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Penrite HPR5 5w-40 6L $29.99 @ Repco (21-22 April)


First time post, go easy if I miss something.

Fantastic price for 6L of Penrite SN/CF 5w-40 full synthetic. Repco claims 60% off ($53 saving)

For comparison Supercheap Auto has this for $75

Limit 2 per customer

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  • Dirt cheap. I'll be grabbing a couple of bottles.


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    Great price and great oil.

    • Not just great, its officially one of the best oils out there…

      • How does that link have anything to do with proving it's "officially one of the best oils out there"???

        • MB229.5 has always been one of the toughest longlife specs to pass. The link is the official list, if its not on that list, it isn't approved. It has grown quite a lot over the past 10 years, as oil tech has improved and filtered down. It used to basically only have the expensive gold Mobil1 0W-40 on it and a few other obscure euro oils that were hard to get here.

        • @stumo:

          Interesting, thought it was a general approved for Mercedes list. Seems like there are many on there, will have to have another look

        • @stumo:
          PS Any 0w-40 oil is also at least group 4 or 5 (which probably why it was the first on the list) which I why I use Castro Edge 0w-40, even though it tends to be the most expensive Castrol Edge and never gets heavily discounted. Probably more evidence it is of higher quality.

        • @opilot87:
          Interestingly, for a long time, only the European castrol edge was on the list. So I would avoid it for that reason, since their Aussie formulation wasn't approved, but seems to be approved now.

          Once an oil meets 229.5, it doesn't really need to get any "better", its already as good as you're going to get for up to a 30000km oil change if your vehicle allows that.

          PS its in alphabetical order, but with the dealer only MB part number (ie. rebranded) oils at the top usually.

  • Great first post!

  • Are these better than the castrol oil?

    I have an Audi A4 B8 1.8T

    • I have a B5 A4 1.8T Quattro, been using Valvoline 5-40 Full Synthetic.

      Our cars should be using VAG approved oils.

      I'll have a look to see if this is, if it is I'll be grabbing two bottles maybe three which should do 4-5 oil changes for my car.

      I'll let you know if it's VAG approved in a few moments though.

      Awesome first post OP


        Might need A5 oil, I think this is A3

      • Update: it states that it's "Great for 502.00/505.00" which means that it is not approved. So if you have any warranty it might possibly void that, however it's probably okay.

        Especially considering BMW/Mercedes have approved it. I'll be getting some for mine if I remember to.

        I get paid on Friday, so it works out even better. I also just ordered a pack of oil filters from the US (a lot cheaper) so I'll be stocked up on service supplies now. Awesome.


          Your username would suggest you drive a Toyota 86. I see what you did there.

        • Thanks. Will probably pick some up

        • @TightBottom:
          Haha, 86 is my favourite number.
          It's ironically because of the Senteniel XS86 from Grand Theft Auto Vice City and its kind of just stuck.

          It's ironic because the Senteniels in the Grand Theft Auto series are based off BMW's which are obviously also euro, alike my Audi :p

  • NICE FIRST POST!!!!well done!

    gonna go in a few times and get a few at this price…

  • Wish it was 5w 30.

    • why? what difference would it make?

      • 5W-th30W means the viscosity of the oil when is cold is 5, the lower the better 0W is the best, when your engine is cold, it will protect your engine from the start. the 30W means the viscosity of the oil when the engine is hot. the higher the better, it will give you more protection. that is why the 0w-40w is more expensive than 10w-30w

    • If your car is getting on a bit then bumping up to 40 may be a good idea

      • sorry dont understand what you mean by "getting on a bit"? as in if the car is doing high rev etc?

        • Age/mileage.

        • As KayDat said. Many cars benefit from having the extra 10 as they get old.

        • @Happy501:

          care to explain why that is? my car is pretty new and used Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic oil 5W-30.
          This Penrite HPR5 5W-40 should be ok for my next service/oil change, right? Mazda 6 petrol Auto

        • @OzFrugie:

          How many K's has your car travelled?

