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Sony Easter Sale | 43" X8000D 4K TV $799 | 49" X8000D 4K TV $999 | Shipped @ Sony Online & Kiosks


Sony has just dropped the prices on these two popular 4K TVs for Easter. Enjoy :)

43" X8000D 4K HDR TV $799 (was $1799)
49" X8000D 4K HDR TV $999 (was $2099)

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    nice deal but just bought the hisense 7 series 50

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      Same here. very happy with the colour output!

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        I just like have a netflix & youtube button on the remote… 2 main uses for my tv

        • +2

          It's just missing the "chill" button below Netflix :p

        • +3

          @koalafied: I byo chill

    • How are you finding the hisense? Thinking of getting it for the media room, mainly for youtube and movies via usb

    • Sorry could I ask which Hisense one you are talking about? Do you have a link? Thanks.

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    I have the 43 inch X8000D and can vouch it's pretty good picture quality for HDR too

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      I have 49 inch version.

      It's awesome - smooth software and great HDR quality.

      The new Planet Earth UHD plays really well on that TV.

      • -1

        Just watched the first episode of that the other night. Looks great is supposed to be one of the reference films for HDR.

        That being said the movie is hit and miss when it comes to HDR. For example old Rips like crouching tiger Hidden dragon look like a mess.

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      What I read from this is that the 43" is pretty good but the 49" has an inferior panel so probably won't be as good. Compare that to the reviews of the Hisense M7000 series and there's no comparison. One or two of the Hisense reviews even mention that it blows away the Sony tvs

      • What would the equivalent Hisense be for the 43inch Sony, I was just about hit buy but the comments made me rethink.

      • They have their differences. 49 has IPS panel which means you get better viewing angles off axis but the blacks aren't as good by a good margin.

        I think other differences come between brightness etc but i would rather have blacker blacks at HDR than have better clarify off axis, hence why I chose the 43 inch which has a VA panel.

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      Your web archive says that $2099 is the normal price and $1199 is the sale price ;)

      AUD $2,099.00 SALE PRICE $1,199.00

      • +1

        no one would buy for the "normal price" anyway, given there's a deal on it constantly

        • Not sure why you are getting negs… you are 100% right. Their normal "rec retail" pricing is pretty much always discounted somewhere by someone. That's how they've been selling electronics for years. Overprice for the shmucks willing to just pay retail on the spot, and discount to the real price to make people feel better about their purchase and feel like they've gotten a "deal".

        • +1

          its the normies invading OzB that don't know what a real bargain and a perceived bargain is

  • I've been watching the Sony page for weeks and the last deal was end of March. This is probably the last deal until June so get it while its there!

    • Wouldn't they be clearing for new models…

      • +1

        They have been 'clearing' for about 9 months then.

        • +1

          New models come out very shortly, I highly doubt they are producing more of these atm. As for the prices atm, no TVs jump at me, though new models usually hit very soon.

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    Can anyone comment about the quality of these when used as monitors?
    I'm thinking about a 4K screen, quartered with something like displayfusion… Instead of a multi monitor setup.

    Watching movies and editing photos is more important to me than gaming.

    • +11

      Get your priorities straight

      • +2

        .. for this monitor.

        I'm happy with my gaming setup already :)

        • 43" monitor? Is that not too big?

    • Well, you would probably want a 4:4:4 chroma subsampling screen then.
      If you have no idea what that means, heres a quick primer.


      I can only speak of the x800d, input lag of 33 milliseconds and its support for 1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4, 4k @ 30Hz @ 4:4:4, 4k @ 60Hz and 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4.

    • Considered a good cheap option with low lag - see Mr Plant's posting.

    • They're IPS which is good for viewing angles, especially important when you're seated up close to a large display.

      • EDIT: Sneaky edit bro :)

        IPS sounds great! Are these wide color gamut as well?
        (I'm trying to compare them to the Hisense M7000 TV mentioned up above)

        • +1

          Yeah I completely screwed that one up. Absolute mind blank.

