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50% off: TimTam $2.25, Cadbury Fav $6, Old El Paso Taco $3.25, Maltesers/M&Ms $5, Creation $2.12, Doritos $1.65 @ Coles (29/3)


Starts 29th March.


Arnott's Tim Tam 330g $2.25 50%
Maltesers & M&Ms 360g $5.00 50%
Lindt Lindor or Creation Block Chocolate 100g $2.12 50%
Cadbury Favourites 320g $6.00 50%
Mini Block Boxed Chocolates 320g $6.00 50%
Cadbury Roses Boxed Chocolates 450g $7.75 50%
Mars or Nestlé Medium Bars 35g-55g $1.00 50%
Cheezels Cheese Snacks 190g $1.00 50%
Doritos Corn Chips 150g-170g $1.65 50%
The Natural Confectionery Co. F' Bag, Pascall or Sour Patch $2.00 50%
Arnott’s Entertainers Crackers $1.90 50%
Arnott's Mint Slice Value Pack $2.25 50%


Frantelle Spring Water 24x600ml $5.75 50%
Cocobella Coconut Water 250mL $1.00 50%
Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite Soft Drink 24x375mL $15.00 50%
Kirks Soft Drink 10x375mL $5.00 50%


Old El Paso Soft Tac Kit 405g $3.25 50%
Heinz Big Eat 410g $1.72 50%
Heinz Single Serve Soup 300g $1.20 50%
Sharwood’s Simmer Sauce 420g $1.99 50%
Maggi 2 Minute Noodles 5 Pack 335g-375g $1.97 50%
La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Litre $7.00 TBC
Heinz Classic Soup 535g $1.74 50%
Heinz Big’N Chunky Soup 520g-535g $1.79 50%
Gold’n Canola Oil 4 Litre $9.00 TBC
Old El Paso Seasoning Mix 30g-35g $1.00 50%
Lavazza Coffee Beans or Ground 1kg $20.00 TBC
L’OR Espresso Capsules 10 Pack 52g $4.00 50%
Nestlé Milo Cereal 350g $2.50 50%
Kellogg’s Special K Biscuit Moments 125g $2.50 50%
Espressotoria Vittoria Espresso Coffee Capsules 12 Pack 78g $4.10 50%
Twinings Tea Bags 40 Pack-50 Pack $3.49 50%


Weight Watchers Frozen Classic $2.90 50%
Australian Cooked King Prawns Thawed $25/kg TBC
Coles Australian Pork Belly Roast $15/kg TBC
Don Short Cut Bacon 1kg $11.00
Don Donskis Mild 40g $1.50 50%
Patties Party Pack 30 Pack 1.25kg or Mini Combo 40 Pack 1kg $6.75 50%
McCain Family Pizza 500g $5.00 TBC
Four’N Twenty Classic Meat Pies 4 Pack 700g $4.00 50%
Moo Premium Yoghurt 720g $4.50 TBC
Primo Ham 100g or Sliced Meat 80g $2.00 TBC
Birds Eye Ocean Selections Atlantic Salmon 280g $6.00 50%
Birds Eye Frozen Fish Fingers 375g $2.80 50%


Blackmores Fish Oil 1000mg Capsules 400 Pack $15.00 50%
Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner 700mL $4.99 TBC
Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash Refill 1 Litre $3.49 TBC
Colgate Total Advanced Clean Toothpaste 190g $3.50 TBC
Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate 1500mg Tablets 180 Pack $23.50 TBC
Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser with Vitamin E 1 Litre $3.12 TBC
Fairy Dishwashing Liquid 433mL $1.99 TBC
Sard Stain Remover Trigger 450mL-500mL $2.42 TBC
Colgate Total Advanced Clean or Whitening 190g $3.50 TBC
Colgate Tartar Control Toothpaste $3.50 TBC


10% off Good Food, Event Cinemas or Dinner & Movie Gift Cards 10%
Supercoat Dry Dog Food 7.5kg $16.50 TBC
Vodafone Smart Mini 7 3G $34.50 TBC
Sistema Klip it Container 1 Litre 3 Pack $6.25 TBC
Bonds Womens Low Cut Logo Socks 3 Pack $9.80 TBC

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    Oh man you are going to incur the wrath of Coles posting this a whole hour and a half early

    • +4 votes

      thats woolies, sometimes the Coles stuff gets posted on Fri/Sat


        Doh got my colesworths mixed up!

  • +1 vote

    50% off $40 Vodafone Pre-Paid Starter Pack ¹
    - 6GB data to use in Oz
    - Infinite standard national calls
    - 28 day expiry
    $20 (Was $40)

    This is now $15 at Coles till Wednesday.


    Can someone please comment on the quality of sunsilk shampoo ?


      It cleans your hair…

    • +12 votes

      Short answer: They're all the same, make sure you use conditioner.

      Long answer:

      If it comes in a 700ml bottle for $5 it's probably going to be exactly the same as every other shampoo, surfactants to remove oils and a bunch of chemicals to recoat your hair, with everything from sunscreen to silicone to fatty alcohols (mmm, alcohol). Ultimately though, shampoo is to wash the dirt and crap away, it doesn't really matter what brand you use (unless it has something funky in it that makes it attract dirt afterwards). It pretty much does not matter what shampoo you buy, because even the super expensive ones are basically like a crap conditioner (or if you condition, like getting a bit of a booster to whatever conditioner you use). Mostly you're paying for the smell, how shiny it looks for the 15 minutes after you get out of the shower and how marketable it is.

      Conditioner is then cationic surfactants, this basically bonds to the keratin in your hair and is difficult to wash out (whereas most of the other gunk washes away), making your hair stronger, faster, more batman-like. It'll just overlap the cuticle that's already there anyway but wears over time. They tend to add essential fatty acids as well, as this closely mimics the sebum you just washed out of your hair with shampoo, which you don't want if you have really oily hair. And whatever other stuff they throw in. Proteins are mostly useless, so are thickeners, but it might help. There really are chemicals that help with frizzy hair over oily over whatever, but it's mostly those cationic surfactants.

    • +1 vote

      It's fine never had any issues with the product




      I have recently witnessed a huge argument that somone in the palmer house hold had with somone over the phone trying to get a refund for something worth under $20 after previously exchanging it many times and not being happy. Then witnessed them drive down to said establishment specifically to get the refund… Swear to god thats a true story.

      So the palmers being sent this coles deal isnt much of a stretch as u think it is.


    Arnott's Tim Tam 330g $2.25 50%

    What? 50% off at Woolies used to be $1.82 - RRP must have gone up