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Google Home (White) - $158.40 Delivered @ Dick Smith / Kogan eBay


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Ready for Google to be your new assistant?
Voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant
Integrates with your favourite smart devices
Control music, streaming services, lighting and more just be using your voice
Compatible with a huge range of partners including Spotify, Netflix, Philips, Polk and more
Get instant answers about weather, traffic, finance, sports results and much more
A device with all the answers
What’s the weather today? Will I need an umbrella or sunscreen? How’s the traffic looking? Did my team win last night?

Google Home is ready to answer your questions from the moment you roll out of bed. Before you even pour a coffee, you’ll have all the information you need to start your day on the right foot.

It can even tell you how to say a phrase in another language, solve maths problems and provide instant nutritional information on the food you’re about to put in your mouth.

With Google Home, important answers are always just a question away.

Control your entire home without leaving the couch
Settling in for a cosy movie night?

At your command, Googe Home can start playing Netflix on your smart TV, dim the lights and set the perfect temperature.

It’s able to seamlessly connect with a huge range of smart devices, from TVs and Chromecast, to lighting, heating and cooling.

Never miss a meeting
With Google Home on your side, you’ll always be prepared for the day’s challenges.

With your permission, Google Home will learn about you and get personal. Google Home can retrieve your flight information, set alarms and timers, and even book you an uber for your upcoming appointment.

No matter how busy or forgetful you are, you’ll always be in control.

Far-field voice recognition
Far-field microphones and industry-leading natural language processing ensure Google Home hears you reliably.

It also features a Hi-Fi speaker that delivers crystal-clear highs and rich, deep bass.

What's in the box
Google Home

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closed Comments

  • +139

    Not today CIA, not today

    • +40

      Should send one to Trump with a note "Compliments from Obama"

    • +4
    • +4

      people paying $158.40 to have an "Agent inside" :)

    • +1

      This is the comment I came here for.

    • +3

      OK, look, reality check here. Do you realise that there is a much easier and better target for the CIA - your mobile phone. Relatively easy to turn the microphone on all the time and route the audio over the mobile network, all via the separate and hidden mobile comms software (which is separate from the rest).

      Whereas something like this you can check what packets are being sent over the wifi, etc. - and people have.

      Saying that, I'd get an Amazon Dot over this, at least until Google significantly improve their software. It's more mature, and cheaper. And once Amazon startup here in H2 of 2017, probably of more use.

  • +5

    But can it microwave??

    • +28

      Yes, it has WiFi. How much time have you got?

    • +1

      You mean the gadgets than can turn into a camera and spy on you?

  • +3

    Are these any good?

    • +2

      I have one, and it's pretty awesome. Hooks up to your smart devices so you can control them by voice. Also guests love it. Seems noticably more accurate and versatile than the Amazon Echo.

      • I've been tempted by this and the Echo since I saw the Echo on Mr Robot a few years ago. You mention Google Home is noticeably more accurate and versatile than the Echo. Can you please elaborate? I'm genuinely interested in the opinions of people whom have both devices (I had the opposite impression from my limited research - reading reviews and watching YouTube reviews suggested the Echo was ahead in most aspects, at least in the States).

        • I've had the Echo since it was launched in 2015. An awesome device - does nearly everything that I need from it like linking to Spotify. I believe that Sonos integration is just around the corner. Downside is that it is US-centric (or UK/Germany-centric if so inclined) so can't easily get local time, weather etc

        • +3

          With my amazon home I get local time and weather forecasts, set alarms just by asking.

          Unfortunately with news you still can't get Australia, but you can setup BBC if you want a more world focus rather than US.

          I use it with Wemo and Chromecast. I can tell it what to show on the Chromecast.

          It's a toy, but I enjoy using it and blows peoples minds when shown.

          This is a great price.

    • +1

      If you're interested in watching beauty and the beast it welcoming Google's partners to be your guest, sure it's useful.

    • I've got a Google Home and an Amazon Echo. The Echo is better for home automation (custom Sonoff/MQTT devices) but it's rubbish for anything else. Google Home is good for everything else, including asking simple things such as what the weather is going to be tomorrow or what time does Bunnings close.

