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20% off Vaya & GraysOnline @ eBay (iPhone 7 $799, iPhone 7+ $959, S7 $503, 13" MacBook Air $1095 + More)


The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Vaya & Grays Online during for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Enjoy :)

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    Until Grays cancel's your purchases and takes 3 weeks to refund you

    • Did people end up leaving negative feedback to the GraysOnline eBay store?

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        LOL gold - "Baiting with cheap prices yet no stock, waste of time and poor communication."

        Im surprised people are still posting Grays deals here - other vendors have been banned here for less.

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          I've had a number of great deals from Grays. Very happy with them so far.
          Keep in mind that people usually only post when they have a complaint. The vast majority of people who have had no problems at all with them probably wouldn't bother looking for a forum to write a post saying "Everything was fine!".

    • Did not realise this was recurring, bought a couch from them in January and asked if i could pick it up a later date (theu said ok), when it came time to orgsnise delivery they said it got 'lost in transit' and issued me a refund

  • Only 2 companies this time?

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    Never buy from Vaya Ebay!

    They are corrupt.

    Bought a 'new iphone' and it was a fake with someone else's login details.

    When I finally arranged a refund they wanted my app store login to 'unlock' the phone.


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      "they wanted my app store login to 'unlock' the phone"
      that is super-dodgey if correct

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      Judging from some of their feedback on eBay it seems some of the phones have been opened/switched on before sending.

    • Weird. I bought an iPhone 7 from them, last sale, it came sealed brand new.

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        Here's an example of making an iPhone look brand new. Pretty impressive to watch.

        • Daaaamnnnn.
          It looks brand new at the end of that.

          I checked the details of the Vaya phone on the back of the box and the phone itself, and the IMEI and serial match. But now I'm unsure.

        • -2

          Unsure for what?
          As long as you check activation history with your imei doesnt it mean that is new one? Cause apple gets separated new and refurbished imei numbers.

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      lol Vaya "not online" are also. Why are you surprised? There have been countless thread about how they and their sister companies are dodgey.

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      There doesn't appear to be negative feedback associated with an iPhone purchase on their eBay account.

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        Very easy for a competitor to come in and say bad things. Wouldn't be the first time.

        • I gotta ask is that Santo?

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      My friend bought 7, she received in 2 weeks. I found eBay linked to a seller named 'vaya' if we search the shop. However, the authentic shop is 'Vaya_shop'. I am wondering if it is your case.

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      Hi there,

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We've refunded you the full amount and if you'd like us to do anything further, we would be happy to assist you as best we can. There are a number of quality control measures in place, however, occasionally, things do get missed unfortunately. If this is the case we do all we can to resolve the issue ASAP.

      Again, apologies for this and please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to help you from here.


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        How can selling a used phone as new be a 'quality control issue'

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      Bit dramatic. Grey importing comes with risks, as the phones can be sourced from anywhere. They have 99.3% positive feedback on eBay. You got a dodgy phone, no doubt. You were issued a full refund, so labelling Vaya "corrupt" is a stretch.

      You're complaining about how long the refund took, but you were more than happy to buy from a Hong Kong seller to save some cash.

      At the end of the day, you bought grey to save a few dollars, got a bad phone, got refunded in full? Where's the corruption?

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        Forgive my ignorance, but how does a dodgy phone even get sent out in the first place?

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          Distributors/suppliers sourcing phones from god knows where. You'd have to follow the chain. Highly unlikely that it is directly the fault of Vaya.

          I'm a big fan of grey importing if the saving is substantial enough to justify the risk over buying local stock. One of the risks is that phones from ALL overseas sellers, and not just Vaya, are bought from mulitple sources for the lowest possible price.

          This is one reason why some sellers open new phones for inspection before shipping. But then you get people jumping up and down that their phone wasn't sealed.

          Welcome to grey importing. Save money, but not entirely risk free.

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      This is overly exaggerated. 2 negative reviews out of 289 sales isn't all that bad

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      Why would they ask for your login details to unlock if someone other than you had already logged into the phone?

      Further to that you wouldn't have been able to log in if someone else's account was already associated with the phone so sounds like you were the only user.

      • Perhaps they (vaya) was under the impression that the Apple ID that was used to sign into the phone was theirs (buyer), when it was not.