          They are and they have a pretty good coverage of DCI P3. Lots of great technical details on the review below.


          This link also indicated that the 43" version is a VA panel. You can see viewing angle info on the link I posted.

  • I like how they have a netflix button on remote and have chromecast built in. How does interface compare with latest Samsungs/LG's ?

    • Interface is good, but the OS is a bit on the slow side because I'm pretty sure these Sony TV's are lacking in RAM or something. Not sure how this compares with Samsung/LG.

      • +1

        I mean it is Android so it probably needs at least 4GB.

        • It is a bit laggy, but it's acceptable. I connect a bluetooth gamepad to mine to navigate the menus. The only slow bit is bringing up the main Android TV launcher. It takes 3 to 4 seconds at most.

    • +1

      I prefer my Sony over my folks' LG in terms of interface.

      Not sure about Samsung's, but a big negative is that it has ads…

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    43inch or aldi 40inch for a computer monitor??

    • +1

      These have HDR. Obviously not the greatest implementation, but you can't really complain for the price. Review.

    • +1

      I can confirm my 49 inch model does have 10 bit HDR function.

      The XBOX ONE S can detect the 10 bit HDR given that you turn it under your TV settings first.

  • -1

    Is the interface - loading apps and switching channels - snappy? It will really shit me if it's slow and takes a while for the android interface to load apps etc.

    Can anyone comment on this?

    • +1

      I recently got the x8500d and was worried about this. Hasn't been an issue at all. Everything seems pretty snappy, and have been able to replace my media pc with the tv's functions.

  • This or the Hisense M7000UWG 50"? My two Bravias bought around 2008 and 2010 are still kicking ass…. so am guessing Sony would be the pick for better picture quality and build quality?

  • They keep trying to offload these.
    While i believe them to be good TVs, i thought they had the newer processor in them and wanted it for its Andoird TV/freeView Plus but apparently its a bit slow.
    Those RRPs are as of a long time ago.
    Still thinking about the 43" though…

    • +1

      The 43 is pretty killer for the price. It upscales 1080P content really well, 4K looks great, works well for gaming. Big step up from the old 1080P Samsung I once owned. HDR is average but at least it's HDR 10.

      Android TV is great. A little slow, but once you get used to the ease of talking to your TV to load up videos etc it's hard to go back. Plus, love Netflix on this TV.

      • True, the Netflix app loads instantly but looks a bit blurry.

        My ADSL2 cannot do UHD otherwise I can probably go for UHD plan to take full advantage of the TV.

  • It's not super fast. But it's functional. I have only had a few issues with it, but overall am 'satisfied' with AndroidTV in general. It's not just this TV that AndroidTV feels a little slow on btw.. Head into JB if you want to test it out (:

  • +1

    We have one of each size, love them - great colour and clarity.
    the only problem is the audio which is poor on most thin tvs anyhow.

  • -2

    This TV does not have IPS panel. It's VA. VA is in between TN and IPS so not as bad as TN but not as good as IPS either. If you are familiar with deep blacks of LG IPS panels (IPS is LG's proprietary) then you'll be disappointed. But if you're someone who's already got Sony TV and find the colors alright, this will serve you better. (Some youtube videos say panel used in 43" version is better than 49" but don't know why - as far as I can see they both have VA panels)

    • +1

      43" has VA panel, for 49" it is IPS.


    • VA panels are good if its a dark room and you are sitting straight in front of the TV. IPS is good at angles. IPS is a panel type like VA and TN, LG (or any other manufacturer) don't hold any proprietary rights for it.

  • +1

    Recently bought that 43 inch and returned it immediately, broadcast picture was awfully pixelated and the 4k content was incredibly average, it took sony support 4 weeks and 5 phone calls later for it to be returned, probably the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Make sure you check the tv out in store first and if you can, buy instore

    • Why the downvotes?

      • Sony fanbois

  • cashrewards? 2.2% from the Sony store?

