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LG G6 H870DS Dual SIM 64GB (Black/Platinum/White), $743.20 Delivered (HK) @ Vaya eBay


As per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/302681 + %1.3 cashrewards = BARGAIN!!

LG G6 H870DS is a next-generation flagship phablet designed by the Korean tech giant, LG. This high-end phone models a big and stylish 5.7 inch True 4K resolution display that offers an astonishing pixel count of 1440 x 2880p. The display is amazing for watching 4K movies and playing 3D games. The G6 operates on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.35 GHz Quad Core processor along with a mammoth 4GB RAM for amazingly swift and seamless app processing and multitasking.

Powered by Android OS v7.0 Nougat, the handset allows you to download and enjoy from over 2 Million different apps, games and utilities via Google Play Store. The smartphone features stunning dual 13MP camera at the back that allows you to capture breathtaking pictures and record lifelike videos. A fabulous 5MP front facing camera is also part of its design that can be used for video calls and perfect selfies. Additional camera features include OIS Optical Image Stabilization, Laser Auto Focus, Dual LED Flash, geo tagging and Touch and Shoot function.

Other notable features of the LG G6 Android phone include Dual SIM support (uses SIM 2 slot), Corning Gorilla Glass display, 4G and LTE network support, rapid charging technology, fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth 4.2, wireless charging, mini projector, stylus and a Powerful 3300mAh battery.

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  • Too bad this phone is only one month old, we need to wait another 11 months to see if they start bootlooping.

    • Why do people keep on parroting the same tune? There haven't been credible reports on G5 bootlooping (outside the normal level you'd expect of any phone) and LG seem to have taken actions to ensure the same fault doesn't turn up again.

      There's no reason to expect this phone to bootloop, any more than another manufacturer.

      Mind, I'd wait till it was down to a sane price, closer to $500.

      • Because of the class action lawsuit involving their phones the LG V10 and the LG G4.

        The V20 already has reported issues and a few people reporting bootloops and other failures.

        At this point any other manufacturer, even Samsung and their exploding batteries has a better chance of being an reliable phone over 2-3 years then an LG phone does. LG has had poor quality phones for a long time, the bootloop issue just removes any point in giving their phone a try.

        There is a big difference between risking $200 that the phone will be ok and risking $750 when there is a decent chance they are also poor quality as well.

        What is ridiculous is nobody is willing to wait for LG to have any sort of track record of a reliable phone, they have no incentive to make a decent phone if you don't boycott them until they have a decent phone out for 1-2 years.

      • @sane, LG doesn't have the best track record when it comes to their phones. Recent models like G4, V10, Nexus 5X all suffer from quality issues. Without local warranty, I would stay away from LG phones. I had a grey import G4, had boot loop issues, sent it back for repairs under warranty, it took 3 months to get it back. When you compare this with how Samsung handled the recent Note 7 issues, very big difference.

        • Wife and I have a 5x for over a year now. Not 1 boot loop issue. I however the 5x boot loop was a specific issue on a small % of their phones. I got mine from expansys, wife had hers from jb hifi.

        • @starburstyellow: You sir, may have possibly jinxed it now. :) Not just boot loop issues, ghost touch issues, screen bleeding issues, overheating, etc. Could be quite a number of things to do with the quality of the phones. Anyway, I don't need to convince you, there are enough people affected by the boot loop issues across LG phone models that whenever a LG phone deal comes up on OzB, someone will start a bootloop comment…

        • @geek001: haha Nah, don't need convincing. Just merely stating that I dont have issues with our phones. But understand that my new phone after may not be an LG.

      • You feel we are parroting because you probably have not been burnt by LG yet. Issues can happen but its just the way the company handled it that was not acceptable.

      • Was and am a big fan of LG phones. Had 3 LG G4s bootloop on me and then I finally had to look somewhere else. Love the g6 but I'm gonna def wait a few months to see if bootloop is still an issue

    • The majority of the bootlooping that I found on the G3 was mainly from the battery. Sticking it into a USB battery and replacing it with a brand new factory one stopped it from doing this. Really, it is a case of bad batteries (or the charging circuit within) without blowing up.

    • Nexus 6P bootloops. Pixel will probably bootloop too.

      • pixel isnt made by LG

        • 6P wasn't either? It's the software updates man.

        • +1 vote

          It's not the software updates that caused bootloop on the LG phones.

        • @clse945111: But it was on 6P



          6P is made by Huawei.
          G3, G4, G5, V10, V20 are made by LG and they bootlooped with motherboard issues, not software updates.

          I had a G4 that bootlooped and I'm pretty damn sure it bootlooped while I was texting, definitely not during/after an update.

        • @clse945111: 6P is made be Huawei. After google software update, caused large amount of devices to bootloop. All I'm saying is that many phones bootloop.


          Some phones bootloop, but G3+G4+G5+5X+V10+V20 would be almost all phones from LG.

          If you love LG so much, please go ahead and buy this phone already. Let us know how you go with it in a few months time, before we get our hands on it, thanks :)

        • @clse945111: v10 was the last phone to have bootloop due to the board issue. v20 there are no reported bootloops outside the ordinary.

