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DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch $8.99 US (~$11.95 AU) Shipped @ Lightinthebox


Found this deal on a very cheap smart watch.

Besides showing the time, features include a 1.54" touchscreen display, MicroSD card support, 0.08MP camera, steel casing with rubber strap and a 380mAh battery that can last up to 100 hours on standby. It also has several functions including an activity tracker, sleep tracker, find my device, phonebook, messages, camera remote, music playback and control.

Available in Black, Gold and Silver with free shipping. AU$ based on Mastercard exchange rate at time of posting.

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    My mate has one of these. The screen is not bright and you can barely seen anything in day light on a sunny day

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      I always wondered how good they are. I see these watches on eBay cheap all the time

      • +14

        For the price I wouldn't be expecting the world.

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          Trust me. It annoying in the day light when you can't use it because you can't see anything on the screen

        • +8


          Maybe he brought the vampire edition?

        • -1


          or ..maybe… your mate's eyes …..

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      The screen is not bright and you can barely seen anything in day light on a sunny day

      It's under $12 delivered from overseas, somehow I don't see them fitting a daylight readable screen that would cost them 30 to 100 times what the screen they have fitted costs.

      In other words it's to be expected for the price.

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      A $12 smartwatch doesn't perform as well as a $400 Apple watch? Wow, who would have that huh.

      • +6

        It wouldn't surprise me if they're made in the same factory.

        • +1

          To ask Foxconn to even start manufacturing the product, you're looking at 100k min. Units.

    • +10

      Thanks easternculture for saving me $11.95

      • +2

        I thought you would have a jv watch jv.

        • +1

          yes, and they are personally serviced by FRANÇOIS in the link…

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      Wrong thread

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    Actually looks quite impressive.

    • All I heard was "micro usb"

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      maybe people would steal this watch and leave your sneakers and phone ….. great decoy in these troubled times.

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    This doesn't look like a normal $12 watch. It can connect to phones huh! Looks like something ironman wears to the beach under a sun umbrella umbrella umbrella

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    I got one which I bought for $28 6 months ago. It is a bargain for this price.


    Decent speaker, can play songs too.

    Good Bluetooth connectivity.

    Have to download notification app and it works flawlessly with notifications.

    Step counter, decent pictures and videos (.8mp)

    Stainless steel finish.

    Last me for a day and a half with moderate use.

    Only 3 watch faces

    Cannot download any apps.
    Hope helps someone

    • +1

      Can you connect it to a phone/device via Bluetooth and use it to control music? (play/pause/next/prev/rw/ff)
      Not sure if it's "sync to play music" means it tries to act as a Bluetooth speaker, or if acts as a controller.

      • +2

        Yes you can, the speaker is pretty decent. You can control music from the watch

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    So this watch can actually take a sim and make and receive calls etc???

    My dreams of being a Secret Service agent may finally be realised!

    • +6

      Perhaps not in Aus as it's 2G.

      • +1

        Optus and Vodafone at least still supports 2g last I checked

        • +4

          So you could use this thing instead of a smartphone to make calls and patiently enter details in the address book after filing your fingers down to a fine point somehow?

    • Yes it can take a sim and micro SD slot

  • +5

    If the camera's actually 0.08MP, that's a resolution of 8x10 pixels, which seems… kinda absolutely pointless. Probably actually 0.8MP, as @solidsnake said.

    • Yeah you're right. It is 0.8MP.

    • +1

      0.08MP = 80,000 pixels which seems reasonable for such a small screen.

      • Yes, it's possibly the screen resolution, but in the OP is says:

        0.08MP camera

    • +1

      No it's about 280x280

      • ..which is 0.0784MP, I think.

      • Correct. Looks like I couldn't prefix yesterday :/

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    It boggles my mind that something so complex, regardless of quality, can be produced for so cheap.

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      It boggles my mind that something so complex, regardless of quality, can be produced for so cheap.

      Look at humans…….

      • lmao barely cheap from a medical point of view.

        • +1

          but cheap to (re)produce

    • +2

      At least part of the answer lies in the horrific way that society value a Westerners time 10000 times more than a Chinese persons time. I am pretty sure what I earn in an hour could be 6 months wages for some people there

      • +5

        I'm pretty sure your calculations are out.