      FYI: I've got Google Home talking to a Hue Emulator running on a Raspberry Pi which then talks to my custom Sonoff/MQTT devices (no IFTTT rubbish) so I could do away with the Amazon Echo but I hate using the wake command "Ok Google" or "Hey Google".. so that's one of the main reasons I still use the Echo.

  • +36

    You can use your wife for the same function. Free.

    • +13

      but she might be malfunction if you dont pay off the credit card debt.

      • -30

        A good kick in the arse will solve that, providing you have the courage

        • -7

          i prefer a longer instrument

        • -12

          Ooohhh all ladies got upset :(

          Keep the negs coming :)

        • -6


          Lol, careful mate some people can't take jokes. Must be that time of the month

    • +21

      It ain't free… Trust me.

      • +2

        The wife will take $150 for each question.

  • +61

    What is this, a home for ants?

    • +23

      It's all I can afford in Sydney

      • +3

        It's funny coz it's true

        • have you heard of illegal black town housing

    • Totally agree, this is ridiculous, the home has to be at least… THREE TIMES BIGGER THAN THIS!!

  • +3

    Google Home + Tasker + Autovoice is just awesome. Best toy I bought in a lot time.

    • +7

      Any examples of some cool stuff you've done?

      • +9

        Certainly not spell-checking ozb posts…

        Best toy I bought in a lot time

        • +1

          I have mine set up with wemo's and nest and a ring front door and aircon controllers (cant remember the name).
          Its quite cool.

          I can say "hey google turn on the fan" and the fan comes on. Hey google im hot and the air con comes on etc..
          Also you can say hey google open the garage door will open my door (using wemo relay)

        • +3

          Can a burglar say the same thing or does it only recognise learned voices?

          Hey google where did I leave my cash?
          Hey google where is my jewellery again?
          Hey google where is my Smith and Wesson?

        • +2

          @TightBottom: if a burgler has got into my living room where the google voice is im not fussed if they open the garage because they already have compromised it. Of course they will be having other issues with 100db screamer going off which will interfere with the google voice recognition

        • +2

          Hey. I did spell check it. Turns out 'lot' is an English word. Who knew!?

        • @unifex: how do you use it with the ring doorbell?

        • @ekto:
          that was a bit vague. I have all these things integrated through IFTT but i cant recall if i have a source to destination for that specific combination

    • +1 for examples pls, am interested in Tasker too but never got around to using it/learning how to.

  • +2

    I have one at home, works well. Good voice range, sometimes gets the voice command wrong. Use it a lot with my Google Music subscription. The most used command in our home is adding items to shopping list. "OK Google, add milk to shopping list."

    • +1

      I think I read here you can also use "Hey Google", I started using that and it's way more fluid.

    • Is that using google lists?

      • +3

        Google Keep - it will auto create a "Google Assistant Shopping List" and add items to that list

        • sold!

          Now I hope we can all read that list on our phones. (the 2013 incident of 2 x 48 packs of toilet paper & 6 x 10 packs of ice blocks is why we use MyGroceries)
          Can you make different lists easily enough (add item to aldi list, add item to costco list)?

          and can you remove them via voice?

          Nice that the pricing is cheaper then Google US ($122.50 vs $129).

        • @supabrudda:

          Doesn't appear so. Just tried and it said to manage it through the app directly.
          Also tried to add an item to my "Safeway" list and it just said "Ok, Iv added x to your shopping list".

  • +6


    I want to pull the trigger on this but apparently they spam ads now…

    • +3

      I think the swift backlash means you can safely not fret about that for quite a while.

      • I agree with you. As an aside, I think their response was infuriating as they didn't address peoples' concern at all.

        • +1

          I've never heard a single advert so far in the 2 weeks I've had mine… but according to yesterdays news, they've backed down and removed any ads already.

        • +2

          Ads are location based. Google Home is not in Australia therefore no advertisers would have selected Australia as target markets, therefore no ads.

        • @cymon: Ahh right, that makes sense actually.

  • Will this come with Australian power pack?

    • No. You're buying a US Google Home since they're not released here yet. Just chuck an adapter on the end and you're fine.

