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Sticker for Myki Card Delivered Free (Melb)


Free sticker for your myki card (Inc delivery). There's a public transport space invaders theme and a met card theme which I liked.

Website is transporttroubles.org.au which is Greens affiliated in case that bothers you.

Credit from Rippedpj's Reddit post

Office of Samantha Dunn MLC: We have been inundated with requests due to this posting on OzBargain and may not be able to fulfill all requests.

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  • How funny would it be if they had a sticker like this:

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    Do the stickers work on trams?

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        They bang on about Electric Cars, and negate the environmental damage of mining the raw components and battery disposal at end of life.

        because the mining of raw components and fuel for regular cars requires no environmental damage?

        They bang on about Wind Power, yet forget about the amount of carbon generated to produce the infrastructure.

        because regular infrastructure never generates carbon in it's construction?

        I'm sure the Greens read everything they know abut environment from the back of a wheetbix box.

        but , yes, these stickers suck arse and are a waste of time, money and resources

        • Before I say anything, I'd like to point out that I'm not pro-anything. I've never respected any politician since they all tow the party line, whether by force or by choice. Sheep are for sheep.

          But if you take away the political angle, abc raises a valid environmental point. A lot of governments worldwide are making rash decisions based on what "feels" right. But the fact is that the processes involved from earth to product have not been carefully analysed and projected over hundreds of years, let alone thousands or tens or thousands.

          OzBargain pees me off sometimes with its obsession with consumerism (more so the material obsession than the environmental, to be honest). I wish more people understood that most of the world stays clean by pushing dirty production to a country called China, and our clean air doesn't come for free (though yes, Australia is rewarded handsomely for its coal). It's not Australians that see the effects of the silicon tetrachloride used to make solar panels. Or see 20% of its farmland polluted with heavy metals.

          I remember the time when soy went from being an environmentalist's choice to an environmentalist's enemy. Compared to livestock you use much less water and phosphorous. But then it turned out that soy would be cheap feed for livestock anyway. So they chopped down huge swathes of forest in South America to grow soy. To make matters worse, soy doesn't grow nearly as well in Europe, for example, so most of the soy beans had to be transported over using fuel-guzzling methods. And did I mention slavery? (http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/footprint/agriculture/soy/so...)

          People that that will fervently defend their choices without evidence are scum regardless of their intentions. No offense intended to religious fundamentalists (ok, some).

          The point isn't that there's an ideal alternative or there's no point in trying. Everything has an impact. Over consumption and pointless waste is an ongoing issue. But we shouldn't pretend that there's a band-aid solution or fall victim to the marketing hype.

        • @peterpeterpumpkin:

          I heard a comment on the media once that switching political sides is like switching support from one sporting team to another. You stick it out regardless of how your "team" goes.

          That's how blind these sheep are…

        • @peterpeterpumpkin: >People that that will fervently defend their choices without evidence are scum

          So you just called every single person including yourself scum.

        • @Diji1:

          I think what the poster means is people on the extremes of a debate and are unwilling to accept that other people have a view/opinion that is different to their own.

          Hence why there are people killing each other in some overseas countries…

  • Lolwut? Only post to Victorian address? Damn…..was gonna get one for me opal…..

  • How about having transport cards that don't arbitrarily expire after a few years first. Do we get new stickers after that? :-P

    • and why do I need a different card for every state/territory?

      • Sydney is government owned, whereas Melbourne is privately owned. Of course, it should be compatible nation-wide, but this is Straya.

        • I imagine one day they'll start accepting NFC payments and the issue will go away. At least that's what I hope. Having to get state specific passes is a huge pain for travellers who may only be in the city for a day or two.

          Was relatively surprised last year to get an email saying my Melbourne card had expired. My QLD cards been active for about a decade. Unsure if that's because I visit more frequently or whether they don't expire those ones.

        • @Smigit: Your goCard should expire about now. Validity is a decade for adult card.

        • @NoobTan: from last use or from when you get it?