        Edit: Unless you make approx. 6500 AUD an hour? If so, well done.

        • +1

          If you are going to make a calculation it would be good practice to include the formula so we understand how you came up with it (in my case I pulled it out of the air loosely based on how long someone followed my brother around to sell him a coke)

        • You are likely working on average wage earner.

          If you consider the lowest end who exist on like $1 a day then Jackson is probably correct. http://factsanddetails.com/china/cat11/sub70/item155.html

        • @Gravy:
          I was working on average salary however the average for a manufacturing worker is still more than 55,000 CNY. I have seen no evidence of $1 a day employees in the factories I have visited.

        • @Jackson:
          Luckily for me this is the internet, where no one is concerned with best practices.

        • @BartholemewH: ha, you probably been to some factories that are also not concerned with them

        • +1

          @BartholemewH: well I guess I wasn't necessarily talking about employees persay, but just generally what a large number of people have to live off.

        • @Jackson:
          I was actually surprised by the relatively good conditions. Except for the noise… They don't really care for hearing protection.

        • @BartholemewH: From what I've read, it seems the really low end earners are in rural areas so likely not factory workers. The divide between rural and city is decreasing though.

  • Thanks OP!

    A friend and myself have bought these. Really keen to see how it goes, been wanting to try a wearable for some time before spending heaps on one.

    Got a black one, am I being too stingy for not getting parcel insurance?

    • +2

      Parcel insurance is a waste of money. Just pay with PayPal and you should have an avenue for resolution

    • +1

      i spent $290 on wearable device before i realised it wasn't my thing so this is a low risk start to see if you enjoy charging another device every night vs replace battery in watch every 2-3 years.

  • Grabbed one, lots of cool videos on youtube with mods and and custom app installs. Worth a go for the price of lunch.

  • I bought 10+ of those, they are good for gifting. Outdoor legibility is good, i use it to count steps. There is an app store as well.

    • -1

      Hi Broden.

    • I need to fight that urge for getting a few for various presents and such, can't go wrong for that price.

  • I bought this watch from an Everbuying deal posted on here awhile ago for about $11AUD. As mentioned the screen isn't bright and difficult to read on a sunny day like most smartwatches at this price point. It is also chunky, a dead giveaway you a wearing a cheap smartwatch.

    There are a few clones of this watch, the cheapest only has 32MB if you want to install custom firmware you will need to buy the 64MB version.

    There is a long thread on XDA if anyone is interested, if I remember correctly the genuine versions of the DZ09 had 64MB or 128MB.

  • Anyone know how long it takes for shipping? I never heard of this site before but I trust it because it appeared in Ozbargain. I don't need this watch but it's tempting.

  • +1

    almost went for it til i remember 2g networks will be gone very shortly, probably before this thing arrives at your door.

  • +8

    Oh man, purchased.
    Now I can finally fulfil my childhood dream of being Action Man, talking into his wrist watch.

    • +13

      you can talk into any watch it's just you don't get a reply.

    • +1

      Michael Hasselhoff ftw

  • Got two blacks. Cheers, OP!

  • +1

    I have one and have had it for quite some time. It works well and all features work. The only issue for me is that it needs charging every day. But that is to be expected. Oh and it does not auto on the screen when wanting to check the time. I have to press the button to bring it up.

  • Have read from a few reports that the band is one of the biggest issues, breaks off.

    • Anyone know if theres a similiar decent type with a metal band?

  • Cool purchased one for fun…. :)

  • +5

    I have a similar one.
    I have a sim card and can make and receive calls using Vodafone network. Purchased a 360 day pre paid card. Use to receive calls and card lasts for a year. Do not make calls but can in emergency. Uses too much of my 360 day credit
    I receive calls from the phone on my wrist whilst driving. Hands free!!
    Also have a data card installed Takes videos and stills.
    Useless for apps.

    Why can't Samsung and Apple make their Smart Watches smart.

    I sometimes leave my Phone at home and have my "watch phone number " in favorites so my wife can ring me on my watch no matter where i am.

  • +6

    Actually got one of these suckers a week or two back. The price itself here is nothing special, mine was 15 or so including a couple of bucks for express shipping.

