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Logitech Harmony 525 $44.95, Harmony one $145 del, M950 $59 Delivered @ LogitechShop


The Harmony's
And Before we start the m950 $59 delivered (what!!!!)
The Logitech 525 Delivered $44.95 Australia Wide
The Logitech 525 + PS3 adaptor $74.95 delivered Australia Wide
The Logitech Harmony One $145 what!!!!!! Delivered Australia Wide
The Logitech Harmony One + ps3 adaptor $209.95 Delivered Austrlia Wide
The Logitech Harmony 1100I $349 Delivered Australia Wide
The Logitech Harmony 1100i + ps3 adaptor $399.95 Delivered Australia Wide
and Lots more . G27 Logitech at amazing price
So Get the Harmony Ideal Fathers day gift.

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  • I'm really pleased with my MX Revolution (bought through ozbargain) would it really be worth 'upgrading' to the m950 - I've read some conflicting opinions.

  • hello.. anyone has M950 ? how is the battery on this mouse? last long?

    • Lasts about a month (average use). Wife uses it with her notebook. Uses a single AA Ni-MH battery which is included. If you want it to last longer, put an eneloop in.

      Unlike the MX Revo, this uses a USB cable to charge the mouse so you can still use it while charging.

    • I believe that for a gamer who'd use it every day, perhaps around a week. I'm of the opinion that the battery capacity is rather lacking. However I'd still choose the 950 over the 705 & 905 given it's ergonomics & Darkfield tech along with the fact I don't mind having to plug the mouse in if battery does run out.

  • Great job so far bargaincrypt!
    I just have two things I would like to see:

    1. Wii/PS3 guitars for $89
    2. an understanding of how you calculated the cost for your remotes + PS3 adapter bundles…

    Logitech 525 ($44.95) + PS3 adaptor ($30)
    Logitech Harmony One ($179.95) + ps3 adaptor ($30)
    Logitech Harmony 1100i ($349.95) + ps3 adaptor ($50!?!?)

  • This isn't bad either
    $49.00 + 5%off pricematch at OW =D

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      cool , they have tons of the 705 , !!!!

      • But VERY good price on the m705, will get it if you guys run out of stock of m950s before tomorrow arvo

        • OHHHHH which i should buy 705 or 950 ???? i really want longer battery.. also front n back buttons.. and small receiver..
          advise please.. im more to 705 but from the model number (950 vs 705) means 950 is more current and more advance, etc etc?
          hmm 705 isnt a big discount compare other shops..

          • @ChiMot: Judging by your requirements, it seems the 705 FULLY satisfies them. The 950 doesn't have good battery life especially since it's only got one AA battery.

            The 705 doesn't have Darkfield tech however, which I have a feeling also explains 950's battery life.

            If the 705 had Darkfield, I woulda been all over it :/

  • how long does it take for them to ship it out normally? just curios if it ever ends up with 10 days processing

  • Just ordered a M950..
    Do you have ANY returns policy if its faulty?

  • Just bought a M705 - great price! Thanks bargaincrypt!

  • Just went to Officeworks in Five Dock (NSW) to grab a M950. Got the price match using a printout from the LTS site and the receipt from the 1st page. They had plenty in stock.

    On a similar note, I've had the MX500 for roughly 9 years now. Never had a problem with it until Logitech didn't release any drivers for windows 7 and hence the upgrade. The M950 is really impressive. Anyone know how long you're suppose to leave it charging on the first go?

    • 2-3 hrs will give u a full charge.

    • Last time Dell had the M950 for $63.99 (coupon), I went to Five Dock OW to price match. I was there at least 30mins & prolly spent 1/3 of the time arguing with them about their policy. They even called up Dell to ask about the origin of the coupon who seemed to have no idea either. After much persistence they did the match & 5% discount. Well, at least I didn't have to wait for Dell to deliver :P

      I'm pretty sure I softened them up for you ;)

      • During the Dell offer, I went to Brisbane CBD OW to price match. Unsuccessful. They said because its a cashback offer by Dell, so they can't honour it. I waited like 30mins or so trying to ask them to freakin beat the price. grrrr

        • I thought that their reference to "cashback offers" in the Lowest Price Guarantee was talking about the company sending you a cheque or depositing in your bank account. Dell's idea of cashback offers are just another way of discounting the item on the spot.

    • Hey, so you got the M950 in the same price you can get from LTS? We can bargain with Officeworks? Never tried that before. Can we also bargain with other shops like jb hifi and harvey norman?

  • How about a deal on the UE 220's?

  • Can we get a deal on the G500 pleaseeeeeeeeee

    Something cheaper than msy/umart.

  • The M950 for $49 is the cheapest ever.
    I got mine for $64 during Dell's sale.

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    Just placed an order for the M950 and Harmony 515 + PS3

    Any chance of deal on the M905 and K340? I see that the K340 comes in a 4 pack but would like to buy just 2.

