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OBDII Vehicle Heads up Display $39 Inc Free Ship @ SCA (Was $99.99) + More Online Only Deals

  • Projects your speed and RPM directly onto your windscreen
  • Wide LED screen for vivid and clear display
  • Receive driving speed data via your vehicle's internal computer
  • Connects to your vechicle's OBDII interface for plug and play installation

This has 18 or so decent reviews, also worth having a look at are the other online only deals, sorted of course, from lowest price.

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  • Got it for $35 including shipping on ebay

    • Is it still available? If so then CR will work with ebay too!

      I have $20 credit from their last sale so I will be buying it off the website.

    • +1


    • I did my own search on ebay and found this for AU$31.99 free shipping, but delivery time could be up to 5 weeks! (I just searched for the cheapest and most popular deal - I'm not endorsing this seller in any way, so buyer beware):


    • Was that from Supercheap on Ebay (or some other seller)?

    • thanks @brotherfranciz for the link. but trust me. its so annoying, i stopped using it after 2 days

  • +1

    Have seen a couple of this particular one in cars in the past and it looks like it works well. Obviously better on overcast days and night time.
    Going to grab one for the wife's car.
    You can get similar ones for around the 50 dollar price range and less on Ebay, but I've seen this one and know what I'm in for.

    I use the heads up display in my phone's Sygic GPS app and it's great.

  • Shame the RPM doesn't go high enough for my car.

    • Bought something similar last year for ~$26 delivered from China, came in something insane like 3 days to. Went to 7k RPM. Not enough for my car, but it was a gift, so not an issue.

      Model was X5, believe this was the listing:
      Looks like price has gone up.

      • Out of curiosity, what does the low RPM limit actually mean in operation? I can understand for a manual car if you're looking for shift points, but for an automatic though, does it really matter too much (will it just peg at 6000pm if you go over that limit)?

        • My car is manual. Only had it installed for a short drive to test. Not long enough to warm the engine up so never exceeded anything close to 7k RPM.

        • +1

          Plenty of cars shy of 7k but those of us with over 7k may want to know a better time to shift and at what number. I have an OBD2 scanner and Torque on my phone - will stick with that me thinks.

        • Yeah, not really important for an automatic. But mine is a manual and would love to rely on it to indicate RPM instead of having to look down at the tachometer. Not the safest thing to do when accelerating.

  • Always look where you cars OBD II port is first. On the FG Falcon, it is with the fuses under the dash, forward of the drivers right knee. It has a cover that means once anything is plugged in, the cover won’t go back on.

    • I'm going to use a dremel to cut a small hole (or small rectangle) in my FG's access panel.

    • in 2 cars where ive left an OBD connected, the connector was behind a panel like you say, but it was easily unscrewed from the bracket it was on. You can then have it dangle behind the panel facing whichever direction suits the wiring up to the display.

      • Good point, may work for some cars.

        • +1

          The FG Falcon OBD port just clips in - squeeze the edges of the white plug and it poops backwards then you can mount and not worry about cutting the trim panel.

        • @motor:

          Thank you, I'll give that a try :)

  • +2

    Woo let's downgrade our cars to bluebirds! Atleast these are now are a more reasonable price.

  • +1

    One of the reviews says:

    Brilliant. Having the speed shown on the windscreen in real time day or night while driving without having to look down at the speedo makes it so easy to keep within the changing speed zones, a must have. Clear display of speed, Revs, engine coolant temperature and instant fuel consumption L/100km. Having an OBD11 reader I know the information is available from the on board computer. Saves on speeding fines and can save fuel if you pay attention to the indicated speed. Cannot correct the manufacturers speedo error but you can add your own correction. In my case at 100k/h it is 4km/h.

    Looking at the photo though, I can't see any space for engine coolant temperature. It looks like it only displays speed, RPM and instantaneous fuel use?

    (I can see icons for temp, battery etc, but those just look like warning symbols, can I actually see the coolant temp in degrees?)

  • I am assuming that there will be wires hanging around which is unsightly unless we open trims to hide them?

    • That is piss easy to do.

  • +3

    just be aware that some cars always have power to OBDII so it might not turn off and drain your battery…

    also there can be lag in some cases leading to inaccurate readings on speeds and RPMS

    Also this, not sure why

    • Not sure about this one, but the one that I got, had a voltage threshold setting to power down/sleep (OBD port will be ~14V with car running, < 13V when not).

  • Website and checkout are painfully slow with pop ups about technical difficulties.

  • Does anyone know what size screen is on this one?

    • size is slightly smaller than the screen of iphone 4.

  • -1

    Mini USB? Wtf? I'm not expecting USB C, but is it really too much to ask to produce car accessories with micro USB?

    • I actually find the old mini usb far more reliable & durable than the micro USB.

      • Yes exactly. Most things in my cars at home use mini USB (GPS / Dashcam etc)

  • Sold out for me (might depend on your location so I won't mark as expired).

  • Has anyone had theirs ship yet? I just checked the order status of mine and it's at "Awaiting Processing" still.

  • Mine arrived yesterday. Hooked onto my Lexus RX400h and works well (need to use the reflective screen). Problem is that it turns off by itself as the engine shuts off to go electric mode. Warning for hybrid car users ;)

    • As above, voltage would drop without the alternator (or hybrid system I guess in this case) running, which is how it detects if the car is off. Should be able change it, but not a good idea if your OBD port is powered when the car is off (believe most are, might even be part of the specs?). Could get around it by cutting the power wire, inserting a relay and wiring that to ACC power. Likely run into the same issue on a non hybrid that has start/stop since once again, voltage would drop when the engine stopped.

      • I'm having issues with mine. It drains the power during car start-up even with a new car battery. It struggles to start the car. And it seems that when I unplug it from the OBD port, the next two attempts at starting the car will fail, but then it's all back to normal.

        I've been told that I can take it in for a refund. Shame really because I would've liked to keep using it.

        • Seems odd. Shouldn't raw much power at all, especially not compared to a starter motor.

        • @rhangman: Yeah. Maybe there's something wrong with the unit I purchased? Unless there's some sort of compatibility issue with a 2013 WRX.

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