        Warranty and returns do not always pay attention to the reason for return. in the days of the iPhone 4, many were being shipped out with manufacturing defects. I returned mine for them to say "we do not cover customer inflicted damage". Needless to say, it took a week or so to resolve because they didn't pay attention to the reasoning

  • any good deals on laptop thanks in advance

  • Looking at buying an iphone but not sure if they would write the reduced price on the package or the full price

    I may have to pay GST if they decide to write the full price on the package. Does anyone have any experience on what price they write on the package ?

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      I bought a macbook pro from them sometime last month. They declared the full price. Paid the entire tax.

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        So you mean you ended up paying the tax or they paid it ??

        • They paid for it. However, it got stuck in customs for about 3 days or so while they were doing the paperwork. Otherwise, fast shipping

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    Just a heads up - the MacBooks from Vaya may look cheap at 20% off, but you will get stung with GST once they arrive via the post as they're sent from Hong Kong and are clearly worth more than $1000.

    • do you have first hand experience?

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        You will always have to pay import tax if the price of your good is over 1000aud

        • what about if the sender marks as gift and declares as a lower price?

        • -1

          @tuzii: only if seller agree to that then it will be fine. I don't think seller will want to put lower price when shipping international. Think about insurance etc. but Chinese seller will do anything to make a sale! Give it a try!

        • Import tax only applies if you buy directly from overseas. These items are sold in Australia so there is no import tax to the purchaser. It becomes the Australian sellers responsibility to pay all taxes once they import the product across.

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        Not me personally, but a friend of mine who purchased an iPhone 7 Plus from Vaya in the last eBay sale about a month ago had to pay the 10% GST before it was released from the courier for delivery to him.

        • A friend of mine bought a 7 last month, she received it in 2 weeks.

        • @QB: Did she have to pay GST?

        • @eug: No, she didn't

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      Not true. I purchased a Macbook from them during the last sale, they not only declared the full price of the laptop, they also paid the entire customs fee.

      I never had to pay extra and it was all above board.

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        How did that work? Customs sent Vaya the bill?

        It's unusual that the vendor would pay the import fees, duty and tax. You are lucky.

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          Basically Vaya set the parcel to bill to sender, they paid over $300 to get it through to me.

          If in doubt, you can always drop them a message, they reply quite fast in my experience.

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      Hi there, we cover all associated costs, including GST, so the price you see listed there is the total amount you will pay.

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    Getting gready I see. They were selling the iphone 7 for $719 last month with ebay's 20% off. They must've jacked up the price.

    • +2

      They had a good run in their previous sale. Their ebay feedback shot up from 3 to 266. LOL

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      find me 20% off a crystal ball and ill tell you.

  • Assuming that this won't stack with the Grays Online $20 coupon from the SSD 'deal'?

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      Dont think so, ebay codes are not stackable in the past. Do try though!

      • I would like to know as well.

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    AC/DC Platinum Shiraz back down to $19.74 a bottle with this discount and 1.3% cashback with Cashrewards.

    • +1

      Are these any good? Looking for a nice drop to go with some of our meals.

      • From comments at AFF its supposed to be decent for $20/bottle. Real bargain if you want interesting gifts as its individually boxed.

        • Except the box is marked (ac/dc) and it seems a bit sus.

      • Personally, I really liked it.

        If nothing else, they make easy gifts as they come in a good presentation box and bottle.

    • I bought 2 cases of these from their last special, tempted to get another case which makes 18 bottles lol. The price at Dans is $60 each so big bargain here.

  • iPad 9.7 128GB Wifi only is $559 shipped..worth getting??

  • these are grey imports?

    • anything from vaya is from HK
      and Graysonline is from AU cant confirm if their stock is grey import or not

  • Any other competitive deal on iPhone 7 - 32GB?

    They were selling the iphone 7 - 32GB for $719 last month with ebay's 20% off

      • +1

        Any other competitive deal on iPhone 7 - 32GB?

        I think you missed that part

  • Can anyone recommend one of the AVRs?
    Would Ideally like room set-up function and a 2nd zone, which looks like none of these have, but that Pioneer at $520 looks good…

  • bought a 15' macbook pro from vaya ebay,no issue,only take a bit long for delivery.

    • How a bit long did it take?
      I would be scared it states estimation delievery date is 8 may - 11 may.
      If its true its too long…

      • +1

        normally it will arrived before that,but 2 weeks is average,similar as kogan grey import products

        • Thanks there!

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    Some real experience with Vaya on ebay! Thoroughly dishonest - selling refurbished phones as new and asking for login details

    • +1

      Yeah, not sure I can trust Vaya.

