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8% off ALL hotels at When Buying with a Visa


Use a visa card (debit, credit, prepaid) and get 8% off
Not a great discount but better than none, minimal checking reveals probably works on all hotels.

Just a reminder that as of September last year hotels are now allowed to offer cheaper prices than online comparison websites, but are not allowed to advertise it. This means that if you call hotels with information about a cheaper price in hand they will beat/match it (hopefully beat). Usually hotels have limitations about things like it must be a third part not a 4th or 5th (e.g. the hotel must know that theyve made rooms available to these places) but some hotels are more lax than others.

tl;dr Use the link + code, take the discounted price and call the place quoting the price, theyll probably match/beat it

10% off code for some hotels "AUPAY10" @

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  • Currently 16% off with although in USD.

    • true, but just something to consider after that expires on the 28th

    • Is 16% off visa only, or mastercard ok? What is the promo code?

      • It just a coupon no card requirment the code is escapade

        • Thank you.
          Unfortunately my stays will be in nov, and this code is only up to sept stays :(

        • @ben1680:

          Cheaptickets codes are almost never ending as in when one finishes another starts shortly after.

        • @Stahh: Thanks for letting me know.
          Will wait for the next coupon code, and compared those with recent Orbitz 15% off deals…

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    The 8% off means you don't earn any Rewards, which are generally sort of like a 10% off deal (after 10 stays, you get 1 free stay at the average price you paid for those stays). All things considered, I'd rather take the 10% off in Rewards than an 8% off in cash.

    • +1

      plus 4.8% cashrewards applies with Rewards, but (most likely) will not apply with 8% discount code here.

    • +1

      If you stay 10 nights thats true youd be better off. But up until 9 nights you wont have saved anything using the rewards program. Depends on how often you use hotels because rewards nights have an expiration date as well.

      Still if youre a frequent hotel booker than just using the rewards would be better. Not sure about the cash rewards thing though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    I cannot seem to get it to work. It keeps on saying that it is limited to a specific promotion. Has anyone else managed to get it working?

    • Sorry updated link

    • VISA8 works on ALL hotels, aupay10 works on some

      • For VISA8 you must prepay your stay with a valid Visa card to get the discount. Can't get a discount on pay on arrival bookings even if paid for by visa.

        Either way it's not a big difference try them both and see how you go.

  • Pretty sure the terms exclude most major chains:

    Tried to book a Sheraton hotel and it didn't work.

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