    • Yes, im really hoping for a deal on the M905!

      • is 905 better than 950 ?? RRP is cheaper for 905

        • I like it because of the size. More portable to me compared to M950. Although both using the same technology.

        • I guess it's only better in terms of size & perhaps battery life since 905 uses 2 batteries (feel free to correct me).

          I came from using a VX Nano, which I'm assuming is the same size as the 905, & upgraded to 950. The 950 definitely feels better because of its ergonomics & size. BTW I also have small, skinny hands.

          It's not too much of a pain to lug around with my 14" lappie, but you'll probably need a bit more real estate to move the mouse around when it's deployed ;)

          • @skeptik: for the m905, u have the option to be using only 1 battery at a time. but for m950, its rechargeable battery, so do you still need to replace the battery?

            btw, vx nano doesn't have the function of a middle button right (where if you click the middle button, you can open a link in a new tab straightaway)? I think m905 is the same.. :(

            • @ZaFrOoNaLdO: Well, you can plug in a cable to charge while still using the mouse. Otherwise you can stick any AA battery in there.

              By default, the button below the scroll was assigned to middle button I believe. I'm guessin 905 would be similar.

  • Still hanging out for a deal on the Squeezebox Boom…. :D

  • The M705 is listed for $49 - is that the correct price?

    I'm very tempted!

  • +4 votes

    just added 500 more so go nuts

  • G110 for $65 delivered please.. :)

  • no news on my z523 yet :(

  • Incidentally, the battery compartment of the M950 is able to store the tiny receiver if u place it in a certain way. Unlike the 905 & 705 which have a slot for the receiver, I don't believe the 950 was intentionally designed to store the receiver.

  • Hey guys,

    Went to South Strathfield OW today but no deal for the M950 due to the warranty policy not being the same for logi shop (return to base warranty) and OW warranty which is 3 years and with manufacturer so it's faster (that's what they told me). I was heading down west so decided to give it a shot at Orangegrove OW and the guy talked to his manager and did it for me but pointed out the warranty is different. Nice asian guy though, didn't catch his name.

    Oh yeah, OW showed me their cost price which was 115$ so yeah they would've lost 50$ which is probably why they're reluctant to do the price match.

    It's charging right now. Hope to use it soon! Thanks guys.

    • Sounds like they're trying to come up with any excuse not to pricematch the mouse. Nothing in their "Lowest price guarantee" mentions anything about warranty differences. Does that now mean OW can now refuse to pricematch any online retailer with the same lame excuse? Shame on them.

    • last time during the Dell sale, I went to Harvey Norman to pricematch, they didnt want to because their cost price was $160 sumting! lol! which is why they are selling it for $199. I wonder how are they going to get rid of that mouse from their retail outlets.

      But I dont really mind because they dont have the price match/beat guarantee! but OW, damn i hate it when they try to come up with some excuses!

      • Just tried @ OW Five Dock but got refused :( Was told by manager that they don't price match grey imports, and according to whirlpool forums logitechshop is possibly one and thus he can't take the risk of price matching. Also was told that according to LS website they don't offer Australian Manufactures Warranty or something along those lines.. :S

        • +5 votes

          Sorry. But I'm on the floor laughing my ass off on this cooment. Ok. Let me say this. Ow is actually just a retailer. Fluidtek and lts are platinum partners. Official authorised. U name it. Go to logitech.com. Click on australia. Go to contact us. And who do you find. Opppps. Good old fluidtek. Not office works. I'd go back there if I was you and show him. And tell him just cause fluidtek outsells you and all your retail stores put together. Don't chicken out on ur price matching policy. And we are such huge grey importers that logitech nominated us for the prestigious alto awards in september. Don't worry matey. Ow will be there. So yeah. U can even print this and take it there. Here is another one for you. Go to logitech australia facebook page. And who is there. Woops. Fluidtek again. Verified and authorised. So if I was you. Go back and tell them. If they have a policy stick to it. Best regards bc

          • @bargaincrypt: A lot of comments about people trying to price match officeworks, I wonder why when you can buy online and complete transaction easily in 1 to 2 mins. Waiting a short time for for it to arrive should be no problem. So much less stress and huff and puff than going to officeworks and wasting 30 mins of your time with a company that obviously won't even honor their price promise (that they use in all advertising).

          • @bargaincrypt: Wow thanks BC!! I usually avoid making a fuss at retail stores but I think I will now. Can't believe I fell for the manager's fallacious schpeel!
            You've definitely got me for all future logitech purchases. looks at dying speakers

  • Well, what's the current excuse they're using to not pricematch MSY? If it's also the warranty differences I think it's safe to say it's somewhere in the lowest price guarantee. Maybe hidden (it doesn't actually specific warranty but mentions something more general/broad?)