  • If I wanted to use a website like to check compatibility with Aussie network, for one of the phones like this one:
    Which phone variant do I choose? Does anybody know how this phone would fare for reception in Aus?

      1. Decide which phone company you're going to use.
      2. Go here:
      3. Compare the phone frequencies with the list.
      • I appreciate your help there Greg. Step 1 and 2 were a breeze and got me to the same point as the site I had linked. Step 3 is where I get stuck. Let me rephrase my question:
        Which variant of the NON-dual sim Galaxy S7 is Vaya selling?

        Though not listed on their eBay listing, the same phone (or so it seems?) on their website has in the description:
        "Note: We source devices from various regions to get you the best prices. Specifications for each region may vary. Those listed are typical, but may exhibit slight differences to local models." then goes on to list a lot of frequencies. If the phone has all of those, I'd be very happy. Later in their website description there is this: "Our stock: Many devices are international stock. They are equivalent to local models but may vary slightly in specification. They are unlocked so you can use them with your choice of provider but please check the network bands to ensure full compatibility."

        So from what I can tell, Vaya doesn't specify which model they are selling but it is most likely not Australian. Despite telling us to check the network bands, they don't clearly state what those bands are - they just list some bands that their phones often have. If anybody has bought one from Vaya before and could shed some light on this, or if I've missed something, please let me know.

        • Oh, ok. Then if no-one here replies, I guess you'd either have to ask Vaya, or find someone that has purchased that model from them. I'd probably search whirlpool for "Galaxy S7 Vaya", start reading, and ask anyone you find there that has bought it, what frequency bands and firmware theirs came with. And obviously ask Vaya themselves. THROUGH ebay and make sure you link the question with the item. (Don't select "Not about an item")… just in case it arrives and is missing a particular required band… So you can make a claim without any argument from ebay/paypal/vaya if they lie.

          Also… is the 'associated' guy above, from Vaya? (Ask him.)

          I can't fathom why they list things like phones for sale, then don't list the bands they support. All that effort to create an auction, but missing the most important info people require!? I bought a phone from Kogan that came from Hong Kong, but they had the commonsense to clearly state: "Works on all Australian mobile frequency bands, including band 28." (Something like that anyway.) I still checked myself though, because other sellers said similar, yet LTE was still relatively 'new', so their phone was often missing LTE. They either figured that because an LTE capable phone will switch if LTE is not available, they didn't need to mention it really DIDN'T support all bands, or, they just couldn't care less.

          Edit: Or post a thread on WP of your own: "Anyone bought a Samsung S7 from Vaya?"

        • They state it's the Exynos processor so that excludes the CDMA models.

          It seems like the other models are all the same frequencies, but could be reading it wrong.

    • On the next page, someone has a response from Vaya that it's the SM-G930F. Same one sold in Australia

  • +1

    Tempted to get a MacBook but it just seems like too many people had issues before :( it's a lot of money to spend if it's not new in box by chance

    • Im tempted too and wana pull down but hesitating with the same why with you.
      Most ridicoulously unlike the bad threads, this sellers feedback is 99.7% positive as well as only 2 rated negative.
      Idk where the negative issues are from.

      • -1

        Vocal minority?

        • You replied me or above?

        • @Hyndesplace: Replied to you. People usually only post when there's a complaint. There might be no problems 99% of the time, but the 1% who have problems might complain loudly, giving the impression that "too many people" have had issues when it's only 1%.

      • +1

        my concern is that the listing also states they open the products to test that they work. I do not like the idea of this at all. and just because 2 are negatives, doesn't mean everyone is picking up on the issues and is just buying blindly.

        • +1

          Exactly - since when does Apple need Vaya to check that their products work? Sounds very suss like repackaged phones.
          If the seals are broken, its not new and should be rejected.

  • Are Vaya products grey imports?

    • +1

      Yes they come from Hong Kong same as Kogan

  • I purchased a Macbook Pro last eBay sale from Vaya. No issues at all, saved $1300 on rrp, paid no tax and it was delivered in 10 days. It was product destined for sale in Malaysia (or sourceed from there)but all good.

    • -1

      How did you save $1300 with a 20% discount?

      • Right now you can save $1030 on the top of the line 15". Crazy.

        • -1

          Again, I'm not sure how you are doing the maths.

          The most expensive Macbook Pro is not over $5000. How are you guys calculating these imaginary savings with a 20% discount?

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