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Fitbit Alta HR $198 from Big W


Due to an incorrect advertisement Big W are offering the Fitbit Alta HR for $198 for the next few days.

Office works and JB Hifi have this listed for $248.

Also note the Fitbit Alta is available for $129.

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    Next level marketing


    Or you could save hundreds by getting an alternative like iWOWN fit i6 HR. Different strokes for different folks. Obviously the fitbit app is better, but is it hundreds of bucks better?

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      +1 - I have MiBand 2 - is great for ~$30


    is it me… or is the Alta really low on the brightness?

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    You're better off getting the Charge 2 HR instead of the Alta HR as it has more features. The Charge 2 HR does everything the Alta HR does, but also has Guided Breathing Sessions, Floors Climbed, Multi-Sport and Connected GPS.

    Officeworks has it $199 at the moment delivered.

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      You're probably even better off getting a Garmin

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    Fitbit connects with more third party apps. These are why I have a fitbit

    Both use a betting sort of system. Pact, you make a commitment like '5 days this week I will walk more than 10,000 steps'. If you don't achieve it, they charge you $10 per day you missed
    If you do achieve it, you split the pot of money of those that got charged $$$

    StepBet is similar, except in 5 week blocks, different step goals, and you lose $40 if you fail.

    I make on average $1/week with each. Not life-changing. But the threat of losing money makes me do more exercise than anything else. If I know I am about to lose $10 because I've been lazy all day, I will walk around the living room in circles until I hit 10,000 steps.

    Just counting steps itself does nothing for me. I could already have told you I can be lazy, I don't need to know exactly how few steps I take. But to add an immediate financial penalty to being lazy has been really good for me.

    Considering that most people that visit Ozbargain probably hate losing money, might be helpful to someone out there.

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    Can the people that constantly say "oh X Chinese tracker is much cheaper, buy that" bugger off?

    FitBit has a lot of other features that those trackers don't have. I personally use a FitBit for the friend challenge stuff. I've found that way more beneficial than any of the tracker features itself. Having a dozen competitive friends, all fighting for weekly titles etc will give you way more benefit from some cheapo pedometer, simply counting your 10000 steps.. I did over 25000 steps in one day once, beating a super competitive mate of mine.

    Yes FitBit may be more expensive, but the app and the challenge system craps over anything else out there.


      not to mention the local warranty you get with fitbit. Any issues and they just swap it over and give you a new one.

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        they've tightened up a bit now though - knocked me back on my last claim as it was outside the 1yr warranty (the last replacement only lasted a few months).

        My advice, If the band has lifted at all before 12 months, put a claim in…

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    Officeworks had a great warranty policy of my missus old fitbit charge HR, they just refunded the amount and was about to get her the Charge HR 2, only 11 months old and battery was playing up.

    You wont get that from an import company