          Generally there are many small imperfections with wear that very slightly reduce oil pressure. Not enough to worry about or even notice but enough to let you go up 10 on the oil to allow the viscosity to "plug" up the gaps, in a gasket, seal or join somewhere.

          If you car is still new and not a special European model then the worst that I can imagine happening is a well protected engine that is using a few percent more power to move the thicker oil around.

        • @Happy501:
          Yep after 400k on my Mercedes sprinter I have gone for the extra 10 and the oil pressure doesn't get dangerously low anymore on idle when hot (would drop to 7.5psi after a hard hot pull - now stays around 12psi). I'd consider going extra 10 after around 250k on a diesel. But that's extra 10 on the hot number. ie. Going from 10W-40 to 10W-50. I wouldn't go extra 10 on the cold number unless it was still within manufacturer spec.

        • @Happy501:

          I am currently on 10k km, but if I buy this oil, I will be using it for the next service, which will be 20k km or another year (whichever earlier).
          Should be good?

        • @OzFrugie:

          What car is it? I will do a quick check. The only cars i have heard ever having problems going up are the small below 60KW engines that don't like pulling the oil around as much, and the small fiats, beautiful little car that they are.

          my new little mirage wants 0-20!

        • @Happy501:

          It's 2016 mazda6 petrol auto

        • @OzFrugie:

          It will be fine. If you are worried then keep the 5-40 for another year then chuck it in. The difference is not that great. it is more important that you put great quality oil in with regular changes than anything else

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      40 is better

    • My car has done 150k but has no oil burnt or smoke issues so there is really no reason for me to go to 5w40 when 5w30 is still perfectly fine and recommended by the manufacturer.

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    Just incase for diesel guys out there, penrite site says its not DPF suitable so if you're engine has a filter make sure not to get this, correct me if i'm wrong though.

    • +1 vote

      Your right, do not buy as changing the dpf will cost you about 3k+ if it fails

      Not worth the risk imo.

      If you have a hilux your all good, no dpf

    • my wrx uses premium unleaded does this dpf rule prevent me from using this? :) cheers

    • That's because of the level of zinc in the additive package that Penrite uses. Diesel tends to burn off some oil over time and this can clog / damage the DPF over extended period of time.

  • Bugger just bought 1l off SCA the other day to top up. Awesome price!

    • Hypothetically you cohld buy one from repco and return it to SCA

      • +3 votes

        Yeah but not worth the hassle as I won't need the extra and I don't see how buying 5l and returning 1l would work.

        • I seem to have replied to wrong comment haha, was meant for the guys who are complaining about purchasing the 6l recently from supercheap. My bad

  • man what a bargain

  • Typical of my life, always found out deals like this after I have just serviced my cars with exactly the same oil a week ago

  • SO I need 7 litres… Its going to hurt paying $16.29 for 1 Litre . Awesome price!

    Likely to sell out quickly? I've not shopped at Repco before.

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    Can use for a car that takes 5-30?

    • yes

    • 99% sure the answer is yes. If it's a brand new car with warranty just double check with manufacturer otherwise BUY IT!

      • Can you go back down to 5w40 to 5w30 afterward?

        • Yep certainly can. 5w40 and 5w30 are very similar oils.

          I use 5w40, 10w40, 15w40, 10w30 in my car depending on what bargain I can get on good quality oil at the time.

          If your car is newer (less than ~10yrs) you could also use a 1L flush ($10) in between if you want to be real fussy about keeping it clean. Older cars I wouldn't recommend using a flush product though. Mine is 24 yrs old so instead of using a flush (too aggressive) I do an interim half fill with whatever I have lying around, put ~10KM on it, dump it then use the good stuff. Similar effect but much more gentle and ensures the new oil is super clean.

    • Check your exact car here. http://www.datateck.com.au/Lube/PenriteAus/ . Even if it is not listed, it doesn't mean that you can't use it. Email penrite support and they can tell you yes or no.

  • Penrite is one of the few oil manufacturers who add Zinc (ZDDP) to their oils too. Not only that, they are generous with the zinc levels added. I can't remember the source but someone tested 30+ oils and Penrite came out on top where as most of the others add very little. If Zinc ZDDP is what you're after this is a good choice assuming 5w40 suits your car. Adding ZDDP separately is hit and miss too.

