fresh nugs and be patient for the wait

    • +1


    • I agree, got this yesterday and received fresh chips and nugs. So much better then soggy chips and nugs.

      • I heard requesting fresh chips/nugs was despised in the fast food industry and a nightmare…?

        • +1

          I went on a Tuesday night so they were extremely busy as it was. I didn't request just got lucky, even so I had to wait a ridiculous amount of time in the drive thru.

        • @brandogs: On a related topic.. regarding salt.

          The store in Chelsea Heights VIC I love it when they do the shaker and it rains with a decent amount of salt on the chips.

          …My closest store in Keysborough it's as if they are keeping their salts close to their chest..

          Just little things that make a store stand out with good service

    • I heard asking for fresh chips/nugs was despised in the fast food industry and a nightmareโ€ฆ?

  • I'm not sure why, but every time i see a reference to a 'nugget', i think of a turd.
    A small, compact, brown turd.

    • +1

      Maybe you're referring to a butt nugget?

  • 30 Nuggets? That's insanity, it would be good for a family of 4 -6, don't think 2 people can devour that much though…but thanks for the deal, OP

    • +3

      I bet there are some people here that can do the lot on their own.

      • did a chicken nugget contest at work one day with another guy, 48 nuggets each (when maccas had the 24 for $9.95). I made the stupid mistake of putting the first 8 or so in a cheeseburger and eating them that way, only made it to 37. Stopped because I was feeling a bit off and had to interview someone shortly after. Other guy did 45, no sauces and a thick shake.

        That guy is a hero around the office.

        • +1

          Next comp. Who has the lowest cholesterol.

  • Straight to KFC for me tonight!

  • Works in Sunshine Coast, QLD

    • Lots of deals in the app. 2 fillet burgers/twisters, 2 regular chips and 2 cans of soft drink $11.95!

  • +1

    It's all fun and games until you actually try to eat 30 nuggets.

  • +1

    Tonight was the last time I get KFC for a long time. How hard is it to cook chips? They're always soft and gluggy and look and taste like they've barely been cooked. The chicken pieces too same deal. In the past anytime I've gotten nuggets and they're always only half cooked, soggy and tasteless. This is all at various stores too.

    It amazes me KFC gets much business at all.

    • the 9 pieces for $10 are pretty good. It's an entire chicken (or more) spiced and cooked for you.

    • Yeah, usually my experience too. On the extremely rare occasion that the food is fresh, it's actually very very good. You might be able to get fresh chips by requesting them, or go during busier periods when there's a higher turnover of food.

  • anybody know if this is served all day like in the early hours of the morning in the 24/7 stores? Would be great to have after a night out!

  • All stores in Sydney? Town Hall KFC works?

  • +1

    Sithlord - "….however still excludes NT."

    What has NT ever done to KFC to be treated like this?

  • -1

    Excludes Manly Corso KFC!

  • When I go to the app, they advertise "skip the queue" How does one skip the queue when you still have to line up and give them your express app order number?

    • You skip the queue by prepaying. Then you just hit "Im in store" button and then your order gets packed and handed to you straight away.

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