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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black $615.20 Delivered (HK) @ Vaya eBay


Galaxy S7 Edge for $615.20 from VAYA store with coupon code C20SHOP

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  • Would this discount code also apply to the S7's they sell?

    • yes

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        Yeah I like that price a bit better. Not sold on the whole curved edge just yet. Only reason I want a phone upgrade from my Redmi Note 3 Pro is because I actually need a phone with a camera that can film in low light decently.

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          Exactly the same boat here.

        • Same ! I'm happy with everything on my Redmi Note 3 (Rooted With Nitrogen OS) except for the camera, i'll wait for next week when the S8 actually releases i'm sure more deals will come out.

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        That's tempting, damn!

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    So I'm right in thinking the VAYA ebay store is pretty safe? There's recently been a few questionable S7 ebay deals from questionable stores.

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      I am also wondering the same, a lot of people bought from them last time.

      • If it's anything like their mobile company a few years back, I'll say no

    • Over 99% positive feedback looks pretty safe to me

    • Looks pretty good, but would like to know your guys experience if had any first hand.

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    This is probably a grey import, so make sure you are happy with what will be the repair policy in case of a problem - paticularly if the issue is outside a warranty return. There have been people on the site complaining that the couldn't get a repair done at the "standard" cost that the Australian equivalent phone would. Just a heads up for people to look into.

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      Yeah that's another reason I don't want to get an edge. Seems it's a lot cheaper to fix up a normal candy bar version than the edge version if it ever breaks.

    • repairs are not a problem if you go to the unofficial channels such as the market or shopping centre repair stores

      • Another poster was complaining this was more expensive than the "standard" repair charge done through the manufacturer. Just giving people a heads up.

  • very nice price!!

    decided to buy from mobileciti ($770ish, and claim back $70 GST) as it has local 2yr sammy warranty.
    and no confusion re which bands are supported / dual sim with memory or single sim with memory / 2G only on the second sim

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      Whats the process to claim back the gst?

      • Would like to know, and does it apply on this S7 offer

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          Think he is referring to TRS when you travel overseas you can claim back tax on purchases at the airport you are not ment to bring that item back though but i think you could get around this and has to be within a certain time frame from purchase.

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          @Stahh: yep either TRS (you, fam or a mate going overseas) or business purchase (registered for GST etc)

      • Does GST apply on this S7 offer?

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          Darp from previous vaya hk deals: no gst and vaya 1yr warranty

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      Pretty sure it's a grey import and only 1 year warranty as it's coming from Hong Kong.. also not sure if TRS would apply in this case also?

  • anyone already purchased phone from this store? still hesitate to buy from there

  • also, why is it important to have gst for the phone? for tax return purpose etc?

  • I've had 2 grey import phones. I lost the last one and bought local. Now … i don't know what it is but the grey imports … i wouldn't buy again. The first phone turned itself on and off all the time, for no reason. The second one was sluggish.

    The local one is exactly the same as the second one and just seems like a different phone. I wouldn't buy grey import again.

  • thanks - purchased the gold one for AU $607.20 for my wife :D

    • Bought 1 at the same price too, is you order dispatched yet? Don't know how long does Vaya ebay normally take to dispatch?

      • Nothing yet :/

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