    • +1

      In theory it should…

      …all international models are supplied with an Australian compliant generic charger and are suited for use in Australia

      • It'll be an Australian compliant generic adapter.

        The Google Home's power cable is a proprietary cable - so unless someone out there is making AU versions of these, I'd say you'll just get a US/AU adapter.

    • +7

      I don't know if a comedian is the best place to get your information. Especially since all he seems to know about it is what he saw on an ad.

      First of all it should not record or transfer any data until "Ok, google" is said.
      So even though its always listening, its just listening for that one phrase which its doing internally, then after that it runs the commands through google servers.
      Second your phone has a mic and google now and is generally with you even more than one of these would be, so if you're worried about everything being listened to and transferred, you can't even have a phone.

      • Or you just disable Google Now so it's not listening 24/7

        • +2

          so you really think they would make a utility that bugs your house, but allow it to be disabled so simply?

        • @atolikan:
          If you can't do the math on that, then I can't help you.

        • Sure. But if you're so paranoid about google home always listening (even though google doesnt get anything unless its after 'ok google') then how are you not paranoid that they are still listening even after you turn it off? Mics still in your phone, right? It still works and can be turned on at anytime.

        • @cymon:

          what are you talking about? I don't have an opinion either way as to whether it is bugging you or not but if you think it is able to bug you at all, then you shouldnt have one just because its ostensibly possible to 'turn it off'

  • +3

    It kind of looks like a baby bottle steriliser or air fryer.

    Edit: Didn't realise it was so small. Had the impression from the picture it was the size of a coffee machine. :p

  • +1

    Don't forget cashrewards

    DOUBLE CASHBACK on now at eBay sitewide! Get 2.6%

  • +1

    As if Google does not know enough about you already :-)

  • I'm sold.. !!

  • +1

    Own one of these and several Sony devices around the house (Xperia phone, 2 sets of wireless speakers and a 4K TV), and I can say Google Home works beautifully with supported Sony devices. I have one speaker set constantly paired to the Xperia phone, and the second set of speakers hooked up to the TV. I can use Google Home to group certain devices together so I do no accidentally activate something else via voice command. Or I can just synchronise the music playing from my Xperia phone (or sound from the TV) across ALL my wireless speakers, without lifting a finger. Very nice features I enjoy.

    Some features I find easier to just say to the Google app on my phone instead of Google Home, like creating a shopping list or suggest a restaurant at my destination.

    Right now I'm waiting for feature-compatible Smart light bulbs to put in my lounge room so when I tell Google Home to play a movie it'll also dim the lights automatically too.

    Unnecessary? Maybe, but damn cool af.

  • +3

    Combine this with IFTTT and it basically can do anything you can think of (not just home automation). It also works beautifully with Android TV (i use shield TV).

    Kids also love asking it questions (why is the sky blue, why is electricity hot) and the voice recognition is far superior than Siri and Alexa.

  • +1

    excellent price. cheaper than even buying in the US. thanks OP

  • +2

    Before anybody makes the jump, google seems to have half arsed its "smart" implementation for this:


    • +1

      I think the tweet is showing that Google Home isn't necessary anymore since the Assistant features have been integrated into every Android smart phone

    • Edit: nevermind, I understand what's going on…

  • +3

    Okay I'll bite and say my Google-fu isn't so great, without any other smart products (apart from a mobile phone and Chromecast) are these useful and worth buying?

  • +1

    Il stick with the echo for now until this is more mature

  • great price

  • +2

    can it blend?

    • and that's the question

      • +1

        Three-letter Agency smoke - don't breath this!

  • +4

    My disobedient inside dog is named "Okegoogle". This awesome device will never work in our house :(

  • Lolz. I assume that Google Now will give me an honest unbiased opinion on this product…


  • Vaguely heard of Echo and google home over the months, see post on ozb, hit up reviews on YouTube, wife raises an eyebrow (usually it's a frown), bought one!!

    Can't wait to try it out! Now if only I had remembered CR…….

  • -1

    I think I'm going to wait for Alexa deals or DIY using open source AI. Cause it seems you will get ads from Google Home. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ianmorris/2017/03/16/google-hom...

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