    Anyway, here's my experience with it.

    First of all, this app worked the best for me from the couple I tried, for syncing it to my phone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.szfunyun.b...

    Second. There seems to be a far few different versions. Some have FM Radio and different themes, and some, like mine unfortunately don't. I bought it to watch Simpsons on the train (long story) and this (profanity) can't even play ANY videos. So be warned on that.

    What it can do though, is sync really well for phone calls and shit, no noticeable lag, good call quality, loud speaker, good times.
    The music player is a bit shit in that it's either play all your songs in one 1000+ list or dig through the file manager and pick them individually.
    The camera is what you'd expect, but the placement makes it annoyingly hard to actually take a photo of what you want, but you will get the hang of it. Not sure about them all, but mine doesn't take video.
    The touch screen is responsive and the picture quality (for the size, at 240x240) is quite good. Surprisingly easy to type numbers in and call them, but you ain't gonna want to be sending a text message on the little screen.
    Speaker is REALLY good, for the size. Distortion isn't too much of an issue, it ain't the clearest thing when you're blaring Judas Priest on full blast, but it's loud, and I like that.
    Also makes a really good toy for your 1 year old who always wants to play on the big people's phones.

    If you're on Vodaphone (maybe Optus too, but I think they upgraded) and still are capable of 2G calls, this (profanity) is actually a phone. Like, a whole phone. PRoblem is, it's 2G only. So you might end up doing what I did, and giving it to your baby and investing in a QW09 which is a full fledged Android Kit Kat smart phone watch capable of 3G calls and shit in addition to WiFi and all that, I got mine for 40 odd bucks on GearBest the other day.

    Also the pedometre is full of shit, does not work at all. No calorie counter, no nothing. Not that I care, I would delete that stuff if I could just for the hell of it.

    tl;dr: it's really good, it's a phone if you have a 2G compatible network too. but probs just buy a QW09

  • There is not free shipping option available.

  • I wonder if anyone makes a gps unit like this that can double as a small tracking device in a car?

  • Ordered once from LightInTheBox 3 months ago.
    My order was never delivered,
    Refund was never given,
    Their PayPal complaint email is no longer valid/used via the link within PayPal.
    Never again.

    Best to stick with Aliexpress

  • Anyone receive theirs yet? Mine apparently landed in AU 2 weeks ago

    • Yeah same with mine.
      Wasn't able to track via Australia post.

      Hope it comes soon

      • Received mine today (finally). First impressions are pretty good considering the cost. I'm on iOS so I know I've got limitations compared to an android but so far I'm happy.

        This was just a whatever ozbargain impulse buy lol

  • +1

    Mine arrived today. Charging…..

    • Do you know how long yours was stuck in Australia for? Mine has landed in Australia around two weeks ago but still hasn't been delivered

  • +1

    Anyone else still waiting for theirs?
    I ordered two and still no sign of them after landing in Australia on 7/5/2017.

    • +1

      Still waiting. "Shipped on the 1st May, No Tracking"

      • Arrived today.
        Green "Released from Biosecurity Control" sticker on bag. And a leaflet from department of agriculrure inside the bag saying they opened it and "no biosecurity concerns were identified".

    • Same for me

      • Any chance they have given you the same tracking ID as mine?
        I'm still waiting and wondering if they just send everyone the same tracking ID?
        Mine is SYLLT43843392

        • No mine is a different trscking ID. They actually emailed me and said there is no tracking ID.

        • +1

          Mine arrived today

        • Finally got mine today after a month being stuck with Australia Post.
          Didn't even get opened by customs so no idea why it took so long to be delivered

    • I contacted them online and was told it will arrive before 7 June…

    • Mine arrived today. I had already contacted Litb to ask where it was.

  • Unluckily, mine was dead on arrival. Have left a review as the only obvious way to notify them. Excited to use this….. eventually.

    • +1

      I bought two and thought that they're both DOA, too! I initially tried different charger and cable with no luck but I tried charging them again a few days later and now they're both working :).

      • +1

        Yesss! I've just got home and followed your advice, it's currently lighting up as charging with green bars. I hope I'm onto a winner. Thanks heaps for that

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