    Thanks OP. I've been waiting almost a year for a sale on this oil. 2 bottles (12L) will get 18-24 months in my low mileage car. I'm tempted to get my wife to buy 2 more bottles, then my next oil purchase won't be until 2020 sometime :)

  • Anyone know if this is suitable for Holdens 2007 onwards?

  • will this be suitable for a 17' subaru wrx?

    • My mechanic uses ENVIRO+ 5W-40 on my '17 WRX. I suspect this will be fine but will double check with him.

      • just called subaru and the lady said 5W-40 will also be suitable!

        • My mechanic happily confirmed HPR5 5W-40 is fine in the WRX. I've had ENVIRO+ 5W-40 since first service and it's been fine.

    • I think your Subaru WRX manual will state 5W-30 synthetic, check to confirm.

      If correct, 5W-40 should be okay. 5W = winter viscosity, so the 40 instead of 30 means it'll be thicker at optimal running temps than the 30 your manual calls for.

      If I had to take a guess I'd say it's probably perfectly fine, but you might want to call Subaru or your trusted mechanic and double check. Being a 2017 car I would hate you to void any warranty on a whim. But it should be A-OK!

  • My car usually has a bit of oil leftovers using 5L oil.
    Will 5L version of this oil ever be cheaper than this deal?

    On a separate note, if I get 6L one, can I use the leftover oil for the next service (yearly interval)?
    Does it degrade in quality?

    • SCA currently sell the 5L for $65 and the 6L for $75.

      My answer to your question is buy this now, you'll be waiting a long time to see this oil at this price in either capacity. This is equally the cheapest I've ever seen it, usually the 5L sales are around the $40 mark so this is a steal.

      Your other question, it may slowly degrade over years but certainly will be fit for purpose in 12 months time just keep it sealed tight and preferably in a cool dark place (though I'm unsure if the last 2 points are vital or not, just something I personally do). I regularly do the same thing as your asking here.

    • or you can use the leftover for top ups every now and then. most cars drink a little bit of oil between services

      • Yeah I was going to say that too. Never goes astray having a little left over, just chuck it in the boot for those "just in case" moments. Mine is pretty good with 10w40 & 15w40 usually. With 5w40 I expect it might use a little between changes.

  • good price, I don't know it will come down with auto membership card?

    • You meant further motor club member discount? I'm afraid not as club member discount usually applies on RRP not already on special or discounted items.

  • How does this compare to Castrol Edge 5W30 which is around the same price on sale?

    • Both are good oils though but I think most in the know would rate Penrite as the better quality.

  • Wow, I bought some a couple months ago when SCA had it on sale for $39, and I thought that was a good price. I think I'll grab another one or two bottles from Repco and I'll have enough for both cars for about a year. Nice find, OP!

  • How much should a dealer charge me if I take my own oil and filter to them? I can do it myself but really want the logbook stamped. I was quoted $150 - is that a fair price?

    • I used to pay about $50-60 in labour for my mechanic to change the oil when I provided oil+filter. That was 10 years ago so costs will have gone up but $150 to me sounds like a rip. Surely there's still change from $100 for what you're asking. Shop around or do it yourself.

      • Log book stamped is different pricing I believe. Why go to dealer where other independent service stations can stamp your log book without voiding the new car warranty and at lower prices?

    • Depends on the car

    • Get a mobile mechanic to do it. I was cheated by a shonky mechanic once. Brought my own oil & filter, but very likely he used cheaper oil and definitely cheaper oil filter! Was gonna report him to police, but decided it's too much effort to prove the evidence.

      • How did you know it was cheaper oil/filter?

        • Filter has brand on it or could look slightly different among brands. Given the dodgy mechanic swapped his expensive filter so likely he would swap the expensive oil too.

  • I still have the 5w30 Nulon ones from costco… kinda want to get rid of those and buy this instead

  • Shame it starts on Friday. It will be looooong gone by the time I get a chance after work/Saturday morning to go get some, surely…