  • +11

    Bought the 43 inch version back in December, it had some issue with back light unevenness and dead pixels, contacted Sony for an exchange, the replacement was much better, and I am generally very happy with it (with some caveats below), the colours are natural looking (just compare with other brands and you'll see what I mean, cough LG, Samsung, etc.), low enough input lag, frame dimming can be turned off, backlight bleed minimal when viewed straight on, metal bezel is so thin!

    I am using the TV as a monitor, here are some of the things I am not so fond of:

    • VA panel - so the viewing angle is no comparison to an IPS penal, as the contrast decreases quite quickly as you view the screen off axis by a small amount, any coloured pixels other than black and white will look fairly washed out.
    • Backlight evenness - don't expect it to be like the normal PC monitor you are working on right now, especially towards the corners and edges. It is a TV after all.
    • Clouding - there is some clouding issues, well, for most LCD TV. Don't be surprised if the gray you are used to on your normal PC monitor to look very clean with this TV set.
    • No monitor suspend mode - you won't be able to wake or put the TV to sleep (at least not without additional hardware), so the remote is your friend.
    • Weird VESA mounting interface size - 20 X 10 CM, so it's not a square.
    • Boot up time - don't expect pictures to come on straight away from initial power on, the Android operating system had to be loaded first, takes about 30 sec or so; and if the TV system crashed, you have to wait for it to reboot back up, it already crashed on me on more occasions than I could count with one hand.
    • HDMI audio - you might experience the HDMI audio not coming back on if you wake your PC from sleep (if you only have a Intel video) if you decided to use the TV onboard speaker, possibly a HDCP handshake issue.
    • If you use the TV as a TV, haha, you might experience some interlacing issue on some standard definition channels, the pictures don't look "de-interlaced", so you can see lots of "slicing" artifact on the picture, could be a video source issue, not sure.

    Despite the above, I am still quite content with the purchase, your mileage may vary though ;)

    • +1

      Have my vote.. Not knowing what you are talking about 100%, that's enough to put me off.

    • Great review mate. All important points that most people wouldn't consider.
      Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  • Surely the 32" 600D for $299 is also a bargain. Seems like a great price for a bedroom TV with all the bells and whistles built-in - http://store.sony.com.au/KDL32W600D.html#start=1

    • +2

      1366x768 res. Looks like old panels they're using. 1080p is min you want for 32" nowadays.

  • No Sony Kiosks in QLD for me to go and have a look :(
    Hardly Normal and JB Lo Fi don't stock these models either.

  • Reckon JBH or HVN would price match this?

  • Are these brand new or refurbished? Most of items on SonyAustralia ebay store are refurbished. Anyone has any idea?

    • +2

      Brand new.

  • Can you turn the HDR feature off?

  • Is there some rule of thumb for TV size vs distance watching from?

    Thinking of getting the 43" to put into he bedroom which is 3.8x3.8 M

    Would wall mount to watch from bed.

    • +1

      Depends on content being displayed. 4k content you'll want to be fairly close to take advantage of seeing all that extra detail. 720p content may look pretty poor and pixelated, 1080p should be fine however.

      When i use my TV with a HTPC, I use MPC-HC, it allows for 'shrinking' the picture size down (black bordering around), and so a 720p file might only take up 27 inches rather than 43, which results in a nicer looking vid than stretched to 43 and pixelated.

    • +1

      It's a lot closer than you would think.

      THX standards and most installers hover around a basic sum of: Viewing Distance = 1.5 x Screen Size, but I reckon that's more like a minimum viewing distance. A little further away (at least in my opinion) is more ideal. I believe the theory is that now that TV's are so high in resolution, that sitting "too close" isn't the issue it used to be even a few years ago. But I still don't like to sit too close because I still reckon it's fatiguing watching a massive screen so close.

      So going with the above calculation, with a 43" screen your head position should be a minimum of 164cm from the screen. Even if you tack on another 1m you are still more than fine. Actually, with a rough viewing distance of about 3m (allowing for bed head and wall mounting the tv), you could easily go for a 50" and still have room for more. 50" x 1.5 x 2.54 = 190cm (with 1m still in reserve).

