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50% off @ New Balance


50% off New Balance. Redeemable online only. Excludes digital products. Free delivery over $100 otherwise $10 delivery

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    Works on clearance items too! Good one OP

    • Doesn't work for 1080's which are on clearance for $120 :-(

      • Worked for me.did you scroll down to see that the coupon was applied, I got deceived for a second. The coupon was accepted but it still showing the full price and then I scrolled down and saw the actual amount to pay. I used my mobile to buy tho.

        • yeah it worked for me as well the second time. I have added another item on clearance while 1080 was sitting on cart to see if it works for clearance and then it worked for both. Spent $110 altogether for 9" high intensity shorts + 1080 + SS heather tee hahaa great deal!

      • I grabbed some 1080 Fresh Foams too, hope they're as comfortable as my old pair of 1080 v5. Thanks OP.

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    Don't forget the 6.4% cashrewards…

  • Nice one! I could easily go nuts but they don't do half sizes.

    • yes they do

      • Not in the mens shoes that I'm looking for.
        Only available in the US/UK.

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    Am I only one who thinks New Balance quality is lacking?

    Every pair of shoes I've ever bought from them has fallen apart within a couple of months, yet my cheap Rivers runners ($29 on sale) are still going strong on my first pair.

    Maybe they've improved in recent years as last time I bought them was about 3 years ago.

    • Like most manufactures they make good and bad products.
      My partner buys a specifi shoe based on how durable they are.

      Can confirm this offer: Order Discount: Tennis Australia Partner Offer 50% 2017

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      I went through 3 pairs of $200+ Nike football boots last year. They kept peeling away and failing on me, even got some swapped on warranty. The NB pair I've had has since been great and lasted more than 6 months, with no sign of the toe upper peeling away from the plastic bottom. So for what it's worth, they make good boots.

      • -8

        Why did you out keep purchasing/exchanging shoes that were clearly not fit for purpose?

        Do you value your time at all?

      • Bet you were kicking yourself

      • +2

        I bought some NB trail runners from one of their sales last year and they have outlasted the shit out of the last Nikes I bought.

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        I used to use Nike football boots until I tried Asics. Never went back. The Asics leave them for dead.

    • I get at least a year out of each pair, and I walk a lot.

      I don't run though.. so YMMV.

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      Not the only one, Scab. After only buying this brand for years (I believe the term is fanboi)something changed and they just turned bad. Soles falling away from the uppers after a really short time, terrible. At the start of this year I caved and bought my son a pair of NB for the start of Kindergarten thinking they had to be better than the mesh shoes he had just worn through over the holidays.
      They fell apart after seven weeks.
      lucky I still had some shoe glue left from the last time I had my own NB.

      Absolute rubbish they are!

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    Cricket shoes $30 delivered. Only size 8 men's

  • Does anyone know if delivery is included, or that's extra $$?

    • $10 looks like

    • Orders over $100 are free delivery

      My order for three pairs came to $120, works for me :-) Thanks to Op for saving

    • Delivery is not included, and usually about $10. so $80 shoes would be $80-$40 + 10 = $50

    • It says Free Shipping on orders over $100 on their website

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      If you go and put something in your cart and are logged in, then leave it for a day or so, sometimes they send you a free shipping code which can be stacked :)

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    Just note prices have all been jacked up. what was $50 last night is now $90.

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      How does one determine this; I would be interested to learn?

      • +3

        I made a purchase and have receipts, see my comment below for details.

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          Oh okay thanks. I thought it was Google Cache or some website that keeps price history like pricehipster…

    • Oh are they? Just wondering how do you know that?

      • +10

        I bought 2 pairs of Women's 590v5 on 31 March, $30 each.
        Now $70 each.
        Also bought a pair of Men's vazee Prism in that red/black combo for $50, now the same size is $90.

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          Fashion lane tracks prices.

          Some have been pushed up but most that I was looking at seem to have remained the same.

          Here's price history for the 590v5

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      Thanks for letting me know, I was about to buy a few things!

      • +12

        Calm down sunshine. I can also say with certainty, because I have previously ordered a particular pair of shoes from New Balance in the last month that the price has gone from $50 - $90 overnight. So take your FFS and shove it in a sock, from New Balance perhaps.

        • +2

          I wonder how he got to type that word without profanity showing up

        • @montorola: You need to have voice typing activated and scream (profanity)

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          Therefore if you waited for this bargain, you only would have paid $45. Sounds like you're just sad because you got ripped off…

        • +1

          @mrham: Don't worry. I got in last month with a double discount. Worked out at $35 a pair. Best pair of $35 shoes I have every bought. I might be sad about other things, like presumptuous know-it-alls, but not my new shoes.

      • Hey mate, see my comment above, cheers.

