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Logitech Harmony 525 $44.95, Harmony one $145 del, M950 $59 Delivered @ LogitechShop


The Harmony's
And Before we start the m950 $59 delivered (what!!!!)
The Logitech 525 Delivered $44.95 Australia Wide
The Logitech 525 + PS3 adaptor $74.95 delivered Australia Wide
The Logitech Harmony One $145 what!!!!!! Delivered Australia Wide
The Logitech Harmony One + ps3 adaptor $209.95 Delivered Austrlia Wide
The Logitech Harmony 1100I $349 Delivered Australia Wide
The Logitech Harmony 1100i + ps3 adaptor $399.95 Delivered Australia Wide
and Lots more . G27 Logitech at amazing price
So Get the Harmony Ideal Fathers day gift.

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    Allow me to be the first to +ve, welcome back.

    Have you got any Fathers Day deals on a M950 mouse?

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      coming up , watch and get amazed

  • Tempted, the 525 worth it?

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      I think it's a damn good looking price… Cheapest staticice price is $59 and this is $44.95 DELIVERED

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    Nice to see you back again BC… bring on the bargains!

  • no speaker offer? fluidtek has it for 50 dollars for z520

    • lets take this a step at a time . You know we bring the deals , overall Logitech prices have increased , also keep in mind you need to factor in shipping etc .

      • Waiting for your good news :) possible same price as fluidtek z523 for 49-55 dollars (old offer)?
        thumbs up!

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    Welcome back bargaincrypt!

    Look forward to your AWESOME specials!

  • +6

    now this is insane
    the m950 for $59 , so bring it on ,
    max 1 per person or orders will be cancelled . Bc says hello .

    • welcome back. Love this deal, but is there any chance for m905 for special Father's Day offer?

    • Hot damn, I was NOT expecting that. just bought myself one for Fathers Day. Ta BC, you're a legend.

    • You are INSANE.


      Woohoo. I am so loving my Z520s, Guitar, remote and the 2x Pure-Fi anytimes, 2x G500's and everything else I bought last time.

      Now I get a m950 for $59 delivered. HAHAHAHA loving it.

      How long for delivery BC? Not going to be overloaded again ?

      • Insane is my middle name dude , Loving it , thanks

    • nice, great deal thanks

  • how long is your offer for?

    • to fathers day or till harmony run out , but for the m950 , OMG at this rate since i posted on twitter , who knows

      • +2

        How bout m905?? please2 please please……………………

  • +1

    Welcome back BC, I need Z-2300 or Z-523 pleaseeee….

  • Z-523 is on sale for $85 free shipping not bad, but last time fluidtek has it for $55 :)

    • any chance of having z523 for 49-55? please? :)

  • Still waiting on a deal with the G500 + G15/G19 :(

  • thank you, awesome deal.

  • any deals on Ultimate ears?

    • UE SuperFi 5 for $115, last time I got it for $95.

      • $95 will be perfect

  • Did a google search but couldn't find anything easily. Could someone tell me the battery life of the Logitech 525 remote please? Considering it for dad but if he has to change batteries all the time I don't think he will like it all that much. Thankyou.

    • I think I get about 3 months out of rechargeable batteries, would be much more with alkalines

  • How much better is the 525 compared to the cheaper 515 version? I've only got 3 devices attached to my 515 so the 5 device limit of the 515 is fine by me. Is this worth the upgrade?

    • no, if you only use 3 devices and already have the 515, the only difference you will see is a blue backlight instead of the green one and a two tone black and silver remote instead of all silver - the additional device support will be of no use to you as you only have 3.

  • +1

    What about some Z5500's? Must be able to get a container load of them ROFL

  • some great deals as expected, i'm still waiting for G27 to come down though!

    amazon lists it as a paltry 220USD, why are we still taxxedddd

  • +1

    Just Brought the Logitech 525 need one too

    Good to have u back BC and giving us awesome deals. Hope for many more to come!

  • +1

    BC is awesome!!!

  • hi bargaincrypt I dont have paypal, is there any other way to pay for it?? how long will the deals last for m950? probably all gone by the time i set up paypal account..

    • i think credit card also works?

      just get someone you know that has a credit card to buy it for you :)

      • website states payment method - paypal??
        i do have credit card in front of me ready to pay tho!!

        • in that case it is very easy to setup paypal, will only take you a few minutes

          • @Matador_OZ: thx, well do it now.. just no familiar with paypal at all~~

  • welcome back BC!!! :)

  • +1

    Great to see you back.

  • +2

    Hope the Guitars for Wii/PS3 go on special

  • +1

    Just had Officeworks price-matched the M950 for $56.05 :) :) :)

    • just? are they still open?

      • The one at Chadstone opens till midnight

        • WTH!! I thought of it but didnt know there's any OW still open! lol.. good job mate!

    • Receipt please? =D

    • Awesome

      • +1

        I'm sorry BC, I really appreciate the deals you've been putting up. But the last time I ordered two pairs of MetroFi 220 earphones it took too long to arrive, and I'm the impatient kind.

        • Receipt?
          And does LTS use courier/express or standard postage?

          Edit: By the way.. How did you get them to pricematch it?
          Just called up my local officeworks and they said they need a contact number to confirm LTS has stock before they do pricematch.

          • +1

            @cwongtech: they should just buy one , and when they recieve it they will price match it , fair is fair

            • @bargaincrypt: I know they should buy one, but you know we're bargain hunters BC ;)
              Does LTS have a contact number?
              Here's the thing..
              I'm finding it hard to get money into paypal at the moment.
              I would much rather visit the local OW store, and pay without using paypal, with cold, hard cash with the extra bonus of 5% off.
              If you can offer bank deposit as a payment method (my bank transfer to paypal is stuffed atm) then it's a done deal.
              What postage does LTS use?