          I don't love lg so much, all I'm saying is this is a great buy lol compared to other phones. Name a phone that is better for the same or less price

  • will wait till it drops for <= $600 and will then pull trigger, will be my Lg phone after nexus 5

  • mediocre battery and snap 821, plus potential bootloop

    • But potential profit as price and features line up well

      • profit and counted when you trade something and make extra with your cost, this case is spending purely unless you can resell to anyone who is willing to pay for that profit for you which I doubt you would have very low percentage of success to gain 'profit'

        • Profit for yourself on saving money? Buy new phone with currently the best CPU on the market (no phone has 835 yet). Not underclocked like the Pixel XL either. Big screen, extra software, waterproof, good speaker.

          It is currently >$400 cheaper than the Pixel XL but has more features.

        • +1 vote

          @OnlinePred: Profit yourself on wasting money when it bootloops? Yeah….nah

          Not saying this phone is going to bootloop, but LG hasn't got a very good track record since 2014, and I'd rather not spend nearly $750 that's potentially going down the drain. Maybe when it's $400.

        • @clse945111: There is a thing called warranty. And consumer law.


          You might wanna double check who the seller in this case is before saying that…

        • @clse945111:
          "Vaya is an Aussie online mobile service provider offering value-driven SIM only mobile phone plans and data plans powered by the Optus 4G Plus network. Whether you like to text, talk, meme or stream, our range of value-packed mobile plans have got you covered, starting from just $16 a month. But don't just take our word for it! Money Magazine has given our savvy plans 'Best of the Best' award two years running (2014, 2015).

          Our Unlimited M plan also took home the award for 'Best Mobile Plan Average User' (2017). Grab a great value phone and plan from us and get connected!Reasons to buy from us: Years of industry experienceLocally serviced warranty repairsAn Australian mobile network based in Sydney"


          "Posts from Hong Kong, Hong Kong"

        • @clse945111:


          It's an australian company, they therefore have to provide a serviceable warranty to you. It doesn't matter where the product comes from, the warranty isn't from LG, it's from the company you purchased it from according to consumer law.


          You might wanna educate yourself a bit more on the consumer law. Plus, read the other thread about Vaya ebay, you'll see that Vaya the telco isn't really interested in dealing with anything related to the ebay shop that's based in HK.

          the warranty isn't from LG, it's from the company you purchased it from according to consumer law.

          Yes, from the Hong Kong company you're buying from, and the ACL doesn't apply there. You have to know that this Vaya (from HK, sending you the phone) is a different entity to the telco. So in any case that they don't honour your warranty claim, sorry… you're out of luck.

        • @clse945111: So when you buy it from Vaya, you infact are not? Vaya don't receive money? And they do not organise to send the phone to you? An the Australian company Vaya, is infact not Australian according to you? They are based in hong kong?

  • Originally plan to buy this phone, but after playing with it at Telstra store, found it is a bit thick and nothing special. Have now pre-ordered a S8+.

  • +8 votes

    Don't buy LG phones too early, they don't hold value well (and bootloop definitely didn't help). Considering this phone has slightly outdated specs, it should be below $500 in 6 months.

  • I really wish they didn't drop infared… I'd have snapped this phone up so quickly as a replacement for my G3…

    • I loved my g3, (and g2!) but 4/5 were horrid.

      • I love my G4 and its passed 1 year already.Just hope it doesnt bootloop.

        • G3 was my favourite phone of all time. 4 & 5 were disappointments so I moved to Samsung and hate the edge on it.

        • @leyton01: How is G4 disappointing vs G3? It has nicer screen, better camera, better sound, faster processor, looks better etc…..please name one area where G3 was better than G4.

        • @billy_bob:

          From memory it was (slightly) bigger and didn't come with wireless charging out of the box so you had to spend a bit more and also get rid of the premium leather feel to make it Qi compatible.

          Personally I thought it was a disappointment that it didn't have any killer feature that justified an upgrade over the G3. Sure there was incremental upgrades in areas like the screen and camera but it didn't add a fingerprint sensor, water resistance or anything else new. Not to say it wasn't a good phone but it felt like a G3.5 rather than a G4.

        • @leyton01: OK, fair enough I see what you mean. But I had a G3 and upgraded to G4 because the screen and camera were not up to my expectations. I don't need fingerprint scanner as the G series have knock on, which I prefer. Waterproof would be handy which is why I might get the G6 when it drops to $400 ish :)

  • Does this actually have wireless charging? I thought US only or at least models that didn't have the Australian bands.

  • Had my G4 repaired for boot loop, seems ok now. LG has lost my trust (and my money) though.

  • G2 died after 2 years, G4 used to get hot, boot looped at about 11 months, seems to be going strong 9 months after repair, passed it to daughter and on an S7 now. Miss the G4 size but will be some time before I touch LG again.

  • From the description :
    mini projector, stylus


  • This is Mother of Bargains for flagship phone that came out in 2017. Shame I bought this a month back for $975, damn!!!

  • Does this model have the quad dac? Does it come with a aussie warranty?