      • Hah, big corporation wouldn't do it. I'll say this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dik_wnOE4dk

    • +4

      Dunno if they jacked up prices "recently" but I can confirm that when I bought the following shoes during the last sale in 2016, the prices are actually cheaper this time. For example I bought the "New Balance 990v4" which was RRP $350, after 50% it was $175. Now it's RRP is $300, after 50% it's $150. So, it's cheaper now. I also checked two other shoes I bought at the same time and can confirm one is $5 more expensive, the other is $10 cheaper. So on that fact check, I'll thumbs up this deal.

    • I bought 624V4 last year and can confirm price is not jacked for that

  • +3

    Thanks. Just panic ordered 2 pairs of shoes and some shorts for $110.

  • how are NB running tshirts and shorts compare to Adidas and Nike?

  • time to get a new running shoes!

  • +1

    Ooooh, what to get? Eenie meenie miney mo!

  • Better hurry quantities are diminishing fast!

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    I've never had NB shoes but Amazon reviews are saying they are small sizes? e.g. if you are a 10 get an 11? Can anyone confirm?

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      I have a 9US, my usual size, and they are a bit tight but still a good fit. I wouldnt worry unless you are border line next size up

    • +3

      can confirm, I wish I got a size up or at least half a size up…

      • Depending on the style.. just Google the model number and sizing (eg "nb 547 sizing")

    • Sneakers seems to run little bit small. But I made a mistake last time by getting one size up cross trainers as it was too big

      • By sneakers do you mean casual/lifestyle shoes? What about the running shoes?


        • I have bought several pairs of NB running shoes and the sizes are on par with other manufacturers.

        • @adr8: Thanks. So a few conflicting responses. I guess one of the drawbacks of online shopping is obviously you can't try them on first :/

        • yeah casual shoes. I have 2 pairs of casual's and they run little bit small. No experience with running shoes but I have ordered 1080 true size after reading little bit online.

    • From my experience most of their casual shoes (e.g. 574) run a little small/narrow, whilst their running shoes are more true to size.

  • Is there anything stopping you from ordering over $100 for free shipping, and then return using free returns??

    • I suppose not?

    • +2

      I just placed and order and there was this bit on the confirmation page:

      Online promotion discounts are applied and distributed across all eligible items in your purchase. If you return a portion of your purchase a portion of the discount will be lost.

      I'm guessing they just wouldn't refund you the full amount?

    • +1


  • +1

    Thanks OP. The best deals are the ones when you actually needed something from there, and I actually did!

  • Thanks for posting! I got two pairs of Zanta V2 for $120

  • +11

    Bought my wife a pair of New Balance 590v5 last week on clearance for $30. Now listed as $70 so with 50% off is $5 more expensive.

  • +2

    Fresh Foam 1080 for $60 + postage. Should I splurge when I still have a few other pairs of New Balance from previous sales? Hmmm.

  • Any walking shoes recommendations for men

    • i bought the 574's from the previous sale.
      great for walking, but not for driving.
      good value at 50% off - I wouldnt pay full price.

  • +13

    Seems price-jacking has happened - based on a number of posts above. Poor form NB - we will never forget :)

    • +13

      We should build an ozbargain price-jacking hall of shame.

      • +1

        In doing that, NB 'will never walk alone" >.<

  • +4

    Prices jacked up from last time.

  • As a Manchester United supporter, I just can't bring myself to invest any $ in this.
    However, I will say thank you for posting the deal as it looks a good one for most other people, particularly Scousers

  • +2

    Overinflated prices to start with.

  • +2

    I'm sure the prices were cheaper before the sale.

  • +5

    Prices definitely jacked up…

  • Was thinking to buy a walking/running shoe for $70 with other deal:

    Men's Saucony Echelon 4 Silver Blue, 2E (Wide Width) Performance Running Shoes $69.95 (RRP $199.95) + FREE Shipping @ Shoe Link

    Or is there any better option from NB in same price range?

    • Any feedback opinions here guys?

      • I can't really help you with regards to New Balance. However, I have worn through two echelon version 3, bought several years ago when the dollar was parity, for about the same price if I can recall. They have been great shoes. I ended up buying some for my partner as well in the mens variant, and she has trouble finding runners as she has a wide foot. She thought they were great as well. So I don't want to give you bad advice or sway you, but from a single person experience the echelon were a fantastic buy (I'm still wearing the second pair). Like any runner I think they would wear faster than a cross trainer. Hope that helps but please don't take it as gospel.

  • Have to say, I gave new balance a go last 50% and disappointed. My cheap $50 ASICS shoes where better than their $230 RRP shoes.

    • What was the model number?

      • 940v2 something like that. Red and white

        • I have been wearing the 940v2 for years… 3 pairs in a row I think, each lasting more than a year.

          Maybe the blue ones hold together better.

        • Sorry I should have mentioned​ that it was the comfort level that I was disappointed not the durability.

        • @Mr Unreliable: I've got the 1260v6. Very comfortable.

        • @congngo: thanks bud. Maybe I'll give it a go

        • @Mr Unreliable: Its only $80 now in the clearance section. Defn worth it :-)

  • -6

    By comments here, the prices have been jacked up = no bargain.

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