    But yeah it was good that the Orangegrove one did it. Thanks to them (and logitechshop), I have a brand new shiny mouse. :)

  • Hanging at Fluidtek (what a fun experience chatting and joking with Eddie and his crew :))… picking up a Viewsonic lappie for a friend… Eddie's taking care of her :)

    PS overhead Eddie promise donuts on Wednesday if Abbott wins!!! Hold him to it ;-)

  • Maybe more of us need to complain to head office when OW managers come up with bollocks reasons for not price matching. I know I am guilty of just accepting it (excuse was no phone number for a web store when I was trying to get them to price match a netbook) and not taking it further. Not any more though! I'll be escalating any further failed attempts that don't have any connection to their actual wording of their guarantee.

  • I had a feeling the store guy at South Strathfield was trying to pull a dodgey on me. But he was nice so I didn't want to ask him to look at the lowest price guarantee (I didn't remember anything about warranty when I read it but I wasn't sure). Yeah he was meant to pricematch but then again, his store would've been losing 50$. I wouldn't have been too happy with it if it was at my workplace.

    If he was a dickhead to me/didn't provide good customer service, I would've escalated it.

    If everyone keeps complaining about the OW policies, they may change it and we'll be left without a great shop to pricematch at. :D

    • Escalate it.
      The dickhead at the Artarmon store kept delaying their service for other customers that arrived instore after me, for 20 minutes before he called someone else to help me.
      40 minutes of my life wasted with bad service from OW Artarmon.

      • That's pathetic. Did you get his name? Put in a complaint. That's just not on. Not just at OW, but at any retail store.

        • There was only one guy at the computer department, I didn't get their names down, but I did remember the higher-up who after 15 minutes of checking out the site said they can't pricematch it.
          Shusi or something starting with S. I also sent the time and date, to the feedback team on officeworks' website, Artarmon is a small store compared to the N.Ryde store, so it shouldn't be that hard finding out the people that were working there are the time, I only saw 6 staff working there, 3 walking around and 2 at the cashiers and one guy putting new stock out.

          • @cwongtech: Honestly dude, I used to fight it out with them; but you're better off just voting with your feet & wallet! I try not to go to Orificeworks at all now, they're just tools! ;)

            Don't give the a-holes your business…give it to the guys like LTS who have a fair dinkum bargain! :)

            • @StewBalls: Low on paypal money - else I would have bought it without second thought.
              My bank transfer to paypal - stuffed up.
              Edit: Stuff it, buying one from LTS, just hope that their warranty policy (if ever needed..) is awesome.
              I'm glad about this purchase, even cheaper than ebay!

              To BC:
              Something I'm confused about..
              In the T&C for checkout, it says I'm allowed a max of two.
              I can also add 2 in the cart.
              But this is also here on the m950 webpage "max 1 per customer . orders will be cancelled if more than one , Everyone need to have a fair chance ."
              Could you also explain how the repair/warranty process occurs? Thing with OWs, if they weren't so horrible with their customer service, is that OW = Local warranty + 5% cheaper + no need to use up paypal money (i really have difficulties with filling it up, no CC or debit card atm).
              Didn't LTS used to offer bank transfer before? What happened to that?

  • I'm deciding between the 705 and 950 too. I bought the 950 from Dell last time. And while it is extremely comfortable to use, it has developed a creaking noise on the left button. It is not apparent but who knows down the track.

    • hmm.. can you claim warranty for that noise?

      • doubt it though. dell might just dismiss it. havent tried

      • My experience with Dell is they're pretty relaxed with warranty claims. I just claimed whirring noise on my monitor and a new one was sent to me. Didn't expect that at all in all honesty. However this is probably different since its a mouse but be nice and polite I'm sure they'll help you out.

  • Dear BC,

    I think the picture for your M705 Marathon mouse is wrong. you put M505 mouse as the picture of m705.

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  • What's the difference/relationship between fluidtek and the logitech shop?

  • Can this remote be used as a PC remote? Trying to setup a media centre with a PC.
    Ask OW and they dont know. Much appreciated if anyone have the answers.

    • You will need an IR receiver for your PC. Harmony remotes have a "learning" function so it can record signals from the remote that comes with any PC IR receiver.

      • +1 vote

        Thanks for the lead… I now understand the concept.
        I am a first timer user here…excellent response so far.
        Many thanks.

  • +1 - Great deal, the 1100i is mighty tempting

  • well done! nice deal, thinking of buying

  • BC is the Harmony One + PS3 adapter pricing correct? There's a $65 price difference ($210 - $145 for just Harmony One) which means it's cheaper to buy the PS3 adapter somewhere else. Ur prices are the best so I hope you can fix this one up and I'll buy it straight away :)

    • Yeah, the price is correct. BC clarified it in another post before that thread was pulled as a dupe.