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Jeenee Mobile $9.90 Pennywise Plan - 1.5GB (750MB + 6mth 750MB Bonus) 200mins, Unltd SMS, No Contract + Reduced Data SIM Prices


Introducing a first for Jeenee Mobile - a sub-$10 plan with heaps of inclusions - plus we have also lowered the price on our popular Data Only Mobile Broadband Plans

Great for tweens, teens and young adults.

$9.90 Pennywise Plan

  • 1.5GB Data (Optus 4G Plus) - 750MB per month with a Bonus 750MB per month for the first 6-months
  • 200 mins voice to any standard Aust landline or mobile
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS
  • Unlimited Jeenee2Jeenee Calls
  • No contract / SIM only
  • Data Bolt-ons available across all of our plans (starting at $10/GB)

Price drops on Mobile Broadband - Data SIM Plans

  • 5GB now $15 per month
  • 10GB now $25 per month
  • 50GB now permanently at $54 per month
  • 70GB now $74 per month

Plus any existing customers on the old rate for these Data SIM plans will be moved to these new prices at the commencement of their next billing cycle automatically

$9.90 Pennywise Plan T&Cs
This plan is available for the connection of new services only, existing services cannot be transferred to this plan (at this time – we are working hard to have this changed).
This plan includes 750MB of data with a Bonus 750MB of data added per month for the first 6-months. At the end of the 6-month period the plan will revert to 750MB of data per month
$10 Setup fee applies (which covers the cost of the SIM plus postage)
See website for other terms and conditions

Why is the bonus data limited to 6-months?
Our Wholesale arrangements have made this available for this period only. At the end of the period the plan will revert to 750MB, however, 6-months is a long time in telco, and at Jeenee Mobile we ALWAYS aim to provide the best possible value plans. We will ensure that we have a highly competitive plan for our customers to transfer to at the end of the 6-month period.

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  • +6

    Very good value.

  • -1

    Is it possible for existing customers on the $18 plan to change to this plan?

    • +7

      This plan is available for the connection of new services only, existing services cannot be transferred to this plan (at this time – we are working hard to have this changed).

    • +8

      Port out, port back.

      • I think the deal has now changed. However in regards to this, I was told by a Jeenee rep in regards to another 'new customers only' plan, that porting out/in does not work… That even if you leave, come back 2 years later, your details are still on their system, and thus you don't qualify.

        • Then why say they "will have another highly competitive plan to change to in 6 months", it practically suggests you can get on what new plan comes out then

        • @Jackson: Yeah, exactly. When I signed up a few months ago to their $50/30GB 3G phone plan with unlimited calls & text - it was new customers only, and you have to move plans in 12 months. I asked them what happens in 12 months. They said they'll "probably" have something better by then. But… If THAT plan is for new customers too…

  • +1

    I have found Jeenee excellent value and the customer service amazing in the time I have had a couple of numbers with them.

    • +5

      I am with Jeenee. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes for customer support to answer. Always the same guy picks up the calls, it makes me think that he solely runs the business.

      • +5

        At least he knows what he's talking about, rather wait 30 Min to hear from someone who knows rather than 5 for some idiot and have to call back 5 times

        • Could not agreed anymore. Vaya may have shorter wait times but I might as well talk to a brick wall.

      • I haven't needed to call them in a long time so maybe the wait is longer (and I usually call first thing in the morning when possible). But when I did it was sorted straight away.

    • I can't find Jeenee's definition of a "month" anywhere on the site. Is it a calendar month, 30 days, 28 days?

  • Signed up for a previous promo which was for $35p/month for a $40plan for 3 months.

    I have been charged $40, rang their Customer service centre twice and was told that the change/discount will be applied on the following month. 1 month later…still being charged $40, in fact, I was being charged $45. $5 for some carried over fee from previous month or something..

    I am well understood that this is a semi non-profit organisation, but they could have done it better…

    Cant be bother to ring the customer service centre again and wait for 30 minutes.

    • +1

      Log in via the website and send them a message.

      I had a problem when I signed up (they billed me for month 2 despite me paying 3 months upfront), sent a message and it was resolved either same day or next day.

  • No roaming it seems?

    "overseas roaming services are not offered by Jeenee Mobile"


    • This is pretty big for me, if I'm in NZ and I need to access my SMS from Aus for bank transfers and such I need to still be able to receive SMS at the very least.

      I'm keen for this but in this case I'd need to get a different number for my Jeenee sim I guess?

      • +1

        if I'm in NZ and I need to access my SMS from Aus for bank transfers and such I need to still be able to receive SMS at the very least.

        Yep - exact same thing stopping me from going with this Jeenee deal or the Kogan Mobile deal:


        • +1

          If you have a spare android phone u can use this to get your sms online:


        • @daveaus:

          Thanks - will check it out.

        • I may go with this to get calling and sms + more data, and stop paying 9.90 a month for a mere 1gb from Amaysim, and just use Postpaid Amaysim so I pay minimal amounts for my phone number to be kept i.e. a couple of cents every 3 months,

        • @daveaus: Nice that seems pretty cool, I'll probably use it for everyday usage but I don't feel too secure leaving a phone back here that could potentially shut itself down at any time for a random reason.