      Long story short, go a little bigger! :)

  • Is this compatible with the spend $500 or more and get $100 off voucher we got a few months back?

    • I reached out to Sony support, they confirmed $100 off voucher only can be used with RRP price products

      • +2

        That's ridiculous!

        We'll give you a credit, but only on overpriced items :(.

        • Yeah, it's a little annoying. All their prices seem to be consistently 20% higher than jbhifi/good guys/any online retailer in general. Have yet to find anything worth using it on yet.

      • I just purchased it, and it the voucher worked. Pretty stoked. Got it for $713 with Delivery.

    • yep, you can still use it

      • Have you tried it, cos the person above has conflicting info?

        Edit: just tried it and you're right, it works.

        • nice…

        • I wish I had the chat log saved, my earlier comment < that is what Sony support told me.

        • +1

          @zaptech-au: Oh i'm not denying that they told you that, but yeah try adding it into the sale. It definitely works.

    • does anyone have a spare $100 voucher they are not using? looking to buy one too. This deal expires "Extra Long Weekend Sale ends on Tuesday 18 April 2017 at 11:59 pm (AEDT)"

  • shipping is not free? costing $24 for me.

    • +1

      Definitely free. Try logging in to your acct :)

      • +1

        yes just registered and free shipping now. THANK YOU!

  • Will this make a good computer monitor (eg crisp fonts)

  • Did anyone had there payment cleared already? I've had issues with this in the past with the Sony store so wondering if it happened again (ordered yesterday) or if it's because of Easter (probably).

  • -1

    Went to JB the other day… was pretty surprised to tap the front screen and its plastic not glass!! Majority of tvs like that.

    My 55" at home is glass front.

    • Wait, you found x800 series in Jb? Its not even listed on their website. My neighborhood jb guy didn't even know about the series :/

      • +1

        Oh no no i didn't… talking about all the other tvs in general.

        The guy at JB raved about the x800 being good for a computer monitor and told me to grab one from the Sony store. He must be an ozbargainer.

        • Hahahaha :)
          I would have loved to do some in-person comparison between the 43 and 49, but I think I might go with the 43 in this case. Supposedly better screen and its going to be on the wall in my bedroom which stays dark when we are watching movies, and its pretty much straight in-front of us.

          I seriously think the 43 is an awesome deal. Oh I was also going to pick up the soundbar for $188 :) HT-CT80, on special from $249 to ~$190.

        • [@shadowarrior](/comment/4607971 /redir): Do it.. I'd go with the 43. If its going to suck as a computer monitor, I'll put it in the bedroom as a TV. I think there's Chromecast built in

        • @shadowarrior: I seriously think the 43 is an awesome deal. Oh I was also going to pick up the soundbar for $188 :) HT-CT80, on special from $249 to ~$190.

          I have that soundbar and do not recommend it. Unless you are happy using two remotes, there's no way you can avoid having to use the Soundbar remote to control it. Look for one that has HDMI input.

        • @musthazbargains: Wouldn't it work with a Logitech Harmony? I agree a HDMI controlled device would be a better choice. I'll keep looking then.

        • @shadowarrior:
          Yes I guess any learning remote would be fine. But when I hooked one up to a 2015 model Sony TV I was really hoping the TV remote would be compatible with the soundbar, sadly its not. I would have thought a Sony TV remote should operate a Sony Soundbar.
          Maybe this newer TV is compatible, but find out before you buy it.

  • Just got my 43" today and love it. Thanks OP!

    • Show us some photos :) Using it as a TV or a computer monitor?

      • As a TV. Had a 5 year old Samsung that definitely needed an upgrade :)

        Purchased on my credit card so have the extended warranty through there.
        Great TV for the price.

  • Rang one of the Sony Kiosks.. Order through the kiosk and they will do the free delivery AND an extra year of warranty. So two instead of one :)

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