        • Actually, that's a common misconception: Melbourne's train network remains government owned, but it's privately run.

          MTM, Metro Trains Melbourne, is a private consortium that (purport to) manage the suburban network. V/Line (gov department) manage the rural network.

        • @Smigit: I've had my Transperth SmartRider since being a beta tester in 2005. Got a big surprise when I got an email about needing to replace my Myki!

        • @buthidae: Seems so redundant to me. Seems like they should only need an expiration if they upgrade the tech and need to force people onto newer cards. Otherwise it just seems like a semi hostile, anti user move.

        • Your comment has been noted
          Commencing expiry process…

        • @Smigit: Hi Smigit, it's from date of issue. See here

        • @NoobTan: Thanks! I'll take my wife's one with me just in case next time I visit.

        • @Smigit:

          It's free to exchange. A pain in the arse but I believe it was because someone managed to hack them and get free travel…

    • Is anyone else collecting Opal Cards in case they expire one day?

      If they start charging for them like Myki they'll be as valuable as taxi licences.

    • The reason myki's apparently expire is they line up to the warranty issued to them by the card manufacturer.

      Basically if it's in the warranty period, they get replacement for free - if it was outside, then myki would need to pay the cost of repair/replacement.

      Basically it's a cost saving measure to put all the cost onto the card manufacturer.

  • Thanks!

  • Ull b giving ur details 2 who knows for a sticker if u proceed. Be smart or not go ahead at all.

    • Well said.
      They are asking for postal address, email and name to without any privacy statement on how those details will be used.

      As per the original poster thread:

      Domain Name: transporttroubles.org.au
      Registrar Name: Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd
      Registrant ID: ABN 11616265905
      Eligibility Type: Political Party

      Of course if your already a greens party member they'll have your details. ;)

    • I put my ozbargain name. Expecting mail for Mr Bargains

  • Just ordered one for my GoCard in Queensland, it worked.

  • Be prepared to get spammed with political advertising

  • Authorised by S. Dunn. 128 Ayr St, Doncaster VIC 3018.

    Spokesperson for Local Government, Forests and Logging, Planning, Public Transport, Roads and Roads Safety.


  • Stickers to add to landfill and production pollution with what benefit?

    Ooh cool - space invaders.

  • These look like they'll go well on Opal cards as well. They need to make a NSW version of that site, I've never had much problem with public transport in Melbourne and I thought it was fantastic compared to Sydney.

    Sydney, where the T1 line has delays in one form or another every. single. day.

  • Geeze you know it's a Sunday when a free sticker gets 120+ votes…

    • I can help but think in the small print I'm signing up to join some Green Front that will put me on an ASIO watchlist. (Maybe the stickers have tracking devices) lol

      • Hey at least it'll be smarter than the Melb myki system at least. What's the point of a "smart card" if you still have to pick between "money" and a "pass"? (legacy is just an excuse for profiteering)

  • Cheers OP, keen on that Metlink nostalgia. Though, ironically enough, I rarely bought a metcard ticket and usually would just bail at the closest station with no gates

  • That's really cool, I hate the new black design compared to the green one so this makes up for it.

  • Alternatively, the jpegs on the link page for each design are big enough you could save it and print it out of you don't want to give them your details.

  • wish there were some for Opal.

  • Eh not a deal. They should be paying us to advertise their website and give them our personal details.

  • I like the blue 2000's one, it takes me back to high school!

  • Wow, great idea. Wish they did a Steve Vizard-style one:


  • In for 2!

  • Quick! What's the address for the myki head office?

  • Does anyone know if these are compatible with the Opal card technology?

  • Office of Samantha Dunn MLC: We have been inundated with requests due to this posting on OzBargain and may not be able to fulfill all requests.

    Have marked expired.

  • Is this typical of the Greens? Full of uncosted promises and then unable to fulfill stickers to landfill.

  • Anyone received their stickers yet?

  • I really want a Metcard one - damn it!

  • I haven't received my sticker yet :(

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