        • @daveaus: isnt that just syncing it to a browser app like mightytext
          you still need to be connected to the network domestically

        • @furythree: I haven't used mightytest so donno what it does. But yeah mysms just syncs your sms to a webpage you can login to so if you need a OTP you can get it online from where ever you are with internet access.

        • @Feng9: I think I am going to go with Jenee. I use Amaysim but recently the bills have been getting to around $20 a month on the pay as you go plan and I was recently charged $60 because I used 400MB. Aldi's is $15 so I think I will move to Jeenee. I did not realise Amaysim increased the MB charge from 5c to 7.2c.

      • Not all banks need SMS confirmation, Citibank for example lets you configure their app to generate the authentication codes. Can't recall if it needs data or works entirely offline.

        Also many banks let you transfer to previously-known accounts without an SMS confirmation, which should cover most people.

        • True but it isn't just banks, it's just 2 factor authentication in general that deals with SMS. Regardless it's still necessary to have SMS while overseas for me.

        • @Feng9:

          I leave my Aussie simcard in a spare phone at home and use pushbullet to sync sms's.

  • +3

    Any pound foolish plans?

    • +13


  • is the $15 for 5GB the best value at that price?

    • -1

      where is 5gb for $15?

      • +2

        Data Sim plan listed above.

  • is call forwarding to australia mobile include in 200 mins?

  • Is there a broad timeframe when this deal will be available to existing Jeenee users?

  • +12

    The $10 set up fee is a joke.

  • +3

    guys , u can get a vodafone 40 sim for 10 bucks(bulk buy from ebay) , port out and port in back every month. has excellent value

    just my piece of advise

    • why the hell would you do this? And where are you porting out to?

      • +3

        to re-use voda starter packs every month after you finish your current month.
        just port out to Optus or any other provider (you can get cheap priced $2 sims sometimes for free or sometimes for $0.50)

        so you just pay $10 a month and enjoy voda $40 inclusions(do I need to tell wht the voda $40 inclusions are? perhaps not)

    • Link?

  • +5

    basically only 1.5GB for 6 months? back to 750MB for the rest of it..

    Probably prefer the OVO plan then

    • +1

      Definitely I prefer OVO, as it is prepaid.

  • +6

    Quick analysis.


    • Monthly Data Allowance 1.5 GB(750MB plus Bonus 750MB for 6-months)
    • Standard national voice calls to Jeenee Mobiles 0c per minute

    • Standard national calls to 1800 numbers 0c per minute


    • Please note that Jeenee Mobile receives information regarding usage as follows:
      • Included Call/SMS Usage - Up to 24 hours after you accrue it
      • Included Data Allowance - Up to 24 hours after you accrue it
      Therefore we may not be able to immediately warn you about heavy usage

    • After you’ve used your included data allowance, each megabyte of excess data within Australia costs $0.04/MB.
      How is payment for this taken?

    • $10 Set-Up Fee

    • Voicemail retrievals 33c per minute

    • Bonus 750MB for 6-months


    • +4

      They lost me at $10 setup fee. Don't think so! Back in your bottle Jeenee!

  • +3

    I've been using ALDImobile $15/month for 500mb plan - which is terrific value for people who don't use much mobile data.

    This JeneeMobile deal blows that out of the water - although the catch is they're on the Optus 4G network, whereas ALDI have wholesale Telstra 4G with superior coverage. Both are great budget options!

    • +1

      Yeah Optus is the deal breaker for me as their coverage at my house is pathetic.

  • +1

    Do you float on this plan?

    • Probably not, but I wouldn't be getting it for your kids just in case :)

  • +11
    • +1

      This looks better for what I'm after (roaming to NZ)

      Thanks for the link!

  • If I buy this now, can I activate it in a few months? And still get the bonus?
    Currently I'm with optus' $40/m 10gb 12m plan, but have 3 months left…

    • +1

      Deal ends 30th of June so you could wait a bit longer

      • Thanks, should have read it a bit more.
        I'm up for $48 cancellation fees if I cancel now, though in a month and a half, I'd still be ahead if I change over now.

        I SMS more than anything and have another work SIM in my dual SIM phone I can use for data if I run out… So this might be perfect…

  • +4

    Ahh… I need to finish up my stacks of starter packs first

  • Their phone service is great - when you finally get through. However I have sent them a few emails and never once received a reply or solution.

  • I think you can't call oversea on Jeenee.

    • you can

    • Best is telechoice $20 plan which gives you 2gb data + $500 credit to call national & international call.this all without contract.

  • When is the expiry on this deal?

    Having never been on prepaid before, is it correct in saying that I could get 8gb for first 6 months for $16/month? (10+6)

  • Got their $18 Pennywise Plan like half a year ago.

    Smooth sailing and saving bundles! Great support team and service.

  • Best is telechoice $20 plan which gives you 2gb data + $500 credit to call national & international call.this all without contract.

  • The mobile broadband plans seem decent. Better than prepaid options

  • +1

    kogan have a 12 month upfront plan for 1gb

    $10.36 / 1GB ($125.93 upfront)

    seems better value

  • You can thank Kogan

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