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40% off All Skype Gift Cards @ Woolworths (22/3)


Obviously not as good as 50%, but the best discount available right now. Enjoy :)

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  • About time 👍🏾

  • Bam, good find, thanks ;)

  • Hi TA,

    Does this deal start or end at 22nd March? Sorry I'm a gumby.

    • He has posted it as starting on the 22nd of march, officially.. and following the standard of mail-out special catalogues, logic would say it has a starting date later than the date he got it (today).

      TL;DR On both accounts, 22nd seems to be correct.. Ending on the 28th.

    • Things like WhatsApp are barely competing with Skype, its a completely different market, those are for the most part.. user dependent, you need the person you're calling to also be signed up.

      Skype is true VoIP, you have a real phone number, you can call any phone number in the world, mobile or landline, whether they have Skype or not ..if they do have Skype, then its the standard bonus of the apps you mentioned, free calls and video calls.
      (I could go on for quite a while here)

    • People use it to call landlines. And the quality is pretty good. Useful when you need to make a call to your bank like CBA if you are having issues with the credit card when you are travelling overseas. You cant do that with Whatsapp. And the calling rates are very affordable so $10 can last a pretty long time. Lastly, you can also setup the account so that your receiving party's caller ID shows your phone number. Now, you dont look cheap when calling business associates!

      • Phone number hardly works from memory - most people I call see blocked.

        However they can call my local number meanwhile I'm literally anywhere in the world which is A+

      • You should always do reverse charges when calling banks

  • Can you use these vouchers to renew annual Skype subscriptions?

    • You can indeed!


      • BUT make sure under your subscription to set Skype Credit as payment source.

        By default it won't be, so come renewal despite having tons of credit, your card will be charged. They won't refund or anything.

        I'm still using credit from like 3 years ago because my first year didn't use it, then 2x years of subscription :)

    • I have done it before. No issue. The voucher credits are separate from the subscriptions.
      You apply the credits to your account. Then use those credits to pay for the subscriptions.

  • Just wondering what do people use this for mainly? Isn't Skype on wifi free?

    • skype-out to landlines. I personally get by with whatsapp, imessage etc but skype's decent also.

      • Cheers. I get by with whatsapp and viber. don't need to call international landline numbers that much. If I do it's covered by my phone plan to a certain extent.

    • I use them to renew my premium global unlimited subscription.

  • I wish they'd have a much smaller minimum for PAYG. At 3 cents a minute for a one off call to the UK (for example), the calls from Australia don't end up being so competitive when you have to fork out $6, even for the "just in case" scenario.

    A lot of people get similarly priced calls or even free calls to some destinations on TPG. Help a brother out.

  • obviously not likely, but can you use these other than for skype?

  • Newbie question: Can the credit be used for skype like a pre-paid,i.e. you can charged only when you make outbound call? Is there an international number for anyone to call you? Is there any expiry to the credits?

    • These cards have a value in them, which you can apply to your account. They have an expiry date of 1 year from date of purchase (from memory). And anytime before this expiry, you can apply them to your account.

      Once applied, these credits can be used for a number of things:

      • to make calls which are charged on a per call basis. Like calling cards, the credit will be deducted after each call.

      • to buy a subscription.

      • to send as gift to another skype contact.

  • sweet.. how long does this credit last?

    • If my memory serves me, it has an expiry of 1 year from the date of purchase, to be applied to a skype account.

      • I thought after a while it deactivates but then you can reactivate it again online through the website?

        • Yes, I believe it is the case for skype credit which has already been added to a skype account, and if the account has not been used for a while. However, I am referring to the skype voucher, and its 1-year expiry.

          So yes, once a voucher credit has been added to the account, there is no risk of losing the credit.

  • if subscription is 120, but skype credit only 100, will the renew still work?

    • Of course not :-). Assuming you have set the subscription to renew via skype credits.
      If it is set to renew using your credit card, then it will still renew.

  • Hi there, how can use this card when travelling overseas (i.e. stopovers in Dubai and USA) and no free wifi available? Thanks

  • Just wanted to say that Skype has the best international call quality of any service I've used. Hands down it is the winner. Calling from Australia to some crappy mobile phone in a developing country out in the middle of nowhere…call quality is still what I would consider HD.

    I always try to stock up during any discount offers.

    Unless somebody can refer me to another VoIP provider with similar call quality, I think I'll stick with Skype. Been bitten too many times using other services and been disappointed with the call quality.

    • Not sure which country you're referring to but at least for Indonesian mobiles, it's one of the cheapest and most reliable.