          • +4

            @cwongtech: Let's see if this works


            <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=21mvuxs" target="_blank"><img src="http://i38.tinypic.com/21mvuxs.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

            Otherwise try: http://i38.tinypic.com/21mvuxs.jpg

            With regards to pricematching, since the shop is an online store without a contact number, they have to test it out by adding it to the cart and checking out, if that's successful, it's logical to assume LTS has stock.

            • @geoffardy: Thankyou so much!

              • +3

                @cwongtech: But at the store I went to, the manager was rather reluctant to pricematch it for me because of the vast price difference. But then again, OW set their price for the M950 way too high, it's $85 at other stores like MSY and at OW $139!

                • @geoffardy: Yeah, the indian guy on the phone that picked up at my local OW was speaking to me in a "Are you serious?" disbelief tone.

                  • +1

                    @cwongtech: Just out of interest, do you live in Perth?

                    • +1

                      @geoffardy: Sydney.
                      Since you're in Chadstone, have you seen mychonny around? =P

                      • @cwongtech: Nope, I don't know who he is until i googled him lol

                        • @geoffardy: Have a great night watching his asian vids on youtube =P

                          • @cwongtech: the guy who served me at OW is Asian, could it be mychonny? lol

                            • @geoffardy: Don't think he works up late.. Check out his YouTube vids and have a laugh :D

                • @geoffardy: OW artarmon sydney not honouring their policy.
                  HQ's email, here I come!!

                  • @cwongtech: That's awful, on what basis? Try another OW. And print a copy of my receipt.

                    • @geoffardy: They said that LTS doesn't have a contact number so they wouldn't honour it, said LTS website might not actually have stock andblayne 'lying' about their stock levels -_-
                      I really hope that LTS allows bank transfer D:
                      also, I did have a copy of your receipt printed out…

                      • @cwongtech: office works can email us , we will reply no problem .

                      • @cwongtech: Try another store, I find some OW staff are more tightarse than the others.

                        • +2

                          @geoffardy: Nope, just shop with LTS, they are doing the decent thing & offering a good deal…for a measly 5% save yourself some hassle & just support the bargain! ;)

                  • @cwongtech: Just keep hammering 'em!

                    I guess if you go through the LTS checkout process & stop before entering payment details, that'd be proof enough that there's stock.

                    If the OW staff really believe there's no stock then they shouldn't be afraid to put their own payment details in. If there's no stock, they won't be charged or will be offered a full refund. No loss to them. Otherwise tell them to put their money where their mouth is & honour their policy.

                    Ask to see the manager that won't authorise the match & get his name for the complaint ;)

                    • @skeptik: LTS site doesn't say "in stock" like some other online shops, but I just checked & neither do Officeworks o.O

                      So am I to assume OW might be "lying" too? Oh, if they're lying about that, perhaps they're lying about their Lowest Price Guarantee too! Someone's been a naughty boy & contravening the TPA eh? Time to talk to the ACCC then ;P

            • +1

              @geoffardy: awsome , Like i always say , keep them honest , the more , the merrier (did i even spell that right ) "

              • @bargaincrypt: Yeah you did buddy, much better than my american idiot teacher at school.

            • +1

              @geoffardy: i have to say , officeworks sells one tonite , LTS 400+ good ratio , thats why the price matching policy works , they hardly have to do it . but like i say , if you can grab one , go for it , im all for it

              • @bargaincrypt: Haha, my local OW has 1 in stock, anyway, your stock will sell out soon whether people price match for the low supply at OW or not =]
                Furthermore, it's hurting the major retailers, not that they will close down because of it.. =]

            • @geoffardy: Yep just got a pricematch at OW Ann Street Brisbane (Qld). The cashier compared the prices in disbelief, called the manager. I showed them your receipt also geoffardy, and they did it no questions asked. Nice work big fella!

              • +1

                @MattyD: Good on ya mate :) OW set their price too high for this one, other places like MSY are selling it for just $85.

        • well all i can say , is we did try our best on the number of orders we got , we do say 10 working days , why ? let me just say this when we do a deal it goes off , but i will also say we take all feedback , and i will do my damm hardest that our time line is not delayed . and btw if ow can do it awsome . remember im a logitech boy. so more logitech sales , its still Logitech . thanks anyway dude

        • man, you kind make me worry now~ this is my first time buying from LTS and just setup fresh paypal account done the payment.~!
          what sort of delivery company they used for your last order anyway?!

          • @cuteq: Nothing to worry about , we sold over 9k worth of orders in just a few deals , we use , Fastway , Australia post , Go logistics , and a few more . and dont worry , we get POD (prrof of delivery as well )

          • @cuteq: It was Aus Post initially, then they sent it to the wrong address (wrong State even—they sent it to NSW but I live in VIC). And LTS picked it up and used Fastway Couriers who delivered it to me.

            But to be fair, there's a chance that Aus Post stuffed it up for LTS. I never found out what actually happened because I was not told.

  • hmm.. any more new deals going to be released BC? ;)

    • Many more to come , but lets take it a step at a time .Like frasier once said , im lisetening

      • +1

        mx5500 plz ? :)

      • I reallly really want m905. Eventhough I've bought m950 from this deal, I will buy another m905 if u can come up with a great deal! So pleaseeee…. ;)

  • +1

    Any chance of a deal on Webcams - the C905 or Webcam Pro 9000?

    • +1

      interesting request , im lisetening

    • I also would be interested in this.

  • Harmony one was $149 a few months ago now $179. No deal.

    • +2

      if you do your research you will notice harmony prices have increased overall , the cost has increaded , even DSE is back at $228 . Ebay is not cheaper than $185 etc , the list goes on , i remember at once ebay had the thing for $120 delivered . THank you for your feed back , bed time .

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